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Chapter 203 – Finally, Some Strategy

Even though there wasn’t a precise probability for a dead player to drop items, in the normal servers, the probability wasn’t high. For a weapon to drop when Huang Shaotian wanted one to indicated his incredibly good luck. It probably wasn’t any lower than an Orange weapon dropping from a BOSS.

The Blade Master saw Huang Shaotian’s word bubble, but who would believe that? To him, it seemed as if he was being mocked. When he revived, he told his guild buddies about this nightmare. As for getting the weapon back, by killing him? With such a low probability of a weapon dropping, no one had much hope.

The players, who were now chasing after Lord Grim, originally didn’t pay too much attention to Flowing Tree, but this guy was too excessive. Not only did he take the initiative to offend them and kill two players, but an Orange weapon had even been dropped. Although a portion of those players were happy about this news, they couldn’t ignore what this player had done.

“It dropped! It dropped! It dropped!” Huang Shaotian was shouting at Ye Xiu!

“What dropped?” Ye Xiu asked.

“The Level 25 Orange Strike Sword! Are you jealous of my luck!” Huang Shaotian was quite happy.

“Not bad. Keep it up.” Ye Xiu said.

“Your position?” Huang Shaotian asked for his coordinates.

“1645, 1866.” Ye Xiu reported his coordinates.

“How many have you killed?” Huang Shaotian asked.


“Me too! Let’s compete to see who wins!” Huang Shaotian messaged.

“You lose.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why!” Huang Shaotian refused to believe him.

“You don’t have enough potions.” Ye Xiu firmly replied.

Huang Shaotian was speechless. It wasn’t easy for him to become speechless…… It was true though. His Flowing Tree only had a bit of food and potions left that were given to him by Ye Xiu. If they were to compete in this type of PK game, he would definitely lose.

“We’ll kill until I have no more potions.” Huang Shaotian still wanted to continue. He sent the message as he rushed towards the coordinates that Ye Xiu had sent him.

Two top-tier Gods in the pro-scene.

Two players standing at the top in Glory.

At this very moment, they were hunting down a group of normal players.

Will numbers prevail? Or will the strong come out on top?

These questions described the current situation. The difference between pro-Gods and normal players was monumental, especially in PK. Compared to running dungeons, the difference was much greater.

From mechanics to experience to mental fortitude to usage of terrain……….

Congee Forest.

For Ye Xiu to have everyone meet up here, as well as bringing all the pursuers, Ye Xiu naturally had everything planned out. It could be said that Ye Xiu had confidence that they would be able to beat these unorganized players using the forest’s terrain. Huang Shaotian’s appearance only helped him save some time.

One, two, three…….

Players fell one after another. In the beginning, everyone thought that it was because they were being careless and that such a thing definitely wouldn’t happen to them.

However, only until a total of ten players died did their views finally change.

It was too unlikely for so many to be careless.

They searched around Congee Forest for another ten minutes. Lord Grim would appear and disappear at times, leading them around the forest. In addition, there was also that Level 27 Blade Master, Flowing Tree. He would also run out from time to time. With a chatterbox in their vicinity, Congee Forest was abnormally loud.

The pursuers finally realized that the situation wasn’t looking good.

The guild leader decided to take back his previous order of “Spread out and look around. Report anything you find.” Under that order, two of Samsara’s guild members had already died.

The other guilds also made similar decisions. Now, everyone gathered together and temporarily stopped chasing.

“I feel…… like they’re not trying to escape from us, but rather trying to kill us……..” Someone in the crowd finally broke the silence.

No one answered him. A bit of fear lingered in everyone’s hearts.

Of course they knew which of their allies had died. Every time one was ambushed, they all wanted to try and save them, but it was no use. By the time they rushed over, all that was left at those coordinates was a corpse. The other side also left tracks, but looking back, it was probably intentional.

Whether it was Lord Grim or Flowing Tree, they weren’t running around with the intent of escaping from them; they rather to mess up their formations and hunt down stragglers.

Formation? Was that even a thing? They didn’t even know themselves. All they were doing was chasing after whatever tracks the opposite side had left behind. Under this type of situation, was the other side able to understand their patterns?

“Everyone…….” Lonely Drink acted as the leader, “The current situation is a bit dangerous.”

Everyone was silent.

“We originally had 32 players, but now, we only have 22! We can’t keep continuing on like this. We need to change our strategy. Our disorganized actions gave our enemies a chance. I believe that we urgently need to move as an orderly group from now on.” Lonely Drink hadn’t lost his reason yet. He calmly analyzed the situation and their opponents’ strength. His tone was also humble and appropriate.

‘You’re right…….” Someone stood out to support him.

“Next, each of our guilds will form small teams. We’ll then move about in these small teams, how about it? I suggest that each team should have at least four players.” Lonely Drink said.

Lonely Drink had come to this decision after contacting others. Right now, they had members from five different guilds, with four or five players from each guild remaining.

“Each team will keep in contact with each other and be ready to report their positions at any time, sound good?” Lonely Drink said.

If they continued to chase in an unorganized fashion, what would happen? Their original 32 players hadn’t formed teams and because of that, they had suffered numerous casualties.

Under such pressure, each of the guilds put down their rivalries with each other and upheld a cooperative spirit. Following Lonely Drink’s proposal, they created a group. Each team entered the group where they could communicate in. A part of Lonely Drink’s clever strategy was that there wasn’t any one leader everyone had to follow. He only acted as a player with an idea, letting the other guilds accept it more easily.

After forming the groups, Lonely Drink continued: “Let’s all head in the same direction! If we can force them out of this forest, then that would be very good for us. The forest’s cover is the main reason they’re able to appear and vanish.”

The players split into five teams and fanned out. They headed towards the last known location of Lord Grim and Flowing Tree.

“They’ve switched their strategy.” Huang Shaotian’s Flowing Tree was hiding nearby and saw through their pursuers’ new strategy.

“More like they actually have a strategy now.” Ye Xiu corrected Huang Shaotian. His Lord Grim was obviously nearby as well.

“There’s at least four players per team. Each team isn’t too far from each other either. The region they control is very large……. If we keep on evading them like this, we’ll be forced out of the forest, but four players……. it looks like we’re going to need to team up to attack.” Huang Shaotian said.

“Even if we team up, we might not be able to beat them before support arrives.” Ye Xiu said.

“Or maybe you should come take a look at this team.” Huang Shaotian said.

“What do you mean?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Three Cloth, one Leather. They’re placed on the edge. Only one team can support them in time.” Huang Shaotian said.

Cloth armor had the weakest Physical defense. Leather was the second weakest.

“We probably won’t be able to completely wipe them out, but two or three shouldn’t be a problem.” Huang Shaotian said.

“Then what are we waiting for? Position?”

Huang Shaotian sent him the coordinates and Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim immediately headed there. The two characters had previously been doing their own thing, but now they were about to work together.

“I’m feeling a bit light-headed.” Huang Shaotian said after meeting up with Ye Xiu.

“To be able to make yourself go light-headed from speaking so much, you really are a genius.” Ye Xiu said.

“More like the Alliance prohibits players from using voice chat……. If I had to keep talking during the match, that wouldn’t be healthy!” Huang Shaotian cried.

“No one would be as talkative as you.” Ye Xiu said.

“I’ve decided that I’m going to use word bubbles in a bit.” Huang Shaotian said.

“Don’t block my sight.” Ye Xiu said.

“They’re here!”

“Let’s go from the right!”



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