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Chapter 201 – The Trash’s End

Those who understood the situation knew that if Lord Grim was Level 27, they wouldn’t waste their time on him, let alone his little underling.

Level 27, Blade Master.

After a few players confirmed the situation, the torrent of anger immediately dissipated. The majority of them were already getting ready to turn around. The slower players received messages from their friends saying: “Don’t bother with that piece of trash. Hurry up and chase after Lord Grim! Don’t let him escape!”


Huang Shaotian heard this phrase and became furious. Moreover, it seemed to be directed at him. As a pro-player, he had some resistance towards trash talk. However, each player had their own ways of dealing with it. Some ignored it. Some countered it. As one of the experts in the Alliance at trash talking who made the Alliance change the rules solely for him, Huang Shaotian was the latter.

“F*CK!” A roar resounded throughout the forest.

“Whoever said ‘trash’, stand where you are! Let me teach you how to spell ‘trash’.” Huang Shaotian’s Flowing Tree unexpectedly turned around and chased after them.

“Who said it? Who? Who? Where are you running? A bunch of Level 33 players and you’re afraid of a tiny Level 27 Blade Master? If I’m trash, then what are you? Maybe you’re non-recyclable trash? Completely worthless trash? That’s right! I’m talking about you guys! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 14 pieces of trash running nice and orderly! Are you all lining up waiting to be put in the dumpster? But wait! Did you forget that you were non-recyclable? Have some awareness! You should just dig a hole to bury yourself in there! Stop polluting the environment. Every second you exist…….”

“Shut up!!” Someone finally erupted, a Blade Master as well. But he wasn’t the only one that wanted to jump out, he just happened to be a bit faster. His “Shut up!” temporarily interrupted Huang Shaotian. In this moment of silence, the others who had become riled up took the chance to clear up their anger as well.

“Hm? So it was you? Good. A Blade Master as well. But it does seem like you’re different than normal Blade Masters. Seeing how impatient you are, could you be the legendary…….” Using his voice for the following words wouldn’t bring about the desired reactions, so Huang Shaotian quickly changed to typing. A giant word bubble floated above his head and used the largest 25 size font to write “Trash Master”.

“Trash Master”

“Trash Master”

“Trash Master”

“Trash Master’

Huang Shaotian’s hands moved like a blur. In that instant, huge word bubbles piled on top of each other towards the clouds. That Level 33 Blade Master had already gone mad with fury and rushed forward with his sword drawn.

For an expert trash talker like Huang Shaotian, he didn’t need any thinking or feeling to do such a thing. He could even do it even if he was talking to a rock.

He didn’t actually have any malicious intent. It was just something he was used to doing during matches. It was just that in official matches, he could only type in chat box. However, in the game, he could use word bubbles and his own voice to make his trash talk more impactful. How could ordinary players stand such attacks?

In gaming terms, Huang Shaotian’s trash talk wasn’t done through a major summon, but rather through a never ending combo. It made others want to kill him simply because they wanted him to shut up.

Because his verbal attacks had only been directed at one individual, the others felt much better about themselves. After seeing that Blade Master rush forward, they quickly came back to reality.

“We’ll leave this guy to you! We’re going to continue chasing Lord Grim.” Someone yelled this and then ran. There really weren’t many who took this Level 27 player seriously.

The Blade Master didn’t even respond. His attention was clearly, completely focused on Flowing Tree. He raised his sword and initiated with a Berserker’s Collapsing Mountain, showing his intent on chopping Flowing Tree into pieces.

Huang Shaotian continued cursing and appeared very irritated. However, in reality, he was very calm. He didn’t even need to dodge this Collapsing Mountain because the other side was clearly too agitated. The attack had been made too early and wouldn’t hit Flowing Tree.

All in all, this Blade Master was still an elite. Halfway through the animation, he realized that he had messed up. He had used the skill too early and would miss Flowing Tree. He knew that Flowing Tree seemed to understand this, but why was he just standing there doing nothing?

Collapsing Mountain crashed to the ground and the shock wave sent the surrounding grass flying. It had scraped Flowing Tree’s foot, but there was still no movement from him. This attack didn’t inflict any damage onto him.

“Sword Draw!” Huang Shaotian shouted and then used a Sword Draw.

The Blade Master who was still in recovery from the Collapsing Mountain was hit and went flying. If this wasn’t in game, that Blade Master’s head would have been chopped in half like a watermelon.

“Triple Slash!” Huang Shaotian was like a character from a comic, shouting the name of the skill before using it. Flowing Tree slid forward and the first slash hit the flying Blade Master. For the second slash, Flowing Tree suddenly shifted directions and slid diagonally. The second slash hit the Blade Master again. The third slash was the same and the opposing Blade Master, who was about to hit the ground, was lifted into the sky once again.

Huang Shaotian was able to make two directional changes in what was supposed to be a straight-lined Triple Slash. Perhaps many players could do this, but to do so in the minimum three steps while launching the target into the sky —- that was rarely seen.

“Watch my sword! Watch my sword! Lunge! Falling Light Blade! Upward Slash! Sword Draw! Triple Slash…….” Huang Shaotian continued to shout out moves, “Watch my sword!” indicated a normal attack. From the sky to the ground and up to the sky again. Under Huang Shaotian’s continuous attacks, this Blade Master had no way of resisting.

Every time the other side saw a way of getting out, it was already too late. He tapped his keyboard furiously, but every move he made was within the other side’s calculations. He was interrupted again and again……..

Huang Shaotian’s skill shouts caught the attention of the players who went to chase after Lord Grim. Some turned around to glance back and their gaze never moved away afterwards.

It was something they shouldn’t be saying, but it was true. Their ally had been destroyed….. Only the word beautiful could describe the scene.

Flowing Tree only had an ordinary Blue Lightsaber in his hands, but the light that came from it could only be described as extraordinary. Every time the blue light flashed, it would circle back and flash again. The sword’s light connected together as blood continuously splattered from that Level 33 Blade Master’s body, making the scene appear more beautiful and cruel at the same time.

The number of players who stopped to watch, who turned around, and who were dumbstruck grew larger and larger.

They watched and watched and completely forgot about helping their ally. These types of beautiful attacks could only be seen in videos. Real battle? Forget about real battles, even if the opponent was just a wooden log, no one was confident they’d be able to perform such flowing attacks.

“This person’s incredible……”

Finally, someone couldn’t resist blurting this out.

As soon as this was said, everyone returned to reality. Their ally was about to die under their watch.

“Everyone, up!” Someone yelled and everyone moved.

Even though they weren’t very unified, they couldn’t just watch as one of their allies died beneath their eyes. If they didn’t help when they could have, it’d be a bit embarrassing.

“Clerics, where are you? Heal him!” Someone shouted. However, there wasn’t a single Cleric among the fourteen players there.

“Ta ta ta ta ta …….”

Gunfire rang out. A Launcher fired a Gatling Gun and bullets flew towards Flowing Tree in a straight line.

A sword light flashed.

Flowing Tree used Triple Slash again. The Launcher shook his gun and fired towards where he thought Flowing Tree would move to. How could he know that after the first slash, he would change directions and then change again for the third one to go back to his original position? But he had already fired and his bullets hit nothing but air.

“Triangle Triple Slash!” Witnessing this Triple Slash, a few players blurted out the name of this move in astonishment.

Triangle Triple Slash. The move wasn’t too difficult to do. However, different players would have different effects using this skill. Huang Shaotian’s usage of this skill had no faults. That gorgeous sword technique along with this Triple Slash plus his non-stop mouth, everyone understood: the Blade Master in front of them was a great expert. A Level 27 looking down on them. That demeanor seemed like that of a God.

And at this moment, that Blade Master was no longer able to continue under Flowing Tree’s sword. They weren’t able to support him in time.

The Blade Master’s body was hit flying at them and when it reached them, all that was left was a corpse.

“The Trash’s End!” Huang Shaotian shouted out the final move name.


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