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Chapter 184 – That’s a Strength Too?

The Club’s food was quite delicious and for team members, the food was free. Of course, other Club staff could come and eat as well, but they didn’t get to enjoy the same benefits as the team members.

Changing Spring didn’t have those benefits either, however, he followed Huang Shaotian and used his status to get in for free. It was just that he was practically unable to taste the food that went into his mouth. Changing Spring’s mind was still on what Yu Wenzhou had analyzed earlier.

Lord Grim is God Ye Qiu.

This news took a long time for Changing Spring to digest, at least, when compared to his dinner.

In his heart, whether it was him or Blue River, they had already respected Lord Grim. They had recognized that he had a very high skill level, but they had never expected such an outcome.

Ye Qiu…… that was a power at the very peak of Glory! Even though he was retired now, he was still more than enough to tidy up whatever he wanted in game. This could be seen just by how easily Poplar Beach had been tidied up.

If this had taken place during God Ye Qiu’s prime with his Battle God One Autumn Leaf, who knew how terrible Poplar Beach would have been crushed?

Changing Spring originally had a few methods he planned on using to fight against Lord Grim, but after knowing his identity, his heart suddenly dropped.

What should he do now?

Changing Spring felt that the food in front of him tasted like wax. Sitting at the same table were Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian, but the two were casually chatting with each other. They didn’t seem very surprised about Ye Qiu. After all, after thinking about it, they were pro-players as well, so there wasn’t anything too surprising. Ye Qiu had retired, but what was wrong with returning to the game to play? It only affected normal players, who would feel somewhat pressured by God competing with them.

After eating, he decided to leave. Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian didn’t mention Ye Qiu again. Yu Wenzhou was still as friendly as ever and even accompanied him out, but when they parted, he said a few final words: “That Lord Grim, especially his weapon, try and pay more attention to it please!”

“Ah? Oh……” With this sudden mention of Lord Grim, Changing Spring finally responded.

In theory, the team captain didn’t have any power over Changing Spring for in-game guild matters. However, everyone knew that pro-players were the core of the Club. Who wouldn’t take what they said seriously? Changing Spring placed importance on what Yu Wenzhou requested.

“I’ll be going then.” Changing Spring said and then left.

After turning around, Yu Wenzhou saw Huang Shaotian going back to his room and immediately called for him.

“What do you want?” Huang Shaotian replied.

Yu Wenzhou walked over and went into Huang Shaotian’s room along with him.

“What commands do you have, captain?” Huang Shaotian asked.

Yu Wenzhou stood beside a table. He grabbed a pen on the table and began playing with it: “Last time, when we had the match versus Excellent Era, if I remember correctly, you left at night to do something?”

“Huh? There was something like that? That day? Hm hm, let me think……” Huang Shaotian said.

“Was it to go and meet with Ye Qiu?” Yu Wenzhou asked.

Not a peep came out of Huang Shaotian.

“The time you left matches the time when that record was set. The Blade Master on that team, Flowing Tree, was you, right?” Yu Wenzhou said.

“Flowing Tree? Yeah, that name does sound a bit familiar. How could that be? How strange.” Huang Shaotian said.

“Ha ha……” Yu Wenzhou laughed. He didn’t comment on Huang Shaotian’s acting and followed: “What type of weapon is Ye Qiu’s unspecialized weapon?”

Huang Shaotian’s expression immediately turned serious: “Without a doubt, it’s just like I said before, it’s a weapon specially made for unspecialized characters.”

“The attack?”

“Definitely Silver weapon level.”

“Are there any special attributes?”

“I couldn’t tell. It doesn’t look like it has any.”

“Its attack speed?”

“It has the same attack speed for every form. It should have an Attack Speed of 5.”

“What forms does it have?”

“From what I’ve seen, he can use skills from every class.” Huang Shaotian said.

“The level?”

“He probably knows how to upgrade it.” Huang Shaotian said.

“This type of weapon paired with Ye Qiu. It looks like we’ll get a chance to see a true unspecialized.” Yu Wenzhou said with lament.

“But it’ll have to be at least a year later.” Huang Shaotian said.

“Unspecialized huh……” Yu Wenzhou looked out the window as if in deep thought.

Glory Tenth Server.

Changing Spring immediately returned to log into the game. Chilling Nightfall, Flying Brushstroke, and the others hadn’t returned to the Heavenly Domain yet. They were still using the accounts they had borrowed and were waiting for Changing Spring to return with the news.

Blue Brook Guild’s Five Great Experts gathered together once again, along with Blue River’s right hand man, Bound Boat.

“What’d they say?” After seeing Changing Spring, they immediately asked him.

Changing Spring let out a sigh. He had been shocked already. It was their turn now.

“Captain Yu figured out who Lord Grim is.” Changing Spring said.

“Who is he?” Everyone asked.

“Ye Qiu.” Changing Spring pretended to be calm when he said this.

“What?!” Everyone acted as if they hadn’t heard clearly.

“Ye Qiu! Battle God One Autumn Leaf, that Ye Qiu!!” Changing Spring said.

“No way!!!” Flying Brushstroke yelled out in astonishment.

Who was Lord Grim? This was a question they had discussed numerous times ever since they had learned about him. But even their most outrageous speculations couldn’t compare to the truth.

Lord Grim was actually God Ye Qiu!

Blue River didn’t know why, but he felt somewhat excited. Even though Huang Shaotian was his favorite pro-player, the mysterious God Ye Qiu was someone who was worthy of worshipping as well! Seeing Lord Grim on his friends list, Blue River couldn’t help but feel like saying a few words to him. At this moment, he had already forgotten that he was the main reason that caused them so much trouble in the tenth server.

“So he was actually God Ye Qiu all along. I never would have thought of that. What should we do then?” Luckily, Bound Boat was there. This issue pulled Blue River back in.

God Ye Qiu would be a difficult opponent!

Blue River was finally aware of the cruel reality. However, if it was because they were against God Ye Qiu, then retreating wouldn’t be shameful, right? Blue River suddenly felt a lot more relaxed.

At this moment, Changing Spring began to talk: “Even though we know that our opponent is God Ye Qiu, there’s no change in plans. We just have to understand how grim our circumstances are…… Against God Ye Qiu, there’s nothing we can do about setting the records. On how we’re going to fight against him. This isn’t a matter for our Blue Brook Guild. The ambitious and able guilds in the tenth server will need to rally together……. Even if it’s for giving materials, we should still rally…….”

Changing Spring’s final words made even himself not know whether to laugh or cry.

“I think if everyone knows that he’s God Ye Qiu, then there wouldn’t be anymore pointless fights.” Blue River said.

“The problem is, we all believe this, but if you say this to the other guilds, will they believe us?” Changing Spring asked.

Everyone was silent. They understood how suspicious and cautious other guilds were towards each other.

“Since it turned out to be like this, why don’t we think about this some more. If we know Lord Grim’s identity, is there any way we can use this to our advantage?” Changing Spring said.

“The rest will depend on what Blue Bridge decides to do.” Changing Spring suddenly changed the topic.


“Right. After all, these are all tenth server matters!” Changing Spring said.

“Right! Blue Bridge, you can do it!” Flying Brushstroke said.

“To have God Ye Qiu as an opponent, it was nice knowing you.” Chilling Nightfall said.

“We’ve got nothing else to do, so we’ll be going back first?” Dawn of Ice said.

“Yeah, you guys can go back.” Changing Spring answered, “Moonlight Forest hasn’t been run yet, right?”

“Not yet!”

“Okay, we’ll run it tonight.”

“Should we go now?”

“Let’s go!”

“Blue Bridge, good luck! Remember to pay attention to Lord Grim’s weapon.” Changing Spring urged.

“F*ck! You guys…….” Blue River hadn’t finished, when the four went offline one after another.

“These guys are too irresponsible……” Blue Bridge was speechless. As soon as these guys saw that the tenth server’s difficult problem was because of God Ye Qiu, they all acted as if there was nothing wrong and all ran off.

Bound Boat could only force a smile.

“What do you think we should do?” Blue River asked.

“Actually, the guild leader’s already told us what we can do.” Bound Boat said.


“Knowing Lord Grim’s identity is the one thing we can use.” Bound Boat said.

“Why do I think that all that gives us is more pressure?” Blue River said.

“Pressure can be used! Other guilds might not have this type of pressure, so they’ll still face him directly. As for us, we’ll have to be more careful. We won’t try this sort of thing anymore. We’ll see if we can take advantage of what others do.” Bound Boat said.

“Woah, if you say it like this….. then you’re saying, we should run away from battles against God Ye Qiu and sit back and watch God Ye Qiu clean up these other arrogant guys?’ Blue River said.

“I think that’s what the guild leader was saying.” Bound Boat said.

“That’s the only thing that can be done.” Blue River thought. Was that an advantage? It sounds like we are killing the other guilds with a borrowed knife. But in reality, the knife did whatever it wanted to and we can only follow it with our tail tucked between our legs and pick up the leftovers.

“Next up is Line Canyon. What do you think Tyrannical Ambition will do?” Bound Boat said, but he didn’t hear Blue River respond.

“Uh, are you there?” Bound Boat asked.

“I say.” Blue River was still here.


“If I go ask Lord Grim for a signature, would that be bad?”

“F*ck….. what a loser! Even though he’s God Ye Qiu, he’s also a difficult opponent for us!” Bound Boat said.

“Yeah, that’s what I think too. It’s too shameful.” Blue River said.

Bound Boat was speechless.

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