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Chapter 185 – It’s Unfortunate That His Hands Are Handicapped

Lord Grim was Ye Qiu. The tremors brought by this were minimal. Blue River and Bound Boat were the only two who knew of this in the tenth server’s Blue Brook Guild. After discussing it, the two decided to keep this a secret.

The guilds who didn’t know this would continue fighting against Lord Grim. Standing on the sidelines and watching them strike at a stone with eggs; what was wrong with that?

Blue River stopped playing and instead went to the forums to enjoy the videos of Poplar Beach getting destroyed.

Poplar Beach’s name was very distinct. Even though Poplar Beach always made Blue River resentful, Poplar Beach was, after all, a relatively famous player in the game and was one of their Blue Brook Guild’s experts. Being crushed like this didn’t only embarrass himself, but the who Blue Brook Guild as well. The players from the enemy guilds would surely use this to laugh at Blue Brook Guild.

The reason Blue River was on the forums was because this video had been posted on one of the categories in the forum: Heavenly Domain.

There was a Heavenly Domain in the game.

There was a Heavenly Domain in the forums.

These two Heavenly Domains were both places bustling with noise.

These Heavenly Domain people clearly didn’t harbor any good intentions. In the comments, they praised the exceptional skill of Chasing Haze on the surface, but their main way of doing so was by using Poplar Beach as the center.

“Does everyone know who Poplar Beach is? He’s an expert who’s not any weaker than Blue Brook Guild’s Five Great Experts. But to have been beaten like this by Chasing Haze, how skilled do you think this Chasing Haze is?”

This was more or less the method they used. Blue River looked at the later comments. These people’s plots had succeeded. There were many who were looking down and laughing at Poplar Beach. Speaking of this, it was mostly because Poplar Beach’s reputation wasn’t good. He had made a name for himself in the Heavenly Domain through his arrogance. His fall caused many players to attack him like a dead dog. Many of these attacks brought Blue Brook Guild along with him, which made Blue River extremely unhappy.

This video had already exploded into popularity. Those, in the Heavenly Domain and the other servers, who didn’t understand the dispute in the tenth server had already found Chasing Haze in-game.

That day at dinner, Chen Guo scolded Ye Xiu for quite a lengthy amount of time.

She practically couldn’t play the game anymore. Her in-game friends were all asking her how she suddenly become so good. She was only able to explain it to them one by one, which was already annoying enough. But her friends continued to bother her by asking which expert had borrowed the account.

Besides this, there were also numerous strangers who asked her to mentor them. There were random guilds pestering her to join their guilds too. Even weirder was that in the afternoon, there were two people who claimed they were pro-player scouts. They asked her as if she were under an interrogation how old she was, how long she had played Glory, where she was from, and whether she had any interest in becoming a pro-player. This made Chen Guo so angry that she returned with an “I’m not the account’s owner” and then logged out of the game.

Thinking about how she had actually said “I’m not the account’s owner”, Chen Guo felt sad.

“It’s all because of you!” Chen Guo shouted. The rice in her mouth almost sprayed onto Ye Xiu’s face.

“My bad, my bad. Boss, you should drink some soup. Don’t choke.” Ye Xiu immediately handed a bowl of soup over to Chen Guo.

Chen Guo took it and drank two sips. Her anger receded a bit.

“Actually, you can’t completely blame this on me.” Ye Xiu took the opportunity to explain.


“The opponent was too weak. I……”

“Get the f*ck out of here!!!” Chen Guo’s soup splashed. Amongst everyone’s cries of fear, Ye Xiu swiftly slipped out of the Internet Cafe.

“And you’re laughing, Little Tang!!” Chen Guo said angrily. Tang Rou ate her dinner behind the reception desk. As of right now she was carrying her lunch box. Even though her back was facing Chen Guo, her shoulders were moving up and down. She was clearly laughing uncontrollably.

“I’m not laughing.” Tang Rou quickly stuffed rice into her mouth to try and stifle her laughter.

Ye Xiu had run out, but hadn’t come back. At nine o’clock, Chen Guo ran out of the Internet Cafe to look around, but didn’t see him coming back, so she returned and muttered to Tang Rou: “Where’d he run off to? Could he have crashed into a tree?”

“If that happened, then I’m sure you’d be happy!” Tang Rou said.

“Yeah! I’d be really happy.” Chen Guo said as she continued to glance outside repeatedly.

“What are you doing?” Seeing that Tang Rou wasn’t busy at the front desk, she stretched her neck to look inside and saw Tang Rou studying a guide again. Chen Guo was helpless. Should I go find a random open computer and play? I tried it before, but it was still so noisy. Maybe I should go look at a guide or watch a video? Chen Guo opened up a web page and saw that the lead story was a video and analysis of Poplar Beach getting crushed by Chasing Haze. Chen Guo couldn’t resist clicking on it and playing it over and over again.

The time was nearing 11, but there was still no sign of Ye Xiu.

“Where’d this guy go? He doesn’t have a phone either.” Chen Guo went in and out of the cafe.

“Relax. He’s an adult.” Tang Rou said.

“A shut-in. He probably ran far away and got lost.” Chen Guo said.

“Even if he’s lost, there’s still the police. Don’t worry about him!” Tang Rou said.

“Who’s worrying about him! It’s almost 11 o’clock already. If he doesn’t come back soon, then what about the night shift?” Chen Guo said.

“Aren’t I still here?” Tang Rou said, “You should go to sleep!”

“Okay….” Chen Guo looked outside once again, but finally went up the stairs.

“If he comes back, should I send you a text?” Tang Rou asked.

“Okay……” Chen Guo answered and went up.

Not long after Chen Guo left, the employees who got off at 11 all left. At this moment, Ye Xiu appeared at the entrance of the Internet Cafe like a ghost. After looking inside, he creeped up to the reception desk. Once he saw that only Tang Rou was there, he relaxed.

“Where’s the boss?” Ye Xiu stood straight and lit up a cigarette.

“She went to sleep.” When Tang Rou saw Ye Xiu, after answering him, she took out her cellphone.

“Where’d you run off to?” Tang Rou asked Ye Xiu as she sent a text to Chen Guo.

“I just took a stroll around the area! Out of 100, how many points is boss’s anger worth now?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Hard to say. When you weren’t here, she was at a 0. But now that you’re here, she’s probably at a 100 again.” Tang Rou said.

“It really wasn’t my fault.” Ye Xiu said.

“But you’re such a taunter.” Tang Rou said.

This sister had already begun using a few gaming terms in real life. After typing out the text, she pressed send.

Her phone quickly rang. Tang Rou opened it and chuckled.

“Boss said that you were late, so there won’t be any pay for today.” Tang Rou showed Ye Xiu the text.

“Fine! It doesn’t matter if I don’t get pay as long as I have food and shelter.” Ye Xiu said.

“Should I reply with what you said?” Tang Rou asked.

“Don’t you dare.” Ye Xiu was speechless.

“Ha ha, you should come in. I’m going over there.” Tang Rou got up and gave her seat at the front desk to Ye Xiu. She went to her usual all-nighter seat.

The two logged into the game. Just as Ye Xiu logged into Lord Grim, he received a message: “You’ve been exposed.”

Ye Xiu was puzzled. He replied: “Who are you?”

“F*CK F*CK F*CK F*CK! It’s me, Shaotian!” Huang Shaotian was sad.

“Oh, it’s you!” Ye Xiu thought of Flowing Tree, that low-leveled account that Huang Shaotian had used.

“What’s been exposed?’ Ye Xiu asked.

“Your records were too astonishing. Blue Brook Guild even came by today to look for the team for help. I’m sure you know how amazing our team captain is. In just a few moments, he deduced that you were Lord Grim.” Huang Shaotian replied.

“Oh? How’d he deduce it?” Ye Xiu asked.

The process would clearly take a long time, but who was Huang Shaotian? He could be afraid of anything else, but he wasn’t afraid of talking too much. His hands moved swiftly as he quickly narrated the entire process to Ye Xiu.

“Oh, so it was like that! But if I’ve been exposed, there’s nowhere for you to hide either!” Ye Xiu said.

“Yeah, he also deduced that I was Flowing Tree.” Huang Shaotian said.

“Tsk tsk, Wenzhou really is quite amazing. It’s just too bad that his hand is handicapped.” Ye Xiu said.

“He’s standing right behind me…….” Huang Shaotian replied.

“Then his hand isn’t handicapped?” Ye Xiu said.

“Captain…..” Huang Shaotian turned his head to look at Yu Wenzhou with an innocent expression.

Yu Wenzhou only laughed: “It’s the truth. My hands really are handicapped.”

“Your trash talk has no effect on our team captain.” Huang Shaotian replied.

“Yeah, that’s why I said he’s amazing. If his hands weren’t handicapped, then he really would be an extremely difficult opponent to deal with!” Ye Xiu said.

Huang Shaotian was helpless and turned his head to Yu Wenzhou.

“The handicapped person would like to compare notes with him. Ask him if he wants to come.” Yu Wenzhou laughed.

Huang Shaotian conveyed the message. Ye Xiu quickly replied: “Come! Which account?”

“I’ll just use this one!” After a short moment, the reply came.

“Oh, you’ve already switched?” Ye Xiu asked.


“Free Field, whoever gets there first makes the room.” Ye Xiu said.

“Room 45178, password 159.” Yu Wenzhou replied.

“How long have you been waiting!” Ye Xiu replied. His Lord Grim hastily rushed towards the Arena.

Enter, Ready, Begin.

The map was the most common small ring. Flowing Tree stood at one corner.

“Hi!” After Lord Grim entered, Ye Xiu greeted.

“Hi! I heard you’re a manager at an Internet Cafe now?” Yu Wenzhou replied. The character Flowing Tree drew his sword and rushed forward.

“Yeah. For people like us, besides playing games, what else can we do?” Ye Xiu laughed. Lord Grim also swung his Thousand Chance Umbrella. The umbrella transformed into the Battle Lance form. After dodging the attack, he stabbed forward with his lance.

“A Battle Lance with an Attack Speed of 5; How difficult to deal with. Even your Evil Annihilation didn’t have that high of an Attack Speed right?” Yu Wenzhou said.

“It’s just plain stats.” Ye Xiu’s hands hadn’t stopped. He followed up with a few skills as well as a few normal attacks. Yu Wenzhou’s Flowing Tree dodged left and right. There wasn’t any chance for him to counter attack.

“Are you preparing to return with an unspecialized?” Yu Wenzhou was still talking.

“I hope this time the company won’t mess things up.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ha ha, good luck!”

“I need luck to beat you?” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Sometimes, I really admire you guys with your crazy hand speeds.” Yu Wenzhou regretted. Because his Flowing Tree wasn’t able to keep up, he was finally hit under Lord Grim’s relentless attacks.

“If you also had this type of hand speed, how could there be any contest?” Ye Xiu wasn’t polite though and continued to attack.

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