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Chapter 183 – Blue Rain Team Captain

After looking at the leaderboards for each of the three dungeons, Yu Wenzhou turned his head to ask Huang Shaotian.

Huang Shaotian stood behind him. He lifted his hand to scratch his chin and shook head: “I haven’t played these dungeons for so long, so I can’t tell just by looking at the time. Do you recognize any of the players who set the record? Is there anything special about them? Do you know what their classes and equipment are?” Huang Shaotian said to Changing Spring.

“Oh…… the key player is Lord Grim.” Changing Spring pointed at the name that appeared in all three leaderboards. Among these, Frost Forest was ranked second on its leaderboard, while Boneyard and Desolate Land were number one on their respective leaderboards.

“What about this person?” Huang Shaotian asked.

“This player’s character hasn’t changed classes. He’s an unspecialized character. In addition, the weapon in his hands is really weird. It can change into other weapon forms and use low-leveled skills from all sorts of classes.” Changing Spring said. There was no way to hide the Thousand Chance Umbrella, which was why Ye Xiu never bothered to conceal it. Experts like Blue River, who had seen him in action, had already seen through what it was.

“Oh? So such a weapon exists?” Yu Wenzhou heard this and his interest rose by quite a bit. Before, he had a general idea of why Changing Spring had come, so he was just being polite. But now these words had grabbed his attention.

“This type of weapon is definitely self-made! It sounds like it was made specially for unspecialized characters.” Huang Shaotian said.

“Unspecialized…….” Yu Wenzhou clearly knew about this type of playing style.

“If this is true, then this weapon really would be able to let an unspecialized fully utilize his strengths. The early unspecialized characters were weighed down because switching weapons had a cooldown, which made it so that there were a lot of flaws whenever they tried to combo. They weren’t able to perfectly link together all of the many low-leveled skills. But with this weapon, this issue is solved. Plus, if it has Silver weapon attributes, then the damage output would be even greater than Orange weapons. With a character like this in a team, then their damage output would naturally be a grade higher than the usual teams. This player really is the key character.” Huang Shaotian said.

Yu Wenzhou nodded his head, clearly showing that he agreed with what Huang Shaotian said. He then looked at the other members in Lord Grim’s teams: “What about the others?”

“These three are fixed members in Lord Grim’s teams. One of them is a Battle Mage, one is a Launcher, and there’s also a Brawler. Their skill levels are quite high. The other spot doesn’t seem to be fixed. In Frost Forest, this player is from Tyrannical Ambition. In Boneyard, this Flowing Tree is a Blade Master. At the time, he joined our Blue Brook Guild. He never said anything and then never went online again after setting that record. Finally, this One Inch Ash appeared recently, so we don’t really know much about him.”

“What about this Excellent Dynasty team in Frost Forest?” Yu Wenzhou asked.

Changing Spring immediately told them the situation for this Excellent Dynasty team. This was something they had investigated on before.

“They were clearly substituted players….. This is a new server with new players. There’s no way those types of players could create such a record.” Yu Wenzhou said.

“That’s what I thought as well.” Changing Spring said.

“And these players definitely weren’t ordinary. If you look at the record done by Excellent Dynasty done in Boneyard, this just happened to be done around the time we had our match with Excellent Era. Excellent Era’s vice-captain Liu Hao made numerous low-leveled mistakes in the match. His condition was strangely bad. It looks like this guy ran to the new server and split his attention onto setting these records!” Yu Wenzhou said.

“No way……. For a low-leveled dungeon like this, shouldn’t it be easy for a pro-player to set a record? It shouldn’t go so far as to affect his performance in the match, right?” Changing Spring said.

“This Boneyard record isn’t normal. What do you think Shaotian?” Yu Wenzhou said.

Huang Shaotian nodded his head: “This Boneyard record is no longer a question of skill. It isn’t possible to set this record purely on skill. In the new server, there’s no way they’d have too many good equipment yet, which means that the only way they’d have been able to improve the record would be to create a strategy more outstanding than previous ones.”

“As expected of Huang Shao…….” Changing Spring couldn’t help but gasp in astonishment. They had looked over this record who knew how many times, yet they weren’t able to be certain about such a conclusion. Perhaps only God-level players with incredible judgement like Huang Shaotian would dare be so confident in their answer.

“If you say it like this, then not only was this Excellent Dynasty record substituted in by Liu Hao, he even spent a lot of energy to research a new strategy just for this dungeon. And this was why his condition during the match wasn’t good?” Changing Spring concluded.

“I’m afraid it’s not just that. This guy might not have researched a new strategy, but rather stole a new strategy……..” Yu Wenzhou said.


“The records set by the new strategy appeared three times.” Yu Wenzhou tapped the screen as he said, “For two teams to have coincidentally come up with the same strategy at the same time? Look at the first record set by Lord Grim. In this team, there’s a player called Hateful Sword, but after this record was beat by Excellent Dynasty, Lord Grim’s team no longer has a Hateful Sword in it, but a player called Flowing Tree instead. These two characters are of different classes, but in this dungeon, Blade Master’s aren’t any stronger than Berserkers. If the Blade Master player was more skilled than the Berserker player, then why didn’t they just directly use the Blade Master the first time? So the most likely possibility was that this new strategy was researched by Lord Grim. This Berserker Hateful Sword was someone from Excellent Dynasty who had gotten into the team. He then went with them to learn the new strategy and then went back to lead Excellent Dynasty’s players to set a new record. There was obviously no way Lord Grim could look for this Hateful Sword’s help again, which was why he found this Blade Master, Flowing Tree.”

Changing Spring was startled. Yu Wenzhou was able to figure out things he hadn’t even thought of before.

The time the record came out. Excellent Dynasty’s background. The terrible performance of Liu Hao during the match……. Yu Wenzhou had noticed so many small details. This Blue Rain team captain wasn’t just a person who knew how to keep the team together like those on the outside said. This type of judgement and perception wasn’t below Huang Shaotian’s in the slightest. No, he might even be better than Huang Shaotian in this aspect. At least, at this moment, Huang Shaotian hadn’t made such a deduction.

“Team captain, you’ve got to be exaggerating. This sounds like a plot from some fiction novel.” Not only did he not make the deduction, Huang Shaotian even doubted Yu Wenzhou’s deduction.

“Could Liu Hao have gone crazy? He would actually put in so much effort for a dungeon in a new server?” How could Huang Shaotian only have said that? He had to keep going!

“Ha ha, that’s certainly true! That’s why there might be some other special reason that made him place so much importance onto this record. He had directly competed against Lord Grim for Frost Forest. After that, he even infiltrated Lord Grim’s team to spy on them. It seems like he also places a lot of importance on this Lord Grim! To be able to make a pro-player think of him as an enemy, this Lord Grim definitely isn’t any weaker than him. I have a feeling that Liu Hao is well aware who Lord Grim is. His hostile actions seem to be concealing his fear, acknowledgement, and trust. Because of this fear, he ran to spy on them. Because of his acknowledgement, he stole his strategy and directly used it. Because of his trust, he trusted that the strategy being used was already the most optimal choice. There wouldn’t be any strategy better than it.”

Changing Spring’s jaw dropped in astonishment. To be able to make an analysis to such an extent? He couldn’t help but look at Huang Shaotian, who was also listening. He realized that Huang Shaotian wasn’t amazed in the slightest at this. He seemed as calm as ever.

“He really is Huang Shao…….” Changing Spring once again gasped. Perhaps there were many who felt like Huang Shaotian wasn’t calm enough due to his constant chatter, however, in reality, as the most outstanding player in seizing opportunities, Huang Shaotian was completely calm on the inside.

Only with this inner calmness was he able to possess such keen awareness of the battlefield and find the most optimal opportunity to strike.

“That’s why I think that if we want to know who Lord Grim is, then we should just directly call Liu Hao and ask him. Liu Hao’s phone number, I should have it…….” Yu Wenzhou smiled, but then quickly followed: “Oh, I didn’t bring my cellphone with me.” They weren’t allowed to bring their cellphones into the practice room. This was a rule that a lot of Clubs had.

Changing Spring looked forward to it. He looked forward to knowing the answer. He obviously hoped that Yu Wenzhou would be a bit more active. But seeing that Yu Wenzhou didn’t have his cellphone and didn’t intend on going to get it, Changing Spring felt somewhat disappointed. He didn’t dare urge the team captain, but at this moment, maybe he could ask. Just as he was about to speak, he saw Yu Wenzhou patted his pocket and laughed: “Actually, someone who Liu Hao was enemies with, was scared of, was acknowledged by, and trusted. There’s no need to ask. I already know who he is.”

“Who is he?’ Changing Spring blurted out.

“Ye Qiu.” Yu Wenzhou said.

“God Ye Qiu……” Changing Spring didn’t know what to do to express his astonishment.

“Shaotian, have you talked to Ye Qiu recently?” Yu Wenzhou asked.

“Nope, after that guy retired, he just seemed to have evaporated. Maybe he was kidnapped by aliens!” Huang Shaotian said.

“He doesn’t use cellphones, right?” Yu Wenzhou said.


“It looks like he was kidnapped by aliens to the tenth server to continue playing Glory…… Unspecialized Lord Grim hm? We might even see him appear in a match again someday!” Yu Wenzhou said.

“…….” Changing Spring had many things he wanted to say, but didn’t know how to start. Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian didn’t seem to have any reaction to such a conclusion. After a few moments of thinking, Yu Wenzhou lifted his head and looked up at the clock on the wall of the practice room. He suddenly stood up.

“It’s time to eat.” Yu Wenzhou said.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s time to eat, it’s time to eat. Come, come, come with us Changing Spring. Do you know where the cafeteria is? I’ll bring you there!” Huang Shaotian put his arm around Changing Spring and dragged him out.

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