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Chapter 182 – Consultation

The match was beautiful and the reaction to it was massive. But to the big guilds, its impact wasn’t as great as the record that had been set in Desolate Land. The big guilds recognized the result and talked about it for a bit. However, there was no way it would be put above Blue Brook Guild’s tarnished image.

The only ones who were truly concerned over the match was Blue Brook Guild.

Currently, the tenth server’s Blue Brook Guild was completely silent. Everyone silently watched the discussion go on in the world channel.

Don’t look at how the highest among them were only Level 33. The people behind those characters, the senior players in Blue Brook Guild like Changing Spring were all there.

However, Poplar Beach wasn’t there.

After he had left the Arena, he directly logged out of the Heavenly Domain, but didn’t log into his tenth server account.

Even if he was arrogant, right now, he felt too ashamed to meet other guild members.

Lowering Poplar Beach’s arrogance might have been the only reward that Blue Brook Guild received. However, seeing the situation in front of them, Lord Grim’s strength was too ridiculous. It was quite possible that Poplar Beach might have been hurt too much from this match.

“Which of you went and watched it?” Changing Spring asked. Whenever they talked about guild matters, Changing Spring usually had the characters find a place to meet up at. The reason was because their guild leader Changing Spring really wasn’t fond of typing.

“I watched it.” Blue River let out a sigh as he spoke.

“What did you think of it?”

“Pretty much identical to how the world channel is describing it. They’re not exaggerating……. because there’s really isn’t any way to exaggerate it.” Blue River said.

“This Lord Grim really didn’t leave us with anything!” Flying Brushstroke said.

“I think it’s the exact opposite. I think the way he did things actually left us with room to recover.” Blue River said, “If you take a look at the world channel, most of them are discussing about how strong Lord Grim was. There was not anything else being talked about. To us, these results aren’t too bad.”

“Sigh……..” Changing Spring also sighed: “This Lord Grim really isn’t easy to deal with.”

“After our dungeon record was beaten, all the popularity we had recovered dropped again. Today, the number of players who wanted to join our guild fell by 70%…….” Blue River said.

“Line Canyon…… isn’t that the one we said we wouldn’t fight Tyrannical Ambition over?” Changing Spring asked.


“Then it looks like the only thing we can do for now is endure.” Changing Spring said somewhat regretfully.

“That…….” Bound Boat had also come to the meeting. In the tenth server, he was second only to Blue River. However, everyone present at the moment were all the seniors in the Heavenly Domain. As a result, Bound Boat clearly seemed smaller; his words also seemed like they were hesitant.

“Oh? Bound Boat, what do you have in mind?” Changing Spring asked. He knew the important players they had sent over to pioneer.

“Maybe we can ask the teams to help us? Even though these are only low-leveled dungeons, which of the current tenth server records are achievable for us? Not just Lord Grim’s records, but that Frost Forest record set by Excellent Dynasty as well! Fortunately, these were made in the new servers. If these were made in the old servers, then these records would have been suspected of being set by pros a long time ago, no?” Bound Boat said.

In the tenth server, there were only records for Frost Forest, Boneyard, and Desolate Land. However, it was just like how Bound Boat had described it. The three records were all records that surpassed their limits. Changing Spring and the others were all at the top of the normal players, yet even they were crushed by Lord Grim’s team. This was a clear and terrifying reality.

“Where exactly did these guys come from?” The background of Lord Grim and these others couldn’t be small. The word pro-level began to spiral around their minds.

“That’s why I say we should look for the experts in the team to help us appraise them.” Bound Boat said.

“Hm. This suggestion truly is quite good.” Changing Spring nodded his head. They weren’t asking them to substitute. They were only asking to chat with the Club’s experts on these incredible records and request for an appraisal. That wouldn’t be difficult to do.

“Alright then. I’m going to go and ask.” Changing Spring decided on this. The people who were participating in the meeting all had weird expressions on their faces. For the pioneering in the new server to be so shocking that they even needed pro-players to come out, this was something they had never even dreamed of before. If they knew that the entire Champion Team Tiny Herb had come to the tenth server for training, their blood pressure would probably shoot up.

“I’ll be leaving first then.” Changing Spring informed everyone. He was also someone who handled things straightforwardly.

After logging out, Changing Spring looked at the time. Right now……. the team should be doing their afternoon practice. Changing Spring ran the Blue Brook Guild in Glory in place of Club Blue Rain. He was just like Chen Yehui in Excellent Era. He could be considered as one of the Club’s official staff members, so he had some say in the Club’s matters.

Changing Spring often came to the team to look around, so he wouldn’t be considered unfamiliar with the pro-players. He’d sometimes even have the chance to compare notes with the team members. Of course, if the pro-players wanted to play two rounds with him for fun, Changing Spring wouldn’t refuse. However, if he went actively look for pro-players to play with him, he would be suspected of wasting their time. Changing Spring understood this.

Changing Spring calculated the time and chose to go at a suitable time. He didn’t have too many restrictions when walking around in the Club. Besides going to the tech team who researched self-made equipment, there wasn’t anywhere he wasn’t allowed to go to.

“Hi Senior Chun!”

Changing Spring had chosen a good time. He arrived just as Team Blue Rain finished practice, a time when everyone was relaxing. When he appeared in front of the entrance, someone saw him and greeted him.

Changing Spring’s real name was Liang Yichun, so the people who were familiar with him called him Senior Chun.

“Hi.” Changing Spring waved his hands at the pro-player that greeted him. The pro-player was a guy called Li Yuan. He was a new player in Blue Rain. He wasn’t as cautious and careful like the majority of new players were. After the young guy joined the team, he was extremely energetic and was always very friendly with everyone. He quickly became familiar with everyone including Changing Spring.

With his greeting, the other pros who hadn’t known that Changing Spring had come turned their heads and looked at him. The majority of the pros nodded their heads as a greeting and then went back to doing whatever they were doing before. However, Yu Wenzhou got up and walked over to him: “Senior Chun’s come over!”

“Yeah, I’m here to take a look……” Changing Spring said politely.

Yu Wenzhou, Team Blue Rain’s team captain. Most of the team captains were also the team’s ace player, but there would obviously be a few exceptions. Blue Rain’s ace player was Huang Shaotian, but their team captain was Yu Wenzhou. Even though Yu Wenzhou’s mechanics weren’t as good as Huang Shaotian’s, his ability in strategy and tactics were extraordinary. Moreover, that Huang Shaotian’s constant chatter pulled down his demeanor. The words of someone who was always talking would feel somewhat frivolous to others.

“You haven’t been here in awhile!” Yu Wenzhou treated him politely as well, seeing that Changing Spring had come to talk with him about something.

Changing Spring also knew that Team Blue Rain’s captain was relatively easy to speak with, unlike Tyrannical Ambition’s Jiang You, who was so hesitant. If Blue Rain’s captain had been so fierce like Han Wenqing, he definitely wouldn’t have immediately logged offline to go look for him.

“Yeah, I’ve been busy. The pioneering in the tenth server!” Changing Spring began to ease into the topic.

“It’s just pioneering. As if you needed to personally lead, right?” Yu Wenzhou chuckled. He knew how the Club’s guild operated in general.

‘But this time’s tenth server is too different!” Changing Spring said very seriously.

“Oh? What do you mean?”

“A bunch of experts suddenly popped up out of nowhere. All of the low-leveled dungeon records that have been set in the tenth server so far are above the all-time records. It looks as if they were all done by pro-players.” Changing Spring said.

“Crash!” A loud crash resounded in the practice room, along with three or four players crying out in alarm: “Huang Shao, are you okay? What happened?”

“It’s nothing. It’s nothing. I slipped, that’s all.” Huang Shaotian said ashen-faced as he supported himself up with his chair. Seeing that Changing Spring was looking at him in astonishment, he hastily waved his hand: “Senior Chun, you’re here! Ha ha ha, long time no see. You’re free today? Have you eaten yet? You probably haven’t eaten, right? Lucky you! It’ll be time to eat soon. You should eat some food before you go!”

“Sure, sure.” Changing Spring repeatedly nodded his head. He didn’t dare say anything too much or else he wouldn’t hear the end of it.

“Do you have a tenth server account card? Let’s take a look at the records!” Yu Wenzhou said.

“I do!” Changing Spring took out a card and gave it to Yu Wenzhou. Of course he had prepared everything before hand.

Yu Wenzhou found a random computer to sit down at and logged into the game. At the same time, without turning his head, he also said: “Shaotian, you should come and look too!”

There wasn’t any response from behind him. Huang Shaotian was wearing his headphones acting as if he hadn’t heard anything. The players beside him pushed him: “Huang Shao, captain’s calling for you!”

“Ah? What is it?” Huang Shaotian took off his headphones and turned around to ask.

“Come over here to look at the tenth server records.” Yu Wenzhou said.

Huang Shaotian had no choice but to get up. As he walked over, he asked: “Tenth server? The new server? What’s there to look at?”

“Woah! The records really are incredible!” Yu Wenzhou had already entered the game and directly clicked on the record leaderboards.

“Shaotian, how do you think these records were made?” Yu Wenzhou asked.

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