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Chapter 164 – Asking For Help Separately

Tyrannical Ambition’s Cold Night wasn’t online either.

The two of them were the same. They had both lost control of the situation in the tenth server. They felt that they needed to ask headquarters for help, so they logged out and ran to the Heavenly Domain.

Both of them knew each other’s IDs in the Heavenly Domain and they were both friends too. When they came online, they saw each other on their friends list and had a tacit understanding of each other’s situation.

Blue River hastily contacted his guild leader Changing Spring.

Changing Spring had originally said that he had wanted to go and see exactly how great Lord Grim was, but he never had the opportunity to do that. They had asked Lord Grim for help with Boneyard, but at that time, Lord Grim had gathered his own team, so there was no spot available for him.

After Boneyard, Lord Grim’s strength was recognized by their guild. The dungeon record completely exceeded what they had imagined. As a result, there was no need to personally appraise his strength. All they could do was try their best to win over Lord Grim!

In the end, after fighting over and over again for him, Lord Grim was won by Full Moon guild. And that guild was the one that had caused such a disaster for Blue Brook Guild. Blue River didn’t know what to say.

Changing Spring was also cautiously bringing his guild’s experts to try and set records. The dungeons in the Heavenly Domain were on a completely different level, however. Sometimes, they weren’t even able to complete the dungeon in a single run. Even for an elite team from the Three Great Guilds, if too many players died, there would be a part of the dungeon where they wouldn’t be unable to continue towards.

The Blue Brook Guild’s team was currently in such a predicament.

A forty player dungeon. One run every week. They had sacrificed over half of their team in order to get past two-thirds of the dungeon. In this state, however, they had no way of advancing so Changing Spring eventually made the decision to give up.

Everyone exited the dungeon; their morale was low. Soon after, they saw Blue River, who was supposed to be in the tenth server, waiting outside with his main account Blue Bridge Spring Snow.

Changing Spring had known that Blue River was coming. Although he wasn’t in a very good mood, no matter how he felt, he couldn’t just ignore Blue River, so he kindly went over and asked him what the situation was. The players who were there were all the elite experts of Blue Brook Guild. Since they weren’t outsiders, they gathered around him so they could listen in.

After he explained what was going on, when Changing Spring hadn’t even said anything yet, someone from the group of players sneered.

Blue River didn’t even need to look to know who it was. He was on good terms with nearly everyone there. However there was one who he didn’t get along with: Poplar Beach.

Speaking of which, how unlucky. After going over to the tenth server, he had only come back to the Heavenly Domain twice and coincidentally, he met that guy twice as well. It looked like his luck had been quite terrible recently!

“Super expert? Hilarious. Who went to pioneer in the tenth server again?” Poplar Beach acted as if he was speaking to himself.

Blue River couldn’t avoid getting a bit angry. He had just told them the record Lord Grim had set. Just from this achievement, who here couldn’t see that this guy wasn’t so simple? Poplar Beach obviously understood, but he still felt the need to mock him.

“This Boneyard record is a bit too abnormal.” Changing Spring directly ignored what Poplar Beach said, “That record can’t be right.”

“Yeah!” Quite a few experts agreed.

“Did he hack the leaderboards?” The players gathered there liked to think this way. This was because they were so familiar with the game. Since they believed that such a record wasn’t possible, their only explanation for it was hacking. However, that couldn’t be taken seriously. Glory had gotten rid of external hacking long ago.

“Desolate Land’s record doesn’t seem as abnormal.” Changing Spring noted.

“Yeah. It was made when they just hit Level 30, but their equipment was pretty inadequate and their fifth player’s skill was mediocre.” Blue River said.

“Tsk tsk, and they broke your record like that? Guild leader, let me try! I can guarantee that we’ll take this record back. In this situation, all we have to do is set a new record and prove ourselves to the tenth server’s new players, right?” Poplar Beach interrupted again. Even though he was putting down Blue River, his judgement of the problem was still accurate.

The reason Blue River returned was because he was looking for help like this. He needed experts! When the guild sent players over to pioneer in the tenth server, the guild couldn’t afford to send too many elites. For example, the only tenth server players who were qualified to be a part of the elite team in the Heavenly Domain were probably just him and Thousand Creations. In addition, there were players on the team that were stronger than the two of them.

Ignoring everyone else, only talking about Poplar Beach, Changing Spring had clearly said that Blue River wasn’t as good as him.

With a team of experts of this caliber, they’d definitely be able to beat any guild’s elite teams in the tenth servers. They might even be able to beat Lord Grim’s record.

“Where are our account cards over there from?” Changing Spring asked.

There was no choice. In order to log-in, you had to use an actual card. If you asked others to substitute, they had to be able to obtain the cards in order to do so.

“I have the data. I’ll send it to you in a bit!” Blue River said.

“Okay, then I’ll get people to contact you.” Changing Spring said.

“I’ll be going.” Blue River said and then logged out.

“Guild leader, let me go too!!” Poplar Beach actively signed up. Even though he didn’t feel too good about Changing Spring constantly ignoring him, he was still very polite towards him. For an arrogant person like him, his ambitions weren’t limited to just Blue River’s spot as one of the Five Great Experts. He also had the ambition to take over as guild leader.

Unfortunately, his current records against the guild leader are 11 losses 2 wins. Changing Spring was more skilled than he was. This was why whenever he talked to Changing Spring, he didn’t dare say anything rude.

“Let’s wait until Blue Bridge sends us the data. Once we know where the cards are, we can talk.” Changing Spring calmly said, expressing his attitude clearly: You’re not anything special. You’re dispensable.

“We did really badly on this run! How many times have we run this? We were wiped out two-thirds of the way through? Think about where we went wrong. Okay, you guys can go!” Changing Spring suddenly said. After explaining some things, his players went offline. The others all left as well. Only Poplar Beach and his companions stayed. They were all in the same mood.

These players were all relatively new experts in Blue Brook Guild with Poplar Beach as their leader. They all liked to show off. Today, Poplar Beach’s flaunting had been ignored, making their little group feel depressed.

“The guild leader clearly favors Blue Bridge!” One person said.

“There’s no choice. He’s a guild leader! Of course he wouldn’t want any internal conflict in the guild. Just take a look at how he intentionally averted the duel between Blue River and Poplar Beach and you’ll see what I mean.” Another person said.

“Yeah! He even sent Blue River over to the tenth server. How low.”

“Do you guys even know where that Lord Grim came from? That record is truly abnormal.” Even though they all liked watching Poplar Beach mock Blue River, they still expressed their astonishment over this record.

“Boneyard….. It really is freaky! I say we should study it for a bit.” Poplar Beach said. He wasn’t blindly arrogant. For example, when facing the stronger Changing Spring, he maintained his cool.

On Blue Brook Guild’s side, Changing Spring and Blue River discussed and chose people to go over to the tenth server. On Tyrannical Ambition’s side, Jiang You heard Cold Night’s description of the current situation and knitted his brows.

“How could things have turned out like this? If it’s like this, no one wins. How was Lord Grim able to come up with all of this?” Jiang You was puzzled.

“Lord Grim? I’m afraid that things didn’t go his way either. To have met with Full Moon, such a stupid guild, he’s probably feeling depressed too!” Cold Night said.

“We can’t bother with him right now. We need to rely on our own strength to take back this record!” Jiang You’s decision was the same as Blue Brook Guild’s. The two were in the same plight. The two tenth server guild leaders also had the same intentions.

“However, right now, Blue Brook Guild is in the same situation as us!” Cold Night said.

“Sigh, substitution……. There was never anything glamorous about any of it. But in this situation, we put ourselves in this situation. Blue Brook Guild will probably also try and find people to run Desolate Land, so we shouldn’t compete against them in that dungeon. If we compete with them, one of us isn’t going to be able to get the record. We’ll give them Desolate Land. We’ll go to Line Canyon and set a stable record. Aren’t we almost Level 33?”

“Yeah.” Cold Night nodded his head. Line Canyon was Level 30-33, so the highest records were made by those who were Level 33.

“But there’s still one thing we need to do before all of this.” Jiang You said.

“What thing?”

“Find Lord Grim.” Jiang You said.

“Him again?” Cold Night was surprised.

“Yes….. However, this time we’re not asking him to set a record. Instead we’re going to ask him to not touch the dungeon record. The price for that will be same as him setting one.” Jiang You said.

After saying this, the two suddenly fell silent.

After a while, Cold Night trembled and then said: “No way right?”

“So you also thought of it…….” Jiang You’s voice was much steadier.

“This guy. Could he have calculated everything up to this step? From now on, he wouldn’t even need to do anything. If we want to set a record, instead of buying him to set the record, we’ll do the opposite and pay him to not set the record???” Cold Night said in disbelief.

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