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Chapter 165 – Record Kidnappping

The two of them stood like broken machines amidst the barren desert in the Heavenly Domain. The sand from the large gale seemed as if it was going to bury them.

Lord Grim!

Without a guild, there was no way they could figure out his origins. There also weren’t any signs of background powers assisting him. The tenth server’s dungeon records were solely controlled by his technique. He had even taken control of all of the guilds.

In the new server, dungeon records were extremely important for a guild’s development.

The new server was practically filled with new players. No matter how famous a guild’s name was, in the new server, they would simply be unknown to the eyes of new players. How could they establish their name towards new players? It was through dungeon records. These were undeniable reflections of a guild’s strength.

However, all of the tenth server’s guilds had now been turned into jokes. In the eyes of everyone else, whoever Lord Grim helped would obtain the record.

Ignoring the new players, the big guilds themselves recognized the importance of having Lord Grim when competing for the records and for him.

Once he started to act, there would be no chance for them. The new players had no information about the records, but those who were experienced could immediately tell how ridiculous Lord Grim’s records were. It was impossible for them to achieve records like this, so if they didn’t look for Lord Grim, they couldn’t do anything.

In the end, the big guilds hadn’t prepared well enough for this situation. How could they have imagined that such an overwhelming expert would appear. If the tenth server continued to be like this, it really would become a new age. None of the big guilds would have enough strength to take over. Experts. Experts were originally the biggest advantage that big guilds had in the new server. But with the presence of Lord Grim, their experts were worthless. Since it’s like this, what advantages did they have? They couldn’t just continue spamming in the world channel that they were one of Glory’s greatest guilds, could they?

“Hmm….. I’m also unsure whether this was all just a coincidence.” Cold Night said.

“If it’s not, then not only does this guy have terrifying skill, but he has smarts too.” Jiang You said.

“Should I go back and try to negotiate with him?” Cold Night said.

“Yeah, you should go……”

Glory Tenth Server.

Blue River wasn’t aware of this issue yet. He was still creating a dungeon team with Changing Spring. When Cold Night returned to the tenth server, he checked his friends list, but didn’t see Blue River online.

In his friends list, Lord Grim’s name was still lit. The world chat had calmed down quite a bit though. Right now, almost five o’clock, it was a period where there were only a few players online. With the passing of the wave of discussions over the dungeon records, the world chat had returned to its normal state.

However, Cold Night knew that even though the discussions had ended, it didn’t mean that the matter was over. Their guild’s image had been damaged. If they didn’t hurry and seize a record, they might actually fall in the tenth server.

“Brother, are you there?” Cold Night sent Lord Grim a message. During the evening, it was quite normal for a player to be AFK (away from their keyboards).

“Here.” Ye Xiu had been quietly killing monsters in the wild the entire time.

“I want to discuss about Line Canyon with you.” Cold Night said.

“Line Canyon? My level isn’t high enough yet!” Ye Xiu replied.

“Brother, do you really not know what I mean?” Cold Night carefully prodded. He really couldn’t afford to offend him! Cold Night held his breath.

“Tell me.” Ye Xiu replied.

“This time, for Line Canyon’s record, we hope that brother won’t act.” Cold Night said.

“Oh, the price for that is going to be even higher!” Ye Xiu replied.

The reply came instantly. There weren’t any shocks or doubts. He directly moved to the discussion over to the price. If this guy said he hadn’t planned anything beforehand, who would believe him? Lord Grim clearly knew better than he did. Lord Grim had prepared everything long ago. Cold Night felt depressed. He had no choice but to follow up and ask: “What’s the price?”

“Eight Scarlet Scorpion Tails, eight Scarlet Stingers, a Scarlet Berserker Blade, an Amber Crystal, and 40 threads of Sandworm Silk.”

The reply was once again instant. It looked like he prepared the price long ago too. Cold Night was still depressed. He went over the materials one by one and wanted to cry.

Scarlet Scorpion Tails and Scarlet Stingers were both from Line Canyon’s hidden BOSS, Scarlet Scorpion Assassin. The Scarlet Berserker Blade was the hidden BOSS Illusion Swordmaster Ahong’s Saber, an Orange weapon. The Sandworm Silk dropped from the other hidden BOSS, Sandworm. As for the Amber Crystal, that was a drop from the Line Canyon’s wild BOSS, Ronin Alpine.

Even just gathering these five items was extremely difficult.

This was because these items came from every single uncommon BOSS in Line Canyon. According to the number of materials requested, even if these items dropped from the BOSS 100% of the time, they would still have to face the hidden BOSS dozens of times. Just look at Ye Xiu’s two days of dungeoning. He ran the dungeon for a total of six times, yet he hadn’t met a single hidden BOSS. If he had to gather the materials by himself, even if he cleared Line Canyon until he couldn’t get experience from the dungeon anymore, he still wouldn’t be able to gather all of them.

And in order to get the Scarlet Berserker Blade, a player would have to first be lucky enough to meet the hidden BOSS. He then would have to get lucky enough for the Orange weapon to drop.

The Amber Crystal was even more troublesome. Wild BOSSes couldn’t simply be cleared;They had to be stolen through PK. The first kill on Desolate Land and Line Canyon’s wild BOSS had already been completed. These two kills were both done when Ye Xiu wasn’t online, which was why no one had asked him to participate. One of these kills was stolen by Herb Garden, while the other was done by the Tyrannical Ambition. But just thinking about how much they had put in to get this far made his heart ache.

No matter how fierce the fight for dungeon records were, there was no way it could compare with the type of direct PVP needed for the wild BOSS.

After calculating everything, Cold Night almost coughed up blood. He didn’t even want to think about the price of these items. Even gathering them was strenuous enough for him.

Their guild had already begun clearing Line Canyon for some time. They had already gathered enough Scarlet Scorpion Tails and Scarlet Stingers, but they hadn’t found a Scarlet Berserker Blade yet. They were still rather far from 40 threads of Sandworm Silk and the Amber Crystal was even more of a dream. Let alone, Tyrannical Ambition, no one in the entire tenth server had one yet! Wild BOSSes could only be cleared three times a week!

This list of items was clearly not the marked price for his substitution anymore. It was truly much higher.

“Brother, you’re too savage.”

Haggling over the price was a must. Cold Night restrained himself and calmly negotiated with Ye Xiu. Even though his previous impression of this person wasn’t bad, a feeling of grief and anger rose in his heart now. Cold Night felt as though he had been negotiating with a kidnapper. The hostage was the record. If you didn’t agree to my conditions, then I’m going to clear your record!

But after negotiating for a while, the other side didn’t seem to have any intentions of easing up. Cold Night was still discussing gloomily, when a system message suddenly popped up. Blue River had come online.

Cold Night’s heart shook. He suddenly had an idea.

“Old Blue!” Cold Night called.


“Which record are you guys planning to set?” Cold Night asked.

“What?” He had to be wary against opponents.They couldn’t throw away their caution even though Tyrannical Ambition and them weren’t archenemies like Herb Garden. Blue River was on guard.

“Let’s communicate this well! Wouldn’t it mean that we’d have to beat each other if both of us clear Desolate Land? This isn’t the time for us to fight.” Cold Night said.

“You’re right. Then this time, each of us will take one dungeon. We’ll clear Desolate Land. We won’t touch Line Canyon, what do you think?” Blue River said.

“Okay. With this, everything’s good.” Cold Night said, “When are you guys planning to set it?”

“Tomorrow during the day!” Blue River said. He had already distributed the cards. But it wouldn’t be convenient right now for the experts to run and get the cards, so it’d be better to wait until the next day.

“Old Blue, I’m just afraid that the records that we set will still be beaten by Lord Grim!” Cold Night said.

“That……. I don’t think he’d do that. In this situation, do you think someone’s going to look for him to set a record?” Blue River said.

“If no one asks him, then what if he himself goes to set it?” Cold Night said.

“Sets it himself?” Blue River froze. If Lord Grim set it himself…… that was also a possibility. They only needed one more person for their team. And in addition, the other side had a fifth member they could use! They had previously seen the fifth person. Among them was that Blade Master, who was still in their guild. It was just that they never saw him online ever again, making Blue River feel very puzzled.

“If no one goes to ask him, why would he put in an effort to do that?” Blue River said.

“If no one asks, how could he be satisfied?” Cold Night discovered that Blue River was a little thick. Everything was already laid out for him. Was he still not able to think of Lord Grim kidnapping the record?

But with this, Blue River finally got it: “So you’re saying……”

“I had been talking with Lord Grim just before and in the end, that guy….. said that not touching the record required a fee.” Cold Night informed Blue River of this startling news.

“Did he really say that?”

Cold Night directly copied the list of items Lord Grim had given him and sent it over. This list had too much of an impact, making Blue River feel a wave of heat.

“But do you think he’ll be able to beat our record?” Blue River replied. They were also experts. Actually, they also had an estimate of what the limit for the record was. No matter how skilled a player was, as long as they hit the limit, that player wouldn’t be able to beat it.

“You look at Boneyard’s record.” Cold Night said.

Blue River stared blankly. Boneyard’s record really was a legend. That record was simply inconceivable.

“According to you, then even if we wanted to set a dungeon record, we’d have to see what he’s up to? If not, then there’s no point in obtaining a record?” Blue River said.

“That’s what I feel……..”

“That would mean that he’d become an enemy to all of the guilds…… can everyone endure that?” Blue River said.

“I don’t know about that. But I do know that right now, the only way for us to pass this wall is to break our way through.” Cold Night said.

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