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Chapter 163 – Shot At Even When Lying Down

That night, Ye Xiu didn’t conduct any more intense activities. However, many people in the tenth server felt uneasy because of his presence.

Records! It was obviously because of the records.

In the end, Desolate Land’s dungeon record was broken. Lord Grim once again proved his indispensability towards records. And Full Moon Guild, the name which made all the big guilds feel sick, took their spot on the Desolate Land leaderboards.

Even worse, Full Moon Guild’s players weren’t humble at all.

In a guild, the guild leader’s temperament greatly affected the entire guild. Maple Tree’s personality, which knew no difference between the heavens and earth, crumbled a little after seeing the extraordinary coordination between Lord Grim and the team. But after breaking the record, he thought of how he fulfilled his role in the team perfectly and couldn’t help but consider himself a member of the expert team. His personality, which had crumbled a little, flared up again.

Full Moon Guild’s members stopped chatting in the guild channel. They changed to the world channel. Their flaunting there made others feel envious. The other guild leaders grinded their teeth in hatred. They had hired someone to break the record for him. Why were they acting like they were so amazing? Many players in the world channel sneered at them, but Full Moon Guild was able to counter them . They brought up Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition as similar examples. If these amazing guilds did what they were doing, why should they be ashamed of doing the same?

Getting shot at while down, Blue River and Cold Night felt gloomy, but there was nothing they could say because this was reality. Even the guilds who hadn’t been able to invite Lord Grim could argue against Full Moon Guild. Asking Lord Grim for help setting a dungeon record had always been a task on their daily agenda. If they scoffed at Full Moon Guild and then went to ask Lord Grim for help, wouldn’t that be the same as slapping their own face?

With this, the entire world was now aware of Lord Grim’s substituting acts, so the records set by Lord Grim only had so much weight to them. This was why many players looked down on Full Moon Guild including Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition.

New server! New players, born as cows and not afraid of the tigers, were everywhere. But then again, no matter how strong the tigers were, it was only a game. What was there to be afraid of? Playing games is for fun. Nobody spends money on a game to treat it as bitter work. This was why there were many people who said whatever was on their mind. Blue Brook Guild? Tyrannical Ambition? Hmph.

As the players cursed more and more, the braver they got. Slowly, Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition were put on the same level as Full Moon Guild; second-rate guilds. They were trash that couldn’t set a record if they didn’t ask for a substitution. The current number two spot on the Desolate Land leaderboard was still held by Blue Brook Guild. But this reality was completely ignored by the players.

Blue River and Cold Night didn’t have enough time to deal with this development. The two couldn’t help but think of an old proverb: the bird in the lead will be shot!

As the two guilds who looked for Lord Grim first, were they really going be discredited like this? Putting it this way, it was quite alarming to hear about. But at this moment, the entire world was voicing their dissent towards their actions. The three guilds would sometimes be mentioned by their name too, which made them feel frightened.

“I say, this isn’t right.” Cold Night messaged Blue River.

“It’s all because of that idiot, Full Moon!” Blue River typed furiously. If those stupid guild members hadn’t run to the world channel to make a mess all over the place, where would they have gotten all this hate? If all the hate didn’t come out, how could they have been shot at even while lying down? They were big guilds and they paid careful attention to their reputation. Right now, they were being put on the same level as that second-rate guild. Plus, they were thought of as having no strength. The damage done was just too high.

But even if they burned down all of Full Moon Guild, the problem would still be there. There was only one way to counter these remarks; set a new record to shut everyone up.

However, the record king Lord Grim blocked their path like a huge mountain. No matter how hard they tried to get over it, they wouldn’t be able to. There was also no way they could rope him in. They were all saying how asking Lord Grim for help meant that they had no strength!

After this short discussion between Cold Night and Blue River, they fell silent. Currently, their guild was amidst a huge crisis.

Even the other guilds were at a loss. In their current situation, inviting Lord Grim to help set a record was a shameless deed. No one wanted to ruin their reputation. Even if they pulled Lord Grim into their guild, a move like that would bring a lot of criticism from other players.

In short, the name Lord Grim still ensured a dungeon record. But at the same time, his name lost value if it were used. This was because using Lord Grim to set a record for a guild would only receive negative comments from everyone. This was completely opposite from why big guilds were setting records. However, thinking back, Lord Grim was now like a parasite; whichever guild he floated to would be regarded as diseased. Putting it like this, it would be quite nice if the enemies had him!

For example, Herb Garden and Excellent Dynasty were quite happy. Their archenemies Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition were being ridiculed in the world channel. This was extremely satisfying!

Excellent Dynasty’s Chen Yehui was in the game as well and watched the scene unfold. No one could have predicted that things would turn out this way.

Chen Yehui was originally very happy with what happened to Tyrannical Ambition but as he continued to think about it, he suddenly recognized another point and immediately became even happier!

Killing two birds with one stone!

Ye Qiu. What a blunder!

Chen Yehui couldn’t hold back his happiness! He looked at the time. It was extremely late, but he believed that disturbing Liu Hao with the news about what happened was worth it.

Chen Yehui went offline and then called Liu Hao.

“Hello?” Liu Hao answered the phone with a tone of drowsiness. He had been sleeping nicely until he was suddenly awoken. No one would be happy, but Liu Hao suppressed his anger. The huge mistake he had done before had made him aware that keeping calm was very important.

“Good news, Liu! Ye Qiu’s about to run out of luck.” Chen Yehui shouted.

“Oh? This really is good news. But no matter how good the news is, you could have just told me tomorrow. Only bad and urgent news should be reported at night, so we can figure out a plan quickly, right? Okay, I’m tired. I’ll talk to you later!” Liu Hao finished and then hung up the phone.

The buzzing noise from the phone left Chen Yehui somewhat at a loss. He recognized that Liu Hao’s words were very reasonable. Good news could come later, nothing bad would happen. But the earlier something bad is handled, the better the chances they could have to fix it.

He just didn’t want to believe that only after two weeks, Liu Hao unexpectedly became so rational. So rational that it almost seemed cold and ruthless.

Just how big was his previous wound?

Chen Yehui silently put down the phone. His happiness from before dimmed down.

Liu Hao’s reasoning meant that he had an even more important goal. Ye Qiu was no longer his main opponent. He had already given the task to someone else. It had been thrown to Chen Yehui to deal with.

Chen Yehui felt disturbed.

He managed the guild. He put a lot of effort into the Club’s development. Nicely put, he could be considered a behind-the-scenes hero. However, there was no longer any chance for him to be in the spotlight like a pro-player ever again.

And the person who made him lose that chance was Ye Qiu!!

Chen Yehui suddenly clenched his fists.

It was Ye Qiu who judged him as having no talent and not putting enough effort.

On what basis? On what basis could he deny me so easily with just that? On what basis could the Club kick him from the pro-player list, then make him go online to manage the guild?

Ye Qiu!

The reason Chen Yehui and Liu Hao mingled together so well was because of their deep hatred for this name. But he never had the chance. His position was far beneath the power of Excellent Dynasty’s team captain. Until he noticed Liu Hao. Speaking of this, he was the one who successfully roped in Liu Hao. He had demonstrated himself as a lesson to Liu Hao, making Liu Hao hate Ye Qiu more and more, day by day.

But now, Liu Hao had already stepped on Ye Qiu and had even risen up in the Club. But himself…… besides venting his resentment, what did he have to gain?

Liu Hao no longer thought messing with Ye Qiu was worth it anymore. He had already found a new goal to pursue. And himself? Was he still going to play this little game with him? Was he destined to be at such a low position?

Chen Yehui thought about it and slowly unclenched his fist.

In the game, Plantago Seed had been disturbed greatly by Lord Grim as well. Team Tiny Herb’s pro-players didn’t know how hard it was to get these materials, so they had recklessly gambled it all away to Lord Grim. These were all uncommon materials! Even with their guild’s size, it wasn’t easy to gather those materials.

In reality, Plantago Seed really wanted to give them a suggestion: the Arena could be accessed in all servers. You guys can go to the old servers. Those Herb Gardens were a lot bountiful than they were.

But…… Plantago Seed hated to give up the chance to be with these pro-players. They were his idols, who he looked up to.

Holding on to just this, Plantago Seed clenched his teeth and swallowed the suggestion.

However, the ridicule towards Blue Brook Guild on the world channel really did make him happy. After a few cheerful moments, Plantago Seed felt like he should share his happiness with others. And the person who he wanted to share it with the most was Blue River!

He opened up his friends list and looked.

Blue River wasn’t online! Plantago Seed really felt sorry for him.

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