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Chapter 158 – He Really is an Expert at KSing

Chen Yehui’s intentions were clear, but the nature of Ye Xiu’s attacks were even more so. Ye Xiu had completely seen through Chen Yehui’s plans. This Collapsing Mountain attacked the core of the enemy’s group. The shockwave spread out. Those who reacted slower weren’t able to dodge it in time. They hadn’t even gotten into formation yet and many had already been hit askew.

Sky Strike, Falling Flower!

Lord Grim’s weapon closed and his battle lance executed two Battle Mage skills, launching four players into the sky.

After lifting his legs and kicking another, his Thousand Chance Umbrella transformed into the gun form. The bullets shot out and this player was hit back in a burst of blood; Ye Xiu had fired BBQ in a straight line. This usage of the move had to be done extremely quickly. Right when the target was hit into the air, the skill had to be used. The theory behind it was the same as how Witches tried to fly as low as possible.

The enemy player that had been knocked back smashed into numerous others. The player hadn’t flown far, but had hit three others.

The formation Chen Yehui had tried to set up was destroyed in three attacks. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion were now sending out attacks separately, one on the left, one on the right. They attacked incomparably fast. In just a few moments, although only a few enemies had been killed, there weren’t many that were still standing.

Of Chen Yehui’s 24 thugs, 1 died, 13 were on the ground, and the other 10 were spinning around in confusion. Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and Steamed Bun Invasion were once again back-to-back in a triangle formation. They stood there in the middle of the circle with their weapons raised. The pressure they emitted crushed down on the enemies.

Thousand Creations was stunned, completely stunned.

So six players was unnecessary? With just these three players, the 24 enemy offensive was thoroughly suppressed.

Thousand Creations had fought with the enemies before. Even though he had been killed extremely quickly, this only meant that the other side’s strength and coordination weren’t weak. But against these three players, why did they look like scraps of paper? It hadn’t even been a minute yet and their encirclement no longer existed. Some were lying on the ground. Some were spinning around trying to find the correct direction. Some were standing still not daring to act.

Strong…… too strong!

Thousand Creations admired them.

As a person who always went solo, he always wanted to stand majestically in the midst of disarrayed enemies. And now, this dream became a reality. Even though there were only three people, this really was the dream he always imagined.

At this moment, the other side’s characters were clearly still moving, but Thousand Creations felt as if time had stopped. Because in his eyes, those guys were only background characters. They were completely ignored. In his eyes, only those three figures existed.

“Gunners, open fire!!!”

“Witches, mess up their sight!!”

“Blade Masters, what are you doing! Stay in position!!!”

“Summoners, you idiots! Get into position before summoning! F*CK!! Interrupted again! Go f*cking die!!”

Chen Yehui’s commands continued to be shouted out, but it was useless, completely useless.

Bullets and artillery shells flew through the air. But in the end, they simply became background noise and added to the scene’s atmosphere. They had virtually no impact. The other side’s pathing and tempo were far better than their rate of fire.

Witches wanted to use their quick flying to mess up their opponent’s line of sight? Whenever they flew by their opponent’s line of sight, they’d be swatted down and form a crater on the ground.

Blade Masters stay in position? The Blade Masters were lost! What were their positions? How come it seemed like they were getting farther and farther away from the battle?

As for the Summoners…… how terrible! Summoners had to summon their pets to help fight. However, summoning had a casting time. The battle had gone on for so long and their previously summoned pets had been killed long ago without ever recovering. No matter what direction they ran towards, every time they tried casting, a bullet would interrupt them.

The unfortunate Summoners all felt the same: these bullets were their most faithful summons. Whenever they started summoning, a bullet would immediately be called to them.

Thousand Creations had already turned hot-blooded. He ran towards Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon and yelled: “Let’s go up too!”

“Go up to do what?” Seven Fields asked.

“Fight!” Thousand Creations said.

“How about we just stay out of their way?” Seven Fields said.

“What!? Get in their way!!” Sleeping Moon suddenly erupted. Even though he’d mixed in with Lord Grim recently, he still hadn’t forgotten their initial enmity! Lord Grim still hadn’t added him as a friend yet.

“Forward!” Sleeping Moon unsheathed his sword and rushed forward. Thousand Creations also raised his lance and went forward too.

The other side were currently being crushed into tears, when newcomers suddenly joined the battle. The situation became even more alarming initially, but after trading a few blows, some immediately yelled out excitedly: “Ha ha, these two are easy to deal with!!”

“Really, really!!” Everyone grew excited. Quite a few immediately ran off to fight those two. The Lord Grim trio unexpectedly became ignored.

At this moment, Chen Yehui, Thousand Creations, Sleeping Moon all became one family. They almost died from anger.

The family felt the same pressure. Chen Yehui instantly became marked by Ye Xiu and the others, while Thousand Creations and Sleeping Moon became everyone’s prey.

Both side’s reactions were unanimous: if you can’t beat them, then run. Chen Yehui went left. Thousand Creations and Sleeping Moon went right. They started running in retreat.

Seven Fields hastily went to the side. He just hoped that everyone would put him as a background character.

“Hey, hey! There’s another one!!” Unfortunately, his hopes were crushed. The other side had also included him in the chase.

Seven Field’s cheeks streamed with tears. He had no other choice and escaped with Sleeping Moon. The originally solemn battlefield instantly turned into a clown fiesta. Ye Xiu was also speechless and sighed towards the frantically running Thousand Creations: “He really is an expert at KSing…….”

Fortunately, not everyone was unfaithful. There was still a portion of them that continued to fight with Ye Xiu and the others. Unfortunately, their forces had thinned and they had no way of contesting with Ye Xiu and the others. Chen Yehui ran off and saw that the three hadn’t chased him, so he immediately began shouting orders again. But there weren’t as many people as before. And half of them were out of position, so his leading was completely pointless.

Down. Down.

People continued to fall down.

In Line Canyon, the sound of fighting gradually lessened. As every person fell down, the noise quieted down.

“Not good!” Tang Rou said.

Not good? The other side heard this and immediately brightened. Was it no more health or no more mana?

“What?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Too weak.” Tang Rou said.

Everyone’s cheeks streamed with tears. So it was because they weren’t good…..

“Even if they’re weak, we still have to focus! That’s the respect our opponents deserve!” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Well said, Steamed Bun.” Ye Xiu said.

“Yup!” Steamed Bun Invasion was immensely satisfied and then continued to bully others.

On the other side, Thousand Creations and the others were currently being bullied around. They were covering their heads and running away with their tails behind them. In the end, they didn’t die because the other side felt a bit embarrassed. Their boss, Chen Yehui, had been roaring at them the entire time. If they kept on acting like they didn’t hear him, that wasn’t good. But just as they were about to circle back, they found that there was no need to go through that trouble. Their more loyal allies had been cleaned up well by Lord Grim’s group, who was now heading towards them.

Thousand Creations and his group saw this and went hid behind Lord Grim’s trio.

The remnants of the enemies couldn’t hold on any longer. Their allies had either died or ran away. At this point, even Thousand Creations could recognize that Chen Yehui was the leader. Thousand Creation had once died at their hands and still had some personal enmity. He chased after him, not letting up in the slightest. Chen Yehui also kept on running. The two were of the same class, so their movement speed were about the same. But Chen Yehui was clearly slightly more skilled and their distance gradually increased.

Thousand Creations immediately recalled what Lord Grim had said about switching between the different types of movements and asked: “How should I run?”

No answer. Thousand Creations looked around left and right. There was no one there! At this moment, he unexpectedly became the only one chasing.

Thousand Creations promptly halted.

“Well, I can’t chase him down anyways…..” Thousand Creations said. He then turned around and ran back. But when he got to Line Canyon, Lord Grim and the others were no longer there. It looked as if a battle had never taken place. Line Canyon was already completely silent.

“Where’d everyone go?” Thousand Creations muttered. He didn’t have any of them as friends, so he had no way of asking them. He ran around Line Canyon for half an hour but couldn’t find anyone. In the end, he went back to his initial position, when a light suddenly flashed outside of the dungeon and five players came out.

Thousand Creations glanced at the five IDs and coughed blood. It was Lord Grim and the others. After the battle, these five actually went back to dungeon. They didn’t even give him a heads up. He had been looking around for the battle everywhere, but during that time, they were actually dungeoning.

“Hey!” Thousand Creations called out to them, when the five entered the dungeon again.

“F*ck f*ck f*ck!!” Thousand Creation’s cheeks streamed with tears.

I’m out of here!

Thousand Creations turned his head and left Line Canyon.

Compared to Thousand Creations, Chen Yehui was even more gloomy. He had been secretly paying attention to Lord Grim for a long time and had prepared a meticulous plan, but when the time came, there wasn’t a single chance of victory for them. Starting from the very first second, they had been completely suppressed by the other side and had to run away.

On the fields of Line Canyon, Chen Yehui didn’t see any of his comrades. Of those 24 players, including him, only six survived. The others all died.

Experience, money, durability, even equipment……. Chen Yehui could ignore these losses, but he still felt his heart hurt.

It was like he was a student who had meticulously studied for an exam. He had grasped all of the rules for arithmetic extremely well. And after walking into the test full of confidence, he saw the test. Sh*t! The test was on calculus. The difference was just too big!

The current Chen Yehui stifled this type of deep feeling of powerlessness. Against pro-players, using this type of battle to cause trouble was worthless.

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