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Chapter 157 – Running Test

“Go to that dirt mound!!” Thousand Creations heard Lord Grim yell this. Just as he was trying to see which dirt mound Lord Grim was talking about, he saw three of the four players quickly rush up to in front of him.

Why three? Because when Ye Xiu used Falling Flower Palm to blow them away, they had to use Quick Recover in order to prevent themselves from getting knocked down. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion acted skillfully. On the other hand, Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon didn’t do as well. Seven Fields failed in the end and crashed to the ground. Since he had to climb back up, of course he was bit slower than the others.

“Woah! There’s someone here and it looks like he’s pooping!” Steamed Bun Invasion yelled. The three ran over and saw Thousand Creations crouching down vulgarly behind the dirt mound.

“Sh*t!” Thousand Creations disagreed with this description. He was waiting there to ambush, how could he be pooping! But worse was what came after. He heard Lord Grim shout without any hesitation: “Kill him!”

“F*ck f*ck f*ck!” Thousand Creations cursed as he did a backwards roll. A scarlet blade flashed by his eyes. The fastest and fiercest on that side was that female battle mage. Thousand Creations recognized that the scarlet battle lance was the Level 30 Purple weapon Scarlet Moon, which just barely missed him.

Having missed, Soft Mist took a step forward to try again. All in all, Thousand Creations had some skill and after rolling, he returned back with a Sky Strike. Soft Mist sidestepped it and then with a practiced coordination, Steamed Bun Invasion slyly snuck behind Thousand Creations and smashed down with a Brick.

At this moment, the tardy Lord Grim finally arrived. With a glance, he recognized Thousand Creation’s ID and then hastily said to Steamed Bun Invasion: “Wait, he’s not with them.”

“You know who they are?” Thousand Creations heard this and felt like Lord Grim knew where those enemies came from, so he promptly asked.

“I have a rough idea.” Ye Xiu said.

“Who are they?” Thousand Creations asked.

“How about we start running first before we start chatting?” Lord Grim led the way out. Those four closely followed behind and Thousand Creations had no choice and also followed along. Of those twenty four pursuers, the long-ranged classes continuously fired at them. Thousand Creations madly dashed in an S path, so that the other side had no way of accurately firing at him. He then Swift Ran to catch up to those five and found that Lord Grim was unexpectedly teaching those four other players.

“There are three types of movements: Walk, Jog, and Swift Run. Swift Run is the fastest, but also uses your stamina. Walking is the slowest, but it’ll slowly recover stamina. Jogging is neither fast nor slow, but won’t use up your stamina. Directly using Swift Run will obviously let you move the fastest in a short amount of time, but once you run out of stamina and start Jogging, an experienced opponent will definitely catch you. See, look at that Thousand Creations. Right now he’s using Swift Run to get past us, but this is only temporary. Everyone follow my tempo and pay attention to how I switch between these three types of movement. After half a minute, he’ll be left behind.”

“F*ck!” Having been used as a teaching material, Thousand Creations gloomily stopped. Just as he was about to speak, those five ran past him. That Steamed Bun Invasion even asked: “He suddenly stopped. What type of move is this?”

“The I-want-to-be-blown-to-bits move.” Lord Grim said.


An artillery shell exploded near Thousand Creations. His mind blurred and he flopped through the air. Fortunately, he was able to use Quick Recover in time and after rolling, he swiftly dashed and caught up to those five players.

“He caught up again.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“This method is even worse. He was even hit by an attack.” Ye Xiu said.

Thousand Creations was so angry, he spat blood. When he carefully looked at those five players, under Lord Grim’s constant reminders, those five players repeatedly switched between the three types of movements. There was no set tempo. They would sometimes move one way for a minute and sometimes even move another way for only two or three steps. Thousand Creations involuntarily copying what they were doing. In the end, that loud-mouthed Steamed Bun Invasion said: “It looks like he’s copying us?”

“Too late. His initial stamina was different from ours, so he’ll definitely use up his stamina first and will be blown to bits in the end.” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s no good if your stamina is too low.” Steamed Bun Invasion sympathized.

Thousand Creations grinded his teeth. He didn’t have a habit of asking others for help. At this moment, even though he copied how Lord Grim and the others were moving, it looked like he’d have to rely on himself in the end because that Lord Grim said that he’d be the first to run out of stamina……..

Thousand Creations glanced at his stamina. It really was running low. And even though the twenty four players behind him hadn’t caught up, the distance between them had clearly shrunken.

“Hey, can we actually escape from them?” Thousand Creations asked.

“The distance between us has shrunken? It’s only temporary.” Ye Xiu replied.

Sure enough, after their opponents madly Swift Ran at them, only a few were able to catch up. And after their stamina ran out and they began Jogging, the distance between the two sides gradually widened.

“We really have pulled away!!” Steamed Bun Invasion cheered.

“We have? Then there’s no need to run anymore.” Ye Xiu laughed.


“Because through this test, I can already tell that our enemies’ skill levels aren’t too high. We could even try fighting with them.” Ye Xiu said.

“We only have five.” Seven Fields reminded.

“Six, no? Thousand Creations is a person too!” Ye Xiu said.

“This is the Internet. In the Internet, there’s no way you can tell if the person is real or fake.” Steamed Bun Invasion said solemnly.

“He’s spoken before.” Ye Xiu helplessly said.

Thousand Creations was extremely gloomy, but at this moment, Lord Grim stopped and turned around.

“Look, among those 24 players, there’s only one of them that has some skill. It’s that Battle Mage over there.” Ye Xiu said. He then had his Lord Grim move up to face them and shout: “Chen Yehui, is that you?”

Those 24 players stopped moving. The valley fell deathly silent.

Having been called out, Chen Yehui felt extremely depressed. His plans had been ruined from the very start.

Liu Hao had to take care of the team’s performance, so he could no longer afford to get distracted and tangle with Ye Qiu in the game. As a result, Liu Hao had handed the task of obstructing Ye Qiu’s progress to him.

But to go against Ye Qiu, what methods did he have? Without any pro-players to help, there was no way he could compete in the dungeon records. After thinking for awhile, in the end, he realized his greatest advantage: manpower.

This time, he personally brought the guild to pioneer in the new server. His ambitions weren’t small. Compared to other guilds, their manpower in the tenth server was the greatest.

Originally, Excellent Dynasty had intended to compete strongly against the other big guilds and restore their former glory. But who could have known that Lord Grim would appear and cause a storm? Right now, there was only one thing in the competition between the big guilds. It was to see who could win over Lord Grim’s help.

Chen Yehui was extremely bitter! He already knew who Lord Grim was, so he didn’t have any hopes that Lord Grim would help their Excellent Dynasty. He could be considered as one of the Club’s official staff, so he had quite a lot of knowledge on the reasons for Ye Qiu’s retirement. For the current Ye Qiu to not deliberately look for trouble with Excellent Dynasty was already very nice of him.

It was impossible for Chen Yehui to win over Lord Grim, so he could only carefully prepare to fight against Lord Grim. They originally didn’t have many empty accounts left, so he specially leveled many new ones just for this occasion. After all of their trouble of catching up to Lord Grim and reaching Level 30, Chen Yehui immediately moved out without any hesitation. He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to strike at Ye Qiu. If not, then if that guy ran to some guild for shelter, then their advantage would be gone.

Unfortunately, after carefully creating a formation that he thought would be impossible to break, none of the plans he had prepared were used. Lord Grim’s immediate attack to send the four players out of the encirclement was completely out of his expectations. Chen Yehui’s numerous plans had been destroyed in an instant.

Chen Yehui obviously wasn’t satisfied. Even though the encirclement had been broken, he still had the advantage in numbers, so he had everyone chase them.

In the end, right when it looked like they were about to escape, they suddenly stopped and then faced towards them.

“Your movements are too poor, Chen Yehui.” Ye Xiu continued to say, “I’ve already completely seen through your group’s strength.”

Chen Yehui stared blankly. He finally realized that their chase had been a test. That type of control over movements could be considered high-end pro-level content. There were very few normal players who could do it well. Ye Xiu had tested them to immediately know whether Liu Hao or other pro-level players were among the group. If it was just more people, then there was nothing to be afraid of.

“What are you trying to do?” Thousand Creations went over and asked him.

“Wipe them out.” Ye Xiu calmly replied.

“Are you crazy?”

“Do you want to join in?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Are you….. for real?”

“If not, then why wouldn’t we be running right now?” Ye Xiu said.

“There’s only six of us!”

“The number of people doesn’t matter. In a team battle, teamwork is the most important.” Ye Xiu said.

“Fine! Then let’s see just how capable you are.” Thousand Creations brandished his lance and walked up.

“Get ready to move out!” Ye Xiu yelled.



“Forward!” Thousand Creations also shouted, but Steamed Bun Invasion and Soft Mist had already rushed forward. They, along with Lord Grim, had begun fighting. No one had come up to ask for his help.

“Huh?” Thousand Creations stared blankly. Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon had already walked up to him.

“Just relax and be our support!” Seven Fields said.

With just this, they moved ahead and joined in the slaughter. Lord Grim, Soft Mist, Steamed Bun Invasion stood back to back in a triangle formation. They directly stormed through the crowd of enemies. It looked as if a flood had swept over and drowned them, when blood suddenly began flying out. However, it wasn’t from any of those three, but rather from their enemies.

“More people really is an advantage but there has to at least certain amount!” Ye Xiu said. Lord Grim suddenly left their triangle formation and rushed out. He flew forward with a Collapsing Mountain towards Chen Yehui’s dispatched troops.

Chen Yehui’s thinking was very simple too. He didn’t care if others lived or died. As long as they could kill Lord Grim, then it would be their victory!

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