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Chapter 159 – Furry Guest

After running Line Canyon three times, it was around four in the morning. Ye Xiu stretched and got up to move around. Seeing this, Tang Rou also got up to get some water. She took her tea cup and slipped away to the front desk.

“Are those people gone?” Tang Rou drank her tea, while asking.

“Who knows!” Ye Xiu said.

“What type of hate is there between you and them?” Tang Rou asked. In the game, of course everyone had asked who those people were. Ye Xiu just said a few words and left it at that. Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t care. Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon always had that respectful look towards Ye Xiu and knew in their hearts that the two parties involved weren’t on the same level, so even though they were curious, they didn’t question too closely.

Only Tang Rou, who was the closest to Ye Xiu, heard Ye Xiu say those words and then connected them with those guys who were making trouble for him in the Internet Cafe last time.

‘Hmm……. how do I say it? It’s probably because they don’t want to see me in front of them ever again!” Ye Xiu said.

“How did you offend them?” Tang Rou asked.

“There was a time when I didn’t want to see them in front of me ever again too.” Ye Xiu said.

Tang Rou stared blankly. Even though she hadn’t known Ye Xiu for very long, she knew that he was a very carefree person. She had difficulty imagining that such a person could seriously hate someone.

“Can I ask why?” Tang Rou asked.

“Because they weren’t professional enough.” Ye Xiu said.

“Not professional enough?”

“You know that guy we ran into tonight? To a certain extent, I ended that guy’s pro career.” Ye Xiu said.


“Didn’t I already say it? It’s because he wasn’t professional enough.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh……” Tang Rou understood, “You’re not wrong.”

“Of course.” Ye Xiu grinned.

“But you already left, so why are they still bothering you? It looks like they’re afraid of you coming back. So then it looks like…… you were forced to leave?” Tang Rou said.

“Oh? How smart!” Ye Xiu was amazed.

“It looks like you didn’t completely cut them off, so you left them a chance to bite you back. If not, then how could you be chased and pressured by them?” Tang Rou said.

“Yup! I was too lazy. I should have worked a bit harder.” Ye Xiu said.

“Or maybe you hadn’t thought of completely cutting them off?” Tang Rou said, but didn’t wait for Ye Xiu to reply. She raised her right arm and waved it twice. “Boneyard, we can still do it four times!!” She said, while returning back to her seat.

The night went by like this. After morning came, they ate breakfast and discussed things. Chen Guo woke up and saw these two looking like they were treating the game as work. While eating the breakfast those two bought back, she shook her head and scolded them. This was already a daily task in Happy Internet Cafe.

After eating breakfast, the two went to rest. Tang Rou used to switch between the morning and afternoon shifts, but because she was now playing the game all-night every day, if she took the morning shift, then she’d have to endure through the morning shift before she could sleep. Chen Guo had seen her tired face sprawled on the reception desk and couldn’t bear it anymore, so she simply made it so that she only had afternoon shifts. All night was all night! She would at least have a set schedule.

The day continued on like this. 11 o’clock, the Internet Cafe’s busy day ended, while these two’s day were just beginning. Speaking of this, Ye Xiu’s time in-game was actually a bit longer than Tang Rou. After all, he was playing the game when he was on shift too, while Tang Rou didn’t have as easy as a time when she was on shift. During that time, her leveling speed wasn’t high, so most of her time was spent on looking at the guides Ye Xiu had sent to her. She would also frequently be interrupted even while doing that.

When midnight approached, the team gathered, ready to challenge Desolate Land’s record again. Full Moon Guilds’ guild leader Maple Tree confidently came and narrated the practice he did that day, which earned Senior Steamed Bun’s praise.

But when midnight hit, Su Mucheng hadn’t come online.

“Where’s Mu Mu?” Tang Rou asked. After so many days of playing the game together, everyone had become quite familiar with each other. The names the girls called each other clearly showed that they were close. This one called that one Mumu. That one called this one Rou Rou. Neither of them cared if others felt sick hearing them.

“I have no idea!” Ye Xiu was also very puzzled. If Su Mucheng wasn’t going to come, then she’d definitely leave him a message. But in-game or QQ, there was no sign of one. Cell phone……. Ye Xiu didn’t have that yet. He didn’t use cell phones.

‘Could something have happened?” Ye Xiu muttered in his heart. He grabbed the phone next to the computer and was just about to go ask, when suddenly a customer knocked on the reception desk.

“Computer.” The customer’s voice sounded unclear. Ye Xiu lifted his head to look. What a guy! Was it really that cold today? This person was wearing a thick furry overcoat and a furry hat. The large furry scarf covered the person’s entire face. Only two eyes could be seen. Every other part of this person’s body was covered in fur.

Ye Xiu sighed and put down the phone: “You win. You’ve finally dressed in a way that even I can’t recognize you.”

“Really?” The person that came pulled down her scarf. It looked like she was quite satisfied with her disguise: “I also felt like no one would be able to recognize me.”

“But don’t you think that you’d stand out in the Internet Cafe like this?’ Ye Xiu said.

“It’s not like there are a lot of people here.” Su Mucheng turned her head and scanned the Internet Cafe. The customers were thinly scattered. Business during the night was naturally very different from business during the day.

“You could have just stayed in your room. What was the point in running over here so late at night.”

“I was bored, so I came looking to play with you.” Su Mucheng said.

“Let me figure out where you should go sit…….” Ye Xiu got up and looked around the Internet Cafe. Last time, Huang Shaotian had hid up in that empty corner, where there was no lights or air conditioning, where it was dark and cold. Ye Xiu looked around and then he patted the seat beside him, said: “How about over there?”

“Not bad!” Su Mucheng liked it and took a seat there.

Ye Xiu helped her turn on her computer and then warned her: “This is the server computer, so don’t mess around with anything. If not, then all of the Internet Cafe computers will die.”

“It’s that fun?”

“It’s not fun at all!” Ye Xiu stressed.

“Hurry up and log in. We’re all waiting for you!” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay okay.” Su Mucheng didn’t take off her hat and logged into the game like this.

“She’s here. She’s finally here.” Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was still with everyone. When Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist came on, she heard everyone’s pleasant surprised voices.

“Yeah. She’s here.” Ye Xiu said, but didn’t say if the person was coming directly over.

“Where are you?” Su Mucheng turned her head to see where Ye Xiu and the others were and then rushed over.

“Sorry, I’m late.” Su Mucheng greeted everyone.

“It’s not a problem. Being late is a girl’s privilege.” Steamed Bun Invasion said. Coming from this guy’s mouth, no one could tell if he was joking or trying to win her favor……. or maybe he was actually serious.

“Cough. I won’t say too much. Let’s start?” Ye Xiu put on his headphones and said.

“Let’s go, let’s go.” Steamed Bun Invasion seemed to regard Ye Xiu as the commander while he was the vanguard. He loved to be at the front and was always the first to go in.

Soft Mist and Maple Tree also rushed in. Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist was just about to go in too, when Ye Xiu told her to stop.

“Take this.” Ye Xiu sent her a trade request.

“What is it?” Su Mucheng accepted the trade request and looked, it was a Level 30 Purple Handcannon.

“You bought it for me?”

“Of course.”

“How much?”


“How cheap.”

“That’s not cheap in the new server!” Ye Xiu said.

“But you’re rich!” Su Mucheng said. She obviously knew of Ye Xiu’s bets with Tiny Herb. He had won over almost the entire guild’s storehouse.

The two chatted as they entered the dungeon. The five players officially started.

Ye Xiu and the other three didn’t have any problems with their coordination. As for Maple Tree, everything that needed to be made clear had already been made clear. It was fortunate that he wasn’t a noob and was familiar with the dungeon. After Ye Xiu explained the theory behind the strategy, he grasped the concepts very quickly, but was a bit lacking in practice. However, now that Su Mucheng, Tang Rou, and Steamed Bun obtained new Purple weapons, their damage output was much higher and as long as Maple Tree wasn’t too off, then they’d be able to make up for his weaknesses.

As soon as these four entered the dungeon, they had already found their targets. Maple Tree immediately did as he was ordered the day before and Aerial Fired up to the window.

The five bullets from his Aerial Fire wasn’t wasted either and headed towards the monsters Lord Grim had pulled. However, when his character reached the window, the monsters that were fired at were already angrily chasing after him.

“O……” Maple Tree stopped his “OT” halfway because those aggroed monsters were instantly taken back by Lord Grim with a Circle Swing.

“Beautiful.” Ye Xiu praised him.

Maple Tree shook his head. He reminded himself that he wasn’t in a normal dungeon team and he had to get rid of those wrong notions. In this team, OT and so on didn’t exist. All he had to do was put out damage. The fiercer he was the faster they would advance. That was his task.

As he thought, Maple Tree ferociously fired at the monsters Lord Grim was attacking.

“So good!” Maple Trees said. This was DPS! When he attacked before, he had to always pay attention to the MT. That truly didn’t feel as good!

Maple Tree fired his pistol happily. The other monsters had already been pulled over. Cleansing Mist flew up to the high grounds and attacked like she did the day before. However, today, Maple Tree didn’t need Su Mucheng to tell him where those two monsters in the center were at. After understanding the theory behind the strategy, he could already figure out where he should be attacking.

Although he could openly let out his damage, he still had to coordinate with everyone! The damage he put out couldn’t just be fired out at random.

This first wave of 12 monsters was cleared much faster than the day before. When the last monster died, Ye Xiu glanced at the time. Sure enough, there was a big improvement.

“Keep it up everyone! Let’s break the record on our first try.” Ye Xiu said.

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