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Chapter 140 – Find Me Next Door

“Watch this!” Soft Mist said this and then once again took advantage of the fact that Cloudy Heaven’s skills were on cooldown and closed in to attack. This time, Ye Xiu didn’t say anything further. He would first demonstrate it before saying anything more.

After only two moves, Cloudy Heaven was knocked into the air. Xiao Yun was extremely gloomy. At this moment, he had already figured out what had happened. The two Soft Mists before and after were completely different. As a pro-player, of course he had this level of judgement. Plus, with Ye Xiu’s sudden non-stop chatter, Xiao Yun finally understood that in the beginning, he had been the one brought as a training partner. And now? He was once again being used a teaching prop.

Xiao Yun impatiently tried to hurry up and get out of the mid-air situation. But whenever his camera angle changed, he couldn’t find his opponent.

Vanishing Step. Vanishing Step again!

Xiao Yun really hated this! Since he couldn’t break out of the situation, it would clearly mean that his skill level was lower by a level. Thinking of how the entire team was watching him right now, he even had thoughts of dying. Fortunately, the opponent wasn’t as vicious as last time. Even though he still used Vanishing Step, after a few hits, he used a Circle Swing to throw him into the ground.

Xiao Yun immediately did a roll and then got up, afraid that his opponent would chase him down. However, Soft Mist didn’t move. She stood there, chatting incessantly. Clearly, the player using her was explaining what he had just been doing.

Teaching dummy! He really did become a teaching dummy. Xiao Yun was fuming in anger. He rushed forward to engage in combat again. Soft Mist casually dissolved his efforts while commenting. What went wrong there, what should be done, etc. Xiao Yun went from a teaching dummy to teaching material.

Even more unfortunate was that his anger didn’t bring out any hidden power for Xiao Yun. His movements were still that same as before. And, on the contrary, his impatience made him expose even more openings.

“Xiao Yun, withdraw!” Wang Jiexi finally said. As spectators with clear views of the scene, they figured out long ago that the Soft Mists before and after were played by two different people. At this moment, Xiao Yun’s desire to win was quite fierce. However, his mental state had already gone out of control and he was now only pushing attacks with his anger.

But Xiao Yun was still extremely focused with his playing. He unexpectedly hadn’t heard Wang Jiexi’s words. Zhou Yebai, who was sitting next to him, hastily patted him: “Xiao Yun, captain wanted you to withdraw!”

This time, Xiao Yun got the message. After staring blankly for a bit, he gloomily withdrew to his captain’s side. This was one of their customs. At moments like these, their captain would say a few words to them.

“Were you listening to what Ye Qiu had been saying just before?” Wang Jiexi asked.

Xiao Yun stared blankly. He had heard. He really had heard, so much so that he saw through him and discovered that he was being used by Ye Qiu as a teaching dummy. But he knew that his captain definitely wasn’t talking about this.

“I already knew everything he said……” Xiao Yun justified himself. None of those theories were any big secret. Not just pro-players, but even normal players knew about them. However, even if one knew about them, actually putting them to use was an entirely different matter.

“Since you didn’t need to listen, why did you take his words as trash talk?” Wang Jiexi said.

Xiao Yun stared blankly again. Wang Jiexi didn’t say anything more and let him reflect on his own.

“Captain, let me try.” At this moment, a player actively requested to go up and fight. The player was the player who had been previously defeated, Liu Xiaobie. But seeing that the opponent wasn’t using an unspecialized character, that truly difficult to deal with class, everyone was already eager to give it a try. Liu Xiaobie had lost once, so he had a bit of revenge on his mind.

“Let me try!” The player who had also died once just before, Liang Fang, asked to go up too.

“Hey, hey!” Before their captain was able to reply, Soft Mist walked over. Soft Mist was a female character, although the voice clearly belonged to a male. Everyone felt that it was a bit weird.

“Aren’t we here to compare notes? Let’s go to the Arena.” Ye Xiu said.

“It looks like you have someone next to you who also needs guidance?” Wang Jiexi said.

“Yup! But I don’t have as many people as you do.” Ye Xiu said.

“What type of person?”

“A little sister from the Internet Cafe.” Ye Xiu said.

“I’m going to go on my account.” Ye Xiu said and then left. Soft Mist was returned to Tang Rou. Ye Xiu logged into Lord Grim and then walked out of the clay building. Team Tiny Herb’s eleven players were all waiting outside. And for some time, they weren’t sure what had just happened.

“Don’t you think that this phrase would be amazing?” Lord Grim walked up, while Ye Xiu asked.

“What phrase?” Wang Jiexi asked.

“Champion team becomes training partners with internet cafe girl. That would probably make the headlines, right?” Ye Xiu said.

“The girl you’re talking about is this Soft Mist, right?” Wang Jiexi said.


“She’s clearly a new player. Don’t you think that directly using pro-players as training partners is a bit too excessive?” Wang Jiexi said.

“Ha ha. For her, doing it this way fits her quite nicely!” Ye Xiu said.

“But I don’t see how training with her will provide any benefits to us.” Wang Jiexi said.

“If you can’t beat her, then you don’t have the qualifications to fight with me.” Ye Xiu said.

Wang Jiexi was speechless for a while: “That’ll be quite easy for us to do.”

“That’s why you guys won’t lose out. Unless you guys want to keeping doing things like this and play hide and seek with me everyday. You guys should be pretty busy, right? Do you guys really have that much time?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Arena.” Wang Jiexi’s character Fiery Blaze turned around and then announced the news to everyone.

“Are these players all experts?” Tang Rou’s Soft Mist walked over to Lord Grim to ask.

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu replied.

“How good?” Tang Rou asked.

“They’re a bit worse than me.” Ye Xiu said.

Coughs immediately sprang up.

Ye Xiu ignored them. He asked Tang Rou: “If you keep on losing, will you cry?”

“What do you think?” Tang Rou asked back.

“I just want you to be prepared.” Ye Xiu said.

“I don’t believe it. Aren’t you exaggerating too much?” Tang Rou said.

“Yeah. That’s the spirit.” Ye Xiu lit his cigarette.

The group returned to town and entered the Arena.

“Can I use my unspecialized?” Ye Xiu asked.

Everyone in Tiny Herb was speechless. This wasn’t an easy question to answer! If you said no, then it’d mean that they were scared. If you said yes, then they really would be scared! Going against an unspecialized was extremely hard.

In the end, they heard the captain say: “What are you guys worrying about? If you can’t get over it, then go to bed.”

Winning or losing doesn’t matter couldn’t always be said. Wang Jiexi hoped that his teammates would show that they didn’t fear losing and learn from their failure. Beating an unspecialized at this level, especially Ye Qiu’s Lord Grim, truly was nearly impossible for everyone. Under this situation, this would tell him who had the courage to face against a loss and improve because of it.

The team was silent. It didn’t matter whether or not their mental states could bear it. No one was going to choose to leave.

“Who wants to go first?” Wang Jiexi asked.

“Me!” Liu Xiaobie walked directly to Lord Grim.

“We’ve already agreed that you have to pass her first.” Ye Xiu hinted at Tang Rou.

“It’ll be quick.” Liu Xiaobie said full of confidence. He created a 1v1 room. The others joined as spectators. After Ye Xiu entered, he left a message and then left: If you win, come find me next door, password 15951.

“How long can she last?” Ye Xiu silently thought in his newly created room. He wasn’t sitting together with Tang Rou, so he couldn’t see how the battle was going and could only guess.

As a first opponent, Liu Xiaobie was quite unfavorable for Tang Rou.

Tang Rou’s main advantage was her hand speed. However, Liu Xiaobie was famous in the pro-scene for his hand speed. What had originally been Tang Rou’s advantage was a disadvantage to her in front of Liu Xiaobie. As for experience, understanding, knowledge, and decision-making, they weren’t comparable.

“Probably around 40 seconds…….” Ye Xiu guessed a time. For him, this was a type of habit. Using his experience, he could directly simulate a match and, from that, he could make a final guess.

43 seconds!

The time wasn’t far from Ye Xiu’s guess. Liu Xiaobie started out extremely fiercely and didn’t show any mercy towards her. He was even more impatient about wasting his time on a noob like her. This was the first time that she felt powerless because someone’s hand speed was higher than hers. Against that Battle Mage Cloudy Heavens, she could still put up a fight. But up against this Blade Master, she was completely suppressed from the very start and never had a chance to counterattack. It was a complete victory……

Everyone in the room suddenly disappeared. Tang Rou stared blankly and then left, too. She joined the room next door as a spectator, but didn’t find Lord Grim.

“Where are you?” Tang Rou asked Ye Xiu.

“Find me next door.” Ye Xiu replied.

“I am next door. I don’t see you.” Tang Rou replied.

“Find me next door is the room’s name…..”

Tang Rou was speechless. She left the room and then searched. Sure enough, there was a room called “Find me next door”. She typed in the password and entered. Lord Grim was the only one inside. The others had probably been thrown off by the play on words, too.

“How was it?” Ye Xiu asked Tang Rou.

“They really were strong.” Tang Rou said.

“That opponent just happened to counter you.” Ye Xiu said.

“It doesn’t matter who the person is, I’ll beat him.” Tang Rou said.

“It’d be great if you could do that.” Ye Xiu said.

“Definitely.” Tang Rou said.

The two continued to chat. Someone from Tiny Herb finally entered. Soon afterwards, the others rushed in.

‘Was there a point…..” Wang Jiexi clearly didn’t appreciate Ye Xiu’s little play on words.

Everyone was in spectator mode, ready to watch Liu Xiaobie enter the field. However, they didn’t see him. After a while, they saw him enter as a spectator and say: “What’s going on? I can’t join the battle.”

“Pay attention to the conditions for joining the battle!” Ye Xiu said.

“I already beat her.” Liu Xiaobie said.

“I was talking about the system setup.” Ye Xiu said.

“System setup?” Everyone was puzzled. In the end, Wang Jiexi found it the fastest: “Gambling match?”

“Of course, it’s a gambling match.” Ye Xiu said.

“40 Strong Spider Silk?” Wang Jiexi saw Ye Xiu’s bet.

“I don’t think you guys have high-level materials either.” In reality, Ye Xiu didn’t have anything on him. He had used up all of the materials he recently got. These Strong Spider Silk were from the extra he earned from the first time he substituted in. Gambling matches couldn’t be made in the Arena without a starting bet. The stakes were all mortgaged by the system.

“We don’t have these either.” Wang Jiexi said impolitely.

“Come on, find a way. If you don’t have these, then an equivalent exchange is fine. Would you like me to give you a list of items?” Ye Xiu asked.

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