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Chapter 139 – Who’s the Training Partner?

Wang Jiexi’s Fiery Blaze was standing outside the clay building’s entrance. After hearing the voice, he immediately turned around and entered the building.

No one. Still no one. Then who had been speaking just before?

Outside of the building, Team Tiny Herb’s players were also thinking the same, but quickly found the answer.

Soft Mist!!

Last night, one of the players that had wiped out their team was a female Battle Mage, who was currently standing to the side.

This was a very ordinary location in Desolate Land. Monsters respawned here and random players would pass by. Team Tiny Herb had been keeping guard, waiting for the BOSS to respawn, so they weren’t looking around too carefully, especially when the captain had spoken. Even though it was in the game, everyone still had their characters look towards Fiery Blaze.

This was how Soft Mist was able to get beside them without them noticing.

Of the ten players, only the five subs from last night recognized Soft Mist. The five players from the main roster were still looking around left and right trying to figure out who it was.

“You guys really have a lot of patience.” Soft Mist was speaking. However, it was a male’s voice.. Ye Xiu’s voice.

Correct. Ye Xiu had taken Tang Rou’s account and ran over to take a look at the situation. Tang Rou was sitting behind him with a rice bowl in her hands. She had just gotten up and was currently eating dinner!

“Who are these guys? Why doe they keep coming back?” Tang Rou asked. She also recognized those five players from last night. However, today, their troops had grown larger and it looked like they had called more troops over for revenge.

“Yeah, they’re endless.” Ye Xiu said.

However, his words could be heard in-game by Team Tiny Herb’s members. Everyone was extremely gloomy. But they didn’t act blindly without thinking and waited for their captain to give them orders.

“Battle Mage.” Wang Jiexi’s Fiery Blaze walked up and said.

“Yup!” Ye Xiu said. He brandished the battle lance in Soft Mist’s hands. Battle Mage! This was the class that he had truly used for ten years. Even though his ten years of experience had let him be proficient in every class, the Battle Mage was still his most liked and most familiar class.

“Xiao Yun, you go up.” Wang Jiexi called for him.

“Ah?” Xiao Yun stared blankly.

They were the same class. He was Level 26 and his opponent was Level 28. There wouldn’t be much of a difference between their equipment. However, he was still lacking in terms of skill levels and stats, so there was still a small difference.

“Don’t be nervous. Don’t forget, you’re one of the members of a champion team!” Wang Jiexi said.

At this moment, Wang Jiexi didn’t say “It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose.” It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose could only be said when team morale was at its lowest. It was a type of comfort.

During a real battle, even if it was only for learning, this type of mentality couldn’t be had, especially for a member of a team that wanted to be Champions. Winning was always number one. Don’t worry about winning or losing, that type of talk, could only be said by Wang Jiexi at a suitable time to get rid of any unnecessary baggage in everyone’s minds.

“Xiao Yun, you can do it!” A few teammates cheered him on.

Xiao Yun’s fighting spirit suddenly ignited. Even though he was against a trump card God among Battle Mages, this was already of the past. Ye Qiu had already left the pro-scene. And himself? He was currently ascending up the ladder slowly. Why should he be afraid of a washed-up player?

Thinking like this, Xiao Yun’s Battle Mage Cloudy Heavens raised his battle lance and went out to do battle.

“Ha ha, so it’s you!” Ye Xiu laughed.

Xiao Yun suddenly weakened. It was only five simple words. However, his tone made Xiao Yun suddenly think of his tragic experience last night of getting killed by Vanishing Step.

“Do you need a few Chasers first?” Ye Xiu asked.

Xiao Yun felt even more embarrassed. Yesterday, he had carried seven Chasers to kill him, but he never had the chance to use them. For a Battle Mage, to not be able to use the class’s most characteristic feature, Chasers, was too much of a joke.

Xiao Yun was about to say something, when he heard his team captain shout out from behind: “Xiao Yun, don’t waste time trash talking.”

Trash talking? Xiao Yun stared blankly.

In Glory’s competitive scene, any taunting or provoking done between two sides in chat was called trash talking. But in game, the other side didn’t have to type out messages and could directly talk. As pro-players, they had to learn how to deal with these types of situations. Trash talking was always done deliberately by experts to find a weak point and to irritate you. There were very few people who truly enjoyed saying such words. This was also one tactic for psychological warfare.

Xiao Yun took a deep breath. There were two ways of dealing with trash talk. One way was to counter with your own trash talk and see who was better at it. The second way was to ignore it and maintain a calm mental state. The current expert at using both ways was Huang Shaotian. For that guy, first of all, he talked to himself, so he didn’t care about what the other side was saying. Second was his typing attacks, which were classified as group attacks. Directly attacking the entire team was something that he had done before.

For new players, trash talk was an extremely serious challenge for them. For example, for Gao Yingjie, who was viewed as the player who would succeed Wang Jiexi, although his skill level was already very good, he still hadn’t had any experience in an official match. This was all because his shy and introverted nature still had to be tempered. If he was sent into a match against Huang Shaotian’s typing attacks, it wasn’t wrong to say that there was a chance he would be attacked until he was crying.

After hearing the captain speak, Xiao Yun collected himself and stopped thinking about what Ye Xiu had said. Afraid that Ye Xiu would say something that would make hurt him even more, he immediately raised his battle lance and attacked. Soft Mist also raised her battle lance and welcomed him. The two battle mages began fighting in an instant.

Everyone subconsciously walked closer a few steps in order to see the battle unfold more clearly.

“Everyone, record it.” Wang Jiexi ordered and then opened the record function too.

In a battle of the same class, there was less fancy maneuvers and more caution. Because they both knew their class from top to bottom, their usual ways of fighting were usually useless.

Xiao Yun went up and used Dragon Tooth, Sky Strike, Falling Flower Palm, Circle Swing, chaining together the Battle Mage’s most basic set of four skills. However, none of them hit. Following up, Soft Mist did the same and chained together these four skills, which also all missed Cloudy Heavens. Against a class he himself was extremely familiar with, Xiao Yun clearly performed a lot better than last time.

Dodging and attacking, the two Battle Mages took turns attacking. But their Magic Chasers were never able to form. Until now, the two hadn’t yet successfully hit each other yet.

The more Xiao Yun fought, the more energetic he became. He discovered that once Ye Qiu took off that weird unspecialized class, he was only just so-so. Sure enough, he really was a retired pro-player. His fighting was extremely ordinary! Unfortunately, this was only a battle between low-leveled accounts in the new server. If this was in a pro-match, the finals, at a key moment, his teammates were all dead and only him and One Autumn Leaf were fighting in the decisive battle, where victory would signify their spot as Champions, and he……..

Found an opening!!

At this moment, a clear opening had been exposed on Soft Mist. Xiao Yun didn’t let the opportunity pass. The battle lance in Cloudy Heaven’s hands stabbed forward like a viper. His attack hit and this battle’s first Magic Chaser was formed. Immediately following, a Sky Strike headed towards Soft Mist along with the Neutral Chaser he had just formed.

The Chaser exploded. Magic damage! Cloudy Heavens also gained a movement speed buff and his movements quickened. He swiftly closed in. Seeing Soft Mist, he wanted to also play around with her using Vanishing Step. But, all in all, he didn’t have enough skill to do so. By the time he’d have figured out where he should move towards, Soft Mist would have already almost fallen to the ground by then.

His opponent wasn’t like a doll and responded with a mid-air stab to try and stop Cloudy Heavens from coming closer. However, this attack was clearly a bit frantic while in midair. Cloudy Heavens leaped backwards and easily dodged it. He quickly stepped forward and then used a Falling Flower Palm, hitting her directly. Not waiting for his opponent to fly, he immediately followed up with a Circle Swing and Soft Mist crashed to the ground.

Xiao Yun was extraordinarily proud. He felt that he was an MVP-level God. He rushed forward to attack. While doing so, he thought he heard a “My turn”……

Xiao Yun didn’t have time to think carefully. He attacked twice at that Soft Mist, who was laying the ground laying there like a dead person. Xiao Yun also hesitated, when he suddenly heard the captain yell, “Look out!”

Just as it was said, Soft Mist suddenly rolled. Xiao Yun had Cloudy Heavens chase him with a stab, full of confidence. The opponent got up and then jumped, just barely dodging Cloudy Heaven’s lance. High up in the sky, the battle lance pricked up and a Sky Strike flew over. Xiao Yun hastily did a roll and Cloudy Heavens avoided it.

After Soft Mist landed, she immediately used a Dragon Tooth. Cloudy Heavens sidestepped, dodging it. The opponent’s skills along with normal attacks arrived one after another, while saying: “See, it’s best to use a few normal attacks between skills in order to change up your tempo. When trying to maintain the situation, the more available skills you have the better. For example, when you chained four skills at once, even though it has a lot of power, once the combos finished and those three skills go on cooldown, there are a lot fewer choices you can make during that time, so it’ll be much easier for your opponent to see through you. This isn’t only for in the early game. You’ll have to pay attention to do this when you reach the late-game too. Even though you have more skills in the late-game, the cooldowns for high-levels skills are longer. Throwing down all your skills at once isn’t a very smart way of fighting.”

“Oh……” Tang Rou, who was standing behind Ye Xiu, replied. She had been fighting against the player who had been beaten up in the air by Ye Xiu yesterday. Only after fighting against him did she realize that his person had been played around with wasn’t as easy to deal with as she had previously thought.

“When all of a your skills are ready to be used, that’s when you’re at your strongest. In reverse, you also have to pay attention to how many skills your opponent has used too. What is the cooldown for that skill? See, he just used a Falling Flower Palm, so in the next four seconds, Falling Flower Palm can’t be used by him. Use this time to close in. Besides Falling Flower Palm, the current Battle Mage skills that can be used are all line or point attacks, so if we choose to close in quickly at a slight angle. Look, he doesn’t have any skills he can use to stop us right now.”

“Oops, Falling Flower Palm……. I said too much and four seconds have passed, so Falling Flower Palm is off cooldown….” Just as Ye Xiu was about to close in, Cloudy Heavens used a Falling Flower Palm. He hastily leaped back, letting Soft Mist dodge it.

“What are you doing? Who are you talking with?!” Xiao Yun shouted.

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