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Chapter 141 – Wreck and Then Get Wrecked

“Oh? You want materials for your Silver weapon and you also want to train a new player. Quite ambitious, huh.” Wang Jiexi said.

“That’s why if you want take another Championship, then you’re going to need to seize the chance now.” Ye Xiu said.

Tiny Herb’s team members were listening to the conversation between these two gods. In their hearts, they were extremely hesitant. Was Ye Qiu planning on coming back to the pro-scene? The problem was.. didn’t he just retire a few days ago? Wasn’t it a little strange that he wanted to come back already?

“Say it. What materials do you want?” Wang Jiexi asked.

A wall of text quickly flashed over. It was clearly impossible for it to have been typed out in that short amount of time.

“So you really had prepared long ago?” Wang Jiexi looked at these materials. They were practically all materials from the Level 25-30 stage of the game. Some were from hidden BOSSes, some were from wild BOSSes, and some were even worthless items. But for Wang Jiexi, that level of a player, he had a bit of knowledge on the equipment editor, especially since their club’s technology department was considered the top in the Alliance. After Excellent Era’s reign, for Team Tiny Herb to be able to become two-time Champions, this was one of their reasons.

These self-made weapon materials were unexpectedly all laid out right in front of him. Was he not scared of exposing how his weapon was made? It has to be known that self-made weapons were all very secretive items.

Does he think that we won’t be able to see through it or did he put in some sort of trick? Wang Jiexi thought to himself, but didn’t say anything. He immediately contacted Herb Garden’s guild leader Plantago Seed on this server and told him his needs.

Plantago Seed was actually outside the Arena!

This guy had been following them the entire time from start to finish. But because he was too afraid to go near them, he just watched them from afar, which was why no one noticed him. However, when he reached the Arena, he didn’t know which room everyone went into and had no choice but to get ready to leave. Who would have thought that he would suddenly receive a message from Fiery Blaze?

God Jiexi!! Plantago Seed obviously knew that this character was a Witch. Either this one or Weeping Crow, one of them had to be Wang Jiexi.

Plantago Seed looked at the list that was sent over and then immediately ran to the guild’s storehouse, carrying everything they had so far with him. He then contacted Fiery Blaze to find out which Arena room they were in and then hastily sent the items over.

All sorts of materials were brought over. Wang Jiexi clearly knew that the stakes weren’t any different from gifts to him because their chances of winning were so low. If Plantago Seed had to make the decision, he definitely wouldn’t have agreed to the requests. He would have at least tried to lessen the damages. But in Wang Jiexi’s eyes, these low-leveled materials were nothing to him. If they were the tuition for training his team, then so be it.

With the materials, Liu Xiaobie accepted the stakes and his character then entered the 1v1 match.

“Wow, so quick! You really deserve to be called the Champion team!” Ye Xiu said.

“Cut the crap!” Liu Xiaobie was in high spirits. He knew his opponent was the God Ye Qiu, so he of course wouldn’t hold back Using his famed hand speed in the pro-scene to go all-out, the match instantly began with a horizontal sweep of his sword.

The record function in the Arena was very different from the record function in the wild. It didn’t require the recording to be in a player’s perspective. The perspective could be looked at from a God’s perspective. When the recording was rewinding or playing, the perspective could be changed to a player’s perspective, zoomed-out, a close-up, a birds-eye view, any perspective, which was clearly advantageous for studying it. For Wang Jiexi and the other team members, they were using this sort of God’s perspective even now, allowing them to freely choose which perspective they wanted to watch the battle in.

Liu Xiaobie made the first attack. His movements looked like he was in a panic, but it was actually all under his control. This was because against an unspecialized player’s unpredictable actions, where even pro-players had no way of guarding against, Liu Xiaobie’s only choice was to go frantic with his hand speed, hoping to use chain attacks to stop his opponent from doing any weird tricks or stop him from having any time to think about what to do next.

Wang Jiexi saw this and secretly nodded his head. All in all, Liu Xiaobie was a player from the main roster, so his mind was quite mature and his decision-making was very on-point. In comparison, even though Xiao Yun had participated in almost half of their matches, he still appeared hot-tempered.

However, if he wanted to win, it would be somewhat difficult.

Just as this thought went through Wang Jiexi’s head, Lord Grim had begun counter-attacking.

Just like that, the violent sword swings that flew out like a tempest from Liu Xiaobie’s Blade Master were dissolved in an instant. Lance, Gun, Sword, and Fist attacks were thrown out following after. Liu Xiaobie’s Blade Master Slash Slash Draw was forced to retreat. However, he was still focused, looking for an opportunity.

“Good!” Wang Jiexi typed out this word, boosting Liu Xiaobie’s morale. This was what he wanted to see: not being discouraged by a defeat.

After a short moment, Liu Xiaobie still fell. The bets they had made were automatically sent as a package to Lord Grim.

“Thanks.” Ye Xiu typed.

“My turn!!” Liang Fang jumped out to try.

“Pass the test first.” Ye Xiu kicked him out of the room.

Tang Rou also received the news. She left and created a room. This time, the others didn’t go and watch. There really wasn’t much to see from a new Battle Mage like her.

Shortly after, Liang Fang and Tang Rou both returned. Tang Rou was naturally defeated without any suspense. Liang Fang brought the materials up to the field and the two sides began fighting. Liang Fang quickly felt some type of familiarity with the situation. This familiarity was the similar to how when he and Soft Mist had fought. Except this time, their roles had swapped and he became the one struggling…..

Liang Fang was a wild and hot-blooded person. His blood became even more excited in this type of situation and often used ways that caused both sides to suffer damage. However, this didn’t mean that he had lost his cool. Liang Fang’s Berserker class preferred this way of fighting. This was because after changing classes, Berserkers could learn the skill “Blood Awakening”. For Berserkers that learned this passive skill, when their health hit below 50%, they would gain additional strength. More so, the lower the health, the higher the increase. In other words, the lower a Berserker’s health, the stronger the attacks would be. Later, if the two sides continued to fight with both sides suffering, then the one who would lose out in the end would be the opponent.

Liang Fang fiercely attacked in this way. Ye Xiu didn’t seem to be having an easy time either. He often went into desperate situations where he had no other choice but to trade hits. The two side’s health continued to deplete. Although health of Liang Fang’s Berserker was dropping faster, thinking of how his damage was increasing because of it, Liang Fang became more and more confident.

Liang Fang paid attention to Lord Grim’s health. From one half, to one third, to one fourth, to one fifth. And although his health was dropping faster, his attacks were becoming much stronger.

“Almost! Almost there!!” Liang Fang watched both of their health bars. Finally, when his health reached a certain point, Liang Fang’s expression greatly changed.

He furiously discovered that he could no longer trade hits!

He saw that if he hit Lord Grim another two times, he would be able to beat him. But the problem was, if he was hit one more time, then he would be the first one to fall.

“What bad luck!!” Liang Fang angrily threw his mouse.

“You must be tired. You’re still missing one more hit.” Immediately following, Liang Fang heard his opponent speak.

This guy!!!

So it wasn’t that his luck was bad, but rather because his opponent had calculated the end result, which was why he just stood there trading hits with Liang Fang. This type of judgement wasn’t something that Liang Fang didn’t want to make, but rather because he couldn’t make it. He didn’t know the stats of his opponent’s Silver Weapon. If it was just a normal weapon, he might have been able to make an approximate guess from the damage he took, but the problem was, this guy’s weapon kept on changing forms. Different forms did different amounts of damage. Moreover, unspecialized characters had a vast variety of skills. Of those 120 skills, who knew what level each of those skills were? There was simply no way of evaluating it. In the end, Liang Fang, who had gambled on his luck, lost to the opponent’s accurate calculations.

“Okay, next one.” Liang Fang lost this match and then exited the field. Ye Xiu typed it out to call for the next person.

This time, the next contestant knew what to do and directly went to fight against Tang Rou first. After a short moment, he handily beat Tang Rou and then went to look for Ye Xiu to do battle.

As a result, Tiny Herb’s team members all began to go through the same cycle. They first crushed the novice Soft Mist and then got crushed like novices by Ye Xiu.

The materials were depleted one after another. Plantago Seed could only watch heart-broken. Right now, his heart wasn’t aching because of those materials. Those materials were taken away by the team in any case, so he wasn’t accountable for them. What was making him so frightened was that of the team’s 11 players, 6 of them had already lost to Lord Grim. How could this guy be so terrifying?

What made Wang Jiexi gratified was that even though they kept on losing, the atmosphere of the team was extremely good. Apart from the team member, who was fighting with Lord Grim, the others had all taken off their headphones, watching the match while discussing it with their fellow teammates. Everyone was trying hard looking for a way to beat Lord Grim. They were listening to each other’s suggestions and looking for their own flaws. Every contestant that went up was given lots of encouragement by their teammates.

Unfortunately, even though it was like this, from Tiny Herb’s main roster to the reserve team, they were all beaten cleanly. No matter how many suggestions had been made, they still hadn’t seen any way of winning.

Eleven players. At this moment, ten players had already lost. Only Wang Jiexi hadn’t come out. Of course no one was happy that everyone had been defeated. But they weren’t mentally traumatized like what Wang Jiexi had been worrying about. Everyone was confronting their losses in a very rational manner.

“Big-eyed Wang, you’re not going to try?!” At this moment, Lord Grim suddenly sent out a message.

The entire Team Tiny Herb began sweating like mad.

Big-eyed Wang…… This really was a nickname their team captain once had. Wang Jiexi’s two eyes were of different sizes. But what was different from others was that instead of having one small eye and one normal eye, one eye was extremely normal while the other eye was extremely large.

As a result, when he first entered the Alliance, he was given the bad-sounding nickname “Big-eyed Wang” because of the abnormality he was born with. At that time, he was still a new novice, so the veterans and seniors all called him that. But now, Wang Jiexi was already Tiny Herb’s team captain. All of the team’s seniors had already retired. He was counted as the oldest on the team, so it had been a long time since that nickname came up.

This Ye Qiu, this Ye Qiu……

Tiny herb’s teammates were all very angry. But the more they thought about it, the more they calmed down. They couldn’t call the team captain by that nickname. But for seniors, they really did all call their captain by that nickname. And in the Alliance, what other player could be more of a senior than Ye Qiu?!

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