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Chapter 138 – Logout Escape

Wang Jiexi’s Fiery Blaze walked out from the room and continued to observe the surrounding terrain. He knew that he had definitely overlooked something because there was no way Lord Grim had just disappeared. There were no sneak skills below level 20 that could make a character disappear.

They had already eliminated the possibility of Lord Grim being in these two rooms. The third closest room…..

After looking around, Wang Jiexi shook his head.

Impossible……. There wasn’t enough time to reach this room. The moving while crouching was very slow. Even if Lord Grim had rolled the way through, there still wouldn’t be enough time. If he wanted to escape into the room before everyone got there, unless he could fly at a low altitude like a Witch, it wasn’t possible for unspecialized characters.

Low altitude flight……

Low altitude flight?!

Wang Jiexi suddenly thought of something. It was possible for Lord Grim to fly at a low altitude like a Witch. But the ability to fly wasn’t something only Witches could do. The Gunner’s Aerial Fire could fly too.

However, flying low with Aerial Fire meant that he wouldn’t have flown far. But he’d at least maintain a certain movement speed. Aerial Fire was a technique, so there wasn’t any cooldown and it could be used several times. As long as they were strung together, then it’d work. This couldn’t be considered difficult for pro-players.

“11 o’clock, that building!” Wang Jiexi couldn’t deal with being very careful. After making this sort of judgement, once they tried it, they would know.

“Yifan, to the back. Everyone else, with me.”

It was the same order. Even though the others didn’t understand why yet, they still followed their captain’s orders. The same tactic was employed. The process was done once again. And the results……. were the same.

“He’s not either!!!”

Wang Jiexi’s judgement had failed three times. This was a situation that Tiny Herb’s members had never encountered before. At this moment, everyone was extremely astonished. Where exactly was this Lord Grim hiding?

Wang Jiexi’s Witch went outside of the building. After looking around left and right, no matter how hard he wracked his brains, he wasn’t able to figure out where Lord Grim could possibly be…….

“You you you……. what are you doing!!”

In Happy Internet Cafe, Chen Guo had originally been talking serious business with Ye Xiu. After Ye Xiu began fighting, she had stood behind Ye Xiu watching the entire time, dumbstruck.

With her view of the situation, she naturally knew where Lord Grim was going.

After Lord Grim jumped over the wall and crouched down, Ye Xiu immediately used Aerial Fire. Again and again, the distance he flew with each one was very small. But the speed was very fast. Ye Xiu’s tempo was quite outstanding. He would use Aerial Fire again the moment he landed. Like this, if Chen Guo hadn’t been able to see the tongues of flames from the gun barrel every time he fired, she wouldn’t have been able to tell that he was moving because of him chaining Aerial Fire together.

After moving in this way for several seconds, Lord Grim suddenly turned around. The scene changed as he entered a building. While escaping into the room, he used the Shadow Clone Technique. Using it once was to use it and instantly move. Using it twice was to get rid of the clone. The Shadow Clone Technique wasn’t like a bullet fired from a Gunner. The clone could be removed.

And after that, Ye Xiu quickly used the move: force logout.

Only when the game went to the login screen did Chen Guo yell that out.

“What did you say?” Ye Xiu had just taken off his headphones.

“You….. logged out of the game? Are you looking to die?” Chen Guo pointed at the screen and said. Nowadays, technology had improved, so the delay for going online and offline had been reduced by a lot. However, during battle, it wasn’t possible to offline normally. Of course, there wasn’t any way of preventing players from force quitting the game. But if it was done like this, the characters would stay in their original position for a long time. When the user went back online, his character would be dead nine times out of ten. If players could instantly log out at any time during battle, then no player would ever die.

“There’s enough time.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Impossible.” Chen Guo said.

“By the time they find me, I’ll have already logged out.” Ye Xiu said.

“How could they take that long to find you?” Chen Guo said.

“They didn’t see that I entered this building.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why not?” Chen Guo didn’t understand.

“Were you not paying attention? I flew low with Aerial Fire the entire time. Plus, with the earth wall blocking their view, they couldn’t have seen me. And the Shadow Clone I used after that had been removed by the time they got there. By the time they arrived, they couldn’t have found me.” Ye Xiu said.

“But the place where you were at…… it looked like there were only a few buildings there? If they just casually looked around, wouldn’t they have found you?” Chen Guo was a bit hesitant. Honestly speaking, Lord Grim’s camera had only quickly swept around the terrain, so she didn’t pay too much attention to it and didn’t remember it too clearly.

“I only had enough time to sneak into one of three rooms. There was one facing me that I could have directly entered. On the right, after crouching down, using Shadow Clone Technique was enough to let me enter it. But for me to enter the one I went into, you saw, I had to use Aerial Fire to quickly move there to make it in time. If I went into the closest one, I’m guessing they would have decided to check that one first. After seeing that it was empty, they would go to the second one…… and then the third.”

“Why couldn’t they split up and search?” Chen Guo said.

“If there was a clear decision to make, why would they go separate to look?” Ye Xiu said, while getting up: “You should keep talking about what you were talking about before!”

“You’re….. just going to leave it like that?” Chen Guo pointed at the screen.

“I’ve already logged out. What’s there to do?”

“You’re not going back online?”

“I’ll listen to you talk first!” Ye Xiu said.

“You….. didn’t you say you were going to wipe out their team?” Chen Guo had been behind Ye Xiu the entire time, so Chen Guo had heard him talking.

“That was just something I said. 1v9.. how could I do that?” Ye Xiu said.

“What type of person are you??” Chen Guo coughed blood, “Then why were you bragging?”

“To give them pressure.” Ye Xiu said.

“How could they believe that?” Chen Guo asked.

Ye Xiu said to her: “How come it looked like you believed it?”

“I…….” Chen Guo had no words. In the past few days, she hadn’t bothered with him. Her mind was nice and peaceful. But today, with just a few words, she was once again speechless.

In game, Wang Jiexi was still wracking his brains trying to figure out where Lord Grim was. Unable to bear it any longer, he decided to go add Lord Grim as a friend. But after looking him up, the system said that Lord Grim was no longer online. Wang Jiexi stood there staring foolishly.


As a pro-player who was used to competing in the competitive scene, there was absolutely no way he could have come up with that solution. This was an issue of habit.

However, at this moment, Wang Jiexi had already understood everything.

That guy had planned to go offline from the very start. Their first fights were all done in order to pull the distance between them.

Those three simple buildings past the wall were the crucial points. Those three rooms were a trap. There was a chance that the plan would fail, but it was unlikely. The room closest to them would be the first that they would think about. The two other rooms were more difficult to figure out. In the end, Wang Jiexi led his team to go over every building one at a time, giving him enough time to go offline.

Seeing everyone’s puzzled faces, Wang Jiexi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. One versus nine. Sure enough, it was all just done to create pressure!

“Captain…….” Vice captain Deng Fusheng lightly said to him. Team Tiny Herb’s morale had reached its lowest point. They still hadn’t figured out that Lord Grim had went offline. They were all turning and turning, searching like mad, yet how could they find him?

Wang Jiexi stood up. Everyone turned to look at him and hastily took off their headphones. They knew their captain was about to speak.

“There’s no need to keep looking. That guy logged off.” Wang Jiexi said.

“What?” Everyone was astonished. Even though they believed their captain, they still couldn’t resist confirming it in the game. Just as expected, the system prompted that Lord Grim wasn’t online.

Who knew how many times today the practice room was deathly silent.

“Logout escape…”

“Didn’t he say he was going to wipe out our team? Why’d he run?” Someone looked down on him.

“If this was a match, then it would be equivalent to him forfeiting.” Someone knew what this logout escape meant in a competitive setting.

“Then that’s it for today! You guys can rest now. Those who are interested can stay here and wait for him to come online.” Wang Jiexi finished. He himself went back to his seat, keeping guard with his Fiery Blaze account.

The captain was going to wait! Everyone obviously saw this.

As a result, no one left. The captain was their model. Even though he said that they could rest, if the captain was going to stay, then who was going to leave?

Liang Fang’s and Liu Xiaobie’s characters had already ran back. Tiny Herb had a total of eleven players on the team and now began to disperse.

“Captain, should we ambush him?” The vice-captain ran to Wang Jiexi’s Fiery Blaze to talk to him.

“is there a need to? Killing him isn’t our goal. Our goal is to use him to raise our team’s skill level.” Wang Jiexi said.


“Li Ji, Liu Fei, you two.” Wang Jiexi shouted.

“Yes?” The two immediately responded.

“The coordination between the two of you is extremely good. However, today, you two had no way of stopping Lord Grim. Your patterns follow conventional reasoning too well, so it’s easy for others to see through it, especially for experienced veterans like Ye Qiu. You two need to be a bit more imaginative by acting more freely!” Wang Jiexi said.

“Yes……” The two replied.

“Liang Fang, Liu Xiaobie.” Wang Jiexi called for the two who had lost their duels. The two hastily ran over.

“What are your thoughts?” Wang Jiexi asked.

The two were silent.

“In the low-levels, unspecialized characters have a large advantage due to their vast amount of skills. None of you have ever encountered a single character with all of these assortments of skills and lack the experience necessary to beat him. That’s why losing to him is very normal. Even I’m not an opponent for him in a duel.” Wang Jiexi said.

“Everyone listen well.” Wang Jiexi raised his voice. Everyone paid attention.

“Everyone knows who Ye Qiu is. Even if he’s retired, his skill level is still top-tier in the Alliance. Right now, he’s also using an unspecialized character, which has such an early-game advantage in skills. Everyone is also very unfamiliar with this class, so don’t be concerned about winning or losing. Everyone should treasure this opportunity to fight hand in hand with this type of top-tier player. Discover your own flaws and think of a way to improve. This is our purpose for clearing this BOSS.” Wang Jiexi said.

“Hey, hey. What BOSS? Should you be talking like that?” A voice suddenly interrupted.

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