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Chapter 137 – Encirclement

A gun sound rang out!

Lord Grim suddenly fired and a bullet came out. Using the recoil, he flew back, just barely dodging Fiery Blaze’s Sweep.

However, his bullet had missed. A Witch could complete six combos in midair because Sweep gave the user a small knock-up effect. If not, then no matter how fast your hand speed was, it wasn’t possible to complete more than two normal attacks before you landed.

Wang Jiexi wasn’t an ordinary player. He fully utilized this and used Sweep while controlling his character in order to dodge his opponent’s attack. Even though the bullet was fired closely and quickly, it still wasn’t able to hit him.

“Li Ji!!” Wang Jiexi called out a name. Someone immediately answered back and then fired his gun at Lord Grim.

Li Ji. Part of Team Tiny Herb’s Main Roster. He was currently using the Level 27 Sharpshooter, Untraceable Bullet. As a long-ranged character, he immediately fired towards Lord Grim.

Pro players’ marksmanship didn’t need to be mentioned. Though they didn’t have 100% accuracy, their accuracy was much higher than normal players’. Untraceable Bullet was using the Level 25 Purple Weapon Western Revolver and instantly shot out six bullets.

Guns were different from other weapons. Attack Speed didn’t indicated the bullet’s movement speed, but rather the firing rate. The quickest is the Handgun with an Attack Speed of 10, capable of firing eight bullets in a row. Next is the Revolver, with an Attack Speed of 7 or 8, which could shoot out six bullets in a row. Next is the Crossbow, which could shoot out four bullets in a row. Fourth is the Rifle, with an Attack Speed of 2 or 3, and it could usually shoot out two bullets in a row. The slowest was the Hand Cannon, which could only be shot once before needing to reload.

Thus, like this the five types of guns had differences in Attack Speed. Players used whichever gun type they preferred. Besides Attack speed, different gun types did different amounts of damage and had different ways of calculating damage.

For example, for the revolver, the weapon fired a total of six times before needing to reload. Thus, each bullet’s damage would be ⅙ of the gun’s damage. The other gun times were calculated similarly. Besides this, there were also other special effects. For example, the Hand Cannon had AoE damage and the Rifle had Penetrating damage. All of the these effects could be triggered by normal attacks.

Untraceable Bullet shot out six bullets. It was too difficult for Lord Grim to dodge in midair, thus he immediately opened up his Umbrella. The Umbrella opened and all six bullets hit. However, these bullets just became a pushing force, letting Lord Grim move backwards even faster.

Everyone coughed a bit of blood. This ever-changing weapon was a bit too ridiculous! It could even be used as a Shield.

After Lord Grim landed on the ground, without even turning his head, he ran.

One versus nine. It definitely wasn’t possible for him to fight them head on. These were all pro-players. Even if unspecialized characters had the advantage of a vast pool of skills, it wasn’t so ridiculous that he could do that.

The reason Ye Xiu could easily beat Liang Fang and Liu Xiaobie was because one, he was more skilled; two, unspecialized characters had the advantage in the amount of skills; three, those two players didn’t have any experience against an unspecialized character. It was because of these reasons that he was able to completely destroy these two opponents. The latter two reasons were the most important points. If not, then even if he is a God-level player, he still wouldn’t be able to always win even against normal pro-players. The issue of on-stage performance had to be considered. Otherwise, what was the point of competition? If that was the case, then the winner would be decided just by looking at the player roster. This reasoning is the same as in football or basketball.

“Little Jie!” Wang Jiexi shouted. Gao Yingjie answered. His Weeping Crow quickly rode his Broom to chase after Lord Grim. Just as Wang Jiexi’s Fiery Blaze landed, he quickly jumped onto his broom. These two Witches flew extremely low, almost touching the ground. The lower one flew, the faster one would be. This was because the distance that could be flown was limited. At the distance limit, the faster one jumped down, the faster one would be. This faster movement had to be done quickly.

Weeping Crow and Fiery Blaze flew at the lowest possible altitude. This action relied on mechanical skill to complete. Only extremely quick hands could instantly complete this move.

Lord Grim suddenly stopped. He turned around and sent out a Gatling Gun. With a shake, the bullets split into two towards the two players. Weeping Crow and Fiery Blaze split off going left and right respectively, avoiding the bullets. Because the two pulled away to dodge the bullets, they had no way of recovering their lost distance and time.

This halt gave enough time for the gunner to get into firing range. Li Ji and Liu Fei, the two Sharpshooters, both fired. The bullets flew out and the PK temporarily turned into a gunfight.

As overlapping classes in the team, the coordination between Li Ji and Liu Fei was originally a type of tactical choice. The two coordinated exceptionally well. Liu Fei’s Fallen Angel fired straight at Lord Grim, while Li Ji fired where he predicted where Lord Grim would move.

The bullets repeatedly fell at Lord Grim’s feet, hitting dirt into the air, but were unable to hit Lord Grim. Although Li Ji and Liu Fei’s coordination was exceptional, how could Ye Xiu not understand what they were trying to do? Li Ji had predicted where he would move, while he counter-predicted where Li Ji would shoot.

Li Ji and Liu Fei were helpless. Their below Level 30 characters really did restrict their performance. If they had a few more skills, then they’d at least be able to control a larger area. But right now? Normal attacks were their main methods of attacking. In a PK, how could normal attacks work? In a PK, players mostly relied on their character’s skills. But the low-leveled skills below Level 30 weren’t really helpful right now for Li Ji and Liu Fei’s coordination.

Yet even though they missed, their attacks still delayed Lord Grim. On the side, Wang Jiexi and Gao Yingjie continued to close in on him.

Desolate Land wasn’t a flat land. While Ye Xiu made Lord Grim dodge, he had already figured out which direction to go to long ago. After a few steps, he jumped up and leaped over a short wall. With this leap, the two gunners could only vent their anger at the earth wall.

“Li Yihui, Zhou Yebai, to the left. Xiao Yun, Qiao Yifan, to the right. Gunners continue attacking head on to restrict his movements.” Wang Jiexi ordered.

“Yes!!” The team members all answered and then set out to complete their orders.

Li Ji and Liu Fei continued to fire, so that Lord Grim wouldn’t be able to expose his head and scout around. Li Yihui’s character was a Grappler and he rushed forward from the left along with Zhou Yebai’s Ghostblade. Xiao Yun’s Battle Mage Cloudy Heavens and Qiao Yifan’s Assassin Ashen Moon rushed forward from the right. The two Witches came in from the middle.

Of course, the Witches were the first to arrive. The left and right routes were to prevent Lord Grim from escaping to the side. Wang Jiexi’s plan was careful and thorough. Except when he and Gao Yingjie’s Witch flew over the earth wall, they looked around left and right, but Lord Grim had disappeared.

Wang Jiexi’s gaze turned and turned until it landed on a shabby, clay room close to the earth wall.

The troops from the left and right also went around the earth wall, but after seeing that Lord Grim wasn’t there, they all stared blankly. Wang Jiexi didn’t shout anything this time and individually messaged everyone where to look.

The troops from the left and right each circled around the clay room and then reported: “There’s no other entrance.”

Wang Jiexi nodded his head. At that moment, vice-captain Deng Fusheng’s Knight and the two Sharpshooters had arrived. Wang Jiexi set up the arrangement. The nine players each went into their respective position and then made a surprise attack.

The two Sharpshooters open fired at the room.

Deng Fusheng’s Knight raised his shield. The other close-combat characters followed closely behind. The two Witches rode on their Brooms above the building. They would completely fill the building as fast as possible without giving Lord Grim any chance to escape.

In the blink of an eye, they arrived at the building. Deng Fusheng’s Knight crouched and rolled, giving the two Witches enough space to fly through. Without looking, they began throwing out Disperse Powder left and right. The troops behind them quickly followed. In the end…..

In the end, there was no Lord Grim there. Everyone was at a loss. Only the two Sharpshooters outside didn’t know what was going on. Their task was to cover for them. Their guns were still aimed at the door. Once Lord Grim rushed out, their task would be to stop him.

“Where is he?” Someone finally asked the question in uncertainty.

Wang Jiexi stared blankly for quite a while too. His character came out of the room and he once again looked around left and right carefully.

In Desolate Land, there really were a lot of these broken-down clay rooms. But in that short amount of time, Lord Grim only had enough time to move to this room. If he moved anywhere else, he would have definitely been noticed by the others.

“What happened?” Outside, the Sharpshooters felt that something wasn’t right.

“He’s gone.” Someone replied to the two of them.

“Strange. Did you see him?” In Tiny Herb’s practice room, everyone began discussing amongst each other. They all thought that their character’s camera wasn’t enough, so they were all looking at each other’s computers to look for him.

“To the right, Sharpshooters fire!” Wang Jiexi suddenly ordered.

Everyone stared blankly. The two Sharpshooters turned their camera. On the right, there really was another building. The two didn’t hesitate and immediately fired at it.

“Yifan, go check the back. Everyone else come with me and charge!” Wang Jiexi ordered. Qiao Yifan’s Ashen Moon ran to go see if there was an exit at the back. The others hurried to inside this room.

They almost forgot. That guy had Shadow Clone Technique. If he used it to move, it would be possible for him to reach here.

Wang Jiexi had been thinking of this just a moment ago. After recalculating how far Lord Grim could move, he discovered that it was possible for Lord Grim to have escaped to this room.

The Sharpshooters kept guard on the outside. The Knight raised his shield and rolled in. The Witches both flew in together and threw down Disperse Powder. Qiao Yifan reported that there was no other exit and everyone rushed in.

Everything went smoothly. They had perfectly executed a surprise attack again. However, the results were the same as last time: there was no Lord Grim.

Wang Jiexi jumped out of the room and once again reassessed the situation.

That was it. Besides this room, Lord Grim had no other options. Even if he used Shadow Clone Technique, it wasn’t possible.

“Could there be some other low-leveled skill that I overlooked?” Wang Jiexi began going over all 120 skills that could be learned before Level 20.

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