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Chapter 136 – True Unspecialized

In the so-called Arena Contest, two players had already fallen. Their defeats had been thorough and beautiful, making the others lose their confidence.

Vice-captain Deng Fusheng stole a glance at the captain. Wang Jiexi’s expression was as usual, as if he wasn’t affected. But what about the team? Deng Fusheng looked around. The team members all had nervous expressions. Some were also glancing at the captain. Deng Fusheng knew that they were all scared that their captain would choose them to go up next. None of the team members had confidence in defeating Lord Grim.

And Lord Grim? He was just sitting there, eating food and drinking potions, recovering his health and mana. Wang Jiexi didn’t stop him. And none of the team members did either. They weren’t there to murder him, so they didn’t mind if Lord Grim rested. If they won by dragging the fights out until his mana ran out, there wouldn’t be any meaning to winning for Tiny Herb.

But what should they do next? Wang Jiexi was also a bit hesitant.

It wasn’t possible to beat him in a duel, that was already clear. Let alone the other team members, he himself didn’t have confidence in beating Lord Grim in a duel. This unspecialized character……

“Ha ha…….” A laugh was suddenly heard. It didn’t come from the practice room, but rather from the game.

At this moment, who in Team Tiny Herb could laugh?

The person who laughed was, of course, Ye Xiu.

“Like I was saying.. if you’re looking to use me as a training partner, this way isn’t very useful, right?” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s a rare opportunity.” Wang Jiexi replied.

“You’re not afraid these children are going to be mentally traumatized?” Ye Xiu said.

Children!!! Besides Gao Yingjie and Qiao Yifan, everyone was petrified. Who were children?

“You’re a bit too confident, aren’t you?” Wang Jiexi said.

“Ha ha.” Ye Xiu laughed again, “Let me ask you. Among everyone here, including you, has anyone here ever fought with a true unspecialized character?”

Silence reigned, both within game and outside of the game.

In the practice room, Team Tiny Herb’s members all looked at each other, unsure.

It was true. To them, unspecialized characters were only a myth. Unspecialized characters had already disappeared by the time the pro-scene had started. Those who knew about unspecialized characters and could tell stories about them could already be considered seniors. And Wang Jiexi? He had already been in the Alliance for five years. As of today, this season was his sixth year. His experience couldn’t be considered shallow, but when Ye Xiu had led Excellent Era to victory as three-time consecutive Champions, he had only just started playing Glory. And at that time, unspecialized characters had already long disappeared.

Those with ten years of experience in Glory weren’t few among the player population. But there were only a few left in the pro-scene. As long as a player wanted to play the game, he could play. But for pro-players, they couldn’t avoid growing washed-out due to the pro-scene’s competitiveness. Whether they could continue playing as a pro wasn’t something that they could just do if they wanted to.

Unspecialized characters were also a myth to Wang Jiexi. But if you said that he had zero experience with them, then that wasn’t true.

When Wang Jiexi entered Tiny Herb, there was a senior team member that had once played unspecialized. When the third server opened, he didn’t abandon his account or change classes like other unspecialized characters did. Instead, he kept his unspecialized character as a memento. That was how Wang Jiexi knew of the existence of unspecialized characters. He had even tried comparing notes with his senior’s unspecialized character and personally experienced and understood an unspecialized character’s advantages and disadvantages at that time. And in the end, when that senior retired, he gave his unspecialized account card as a gift to Wang Jiexi, which he had kept well to this day.

Wang Jiexi still remembered his senior’s lament towards unspecialized characters: Unspecialized characters are still a bit of a fantasy. Even if the level restriction is freed. The issue of weapons and the issue of the user are still large problems that are enough to restrict players from playing unspecialized.

“Perhaps, if there was a single weapon that could use all of the skills and an extremely experienced user proficient in every class, then it may be possible to truly use an unspecialized character’s strength.”

This had originally been a joke. But now, this joke had become a reality that was now in front of his eyes.

Ye Qiu, an existence known as a textbook in Glory, proficient in all classes, extremely experienced, was now using one.

As for the weapon, the weird weapon in Lord Grim’s hand had been noticed by everyone already and there wasn’t any shortage of discussion on it.

This Lord Grim had clearly never changed his weapon before. It was only his weapon that changed forms, which allowed him to use all sorts of skills. Sword to gun. Gun to sword. Switching forms in that way didn’t have any cooldowns like how changing weapons did. The knowledgeable pro-players could already see that this was a self-made weapon.. a terrifying self-made weapon.

True unspecialized character! This was a true unspecialized character!

After recalling that joke his senior teammate once said, Wang Jiexi finally understood what Ye Xiu was saying. A true unspecialized character, this was a true unspecialized character. Even in that era of unspecialized characters, there was never once a true unspecialized character. There was no one out there who had any experience fighting against a true unspecialized like him.

Keep on dueling Ye Qiu? Wang Jiexi looked around left and right. All he saw were worried faces. Even in last year’s deciding match, these faces hadn’t appeared. At that time, even though they were nervous, it wasn’t like now where they had absolutely no confidence in obtaining victory. Under those worried faces hid confusion, not nervousness.

And they hadn’t even fought with Lord Grim yet. They had only seen Lord Grim fight with Liang Fang and Liu Xiaobie.. and that was all.

And those two?

Wang Jiexi thought. He looked at Liang Fang and Liu Xiaobie. From their two faces, Wang Jiexi saw dismay and disappointment.

Wang Jiexi finally understood that Ye Qiu wasn’t being overconfident. Wang Jiexi thought that he had found a God to practice with, but now from the looks of it, this God had struck a blow to his team’s morale, destroying his teammates’ self-confidence. The creative idea Wang Jiexi had come up with had turned disastrous.

What now?

Wang Jiexi found that the current situation was quite problematic. He had gotten into a situation which he couldn’t get out of.

If they continued dueling, then all that would do is destroy everyone’s self-confidence, possibly including himself too. Wang Jiexi already found that his state of mind had already been affected. He had been overcautious all because their opponent’s strength had also deeply shocked him. Like this, the only way he’d be able to win back his team’s confidence was to personally duel and beat him. However, at this moment, he already had no confidence. He was afraid. He was afraid that if he lost, his teammates’ confidence would be thoroughly destroyed with no way of recovering.

Wang Jiexi clearly knew his position in his teammates’ hearts. Since the beginning, he had been used to carrying his teammates and rushing forward for the win. But this time, he wasn’t able to carry them. He didn’t dare carry them. Ye Qiu was truly too terrifying. Even though he had only defeated two of Tiny Herb’s members, even Wang Jiexi was feeling the pressure.

Should we leave? But Lord Grim’s psychological pressure had already been planted into everyone’s hearts. With this mental trauma, their future improvements, performance, and stability might all be negatively affected. These were not exaggerated words. Their mental state during a competition was a very important element. With how they were right now, would they be able to overcome their current psychological fears through their mental fortitude?


This was the enormous psychological pressure from Lord Grim’s astonishing strength. Unless they defeated Lord Grim, there would be no way of getting rid of it. But for this to happen, it wasn’t really possible for them to duel and beat him. This time, they could only rely on the entire team’s strength. Wang Jiexi decided on a plan and immediately shouted calmly: “Everyone!”

The teammates at this moment were all somewhat out of it. Hearing their captain’s shout, they immediately focused.

“Up together!” Everyone heard their captain’s two words.

Nine players. At this moment, they had a total of nine players. Liang Fang and Liu Xiaobie hadn’t yet come back. However, nine pro-players against one…….

“Don’t be polite! Let’s go!” Wang Jiexi shouted. Right now, he had to break their doubts of nine against one. Using his position in the team, this was still something he could do.

Sure enough, after hearing their captain’s resolute command, everyone’s attention returned to the battlefield.

“Oh?” Lord Grim also got up. Ye Xiu laughed: “Is this okay?”

How could Wang Jiexi not know that nine versus one was somewhat overkill. But there was already no way he could change that. Although this way of obtaining victory would be somewhat embarrassing, at least this feeling would be better than the mental scar of having no way of winning.

“A team competition, just like you wanted.” Wang Jiexi hoped that he could at least dissolve his teammates’ embarrassment, even if he himself looked shameless.

“That wasn’t what I meant.” Ye Xiu still calmly laughed, “What I mean is, if your entire team goes up and your team gets wiped out, wouldn’t that be an even bigger blow? Is this….okay?”

“F*ck!!” Hearing this, Tiny Herb’s team members all suddenly had their fighting spirits ignited. The previous them harbored thoughts of fear. A nine versus one battle didn’t stimulate any of their fighting spirit. However, now that they heard how arrogant Ye Qiu was, their fighting spirits once again roared.

“Thank you. Your words came at the perfect time.” Wang Jiexi smiled. Their embarrassment for a nine versus one battle had been wiped out because of Ye Qiu’s words.

“Let’s go!” Ye Xiu said and then suddenly moved. Lord Grim turned around and unexpectedly ran off.

“There’s nowhere to run!” Wang Jiexi found that everything was developing better than he had imagined. With Lord Grim running away, his image of being invincible had collapsed a little bit, although running away wasn’t really shameful in a 9v1 situation.

Wang Jiexi’s Fiery Blaze rode his broom and with a whoosh, chased Lord Grim hoping to block him using his advantage in speed. However, Lord Grim flashed, leaving behind a shadow clone for him, while his real self disappeared without a trace.

“Captain!!” The other teammates weren’t in the battle yet, but they could see the field clearly. Lord Grim’s real body had flashed up into the air, heading straight for Fiery Blaze, who was riding on his broom underneath him.

“I know.” Wang Jiexi had rich experience. He wouldn’t be hit so easily. His character rolled on his broom and jumped down, just barely dodging this attack. With a sweep of his broom, his Witch sent an accurate attack towards Lord Grim.

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