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Chapter 131 – Cover Strategy

Boneyard could be considered fairly spacious and empty. Looking at the map: gravestones, coffins, and withered trees were the three most prominent scenery.

As pro-players, Tiny Herb’s four players weren’t scared. Seeing that their opponents had chased them, they immediately began seizing the strategic high grounds. Right now, the four were together. But if they still ran away, then it’d be quite difficult to explain.

The four characters each held their own positions. From an overall perspective, their coordination wasn’t bad.

Ye Xiu saw this and immediately blocked Steamed Bun Invasion from advancing: “Don’t rush.”

“My Brick has already been waiting impatiently for too long.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“This is a real team battle.” Ye Xiu said, “Have you watched any of the Pro Alliance’s matches?”

Steamed Bun Invasion obviously said that he hadn’t. Seven Fields said he did. Sleeping Moon said obviously. Tang Rou didn’t say anything. She had watched a total of one, so she didn’t know if that counted as having watched them or not.

“Remember their positions well. We’ll attack them one by one.” Ye Xiu said.

“Brother expert, you should set it up!” Seven Fields made a fist.

“Cross Formation. Steamed Bun Invasion at the front. Seven Fields on the left. Little Moon Moon in the middle. Tang Rou at the back. Myself at the right. Everyone follow me while staying in formation. Don’t break order.” Ye Xiu said.

Sleeping Moon heard “Little Moon Moon”! He didn’t want to cooperate, but he was at the middle. The others all depended on him as the center. The four instantly moved to their front, back, left, right position and he had no choice but to cooperate.

Lord Grim moved and the four immediately followed.

Liu Fei’s Fallen Angel was currently hiding behind a coffin. With regards to Gunners, those types of long-ranged classes, using a cover when fighting with an opponent was a common strategy. But using a shield had its advantages and disadvantages. When they hid, the cover blocked not only the enemy’s field of view, but also their own. So they had no way of knowing the entire situation.

However, in a team, this flaw was covered. Team members could communicate with each other to understand the parts they couldn’t see.

White Night Black Day and Ashen Moon weren’t considered long-ranged classes, but they still found a place to hide. With their overlapping views, they could understand the field clearly. In the end, pro-players were still pro-players. This type of defense for attack strategy was quite simple for them.

“The other side is in a Cross Formation. The Brawler at the front, Striker on the left, Blade Master in the middle, Battle Mage in the back, Lord Grim on the right.” White Night Black Day informed everyone of their opponent’s positioning.

“They’re advancing towards Yifan.” Gao Yingjie said.

“Ah……” Qiao Yifan tensed up.

‘Fei Fei get their attention!” Zhou Yebai said. At this moment, Xiao Yun wasn’t there yet, so he acted as the temporarily leader for now.

“Okay!” Liu Fei answered. She suddenly moved. Fallen Angel rolled out from a coffin, crouched, c*cked her gun, and fired.

“Peng!” A gun sound rang out and blood blossomed out from Fallen Angel’s forehead.

Liu Fei was extremely astonished. She didn’t think that she would be the first one to be hit by a shot. On the opponent’s side, smoke slowly drifted out from the tip of Lord Grim’s umbrella-like thing.

Bullets affected the character’s positioning. Hand cannons had the largest push back and had the highest attack. Next was the rifle and last was the handgun.

The Thousand Chance Umbrella’s bullets belonged to the Rifle type. Its firing rate wasn’t as fast as the revolver or handgun, but it had a higher impact.

Fallen Angel staggered back after being hit by the bullet. Liu Fei’s intended surprise attack flew off.

But as a pro-player, she obviously possessed the ability to adapt. Liu Fei controlled Fallen Angel to run back to position, while continuing to fire back.

“Peng!” A second shot rang out and more blood blossomed from Fallen Angel’s body. Her body was hit askew and her counterfire missed again.

Liu Fei was even more astonished.

Her opponent’s timing was too perfect, just happening to hit the instant she fired.

If she had been hit slightly earlier, then Liu Fei would have had time to adjust her shot, so it wouldn’t go crooked. If she had been hit slightly later, then obviously, Falling Angel’s bullet would have already flew out and both of them would be hit.

In the end, her opponent’s bullet had hit her twice in the instant her Fallen Angel had fired, making Liu Fei unable to adjust in time.

As a Gunner, Liu Fei knew how difficult it was to pull off such precise timing. She had always thought that that type of legend that could only be done in theory, yet she had just been hit twice like that just now.

The opponent’s Cross Formation had already adjusted towards a new target. They were now rushing towards her. No matter what had happened, on a whole, she had grabbed the enemy’s attention.

Liu Fei didn’t dare remain out in the open. She hastily ran towards another hiding place.

“Peng Peng!”

Two shots in a row hit the tombstone she was hiding behind, stone broke off swirling in the air. Afterwards, she heard a muffled sound as if something had smashed into the tombstone. It didn’t seem like a bullet. Liu Fei was very curious, but she didn’t dare expose her head.

“No, no. The angle wasn’t good. It was a bit under.” Ye Xiu was still leisurely instructing Steamed Bun Invasion, telling him that the angle the Brick he had just thrown was off.

“It looks like the distance between us is a bit too far?” Steamed Bun Invasion asked.

“You can jump up to make the Brick fly farther!” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh right!” Steamed Bun Invasion exclaimed.

“Crash!” Another thing directly hit the tombstone. That sound resounded in her ears and she heard it too vividly. Liu Fei jumped up in fright.

“What was that?” Liu Fei asked her teammates.

“Brick……” The people who had saw couldn’t help but answer.


“He’s practicing what angle he needed to throw the Brick and one just happened to smash into the tombstone you were hiding behind.” Zhou Yebai said.

“Prac……practice?” Liu Fei was speechless. What exactly were they doing?

“Crash!” Another Brick came over, making the tombstone tremble as if it were going to break.

One Brick after the other. They weren’t too frequent. After all, Brick wasn’t a normal attack, but a skill with a cooldown. She obviously knew what the cooldown was for Brick. She had originally calculated the time and braced for the impact. But the fourth one didn’t arrive. Liu Fei made Fallen Angel sneak a peek. In the end, just as half her head extended out, “Crash!” A Brick smashed into her forehead and she began seeing stars. She had actually been Dizzied by it.

Soon after, two “Peng Peng” sounds rang out. She had been hit twice by Lord Grim again. Liu Fei wanted to dodge, but had no way of doing so. Fallen Angel was still Dizzy. Half of her head was still exposed to the outside.

“Did it hit? Was I hit?”

Clearly, the five players had closed in, close enough that Liu Fei could hear her opponents’ voices.

“No. She exposed her head, which was why you were able to hit her. If not, then it would have went over.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why did that idiot expose her head?” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“You acted too slowly, so she probably did it because she was anxious!” Ye Xiu said.

“Ha ha ha, she’s fallen in love with my Brick.” Steamed Bun Invasion said delightedly.

“You just watch!!!” Liu Fei was extremely furious. She was even too angry to type it out and directly roared it out.

“Ha ha, we’re coming.” Steamed Bun Invasion unexpectedly answered back. Liu Fei almost collapsed from anger. Her roar obviously wasn’t directed at these five players. It was only because she was too angry to type it out. Even though, she may have been too far away in game for her teammates to hear. Don’t forget that her teammates were all sitting together. Liu Fei’s roar had directly penetrated her teammates’ headphones. The three suddenly shivered. Yet in the end, Steamed Bun Invasion answered back.

“Don’t panic……” Zhou Yebai said in a low voice. Liu Fei’s role was to attract the enemy’s’ attention. Even though she had suffered a bit, her original aim had been reached. The five players were currently headed towards their trap.

“Little Jie, get ready.” Zhou Yebai reminded Gao Yingjie.

“Okay……” Gao Yingjie said.

Qiao Yifan was extremely lonely. He was also a part of the team, but……he wasn’t a part of the strategy. He didn’t know if it was on purpose or not. But in brief, he had been forgotten. Ashen Moon was hiding behind a tombstone, staring at this ice-cold tombstone that represented the dead. Qiao Yifan didn’t know what to do. But he was already used to this sort of feeling.

“Move out!” Zhou Yebai suddenly ordered. His White Night Black Day and Gao Yingjie’s Weeping Crow flashed out from the left and right. Weeping Crow shook his sleeves, preparing to use a Shadow Cloak to Bind the five players. On the side, Zhou Yebai was waiting for Weeping Crow’s Cloak. Afterwards, he would summon a Phantom Ghost and then follow up with a Ghost Slash.

According to Glory’s explanation, Ghostblades set up fields with special effects and summoned Ghosts to assist them. This ability was named Phantom Ghost. Whether it was for an individual or a team, it was extremely useful as a support. White Night Black Day was a Level 26 Ghostblade and could summon the first Ghost Sword Soul. After a Sword Soul appeared, all teammates inside its boundary would have their Strength and Intelligence attributes raised. Of course, this was only limited to inside the boundary. There wouldn’t be any effects outside of the boundary. If the Ghost’s power could be applied whenever, Ghostblades would be unrivalled.

Once the Witch’s Shadow Cloak bound the enemies, he would use this interval to summon a Phantom Ghost and then kill or heavily injure the enemies within the boundary. This was Zhou Yebai’s plan. At this moment, he was waiting for Weeping Crow’s Shadow Cloak to bind the enemies.

Who knew that just as Weeping Crow threw out his skill, a sword light flashed over. No one knew who had acted first. With Gao Yingjie’s reaction speed and skill, he didn’t think that he would lost to anyone when fighting for time. But this time, his opponent’s skill had unexpectedly arrived first. Sword Draw’s sword light arrived, making Gao Yingjie feel extremely astonished. He could only helplessly choose to dodge it. Even if he directly took on the attack, there was no way his Shadow Cloak would hit. Just like this, he and Zhou Yebai’s plans had been easily crushed.

The player who had sent out the attack wasn’t Lord Grim and was impressively Sleeping Moon. Though it was true that this attack had been made on Ye Xiu’s orders.

When Ye Xiu yelled out for him to attack, he hadn’t even seen the target yet. His attack wasn’t any different than sending it out with his eyes closed. In the end, just after his attack was sent out, he saw Weeping Crow jump out.

Let alone Gao Yingjie, even Sleeping Moon, who had sent out the attack, was extremely astonished. In Sleeping Moon’s eyes, his attack hadn’t hit because of himself, but rather because someone had stupidly jumped out towards the attack.

Cover Strategy’s Flaw: Even if they could mutually communicate their field of view, they could only use it to report to each other and reduce the dangers. In regards to their understanding of the situation at a moment’s notice, it was still somewhat lacking.

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