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Chapter 132 – Team Wiped Out

Since Shadow Cloak failed, it wouldn’t be easy for Zhou Yebai to use Phantom Ghost. Phantom Ghost wasn’t an instant cast. It was a summoning skill that had a cast time. As a result, if he just openly began summoning, it would definitely be interrupted.

Even though there was no way for Phantom Ghost to be openly cast, his White Night Black Day was already standing out in the open. Seeing that his plan had failed, he immediately sent out a Ghost Slash.

Phantom Ghosts obviously weren’t the only skills that Ghostblades could use. They also had a few attack skills. Even though Ghost Slash was a low-leveled skill, its direct damage was quite high. However, it had a very long delay, so there were a lot of openings after using it. However, Zhou Yebai had calculated the distance and determined that there was enough time for the delay to finish, which was why he so bravely decided to use this skill.

A lot of Ghostblade skills were innately dark-attributed. Ghost Slash was one of them and fit Boneyard’s atmosphere well. A dark purple sword light came down like lightning with dense killing intent and extraordinary momentum.

Unfortunately, White Night Black Day had come out directly facing the Cross Formation’s right side, Lord Grim.

Ghost Slash arrived and the Thousand Chance Umbrella in Lord Grim’s hands suddenly opened. There was no other transformation. This time, it really was what it was. The umbrella really was an umbrella.

Zhou Yebai stared blankly.

In his eyes, this form, this usage, obviously didn’t make him feel as if it was an umbrella. In his eyes, it was clearly a shield.

Apart from strengthening defense and absorbing damage, more importantly, Shields provided strong resistances to knock-backs, knock-ups, Stuns, Bleed, Dizzy, etc. all those status effects. Of course, the pre-condition was that you had to use the Shield to block the opponent’s attack first.

As a result, from this perspective, besides the stats a Shield provided, the surface area of a Shield was also important to look at. A large surface area usually meant that it had a large volume. A large volume usually meant that it was heavy. Heavy usually meant that it would be a huge burden. A huge burden affected movement speed, attack speed, jump height, etc. This was why weight was an important factor to consider. Shields were extremely heavy equipment. A slightly larger Shield wouldn’t mean that it would only be a tiny bit heavier. If you only sought after the largest Shield possible, then you would be moving extremely slowly like a turtle.

But Lord Grim’s Thousand Chance Umbrella was so large that Zhou Yebai even saw it as a bit shameless.

His White Night Black Day’s Ghost Slash finally hit onto the Thousand Chance Umbrella. Soon afterwards, he unexpectedly found that his Slash had caused Lord Grim to move back a bit.

Ghost Slash had a small Blow Away effect, but it wasn’t very strong. An ordinary Level 25 Shield could completely block this Blow Away effect. But with Lord Grim’s Shield, after being hit by the Slash, even though the Slash didn’t make Lord Grim completely fly away, there was still a slight knock-back. Zhou Yebai saw immediately that even though its surface area was large, it was very light, so its resistance to status effects were extremely lacking.

For this type of light Shield, first, it had poor defense. Second, its durability was too low for a shield. Shields had their Durability used up relatively quick compared to other equipments. Seeing how the Shield in Lord Grim’s hands wasn’t able to completely resist his Glost Slash’s Blow Away effect, Zhou Yebai reckoned that if this Shield was given to an MT like a Knight, it might not even last for a single dungeon run.

Zhou Yebai’s judgement wasn’t wrong at all. The Thousand Chance Umbrella’s Shield Form, like the other forms, had a Weight of 2.3 kg. Its Durability was only 23. For Shields, this was a simply terrible number. However, the Shield’s base stats weren’t bad. The Level 25 Thousand Chance Umbrella Shield Form had a 24% Defense Increase and a 16% Damage Absorption, equivalent to a Level 35 Purple Shield.

The Thousand Chance Umbrella Shield Form had already been upgraded twice by “Strong Spider Silk” and “White Wolf Bristles” and was one of the first to reach Level 25.

Even though the Thousand Chance Umbrella blocked the Ghost Slash, Lord Grim still took some damage. But after eating the attack, the Thousand Chance Umbrella immediately closed. In that instant, it felt like the Umbrella had sucked in the Ghost Slash. The Thousand Chance Umbrella then transformed into the Battle Lance form, which directly stabbed towards White Night Black Day.

No matter how pro Zhou Yebai was, this was the first time he had seen such a change. In the end, he found that there wasn’t enough time for the delay to finish. His character was still in the middle of its animation, when Lord Grim had sent a lance flying forward.

Tang Rou’s Soft Mist had also moved out at this moment. Her character looked just like the initial Cloudy Heavens with seven Ice Chasers revolving around her. However, Xiao Yun’s Cloudy Heavens had been tragically juggled around by Lord Grim for thirty seconds and his Ice Chasers had disappeared one after the other. Right now, Soft Mist followed Lord Grim’s Dragon Tooth right after the Stun wore off with her own Dragon Tooth. An Ice Chaser flew out and the Stunned White Night Black Day had no way of dodging it. The Ice Chaser smashed into him, ice blossoming across his face. His body immediately began emitting a chilly aura, entering a Slowed state.

Zhou Yebai wasn’t even an opponent for Ye Xiu, let alone both Ye Xiu and Tang Rou. Ye Xiu controlled him, while Tang Rou put out damage, making Zhou Yebai’s White Night Black Day’s life drop down like flowing water. Ghostblades weren’t a class with high defense. They wore Cloth Armor and were as defenseless as Mages.

Seven Ice Chasers fluttered towards White Night Black Days like shining pearls. Chasers auto-chased the target. The only way for it to miss was to use an attack to destroy it. Zhou Yebai’s hands went out of control. Of the Seven Chasers, he was only able to hit down two of them. The other five all hit. Luckily, Chasers were classified as Magic Attacks. Cloth Armor may have low Physical Defense, but they had high Magic Defense.

Seven Fields, Sleeping Moon, and Steamed Bun Invasion now rushed forward under Ye Xiu’s commands. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim stepped aside. He used a Circle Swing picking up White Night Black Day and flipping him over. Sleeping Moon immediately jumped to Lord Grim’s original position. Their coordination seemed a little rough, but when White Night Black Day got up, he discovered he was now in the middle of the Cross Formation and was then attacked on all four sides by the four players.

This was all done in the blink of an eye. Gao Yingjie hastily controlled his Weeping Crow to fly over, but Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim stepped out to block him.

Disperse Powder was thrown down. Lord Grim leisurely opened up his umbrella and strolled over. After blocking Disperse Powder, he once again closed the umbrella and stabbed up at the flying Weeping Crow. No matter how fast Gao Yingjie’s reaction speed was, there was no way for him to dodge it. Following after, he used a Circle Swing and flung Weeping Crow into the center of the Cross. Weeping Crow and White Night Black Day were now back to back fighting against the encirclement.

Liu Fei’s Fallen Angel had been hoping for her teammates to come help her. However, she didn’t yet have time to react after the tombstone incident, when Zhou Yebai and Gao Yingjie one after another were thrown into a trap like fish. Liu Fei was aware that the situation wasn’t looking good. She then suddenly saw Lord Grim’s figure flash by. Right when she began to panic, she was hit by a Falling Flower Palm from behind and Fallen Angel was blasted away. Soft Mist lifted her spear, caught her, and then threw her into their encirclement too.

It wasn’t possible to only rely on Tang Rou and the other three to trap three pro-players. But with Ye Xiu’s commands along with Ye Xiu’s own task of personally sending them over, the three pro-players really did want to cry, but no tears came out.

Pro-players? In this moment, the three didn’t feel that they were anymore.

No matter who it was, Zhou Yebai and Liu Fei who had been in official matches, or the extremely talented and future star Gao Yingjie, they had all fallen into the net like little fishes. Punches, Bricks, Slashes, Stabs, Bullets, whatever there was, they got.

The three players were all looking for a chance to rush out. No one paid attention to who was who and they all shouted and yelled at each other. But no matter what they did, their opponents always seemed to be able to figure out what they wanted to do and took the initiative to stops their plans. The three players were completely desperate.

Zhou Yebai’s White Night Black Day had the lowest defense of the three and was also the first to be thrown in. In the end, he was the first to die. Zhou Yebai furiously smashed his keyboard. His gaze suddenly shifted after thinking of something and then roared in rage: “YIFAN, WHERE THE F*CK ARE YOU!!!”

The forgotten Qiao Yifan’s Ashen Moon had actually been foolishly standing to the side the entire time. His teammates had never called for him to come up, so the opponents also ignored him. Seeing that even Gao Yingjie had been easily thrown into the encirclement, Qiao Yifan truly didn’t know what to do. At this moment, he heard Zhou Yebai’s roar, he no longer cared if he had the ability and stupidly rushed forward. Naturally, it turned out to be a tragedy. His skill level was the worst among the four. In front of Ye Xiu, how could he be a match? After a few rounds of combat face to face, Lord Grim threw him into the encirclement too, which could be considered as having answered Zhou Yebai’s question.

Zhou Yebai helplessly fell from his seat. His roar at Qiao Yifan had drained him. There was no way he actually placed his hopes on him. Even more so, when he had yelled, he himself had already died.

At this moment, even Cloudy Heavens, who was heading over to their location, had stopped. Xiao Yun stupidly stared at the screens of his teammates next to him. He silently watched as the opponents killed them off one after another.

Team wiped out……

Even though, they had been killed at different times. It was a fact that each of the five players had died once. The five players sat in front of their screen. Besides Xiao Yun, they were all staring at their corpses, somewhat at a loss.

Lord Grim and the others were still in the surroundings circling about. What were they saying? It was unfortunate that corpses would automatically have their sound cut off. At this moment, they weren’t able to hear any voices or sounds as if they really were dead, just like how they were all feeling right now.

“This……” When Xiao Yun made a mistake, he felt that he could force out an explanation. But now, the four other players had been wiped out by the opponents. There was nothing they could say about this. Even though they were only subs for the Club, which two of them hadn’t even had official match experience yet, in the end, they were still pro-players. The five of them were players that could come out as team representatives at any time in a team competition. But now, in the game, in a team battle, with just one person as their objective, their team had been wiped out and none of their opponents had died. Even in an actual pro-match, they probably wouldn’t have suffered such a disastrous defeat.

“How annoying! As a Level 27 Sharpshooter, I don’t have a lot of skills I can use. I’m so not used to it!!” Liu Fei was the first to speak. What a wise girl. She was the first to find an excuse.

“Yeah, it is a bit annoying……” Zhou Yebai borrowed the excuse with great difficulty.

“That’s what I said before.” A “You finally understand” was written all over Xiao Yun’s face.

Gao Yingjie and Qiao Yifan didn’t say anything. Gao Yingjie was an honest, introverted child and felt too embarrassed to make an excuse. As for Qiao Yifan, would an excuse give them back face? He laughed bitterly. What was face? It’s not like he’d ever had it before!

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