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Chapter 130 – The Opponent Is Extremely Strong

“Ah, Little Jie, you’ve arrived too!!” At this moment, his neighboring player, Liu Fei, exclaimed.

“Ah!” Gao Yingjie replied. He hastily turned his camera. He felt that Xiao Yun didn’t want others to know of his embarrassing situation.

But when Xiao Yun heard this, he quickly turned his head to look at everyone. Unfortunately, he happened to meet eye to eye with Gao Yingjie. The two players awkwardly turned their heads back, avoiding each other.

Gao Yingjie moved out in a hurry. His Witch Weeping Cry swiftly flew over, rushing towards Lord Grim. In comparison, although Qiao Yifan’s Ashen Moon was being attacked on all four sides, he was at least hanging on. But Xiao Yun’s Cloudy Heaven, on the other hand, was already completely helpless.

Gao Yingjie’s Weeping Crow quickly hurried over and threw out a Magic Missile.

Lord Grim moved sideways and dodged it. And unexpectedly, he was still using Vanishing Step.

Gao Yingjie was dripping with sweat. Even though he was considered a talented new player, for moves like Vanishing Step, which required a great amount of experience, he wasn’t much better than Xiao Yun in that aspect. Since he had no way of figuring out how Lord Grim was going to move and attack, he could only fly forward to close in on Lord Grim.

Close in and then steal his positioning. That should be able to break his Vanishing Step right? Gao Yingjie thought like this.

Weeping Crow hastily advanced, when suddenly, Lord Grim’s weapon streaked in a 360 degree circle. The ground beneath him flashed with light.

Rising Emblem!!!

Gao Yingjie was greatly alarmed. But as a recognized talent, Gao Yingjie’s reaction speed and mechanics truly were first-class. He immediately rode his broom and flew away. Rising Emblem’s ring of light ascended, nearly brushing his broom.

Cloudy Heavens was still up in the sky, rolling around.

After dodging the Rising Emblem, Weeping Crow quickly circled back for another try.

A gun sound rang out!

Weeping Crow rolled away and was once again delayed.

How terrible!! Gao Yingjie looked on helplessly as Cloudy Heavens was hit twice in midair.

Climb back up, rush forward again.

This time, Lord Grim didn’t use any methods to prevent him from getting close, but Gao Yingjie immediately felt an ominous premonition.

Lord Grim suddenly leapt backwards towards him. The battle lance in his hands stabbed forward still aimed at the mid-air Cloudy Heavens.

He then turned 180 degrees in mid-air, creating a wide arc.

Circle Swing. Cloudy Heavens was carried around on the head of the tip like a sledgehammer, smashing towards Weeping Crow.

Weeping Crow easily dodged it, but Cloudy Heavens, on the other hand, had smashed into the ground and didn’t stand back up.


Xiao Yun smashed his keyboard and stood up.

Everyone else jumped in their seats and subconsciously glanced at him.

Only Gao Yingjie didn’t. It wasn’t just because he knew what had happened, but more importantly, he already had no time to pay attention to him. At this moment, Lord Grim was his opponent.

Xiao Yun was somewhat angry. It wasn’t just towards Lord Grim but also towards Gao Yingjie.

Gao Yingjie had clearly arrived. Why didn’t he go and help him? Xiao Yun furiously glared at Gao Yingjie. But he saw that Gao Yingjie hadn’t seen him and was staring at the screen tapping his keyboard instead.

F*ck!!! Xiao Yun cursed in his heart.

His neighbor, Zhou Yebai, had already seen his corpse from Xiao Yun’s screen. Zhou Yebai was overwhelmed with shock, but didn’t say anything. Even an idiot could tell Xiao Yun was in a bad mood, an extremely bad mood.

However, even if everyone could tell that Xiao Yun wasn’t happy, saying it out loud was a whole different matter.

Liu Fei saw Xiao Yun’s screen and immediately gaped: “Wow! Xiao Yun, how’d you die?”

This time, even Qiao Yifan, who was running for his life, was astonished. He had been running for so long, but he still hung on. Xiao Yun died? How did he die? Qiao Yifan was extremely baffled.

Extremely busy, he still stole a glance at the four others. He saw that Xiao Yun’s face was flushed with anger, but more importantly, he saw his friend extremely focused.

“Bang!!” In this split second of his distraction, Qiao Yifan’s Ashen Moon was immediately hit by Steamed Bun Invasion’s Brick.

“Ha ha ha ha, you can’t run from me!!!” Steamed Bun Invasion laughed as if his one Brick had killed him.

Qiao Yifan’s attention immediately returned back to his Ashen Moon. His health was already low. He wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer.

Right at this moment, a hole suddenly appeared in the four player’s encirclement. Big enough that Qiao Yifan was able to immediately recognize it among all the confusion. Without hesitating, Qiao Yifan ran straight out.

In this space, Qiao Yifan was finally able to see the entire situation. He immediately saw Gao Yingjie’s Weeping Crow riding on his broom, quickly fluttering by. Just now, he had helped Qiao Yifan escape from the encirclement. Once he did that, he faced towards Lord Grim, who was currently carrying his weapon, running over to kill him.

“Run!!” Qiao Yifan heard Gao Yingjie yell.

“Run?” Zhou Yebai and Liu Fei looked over, astonished.

“My opponent is extremely strong!” Gao Yingjie said.

Zhou Yebai and Liu Fei looked over at Xiao Yun.

Xiao Yun’s face was still as ugly as before. If this wasn’t a low-leveled account; if this was a Battle Mage with all of the skills…… Xiao Yun kept on thinking of this hypothetical situation, but….. Vanishing Step. There was no way Xiao Yun didn’t know of this move name. He also knew he had died by it. Using Vanishing Step to play around with him, currently, only team captain was able to do it when they practiced. As for in the Alliance, even though there were definitely a few Gods at that level, with Xiao Yun’s status, he had yet to fight against such a God one on one.

As for in the team competition, team members coordinated together, so it was very rare that Vanishing Step could be used.

“Then should we still come over?” Zhou Yebai asked. He and Liu Fei were still a bit too far away to coordinate together. They were still heading over there!

“Let’s regroup first before talking!” Gao Yingjie said.

“Okay.” The two replied. In their hearts, they were both extremely frightened. Killing Xiao Yun, making Gao Yingjie not dare to directly face him, just who exactly was their opponent?

The four reported their coordinates and then chose a spot to group up. Gao Yingjie anxiously waiting, ready for battle at any moment. After everyone grouped together, he turned his head and said, stunned: “Huh? They didn’t come and chase us!”

Zhou Yebai and Liu Fei helplessly looked towards him.

Gao Yingjie’s face flushed with embarrassment: “I thought they would chase us!”

“What about now?” Liu Fei said. She was unexpectedly asking Gao Yingjie. Their group of five had been originally led by Xiao Yun, but now that he was dead, she set up a new leader. This girl was clearly a master of speaking whatever was on her mind. She didn’t have any plan.

“Uh…….” Gao Yingjie had just anxiously led them a few moments ago. Now that there was nothing happening. He once again turned shy, unsure of what to do.

“We go back to kill him?” Qiao Yifan was rather brave on the other hand. Unfortunately, he was destined to be ignored.

“What about Xiao Yun?” Zhou Yebai turned his head to ask. He couldn’t help but ask. Cloudy Heavens was still lying on the ground as a corpse.

“I revived.” Xiao Yun said hatefully.

After reviving, the character would appear at a revival point in a city, so it would take some time for him to reach the leveling area.

“How exactly did you die?” Liu Fei asked.

Xiao Yun’;s face darkened. Losing wasn’t anything humiliating. They were all pro-players. Even God Jiexi couldn’t guarantee that they could go undefeated for an entire season. But the problem was that in the game, as pro-players, they were already considered gods by the normal players.

If a god was killed by a mortal, then what honor did the god have?

“Little Jie, you saw it right?” Liu Fei truly was helpless. Seeing that Xiao Yun didn’t want to say it, she went to ask Gao Yingjie.

Gao Yinjie had been mentioned by name, so he had no choice but to reply: “It looked like Vanishing Step.”

“Vanishing Step?” Zhou Yebai and Liu Fei were extremely astonished. They turned their heads to look at that bitter Xiao Yun.

“To be able to kill Xiao Yun with Vanishing Step, could this guy be at captain’s level?” Liu Fei blurted out.

“What do you know! That player was an unspecialized character with a large variety of skills. He has a huge early game advantage.” Xiao Yun had no choice but to try and justify himself. However, he felt his explanation was lacking. What pro-player didn’t know that Vanishing Step had nothing to do with what skills he had. Vanishing Step was purely based on a player’s experience and decision-making as well as a few accurate movements.

“Could this Lord Grim be captain?” Liu Fei said.

“Bullsh*t.” Zhou Yebai said.

Qiao Yifan silently sat there. In the team, he was always the listener. Besides privately chatting with Gao Yingjie, there was almost never any other chance for him to speak. Right now, he was tapping his keyboard as if none of this was related to him.

“Captain told us to kill this player once!” Zhou Yebai reminded everyone to not forget everyone’s assignment.

“Could it be that captain knew of this guy’s strength and wanted to test us?” Liu Fei said.

Everyone was speechless. No matter how it was said, the reason wasn’t important. What was important was that the captain had given them a task. Right now, Lord Grim wasn’t dead and had actually killed their leader Xiao Yun instead in an extremely infuriating manner too.

“Now we don’t even know where they are.” Zhou Yebai said.

“Go ask Herb Garden’s players!” Liu Fei asked Xiao Yun.

At this moment, Xiao Yun didn’t want to talk to anyone. All he wanted to do was find a sandbag and punch it. Liu Fei, this f*cking girl, had so many questions. Maybe putting her into a sandbag and then beating it up would be more satisfying. Xiao Yun thought.

“Uh oh! It looks like they’ve caught up!!” Qiao Yifan suddenly yelled. Only he wasn’t participating in the discussion, but looking around in-game.

The other three immediately turned their cameras. Sure enough, they saw Lord Grim’s group of five.

“Hm? Those guys look like the ones from before.” On Ye Xiu’s side, a few of them recognized Ashen Moon and Weeping Crow. They still hadn’t had the chance to meet White Day Black Night and Fallen Angel yet.

“There are another two. They’re together, right?” Seven Fields said.

“What are these guys trying to do?” Tang Rou asked. Yesterday, they had been attacked for no reason. And in the end, another similar situation happened again.

Yesterday, the player had run off and today, they still weren’t able to catch one. Seeing that their four’s encirclement wasn’t able to kill off even one, while Ye Xiu had killed one, made Tang Rou feel even worse.

“Everyone, be careful. These guys aren’t so easy.” Ye Xiu said.

“How are they not easy?” Steamed Bun Invasion.

“If you go fight with them, it’ll definitely be more satisfying than fighting in the Arena.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then what are we waiting for!!” Steamed Bun Invasion held sand in his left hand and a Brick in his right, already ready to go up.

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