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Chapter 126 – What Exactly is He Trying to Do?

Plantago Seed was still hopeful.

But right when he saw that Wang Jiexi was about to have Plantago Seed fall to the ground and use Quick Recover, a blade edge once again flashed by. After guarding and flying backwards, Lord Grim had used another Falling Light Blade. The light blade descended down onto Plantago Seed at Quick Recover’s crucial moment. The Quick Recover failed and Plantago Seed ate the attack and rolled sadly onto the ground.

This time, he really had suffered. The situation wasn’t looking good.

Even Wang Jiexi himself felt somewhat helpless, shaking his head and sighing: “Fighting against an unspecialized at Level 27 really is difficult!”

Saying this, he ignored the incoming characters. After getting up, he turned around and flew away. To the Plantago Seed behind him, it practically looked like he just picked up the broom and started flying along the ground. For Witches to ride on their brooms, they had to leap up into the air in order to use the skill. But seeing Wang Jiexi’s extremely quick and skilled movements. Plantago Seed almost couldn’t tell when he had completed the leap.

Flying was somewhat faster than running, so Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion arrived one step too late. But Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon were impressively waiting to welcome Plantago Seed on his flight path.

Wang Jiexi hadn’t put these two characters in his eyes. At this moment, he practically ignored them, too lazy to even move his hands. With one lazy flick, Plantago Seed’s broom flew diagonally over the two’s heads. Seven Fields punched out and Sleeping Moon slashed with his sword. But the two attacks hit air. After turning around, they saw that Plantago Seed had already slipped even farther away.

The two were helpless. They didn’t continue chasing and walked back. Seven Fields yelled regretfully: “Brother expert……”

“No problem.” Ye Xiu didn’t say much. He was the one who had instructed the two to intercept him. But with their skills, intercepting the target was too difficult. Even Steamed Bun Invasion and Tang Rou had been fooled into running around in circles.

A player’s skill in a dungeon was restricted to how difficult the dungeon was. In comparison, PK was a much better representation of a player’s skill. Even if the skills that could be learned at Level 27 were limited, a player’s pathing, decision-making, attack timing, etc. could be seen. Depending on your own skill, you could see just how deep or shallow the opponent’s level was.

“Could it be that guy?” That Witch’s skill could already be considered top among pros. There was no way the person playing on it was the tenth server’s guild leader. Ye Xiu thought to himself as he watched Plantago Seed’s far-away figure.

After Wang Jiexi’s Plantago Seed had run far away, he got up and gave Plantago Seed back to the real Plantago Seed. Plantago Seed looked at God, wanting to hear his verdict. In the end, Wang Jiexi didn’t say a word.

Plantago Seed was fidgeting in his heart. He had seen that Wang Jiexi wasn’t quite Lord Grim’s opponent and had ran away, so he didn’t know whether God was in a bad mood or not.

“Signature. Where do I sign?” Wang Jiexi suddenly said.

“Ah?” Plantago Seed stared blankly. He suddenly recovered and then hastily brought out the warm notebook that he had been embracing. The cover of the notebook was a Witch riding on a broom. There was a single small word written on the side: Vaccaria.

Wang Jiexi took it and smiled. He waited for Plantago Seed fluster around for pen and then asked after taking it: “Is it okay for me to sign the title page?”

“Okay, okay……” Plantago Seed hastily replied.

Wang Jiexi scribbled his practiced signature and then handed it back to Plantago Seed: “I’m going. Bye.”

“Ah……. God…….” Plantago Seed couldn’t help but stop Wang Jiexi, “This…….” He pointed at the screen. He wanted to know Wang Jiexi’s verdict.

“That Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion’s mechanical skill aren’t bad, but they’re still new players. They don’t have enough knowledge or experience. That Lord Grim…… he’s unspecialized so I still can’t tell how deep or shallow his skill is. You also saw. He was suppressing me and not the other way around. I wanted to test him, but I’m afraid he was the one who tested me.” Wang Jiexi said.

“Does he know who you are?” Plantago Seed felt that it was incredibly hard to believe.

“Oh! Maybe. It depends on his perception. Well, he at least knows that you weren’t the one playing.” Wang Jiexi said. He waved his hands at Plantago Seed and left.

What type of monster is he! Plantago Seed went back to this seat, but was still in a daze. After a short while, he recovered and immediately made his Plantago Seed run far far away. Even God Wang Jiexi admitted that he’d been suppressed. If Lord Grim wants to kill me, then even ten of me won’t be enough!

But how do I confront him later?

Plantago Seed suddenly thought of this question. He turned his head, but found that Wang Jiexi had already left. Plantago Seed was gloomy. He had actually forgotten to ask such an important question.

“What’s up with him?” Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion had wanted to continued chasing, but were blocked by Ye Xiu in the end. Tang Rou could only ask this gloomily.

“That guy was Herb Garden’s guild leader?” Seven Fields said.

“The character is……. but not necessarily the person.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then who was that?” Sleeping Moon asked.

“What I’m about to say might scare you to death. If I’m not wrong, I’m pretty sure that was Wang Jiexi.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ha! And I’m f*cking Huang Shaotian!” Sleeping Moon didn’t believe him one bit.

“Who’s Wang Jiexi?” Tang Rou asked.

“You don’t even know this?” Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon gasped, almost at the same time.

“Why do I need to know that? What astrological sign is he?” Steamed Bun Invasion asked.

“Astrological sign?” Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon were actually pondering over this question. For such a celebrity, there really was information on his astrological sign.

“Wang Jiexi is one of Glory’s top players. His class is the same as the one you guys just saw, a Witch. His nickname is Magician. In Glory, there are a lot of these types of titles, Battle God, Sword Saint, Great Gunner, King of Fighting, etc. but most of these are given to the character. Only Wang Jiexi’s title ‘Magician’ is given to the person himself instead of the character.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why?” Tang Rou asked.

“Because the title describes his combat style. This player’s style is strange and always changing, often exceeding expectations. If he wasn’t the one playing, then the character would be called something else entirely. It wouldn’t be called Magician.” Ye Xiu said.

“If it’s like this, then shouldn’t it be really easy to recognize him?” Tang Rou said.

“Yeah, that’s why I said it’s very likely that that was him.” Ye Xiu said.

“The more you talk, the more believable you sound.” Sleeping Moon said in disdain.

“Wang Jiexi is from Club Tiny Herb. Herb Garden is supported by Tiny Herb. If Wang Jiexi wants to use their characters, then it should be easy for him to do.” Ye Xiu deepened his analysis.

“Then why would he run here to stir up trouble? If he wants to fight, then he should go to the Arena!” Steamed Bun Invasion expressed his resentment.

“Maybe he saw how amazing your skill was, so he impatiently went to test you?” Ye Xiu said.

“Really? Then this guy’s eyes aren’t bad.” Steamed Bun Invasion said sadly.

“F*ck!” Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon both cursed. If it was a normal person saying it, then they would have regarded it as a joke or even as a shameless boast. But this was Steamed Bun Invasion, who actually believed it.

“Herb Garden…….. Many of the the guild players seem to have names of Chinese medicine.” Tang Rou said. This unique characteristic of Herb Garden was quite eye-catching.

“Yup, the names of all of their Club’s characters are all names of Chinese medicine. That’s why most of the important characters in their guild also have that type of name.” Ye Xiu finished and then said to Seven Fields: “Seven Fields, are you from Herb Garden?” (TLN: Seven Fields =)

“I’m not……” Seven Fields said gloomily. He had encountered such misunderstandings before, “I wanted to be called Nine Fields at first. But the demons and gods must have been at work and my hands somehow slipped, changing my name to Seven Fields.” (Author Note: This is a real story. A certain author wanted to use Nine Fields at first, but somehow made it into Seven Fields. To the fan who applied for Long Tao, I messed up with Seven Fields. Seven Fields is Nine Fields.) (TLCN: 龙套 Long Tao, small character, usually, web novelists would allow the fans to apply for a “龙套”. For example, if a reader provided the name Nine Fields and “male”, then the guy Nine Fields might appear in the story. Sadly, author mistook the name. lol)

They continued to chat while leveling. And unexpectedly, they didn’t take what had just happened seriously.

Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion were new players, so they didn’t understand. After recovering from their initial surprise, Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon were both still secretly shocked. That was Plantago Seed! He was the tenth server’s guild leader of Herb Garden, one of the Three Great Guilds. If this was on a normal day, they would have been frightened to death if Herb Garden’s guild leader personally came to attack them. But now? With brother expert, the Three Great Guilds were nothing! There wasn’t any pressure at all!

“It should be Wang Jiexi……” Ye Xiu was still thinking about it. He hadn’t finished his analysis, but he was pretty sure that that person was Wang Jiexi. It was just like what Tang Rou said, his style was too unique, a clear indication that it was him.

“What exactly is he trying to do?” Ye Xiu was also worrying over this question.

Meanwhile, in Herb Garden, after God Jiexi left, Plantago Seed was still pacing about back and forth. From time to time, he would take out his notebook and study it. From time to time, he would smile, loving it too much to part with it.

“Guild leader, guild leader.” At this moment, a message was sent over.

“What?” Plantago Seed replied.

“Boss is looking for you. Get on .” The guild member said. The senior he was talking about was Herb Garden’s leader, the one in the Heavenly Domain, Arisaema.

“Boss, what do you want?” Plantago Seed looked for him.

“How many extra empty accounts do you have over there?” Arisaema said.

“Around ten I think. Why?” Plantago Seed answered. When he said empty accounts, he wasn’t talking about those accounts with no equipment and no money. He was talking about accounts with no definite owner. They were accounts that had been leveled using other people to substitute in or were leveled through the guild’s efforts. These accounts wouldn’t be part of the guild and they wouldn’t use Chinese medicine names, obvious indicators that they were Herb Garden’s. In the end, they were often used as spies or for shady business that wouldn’t be convenient for official guild members. Not just Herb Garden, but other big guilds would raise these types of characters. Some people called then free accounts, others called them empty accounts, it depended on the person.

“Take five of them out! A Ghostblade, Sharpshooter, Battle Mage, Assassin, and Witch. Can you gather these five classes?” Arisaema said.

“Let me see! What are they going to be used for?” Plantago Seed couldn’t remember every class he had listed.

“For the gods above.” Arisaema said.

Plantago Seed heard this and froze. This…… Could it be that because God Jiexi had lost to Lord Grim, he wanted to create a party to retaliate?

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