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Chapter 125 – God Jiexi

“Their mechanics are pretty good, right?” Plantago Seed said.

“Yeah.” Wang Jiexi agreed. To normal players, these three’s mechanical skill really were enough to be considered “good”, even that completely irrational Brawler.

“But we’re only watching them fight against monsters, so there’s not much to be seen.” Wang Jiexi said.

“Then what?” Plantago Seed asked.

“Lend me your account to use for a bit. I’m going to go and say hello to them.” Wang Jiexi said.

“Ah!” Plantago Seed hurriedly got up and let up his seat. This “Ah!” carried a tone of pleasant surprise. He was surprised because God Jiexi would actually personally come out because of these three. And he was pleased because he had the chance to see God Jiexi’s skill in action up-close. It has to be known that even in a pro match, it still wouldn’t be possible to see him in action up-close like this.

Wang Jiexi walked up and sat down. He casually tapped the keyboard and moved the mouse. Plantago Seed knew that pro-players all had their own keyboard and mouse they liked to use. If it was just to casually play, it wouldn’t matter too much to them, but they’d still feel somewhat awkward with it.

Soon after, Wang Jiexi opened up the keyboard settings. He sweeped over it and then went “Oh? It’s the same as mine? Are you learning from me?”

“Yeah. You’re my biggest idol! Could I trouble you with a signature!!” Plantago Seed finally found the opportunity and smoothly asked him. His class was the same as the class Wang Jiexi was most proficient in, the Witch. His keyboard settings were also the exact same as Wang Jiexi’s.

“Is it hard for you?” Wang Jiexi asked.

“It’s……. it’s okay.” Plantago Seed said.

Wang Jiexi didn’t say anything more. He moved the mouse and tapped the keyboard. The in-game Plantago Seed swiftly rushed towards where those five players were leveling at.

Ye Xiu had noticed Plantago Seed peeping at them long ago, but didn’t care. Now that he saw him running towards them, he guessed that it was to discuss about dungeon-related things. Who knew that right when he arrived, he’d use a Witch’s long-ranged attack and suddenly fire a magic missile over.

“What are you doing?” This magic missile’s target was Soft Mist. At this moment, Soft Mist’s back was facing towards Plantago Seed. Only after being hit by it was she able to react. She quickly turned her camera angle, but couldn’t understand what was going on. Tang Rou had never experienced something like PKing in the wilderness.

Ye Xiu was also extremely astonished. Why did Plantago Seed mysteriously start fighting? How astonishing! Then he saw Plantago Seed say: “Let’s compare notes.”

“What’s going on?” Tang Rou was also puzzled. But Plantago Seed had already sent out another magic missile towards her. Now that they were face to face, how could it be so easy to hit Tang Rou. With a quick tap, Tang Rou dodged the missile. She wasn’t so polite either and immediately began counter attacking. Soft Mist carried her battle lance and swiftly dashed towards Plantago Seed.

Plantago Seed didn’t move forward and instead retreated. He continued to leisurely throw out magic missiles. But every time a magic missile was sent out, the character still had to stop for a bit. So after a few casts, Soft Mist was still able to close in on him. Her battle lance leaped and a Sky Strike slashed at him. Plantago Seed flew into the air. Right when Soft Mist was about to continue attacking, she heard a gentle “whoosh” and Plantago Seed continued to fly over her head. A cloud of medicinal powder sprinkled onto Soft Mist’s body.

Tang Rou was startled. For a short while, she didn’t know what to do. However, Plantago Seed had already landed next to her and then “whoosh whoosh” sent two more magic missiles at her. Tang Rou immediately thought of having Soft Mist dodge, but Soft Mist’s movements had already turned sluggish. She dodged the first missile, but the second missile exploded like a flower onto her.

“What? Have you never fought with a Witch before?” Ye Xiu hurriedly asked Tang Rou. She knew that Tang Rou, with her pitiful amount of experience in Glory, still had some experience in the Arena when she fought for Chen Guo. However, Glory had a total of 24 classes. Because Tang Rou had only occasionally fought, it wasn’t anything surprising that she had never fought against some classes.

“Yeah!” Tang Rou answered.

“I’ve seen this class!!” Steamed Bun Invasion had been soaking in the Arena in these past few days. In these short few days, he had already met with all of the classes, “They can ride on a broom to fly. Just now, he threw a Laxative at you. Did you feel that your body turned soft and your movements turned slow?”


The two revered gods instantly petrified. Who the f*ck came up with such a name? The powder that Plantago Seed had thrown onto Soft Mist was called “Disperse Powder”, a Level 20 Witch skill. If it was successfully sprinkled onto the target’s body, then it would remove a buff and reduce the target’s attack, casting, and movement speed. Even if the opponent didn’t have any buffs on them, the slow effect would still arise for up to ten seconds. It was a CC skill that Witches often used.

This skill didn’t have any nickname or abbreviation, but right now, Steamed Bun Invasion gave it the name “Laxative” and even said that it made your body turn soft and your movements turn slow…… it was true that it caused your movements to turn slow, but where did he get “your body turned soft” from?

The two revered gods were shocked frozen by Steamed Bun Invasion and even more so were Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon. At this moment, they were all astonished on the name “Laxative”. It really did kind of fit.

Who knew when, but Steamed Bun Invasion had quietly snuck up behind Plantago Seed and smashed a Brick over.

But how could Wang Jiexi be compared to Tang Rou. Even though he wasn’t looking behind him, he had noticed Steamed Bun Invasion’s movements long ago. He suddenly crouched and Steamed Bun Invasion’s Brick hit nothing but air. Plantago Seed took advantage and counter-attacked with a “Sweep”. This was A Witch’s lowest-leveled knock-up skill. Its knock-up effect was the worst among all 24 classes. With a Sweep, the character quickly fell to the ground. The knock-up was very slight and was very difficult to see.

But Wang Jiexi’s actions naturally weren’t ordinary. In this slight knock-up, Plantago Seed rode his broom and completed a short flight. Following this sweep, he sweeped Steamed Bun Invasion into the air. After six consecutive sweeps, the two characters flew higher and higher with every sweep. Plantago Seed then finished with a heavy attack, smacking Steamed Bun Invasion to the ground, while he leisurely flew back to the ground on his broom.

To be able to attack like this was naturally because of the passive skill Witches learned after changing classes: Broom Mastery.

Brooms are Witch-only weapons. Only Witches could use it after changing classes. Unspecialized characters could use the majority of weapons, but there were still a few class-specific weapons that unspecialized couldn’t use. A Blade Master’s Lightsaber was one and a Witch’s Broom was another.

The passive skill Broom Master gave Witches the ability to consecutively attack the opponent while flying. Not all classes had this type of skill. With this type of aerial combat ability, Witches were headaches to many classes.

Steamed Bun Invasion’s actions weren’t slow. In the Arena, he had accumulated a bit of PK experience, yet he had still been casually beaten down. After the consecutive broom hits and the final smackdown, Steamed Bun Invasion planned on using a Quick Recover to prevent falling to the ground, but wasn’t able to do it in time. His hands smashed to the ground, creating a hole.

This wasn’t a coincidence. This was all done intentionally by Wang Jiexi in the air. He had controlled how Steamed Bun Invasion was going to fall, making it much harder for Steamed Bun Invasion to use Quick Recover. If his judgement or hand speed wasn’t enough, then he wouldn’t have time to use it. A pro-player’s ability to calculate and meticulous movements were far greater than normal players.

Right when Plantago Seed landed, Soft Mist had rushed forward. With a battle lance, she powerfully swept across like a torrent. But the passive skill Broom Mastery didn’t have any cooldown and could be used anytime soon. Plantago Seed immediately leapt onto his broom and then once again flew away. Tang Rou controlled Soft Mist to run left and right, but was unable to catch him no matter what she did. After Steamed Bun Invasion climbed up from the ground, he rushed up to join Soft Mist without hesitation. But in the end, the two players still danced around in his palms.

If Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon went to Pk, they definitely wouldn’t be able to beat Tang Rou or Steamed Bun Invasion. But as spectators, they would certainly be better than those two. At this moment…….

“Meet my Brick!!” Steamed Bun Invasion hadn’t been able to touch his opponent for a long time. He angrily threw his Brick. In the end, Plantago Seed rode his broom to meet it and then swept at it in midair. The timing of this attack was perfect and he directly interrupted the flying Brick, sending it back towards its owner, Steamed Bun Invasion.

“F*CK!!” Steamed Bun Invasion yelled. Right when he was about to duck and dodge it, a sword light flashed by and the Brick was smashed into pieces in midair. Ye Xiu finally acted. He launched a Sword Draw and accurately hit the Brick into pieces.

Plantago Seed landed and then immediately threw out a magic missile at Lord Grim and then once again went back on his broom, ready to escape. But unexpectedly, Lord Grim ignored this magic missile and directly used a Collapsing Mountain to leap over. This Collapsing Mountain had much higher priority over this magic missile. Even though he was hit by the magic missile, he would only take damage and wouldn’t be interrupted.

Right when it looked like Collapsing Mountain was about to hit, the broom-riding Plantago Seed suddenly leaned forward unexpectedly and the Collapsing Mountain brushed past him.

Plantago Seed followed up with a leap and swept out in 180 degrees angle. But Lord Grim, who had just completed Collapsing Mountain, seemed to flash.

Shadow Clone Technique!!

Even though Wang Jiexi had instantly made the judgement, he knew the situation wasn’t looking good. It wasn’t as if Broom Mastery could be used non-stop flying down. Wang Jiexi, who had just been flying, had already turned and leaped. He was currently in midair and before hitting the ground, he wouldn’t be able to ride on his broom and fly away.

Without anywhere to run, Wang Jiexi swiped his keyboard. Plantago Seed once again turned around 180 degrees. Just as expected, with the Shadow Clone Technqiue, Lord Grim had flashed over to behind him. He stamped down, using the Striker skill “Eagle Stamp”.

Plantago Seed immediately swept and also damaged Lord Grim at the same time. Under the situation where there was no where to dodge, he could only use the strategy where both sides took damage.

But after Lord Grim’s Eagle Stamp, Lord Grim didn’t continue stamping. After the stamp he drew his sword and completed a Guard in midair, blocking Plantago Seed’s horizontal sweep.

Plantago Seed’s owner, the real Plantago Seed, was standing behind Wang Jiexi dumbstruck.

To be able to instantly do such an exchange of blows in midair, the one who lost was actually God Jiexi. Who exactly was this Lord Grim?

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