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Chapter 127 – Five Characters

Plantago Seed didn’t continue to rack his brains over it. God Jiexi was widely known for his unpredictable style. There was no way for him to know what God Jiexi was thinking. Regardless, Plantago Seed refused to believe that God was forming a team just for revenge. He couldn’t imagine that God Jiexi would be that petty.

After asking Arisaema when he wanted those accounts cards, Plantago Seed didn’t think anymore of it and then went to look for the requested account cards.

White Night Black Day, Ghostblade, Level 26.

Fallen Angel, Sharpshooter, Level 27.

Cloudy Heavens, Battle Mage, Level 26.

Ashen Moon, Assassin, Level 25.

Weeping Crow, Witch, Level 26.

The next day, Plantago Seed selected five account cards according to the request. They were all Level 25 and above characters. Among the empty accounts, they could already be considered high leveled.

That same day, a small, shy, and thin youth came to retrieve the cards. Plantago Seed didn’t suspect this person’s identity. When he handed over the cards, he also handed his notebook over.

This youth hadn’t yet participated in an official match in the Glory Alliance. However, his reputation wasn’t lower than even some first-string players. To a loyal fan like Plantago Seed, how could he not be recognized.

This youth was called Gao Yingjie and was a part of Tiny Herb’s inner circle. According to reports, he would be the player to inherit Wang Jiexi’s Vaccaria. As a result, the class he practiced with was also a Witch. Plantago Seed had originally thought that the Witch account card was going to be used by God Jiexi, but now from the looks of it, it looked like it was going to be given to Gao Yingjie.

In front of Gao Yingjie, Plantago Seed wasn’t as terrified as when he was in front of Wang Jiexi. On the contrary, Gao Yingjie was the one standing there shyly looking around left and right.

Plantago Seed took the five account cards and handed them over to Gao Yingjie. He then took out his notebook: “Little Jie, can you sign your name here?”

“Oh!” Once Gao Yingjie took the account cards, he looked as if he was about to run away. Hearing Plantago Seed’s request, for a short while, he didn’t know what to do. His face had also reddened. He had clearly never experienced anything like this before.

After taking the pen Plantago Seed had handed over, Gao Yingjie carefully wrote his name Gao Yingjie onto the notebook. When signing it, his hand was a bit shaky, so the end result looked a little deformed.

“Thank you…….” Gao Yingjie hurriedly handed back the notebook and pen to Plantago Seed and then took off. Plantago Seed didn’t know whether this “thank you” was for the account cards or for his support.

Plantago Seed then logged into the game soon afterwards. He had already added these five characters as friends. He even knew where those five characters were located. Right now, he wanted to know what exactly these five characters were going to be used for. After waiting a long while, he found that none of them had appeared. Plantago Seed wasn’t a marathon runner. He had stayed up all-night yesterday and tonight, he had been waiting for Gao Yingjie to retrieve the cards, so he hadn’t slept tonight either. In the end, he gave up waiting and went to sleep.

Currently, in the tenth server, the highest-leveled characters finally stepped into the Level 30 critical point. New skills, new equipment, their strength naturally increased another-fold. In addition, from Level 30 onwards, there was another large change: class sets would begin appearing. Class sets usually raised the levels or power of a few of their respective classes’ skills. Apart from that, when the set was completed, the additional attributes would naturally increase the user’s strength by another level. From Level 30 onwards, weapons would no longer be the sole factor in determining damage. Characters with their respective completed class sets were on another level compared to characters without a complete set.

Although low-leveled equipment would eventually grow outdated too, to big guilds who scrambled for these types of records, at the very least , their elite teams’ DPS had to maintain a certain standard. As a result, these equipment would also be sought after.

Speaking of records, it could be considered the final moments of observing the Boneyard record for each of the big guilds. For Lord Grim’s friends such as Blue River and Cold Night, they all knew that Lord Grim had already leveled to Level 28. There was already no longer a way for Boneyard’s record to broken again. If Excellent Dynasty were hesitant towards Lord Grim and wouldn’t fight against him, then the record would finally be at ease. If they did try and fight, but still weren’t able to break the Boneyard record, then that would at least mean one thing: The substitute experts of Excellent Dynasty were finally beaten by Lord Grim. This meant that the tenth server’s dungeon record really would be ruled by Lord Grim.

Blue River and Cold Night were direct friends of Lord Grim, while the other big guild leaders had their own ways of contacting him. After watching Boneyard for a full day, they saw that the record hadn’t changed. At the early morning hours, when the dungeon entries refreshed, everyone watched one last time for one or two hours. In the end, they confirmed their decision. Lord Grim immediately became the genuine ruler of the records, and they would now begin fighting for him.

Blue River held the advantage here. Not only was he the first one to work together with Lord Grim. Lord Grim’s party was still under the name Blue Brook Guild. Moreover, he had already made the preface long ago. At this moment, he asked clearly and rationally: “Brother, what do you think about the offer I made last time?”

“Let me think about it again!” Ye Xiu replied.

“Ha ha, brother, I’m sure you understand! Right now, all of the big guilds know of your strength. But if you keep selling your services like this, then the leaderboards will all be under your name in the end. This wouldn’t be good for the guild’s honor. In the end, everyone would recognize your Lord Grim and not the guild. This is something no guild wants to see. And for you, brother, I don’t think you came here to make a name either, right?” Blue River had analyzed it quite well.

“Yeah. You’re right. But who says I have to use my own account to substitute in.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah……..” Blue River stared blankly after hearing this. Not using his own account. That was right. That was true substitution. In fact, when guilds looked for players to substitute in, this was their preferred method. It was obviously very common that players used their own accounts when hired for their services. However, it really hadn’t ever been done like this for setting records. To be honest, each of the big guilds had hired an expert for setting records at one point. But they had never encountered a character like Lord Grim, who could easily beat the record made by their elite teams by a few minutes.

“Brother, you’re planning on…….” Blue River asked, trying to probe him.

“That’s why I said that I’m still thinking about it!” Ye Xiu said.

“Then I need to hear your answer as soon as you’re done……” Blue River was helpless. He didn’t know what to say at this moment.

At the same time, Cold Night had also analyzed something similar to what Blue River had said, except he hadn’t made any preface like Blue River had done. This was why he made an extremely generous offer now, which Ye Xiu also replied with “I’ll think about it”.

Apart from this, there was a whole mess of friend requests, which were all from the big guilds. More than half of the guilds that were backed by the 20 pro-teams had come to negotiate with Ye Xiu. Without exception, Ye Xiu replied with a “I’ll think about it”. However, among this, he never saw anyone from Herb Garden.

What now?

Ye Xiu hesitated. He wasn’t refusing them when he said “I’ll think about it.” He really was thinking about it. Things weren’t going as smoothly as he had originally planned. Even though he had eventually suppressed Liu Hao’s annoyance, the damage had already been done. For example, Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion were also being bombarded right now…….. If Liu Hao hadn’t come out and stirred up so much trouble, how would Ye Xiu need to bring so many players to complete his task.

Because they were being bombarded by messages, their dungeoning was somewhat slow. Now that they were Level 28. They were now running the Level 28-30 dungeon: Desolate Land.

Of course, the new dungeon was also in a new map. The map was naturally called Desolate Land. According to Glory’s description, this place was gathering land of homeless drifters, powerful and unyielding, the strong ruled the lands. In the leveling area, the monsters were made up of all sorts of vagabonds. The dungeon Desolate Land was another gathering place for vagabonds and was said to be a gathering of the strongest gangs and hoodlums.

Desolate Land’s record had just been set anew that morning. The current record holder was Blue Brook Guild. Blue Brook Guild’s elite team was undoubtedly a team with Level 30 Purple weapons and their respective class sets. Seeing this record, Ye Xiu felt that it’d quite difficult for his Level 28 team to beat it. In his current team, Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon were familiar with the dungeon, but their skill was a bit lacking; Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion had skill, but they were completely new to the dungeon and extremely unfamiliar with it.

After two hours, they painfully completed three runs. The dungeon Desolate Land had an entry limit of three per day. The party gathered outside of the dungeon, ready to run Boneyard. Although their levels were higher, the dungeon monsters were still elite monsters. Plus, with the extra rewards for clearing the dungeon, their experience gains from it were faster than directly leveling at the Desolate Land map.

At Boneyard, a five player party had also just finished their record-setting runs at Boneyard. In the party was White Night Black Day, Fallen Angel, Cloudy Heavens, Ashen Moon, Weeping Crow. After running it three times, the five players’ expressions were all quite embarrassed. Let alone the fastest record on the leaderboards, their final time wasn’t even close to the third place record.

Although their characters weren’t at Boneyard’s limit, Level 27, there wasn’t too big of a difference between Level 25 and Level 27. With their pro-level skill, making a time with such a large gap compared to the record really did make them somewhat speechless.

The five players were even a bit terrified. They had already tried their hardest, but they had made such a poor time. Even though their characters weren’t optimally equipped, they all had Level 25 Purple weapons. Because God had wanted these accounts, even though they were normal empty accounts, Plantago Seed still helped them and gave each of them a Purple weapon.

“Captain…….” One of the players turned his head and looked at the person behind him, Tiny Herb’s team captain Wang Jiexi.

“You guys played well.” Wang Jiexi said.

The five players looked at one another. They weren’t sure if their team captain was mocking them.

“We’re so far off from the record…….” Gao Yingjie said, ashamed.

“That’s because your strategy wasn’t correct.” Wang Jiexi said.

The five players looked at one another again. They didn’t make any mistakes anywhere, so where did they mess up?

“There was definitely some sort of new strategy that was used to set that record.” Wang Jiexi said.

“Oh? So then we should go study it?” One player said.

“Are you joking? You’re going to waste your precious time on this?” Wang Jiexi said.


“Go find Lord Grim.” Wang Jiexi said.

“And then?”

“Kill him once and then go to bed early. This will be one of your main exercises in the future.” Wang Jiexi said.

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