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Chapter 124 – The Crudest Style

Over in the corner, Huang Shaotian closed his computer. He once again scrunched back into a ball, hiding himself. He evilly snuck out from the darkness. Ye Xiu, who was at the reception desk, had been watching him the entire time and had no choice but to watch as the guy carefully prodded over.

“Why did you retire? Why did you retire?” Huang Shaotian was still asking him.

“If I didn’t retire, you think I’d want to stay in the team to be a training partner?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Training partner? Excellent Era really wanted to drive you out!” Huang Shaotian said, “But isn’t directly retiring too impulsive? You should have tried looking for somewhere to transfer to! Even if Excellent Era absolutely refused to let you go, that doesn’t mean that there was zero chance for you to transfer. There might have been a team that would pay a high enough price for Excellent Era to let you go. At the very least, you should have waited until you saw that there was absolutely nowhere to transfer before retiring!”

“If I transferred……. then what about Mucheng?” Ye Xiu said.

Huang Shaotian stared blankly.

They were both god-level players in the pro-scene, how could he not understand this? For popular players like Su Mucheng, some Club owners wouldn’t let her go even if they had to trade off the rest of the team. She was simply a money tree, a money-sucking machine to the owner. Her financial value was far greater than her skill value. Even for Huang Shaotian, even he wasn’t guaranteed that he wouldn’t be transferred to another Club. But for Su Mucheng, most owners would even sacrifice their team standings to keep her.

“If I transferred, then Mucheng would definitely terminate her contract.” Ye Xiu said.

“So it’s like this…… then what about terminating your contract? Hmm…… if you terminated your contract like that, then they wouldn’t let you join another team for at least half a year, but it’d at least be better than you retiring for a minimum one year. But if you did retire, then there’d be no way for you to return to Excellent Era. It’d be the same as you transferring. If you retired for a year, then at the very least you wouldn’t need to pay contract termination fees or maybe you could even buy out the contract right? After a year……. how long does Mucheng’s contract last until?” Huang Shaotian talked to himself a bunch.

“One and a half years.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh…… so then, you’re planning on coming back after a year and a half? A year and a half! You’re too crazy, aren’t you?” Huang Shaotian expressed his astonishment. ESport pro-players had a short career. It was extremely rare for someone 25 years old to be able to play at this level of skill. To still dare to retire for a year and half, that was simply going against the heavens.

“Ha ha, just wait until I come back and destroy you!” Ye Xiu said.

“F*ck, you’re too arrogant, aren’t you?” Huang Shaotian yelled.

“What’s the current record for our duels again?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Ha…… tonight’s weather is pretty good!” Huang Shaotian gaze shifted to the pitch black night outside of the Internet Cafe.

After standing there staring outside for awhile, Huang Shaotian’s gaze returned back. His expression turned serious: “You have to come back.”

“Who need you say that.” Ye Xiu said.

“If you have any difficulties, contact me.” Huang Shaotian said earnestly.

“Give me back my Vampiric Lightsaber and the fee for two hours of Internet.” Ye Xiu said.

“…….” He finally stopped talking for once.

“I’ll give you the Vampiric Lightsaber later!” Huang Shaotian slapped down ten bucks onto the reception desk. He turned around and faded into the night.

“Flowing Tree went off?” Ye Xiu returned to the game and received a message from Tang Rou.


“Dungeon?” Tang Rou asked.

Ye Xiu laughed. He immediately gathered everyone and ran to the dungeon.

The record 16:24:67 on the record leaderboards, made Blue River speechless for a long time. Still staring at it, he suddenly received a message. He opened it and saw that it was Lord Grim: “How many keyboards did you eat?”

Blue River’s cheeks streamed with tears. The record, which he swore he’d eat his keyboard if it was broken, was currently number three on the Boneyard record leaderboards. If he did as he had promised, then he’d have to at least eaten a few keyboards.

“Brother, please don’t joke with me.” Blue River said gloomily.

“Ha ha, there shouldn’t be any problem with the record this time.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay, okay.” Blue River replied, but didn’t say too much. Ye Xiu also understood. The record had been broken again and again. The experts in the game, the ones who could be considered as having good judgement, were all at a loss. Blue River still had to pay attention to this. However, the current record really was at the peak. Unless a guild was willing to pay the effort to gather a party with full Orange equipment and also look for experts to substitute in. For the new server, the possibility of that was zero.

The player who even more shocked by this record was naturally Cold Night. Originally, he had celebrated when Lord Grim’s record was broken again by Excellent Dynasty. He felt that the Excellent Dynasty experts that substituted in were even more amazing and felt that Lord Grim wouldn’t be able to handle it this time. Who knew that not long after, Lord Grim set the record back again.

Soft Mist, Steamed Bun Invasion, Cleansing Mist, these were all players Cold Night knew.

But what about last time’s Hateful Sword?

And who was that Flowing Tree from this time?

What the heck was happening in the tenth server? Why were there so many random experts? Was this still the new server?

Cold Night and Blue River were the same. They had lost all confidence in their judgement. They had no idea whether this record could still be broken. They and a bunch of other guilds watched this record all night.

None! There was no other system announcement. Was Boneyard finally stable again? But, it was only today, that’s all. Every big guild watched for it attentively for another day. The record still hadn’t moved. Let alone the number one record, the number three record hadn’t even been touched.

Because Excellent Dynasty showed the strength of players who were at a level higher than them for the last two dungeon records, they received the attention of all the big guilds. Hidden accounts frequently appeared and then mysteriously vanished. But for the previous experts who had played, it was truly too difficult to gather any information of them from just the guild’s channel. Even more so, these were Excellent Era’s players substituting in. Besides the guild leader Chen Yehui, even their own guild members didn’t know that.

Even though everyone suspected that they had relied on their behind-the-scenes Club experts to set it, if the Club experts ran over to play in the dungeon, it would just be an occasional run for fun. But why did it look like they were picking a fight with Lord Grim? As pro-players, did it really make sense for them to go that far?

From another perspective, if Excellent Dynasty had sent out their top pro-players to set it, then who exactly was this Lord Grim who had stepped all over their record?

Lord Grim, Soft Mist, Steamed Bun Invasion, Cleansing Mist…… everyone had already become familiar with these IDs, which had appeared on TV several times. Who knew how many guilds had sent players to investigate these characters.

These players were extremely skilled. No one doubted that. If they weren’t, how could they have set such a record? What these guilds wanted to know was exactly how skilled were they?

After silently noticing these characters, who knew how many eyes were set on them. Under the circumstances where they weren’t confident in their judgement, quite a few guilds had already reported to the Heavenly Domain headquarters and had their experts from over there come. Even if they didn’t come to level, it was still okay for them to observe these few rising figures.

Herb Garden.

They were one of the Three Great Guilds, yet even so, they never made any sort of official contact with Lord Grim.

At this moment, in the tenth server’s guild leader Plantago Seed’s field of view were a few players fighting wild monsters. However, Plantago Seed seemed somewhat out of it. To be precise, he looked terrified.

Right now, he was sitting there, controlling his character. But behind him stood a genuine god-level figure.

Wang Jiexi, Club Tiny Herb’s ace player, last season’s Champion, Tiny Herb’s team captain and last season’s MVP. In the current season, his team was the current leader in points, suppressing Blue Rain as the leading team. Wang Jiexi’s account character Vaccaria was a Witch. Using weird, variable movements and strategies, he was widely known in the pro-scene as the Magician.

Plantago Seed had reported to his guild on the tenth server’s current situation, but who knew he’d alert such a great God and even cause him to personally run over to take a look at these Level 27 characters.

Plantago Seed felt an enormous pressure on him, making his playing extremely unnatural. Plantago Seed suddenly remembered the adorned notebook that was in his grasp. The notebook was a souvenir he bought after Tiny Herb’s championship victory. When Plantago Seed found out that God was coming over personally, he hurriedly brought the notebook with him hoping to get a signature from him.

But after seeing God looking at him with his uneven eyes, Plantago Seed had immediately tensed up and forgotten about it. He was currently moving his character to look for Lord Grim and the others for God to look at and only now did he remember about the signature he wanted.

How do I start……. Plantago Seed was currently thinking about this, when he suddenly heard a voice from behind him: “You’ve got a message.”

“Message?” Plantago Seed had already become so stupid from nervousness that he had even forgotten what that word meant. After a long while, he recovered and saw that his character had received a message. Opening it, he saw that it was a bunch of random chatter. He hastily closed it and settled his view onto Lord Grim and the others.

Lord Grim, Steamed Bun Invasion, Soft Mist.

Right now, these three were at Boneyard leveling. Besides them, there were also Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon. Even Plantago Seed didn’t see these two in his eyes and tried to get them of his view out as much as he could.

At low-levels, there were only a few skills that could be learned and only a single strategy, so determining a player’s skill wasn’t easy. For example, for players like Plantago Seed, they had no way of figuring out exactly how skilled Lord Grim was. But that was different for the God behind him, if even he couldn’t figure it out, then Plantago Seed didn’t know who else could.

“It’s One Autumn Leaf’s combat style.” Wang Jiexi suddenly said, after silently watching for awhile.

“Which one?

“Both of them.” Wang Jiexi said.

In his view, Soft Mist was a Battle Mage and Lord Grim was also using his battle lance to use Battle Mage skills.

“Lord Grim’s an unspecialized character.” Plantago Seed said. After saying this, he regretted it. What nonsense, how could the God Jiexi not see that?

“Yeah.” Wang Jiexi still replied.

“Is there anything special about One Autumn Leaf’s combat style?” Plantago Seed promptly asked him.

“There’s nothing special about it. It’s the crudest style.” Wang Jiexi said.

Plantago Seed immediately paid his respects! To dare say that the Battle God One Autumn Leaf’s combat style was the crudest, exactly how godly was Wang Jiexi?

“What about this Brawler?” Plantago Seed continued asking.

“This Brawler……” Even Wang Jiexi was having trouble finding the right words, “To say it nicely, he’s following his heart’s desire. To say it bluntly, he’s a complete mess.”

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