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Chapter 123 – Talking to Himself

“Oh, is there something you need?” Su Mucheng turned her head and smiled sweetly, the complete opposite of Liu Hao’s cold and fierce expression.

The two looked at each other. Each with fire in their eyes.

Even though she was smiling, Su Mucheng’s eyes displayed an even colder gaze than Liu Hao’s.

In their eyes, Su Mucheng was always a warm girl and was very kind to everyone. However, she stayed around Ye Qiu’s left and right most of the time as if she never had her own opinion. This sort of girl seemed very easy to bully.

Liu Hao fiendishly roared for Su Mucheng to halt. But now that they looked into each other’s eyes, he was the one who felt unconfident.

“If you have nothing to say, then I’ll be leaving first.” Su Mucheng laughed, turned her body around, and left.

Liu Hao watched as Su Mucheng gradually walked farther and farther away. Gradually, he calmed down. After sucking in a deep breath, he returned back to his room.

Taking his cellphone, Liu Hao gave Excellent Dynasty’s guild leader Chen Yehui a call.

“Hello, Liu…….” The voice on the other side was a bit hesitant as if he didn’t know what he should say.

“You deal with the dungeons yourself for now! It’s a bit troublesome for me to come out right now.” Liu Hao said.


“The tenth server…… if no pro-player meddles with it, then the records will definitely be ruled by Ye Qiu. The standoff between the different guilds have already shifted to this. Right now, it’s basically who can win over Ye Qiu’s help.” Liu Hao said.

“That’s…… not convenient for us, no?” Chen Yehui said.

“You can try contact him and see what his attitude towards us is. If it’s no good, then still pay attention to him. See if there are any openings. There is one important thing I need you to find out.”

“What is it?”

“Ye Qiu’s price. After each collaboration with a guild, tell me what rewards he gets! That’s something I hope you find out for me.”

“Do you want me to find players to oppose him? He’s lacking manpower right now.” Chen Yehui said.

“This……. you can try it, but don’t send out players from our guild. Don’t let other guilds find out. Right now, Lord Grim is a very important player to them. Who knows whether he’ll join a big guild to protect himself.” Liu Hao said.

“Okay, then I’ll figure it out from here!” Chen Yehui expressed.

“Yeah, I’ll come visit the tenth server when I have time. Let’s keep in contact.” Liu Hao said.


After hanging up the phone, Liu Hao sucked in a deep breath. He couldn’t move on impulse again. These past few days, he’d been too excited, which was why he made so many mistakes. Destroying Ye Qiu’s record was a failure and he had even been reversed duped by Ye Qiu. Even though it made him extremely angry, in the end, he was the only one to blame and was suffering because of it.

The one mistake he truly shouldn’t have been made was in tonight’s match, where he made several mistakes in a row that caused them to lose.

Even though they only won three points last match, Sun Xiang had at least done a 1v3, which gave fans hope.

This time, they were the home team against the visiting second place team Blue Rain. If they had won a few more points, then it would have a beautiful turn around for them. In the team competition, Excellent Era really did hold more of an advantage. However, their vice-captain’s several amateurish mistakes cost them the competition.

Now, even though everyone was unhappy, they still temporarily regarded it as a mistake that he made because of his poor condition. But, if Excellent Era’s record continued to stumble and never rise, then when reviewing the season, what could have originally been Excellent Era’s comeback was completely ruined all because of Liu Hao’s mistake. His mistakes wasn’t a mere mistake, it was an extremely heavy mistake.

This mistake was enough to affect his future. Right now, if he didn’t deal with the situation and still privately distracted himself by tangling with the retired Ye Qiu, then everything really would be over for him.

Ye Qiu…… I know you’re still unwilling to give up. But things have only just started. Let’s see just how capable you are. I’ll be watching!

Liu Hao gnashed his teeth. He did one final snarl at the mirror and then fiercely rubbed his face. After putting down his hands, a harmless smile appeared on his face. It was as if he had performed some sort of magical shape-shifting spell.

Liu Hao pulled open the door and then walked out once again. His gaze shifted to his neighbor’s room. A small glimmer of light shone through the crack between the door and the wall.

“Cough.” Liu Hao coughed and then lightly knocked on the door: “Sun, did you rest?”

“The door’s not locked.”The reply from the person in the room was extremely cool, but his tone revealed that he clearly wasn’t in a good mood.

Liu Hao adjusted his expression one final time and smiled: “Then I’m coming in!” He pushed open the door and entered.

In the Happy Internet Cafe, after they ran the dungeon twice, the record was broken; the two girls too. Tang Rou really did go to get some water. But carrying her teacup, she refused to leave from the reception desk and talked with Ye Xiu about this and that. All the way until Ye Xiu saw Cleansing Mist take the initiative to go offline and rest, before exclaiming: “No more dungeoning, right?”

Ye Xiu laughed bitterly in helplessness: “Up to you!”

“I remember there’s a quest that I hadn’t finished yet.” Tang Rou mumbled to herself and then left. Ye Xiu was speechless. This girl usually hated to do quests, especially those delivery, mushroom gathering, turnip digging, search ones, etc etc. The difficulty for these were extremely low. They didn’t have combat in them, so Tang Rou regarded them as a waste of time and hated them to the extreme. She had to grind her teeth while doing them because Ye Xiu had reminded her that they were must-do quests, which rewarded attributes or skill points.

To make Tang Rou prefer doing her most hated quests rather than such a fun activity like dungeoning, that made Ye Xiu gasp in admiration: Huang Shaotian deserved to be called the one who changed the Alliance’s rules.

“What happened? What happened? Where’d everyone go? Why is no one responding.”

Actually, Ye Xiu wasn’t so tough either. He also took off his headphones and rested for a bit. Right when he put his headphones back on, those crying sounds immediately popped up again. Huang Shaotian was still scared of having his identity exposed. He nested in the darkness of Area A and lowered his voice when speaking, but even so, he still talked non-stop, his spirit excellent.

“Okay, we’ve set the record. We don’t need to keep dungeoning.” Ye Xiu said, while bracing himself.

“Did you hear what I was saying before?’ Huang Shaotian clearly didn’t know that Ye Xiu had taken off his headphones. People like him who loved to talk incidentally also carried a “talk to himself” attribute. Otherwise, there would often be times where there would be nothing to talk about. Talking to himself meant that he didn’t need to hear other’s replies, so he was never aware that other people weren’t listening.

“Oh, it wasn’t too clear, what did you say?” Ye XIu asked.

“What’s with your weapon?”

“Self-made, Thousand Chance Umbrella.” Ye Xiu said.

“You made it? When did you make it? How come I never heard about it?” Huang Shaotian asked.

“It was from a long time ago, when you were still stealing BOSSes back then.” Ye Xiu said.

“D*MN D*MN D*MN!! Don’t remind me of those terrible times!!” Huang Shaotian panicked. At that time, he was still just a normal player. But his ability to take advantage of openings had already been completed. He was an expert at stealing BOSSes. In the early days of Glory, the rules were very different than now.

“It was at that time that me and my friend made it together.” Ye Xiu said.

“This weapon……. it looks like it’s specially made for unspecialized characters?” Huang Shaotian said.

“Correct.” Ye Xiu said.

“But when the third server opened, the level cap increased. Class Awakening Quests were introduced and unspecialized characters disappeared.”

Ye Xiu didn’t reply. He didn’t need to reply because of Huang Shaotian’s ability to “talk to himself.”

“So your weapon lost its value until the fifth server opened and the Heavenly Domain was introduced. Unspecialized characters that couldn’t awaken could gain experience and continue leveling in the Heavenly Domain, however at that time the level cap had increased to Level 60. Even though the Heavenly Domain Duel Challenge has no level limit, it had a Level 60 difficulty. And the series of quests had to be done individually, so no one could help you which was why the trend of unspecialized characters never resurrected. And at that time you were already using One Autumn Leaf in the pro-scene. The title Battle God had already been given to you, so you never turned back to it.” Sure enough, Huang Shaotian voluntarily said a whole bunch of stuff.

“Yup!” Ye Xiu replied this time.

“Right now, you’re planning on starting from the bottom up again?” Huang Shaotian asked.


“Then why’d you retire? You could have asked for a random account already leveled. You give the weapon to the Club to finish, wouldn’t that be faster? I don’t understand. I really don’t understand. Why’d you retire?” Huang Shaotian asked.

“Can you not understand ‘Team performance isn’t good. Team captain takes the blame and resigns’?” Ye Xiu said.

“So? There’s still no need to retire! If we talk about your matches, I’ve seen them all. It’s clearly the team was at fault and you were isolated by them. Was it Liu Hao’s schemes? That guy’s like a hungry wolf. Just one look and you can tell he’s up to no good. You’re way too careless.” Huang Shaotian said.

“When did you learn how to read people’s’ faces?” Ye Xiu said.

“I didn’t say that. That’s what Wang Jiexi said.” Huang Shaotian said.

“How could he judge other people’s faces with his uneven face?” Ye Xiu said.

“Stop talking!! That guy really does know some magic! Last time…….” Huang Shaotian blabbered on. On the side, Steamed Bun Invasion hadn’t left yet. He also didn’t understand what the two were talking about and was pitifully waiting on the side.

“Steamed Bun, there’s nothing else for today! If you want to go to the Arena or the dungeon, go ahead!” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Steamed Bun Invasion left.

“Oh right! Let’s go for a round. I want to see just how great your weapon is!” Huang Shaotian said.

“And you’re going to use this account?” Ye Xiu laughed.

“What’s wrong with this account? It’s a Level 27 one like yours. The weapon is a bit lacking, but it’ll make do!” Huang Shaotian said.

“This account’s an unspecialized account though.” Ye Xiu said.

Players who didn’t understand wouldn’t understand what he meant. But when Huang Shaotian heard this, he was immediately startled. Right, if it was an unspecialized account, even though they were at the same level, he had a big advantage. Why? Because at Level 27, no matter what class the account was, it would only have access to 7 sub-class only skills. But unspecialized players? At Level 20, they had access to 120 skills. That difference was too great. That was why everyone had put unspecialized characters as kings in the past. They were kings because unspecialized characters were completed extremely early and their advantage in the early game was extremely large, so large that it was almost completely broken. To only use a Blade Master with 7 skills against an unspecialized character, he’d definitely go in and never come out. Huang Shaotian clearly recognized this point.

“Take out your Troubling Rain and let’s try it out. We’ll obviously be fighting in the Fixed Field.” Ye Xiu said.

“How is that okay!?” Huang Shaotian panicked, “That would expose me. If someone saw, how am I supposed to explain it. It’s fine, it’s fine. We’ll battle some other time then! Do you have anything else you need? If there’s nothing else, then I’m going back. Oh right, why’d you retire? And why didn’t you reply to my last question? Ah?”

“You…… hurry up and go back!” Even Ye Xiu was feeling a bit powerless. He really was too noisy……

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