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Chapter 113 – Casually Dungeoning

This time, the Vampire Knight didn’t have a set fodder. However, the previous fodder didn’t expire. Fortunately, after this cycle, the effects had somewhat decreased.

But it didn’t matter if the effects decreased. With the BOSS’s percent lifesteal, there was no way they could let him have his way. Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, and Su Mucheng rushed forward after the bats transformed back into the Vampire Knight. They continued to surround and attack him, while Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon continued to watch as spectators.

After a few cycles, the Vampire Knight’s life finally dropped to 10%. However, no one was worried about his Red Blood status. This was because when the Vampire Knight turned Enraged after dropping to Red Blood, it would set new fodder without replacing the old fodder. In theory, this meant that all five players could become fodder, which meant that no matter who fought it, they would have their life stolen.

But with Ye Xiu’s and Su Mucheng’s level of skill, the Vampire Knight’s bat transformation was already an empty threat. They didn’t need to care about such a change.

The Red Blood Vampire Knight screeched as he struggled until finally, he died under the three player’s attacks. After falling to the ground, all of the items that could be dropped had already all dropped. Ye Xiu looked over them. He didn’t see that scarlet Vampiric Lightsaber, but wasn’t too disappointed.

This was an Orange equipment, a type of equipment that heavily depended on your luck. If you didn’t have the right mindset towards it, then it would be easy for you to curse your luck and cause you to lose all hope in yourself.

“Wow! Two Purple eggs!!” Su Mucheng cried out in astonishment.

Ye Xiu stared blankly. Two Purple eggs was a saying in Glory. It meant that two Purple equipment dropped when the monster died. To raise one and infer three, two Blue eggs, three Purple eggs, four Orange eggs could all be said as long as you actually encountered such a situation.

The probability of two purple eggs obviously wasn’t high. However, of the equipment that the Vampire Knight dropped, the only item Ye Xiu wanted was the Vampiric Lightsaber. As for rest, even if eight purple eggs came out, he still wouldn’t care.

“It’s the Shield and Cloak.” Seven Fields looked over them and said.

After changing classes, the Shield could only be used by a Knight. Shields had two main attributes. The first was increased defense and the second was damage absorption. They were both important in increasing the Knight’s survivability. The Shield dropped from the Vampire Knight was his Vampiric Shield. It increased defense by 20% and and had 12% damage absorption. Besides this, it also had an additional effect: all damage done would have 2% Life Return.

“Not bad.” Ye Xiu praised, “Then give it to whoever can use it!” Ye Xiu was talking about Seven Field’s friends. Drifting Water was a Knight, while Sunset Clouds was a Blade Master. Except Ye Xiu already forgot which one was the knight and could only say “whoever it was”.

“There’s also the Vampire Cloak. Vitality +15, Strength +15, 2% Lifesteal for Melee Attacks.” Seven Fields said. “Lifesteal” and that shield’s “Life Return” were antonyms. Lifesteal was damage done to the target would change into the user’s health. Life Return meant that when the user was attacked, the damage done to the user would change into the user’s health.

The Cloak was an accessory type equipment. Usually, they had this type of additional base stats and an additional effect. The current five players were all physical damage type classes, so everyone could use the Cloak. However, Seven Fields didn’t really do anything in the battle against the Vampire Knight. How could he shamelessly ask for it? So he directly renounced it. As for Sleeping Moon, after becoming fodder, he let the three experts attack the BOSS with ease, so his impact in the battle wasn’t small. However, this contribution was quite shameful to be considered as one, so he also renounced it.

Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist was long-ranged, so that 2% Lifesteal for Melee Attacks was completely wasted on her, so she also renounced it.

In the end, only Ye Xiu and Tang Rou remained. How could Ye Xiu care about these low-level equipment? He also renounced it. Up until finally, Tang Rou was extremely puzzled: “Why did everyone renounce it?”

“I’m long-ranged!” Su Mucheng was the most justified.

“Cough cough……” Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon didn’t utter a word. If no one wanted it, it wasn’t as if they weren’t going to roll for it.

“You use it!” Ye Xiu said.

“Can’t you guys all use it too?” Although Tang Rou was a noob, she knew that physical classes needed strength, while magic classes needed intelligence. How could she not have understood this sort of basic knowledge by now? This Cloak could clearly be used by everyone, but they all renounced it. The strong-headed Tang Rou didn’t want to take it so conveniently.

“Roll for it!” Tang Rou said.

“Okay, okay. Roll, roll. Everyone come and roll. Whoever rolls for it gets it.” It was just a small matter. Ye Xiu didn’t want to get caught up with it.

Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon still wanted to decline, but Ye Xiu’s hands were quicker. They had previously renounced it, so they no longer had the button for rolling. As a result, they had to give the command for rolling in the chat box. In the end, Ye Xiu rolled a beautiful 100 and completely decimated his opponents.


“Then it’s yours.” Tang Rou had also renounced it before, so the Cloak was just lying on the ground.

Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon’s cheeks streamed with tears. They had wanted to decline it. And if the everyone insisted, then they would reluctantly roll for it! But he deserved to be called brother expert! Everything he did was extraordinary. He never gave others a chance……

“Then it’s mine.” Ye Xiu said this and had Lord Grim pick up the Cloak. Although it was a low-leveled equipment, even if he didn’t care, it’s not like he wouldn’t turn his back on it. After picking it up, he put it on at once. This Vampire’s clothing and the Cloak were pretty much the same. From the back, Lord Grim looked exactly the same as the Vampire Knight.

Ye Xiu opened his character profile and casually looked at his model. He didn’t care too much. In so many years, what dress up hadn’t he been in?

“Continue, continue.” Ye Xiu yelled. The party continued forward. Because of the hidden BOSS, setting a record this run had already become like floating clouds. Everyone had run this dungeon before, so no one was a stranger to it. They casually rolled through it.

Without resting, they continued on for their second run. This time, no hidden BOSS appeared, so everyone immediately moved forward with a record-setting mindset. Ye Xiu instructed them, seeking after zero mistakes and good coordination. However, Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon’s skill and equipment were all a degree lower. There were always times when the situation was beyond their ability. The current record was set with great effort by Level 27s. Breaking it meant that they couldn’t afford to be sloppy.

In the two following runs, Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon each nervously made their own large and small mistakes. In the end, the difference between their time and the record was only off by a hair. This was too much of a hit to them. The two all knew that if they had made a fewer mistakes, then they would have broken the record long ago.

“Sigh…… brother expert. It seems like us two aren’t good enough. Do you want to switch players to set it?” Seven Fields said in embarrassment. Boneyard could be run four times everyday. Right now, the five players could still run it one more time.

On the side, Sleeping Moon was unwilling to accept it. But no choice, it was a fact that he and Seven Fields weren’t able to keep up. But if the party lowered their tempo to let them relax a bit, then they wouldn’t be able to set a new record.

“Switch players? Weren’t you the one that wanted to set a record?” Ye Xiu asked Seven Fields.

Seven Field’s cheeks streamed with tears. Only then did he recall, in the beginning, when he asked whether or not they could set a new record. In the end, he was the one who gave up and made himself look like he had no resolve. Even Sleeping Moon chose the opportunity to look down on him: “Yeah, Seven Fields, you really have no future.”

“F*ck!” Seven Fields cursed, “We’ll definitely have it this time.”

The two players summoned up their spirits and entered the dungeon their final run. Focused and concentrating with all of their might, adding on to their previous experiences, their performance was finally smooth the entire way through. The two were extremely happy with themselves. In the blink of an eye, they reached the final BOSS. Here, the two player’s tasks were easy. It was the part where making mistakes was harder than not making mistakes. Finally, the BOSS fell and a system announcement popped up: Congratulations to players: Lord Grim, Seven Fields, Sleeping Moon, Soft Mist, Cleansing Mist, for breaking the Boneyard clear record, time: 23:54:71.

This record wasn’t much better than the previous Tyrannical Ambition’s record. But in the eyes of the two carried Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon. Being able to improve the record by a minute was already extremely good for their current party setup. Currently, in the competition between the big guilds, they were only improving the records by a few seconds.

Breaking the Boneyard record wasn’t anything rare, but having Lord Grim’s famous name appear was a completely different matter. The first reactions of each of the big guild’s leaders was: which guild invited him to set a new record? Blue Brook Guild’s Blue River and Tyrannical Ambition’s Cold Night even directly asked him.

And in the end, Ye Xiu gave them the reply: I was just leveling and casually dungeoning.

The two guild leader’s cheeks streamed with tears! This casual dungeoning had broken their records. If this wasn’t him showing his strength, then what was it?

Outside of this, there was still Liu Hao. His Hateful Sword never went offline. What was he doing? He was in the Arena playing with Steamed Bun Invasion.

Liu Hao had wanted to whisper to him with Hateful Sword, but knowing that Steamed Bun was playing in the Arena again, he was suddenly hit with a bright idea. He ran to the Arena and fought with Steamed Bun Invasion. He wasn’t able to get anything out of directly contacting Ye Qiu, so wouldn’t it be better to begin with the players close to him? Liu Hao felt that this wasn’t a bad idea.

Fighting with Steamed Bun Invasion was quite exhausting for Liu Hao. He had to hide his strength! But he also couldn’t hide too much. As a result, he had to make every battle extremely close. Steamed Bun Invasion wasn’t weak either. The battle wasn’t easy to control, so it was very demanding for Liu Hao. While carefully fighting, he also had to use every possible means to get information out of Steamed Bun Invasion.

If Steamed Bun Invasion knew anything, it wasn’t as if he wouldn’t say it. The problem was that he himself didn’t know anything. He wasn’t even familiar with the game Glory itself, so his descriptions of his dungeoning weren’t clear. He couldn’t even name what skills the other players used. And in the end, he began describing how great his own strength was.

Liu Hao was trying hard to decipher the information that was coming out from the noob’s mouth. After quite a long time, he was still unable to understand anything. Suddenly, a system announcement popped up and that extremely sensitive name caught his eye.


Liu Hao was astonished. Could it be that this Steamed Bun Invasion wasn’t a member of Ye Qiu’s main force? Why wasn’t he called over to set this record? Liu Hao went to look for Steamed Bun Invasion to play. A part of this reason: to get familiar with Steamed Bun Invasion and take the opportunity to become a member of the main force.

“This…… Why didn’t God call you over to set a record?” Liu hao asked Steamed Bun Invasion.

“Remember this well. In the Arena, if you want to obtain victory, the the first thing you have to do is concentrate. You. You’re not focused enough.” Steamed Bun Invasion lectured.

“F*CK!!!” Liu Hao turned furious. Who does this guy think he is! How dare he lecture ME!

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