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Chapter 112 – Perfect Coordination

“Careful!!!” Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon, two melee type classes, felt that they couldn’t save her. They could only remind her, hoping that there would be some reaction to it. But next to the two players, a cannon shot and a gunshot rang out. Cleansing Mist and Lord Grim both fired.

The gunshot was quicker, while the cannon shot was slower. However, in the end, both shots accurately hit the Vampire Knight’s wrist, which was about to stab down.

One after another, the two shots hit, making him stab askew. Tang Rou’s reaction speed and control were extremely quick. This crooked blow won enough time for her. She jumped forward and in an instant, whirled 180 degrees in midair at the same time. Sweeping in front of her body with her lance, she then used a Dragon Tooth to stab forward.

“Dong”. The Vampire Knight’s agility was also quick. He raised his shield and blocked the Dragon Tooth. He then chased after Soft Mist.

Tang Rou wasn’t careless. Before Soft Mist touched the ground, she slashed downwards. The Vampire Knight raised his shield again to block it. Soft Mist landed just in time to meet with the Vampire Knight, which had rushed forward. Tang Rou’s hands moved swiftly. Soft Mist sent out a Falling Flower Palm. The Vampire Knight still had his shield high up pointing towards the sky. With this Palm, he was sent flying backwards.

Ye Xiu had already come over to help her. Lord Grim rushed forward. A Sky Strike leaped up, directly knocking the Vampire Knight, which Soft Mist had blown over, into the air. Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist raised her cannon and sent an Anti-Tank Missile over.

Three Anti-Tank Missiles hit the Vampire Knight. In the middle of the artillery barrage, the Vampire Knight looked as if it were about to fly away. However, Lord Grim had already leaped up. His battle lance stabbed forward and executed a Circle Swing, bringing the Vampire Knight back.

The battle lance threw downwards and the Vampire Knight almost smashed a hole into the ground. Cleansing Mist’s cannon had already gathered together an energy ball. Right when the Vampire Knight crashed to the ground, the energy ball flew out and exploded onto the Vampire Knight’s face.

This was a Launcher’s Level 25 Skill Cannonball, which shot out an energy ball at a target. After storing power, the energy ball would have increased damage and range. When it exploded, the shockwave would be even greater too.

These few fluid moves and coordination were completed in an instant. Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon were both watching dumbstruck. After the Cannonball exploded, Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist immediately leaped backwards. The Vampire Knight’s cloak whirled around him like a sword, but only hit air.

While taking back his cloak, the Vampire Knight got up. He turned around and still rushed towards Soft Mist’s direction.

Tang Rou stared blankly.

Although she was a new player, she already had a basic understanding of how aggro worked. Her previous Dragon Tooth hit the shield. Afterwards, she sent out a Falling Flower Palm. In theory, it shouldn’t have pulled more aggro than Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist. Could it be because she had been bitten by those small bats?

Tang Rou’s guess wasn’t wrong. The reason the Vampire Knight was charging at her was because she had been bitten by those small bats.

“Dodge first. If he hits you, then his health will recover” Ye Xiu promptly warned Tang Rou. This was the Vampire Knight’s special skill. Targets that had been bitten by his incarnated bats would become healing fodder. When the fodder was hit again by him, he would heal. The amount of health gained didn’t depend on the amount of damage. If it was like that, then to the BOSS, the health recovered would be completely insignificant. The amount of health the BOSS had was on another level compared to the amount of health players had. So the health gained depended on the percentage of damage done. In other words, if his attack did 5% of Soft Mist’s health, then he would recover 5% of his health. In this way, players were in a huge disadvantage.

Tang Rou had quite a lot of confidence in her skill, but she wasn’t familiar with this BOSS. She didn’t know whether or not there might be a bizarre, impossible-to-defend-against move that would come out. In order to avoid being surprise attacked and wasting everyone’s efforts, Tang Rou could only reluctantly have Soft Mist run to the side to hide from the Vampire Knight and wait for Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist to rescue her.

Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon were extremely embarrassed. They had absolutely no idea on how they should get involved in the battle. Brother expert was busy attacking the BOSS and hadn’t given them any instructions. When they saw the Vampire Knight locked onto Soft Mist, the two finally found an opportunity to appear and hastily rushed forward to intercept.

The Vampire Knight wasn’t so stupid that he would only chase after his target and ignore other attacks from other players. Sleeping Moon slashed and the Vampire Knight raised its shield to block it. Seven Fields rushed up and punched. The Vampire Knight no longer had a shield to use and simply used its sword to chop down towards Seven Fields.

“Woah!!” How could Seven Fields dare to fight recklessly against the BOSS. He could only dodge the attack.

Apart from the sword and shield, the Vampire Knight also had a third weapon, his cloak. Now that he was being attacked by two people, he whirled his cloak in a circle, cutting towards them like a sharp knife. Seven Fields flipped back to dodge it. But it hit Sleeping Moon, cutting a string of blood. Sleeping Moon’s life plummeted by one quarter.

Ashen-faced, Sleeping Moon promptly ran back. Seven Fields was still rolling back. The attack made by the Vampire Knight’s cloak was a 360 degrees attack. After whirling around a full circle, the cloak fell on a spot and was just about to nick Seven Fields, who was on the ground. But suddenly, a battle lance appeared and stabbed at the Vampire Knight. Tang Rou’s Soft Mist had mounted a sneak attack with a Circle Swing, knocking down the Vampire Knight onto the ground.

Sleeping Moon and Seven Fields wanted to be the heroes saving the princess, but in the end, they became the princesses saved by the hero. Seven Fields frantically flipped up. He didn’t have the time to express his thanks and continued to be like a hero. He blocked Soft Mist behind him and said: “You escape first!”

“All of you escape!!!” Ye Xiu yelled. The three were startled. In the end, none of them reacted in time. The Vampire Knight once again whirled his cloak around his body and then filled the sky with small bats. Except this time, three players were in their range. The bats scattered and attacked the three players. Although the damage dealt to each of them wasn’t as high as when it was only Soft Mist, no one knew exactly who would become the next fodder for the Vampire Knight.

Cleansing Mist’s cannon swung and machine gun sounds repeatedly rang out. This was the Launcher skill “Gatling Gun”. While using it, she also rattled the gun, making what was originally a line of bullets into a hail of scattered bullets. The small bats had tiny bodies and were extremely quick. However, they were densely crowded together, so these bullets hit quite a few of them. The damage dealt would ultimately be counted as damage done to the Vampire Knight.

As for those three players, they had no way of defending against these bat attacks. However, after these bat attacks, a new target would be selected as healing fodder, so it was less likely that attacks done to Soft Mist would have lifesteal.

These bat attacks were done quickly and in an instant, they gathered back into a cloak.

Ye Xiu fixed his attention on the moment the Vampire Knight took form again. The moment the Vampire Knight made the slightest of movements, he immediately determined where the Vampire Knight would head to next.

“Little Moon Moon!!” Ye Xiu hastily yelled.

Just as expected, this time, Sleeping Moon became the Vampire Knight’s fodder and the Vampire Knight charged at him.

Sleeping Moon was so scared, he ran away in a hurry. But his movements weren’t enough in front of the Vampire Knight. After a few steps, he was about to be closed in on and chopped up.

In his imminent peril, a lance diagonally stabbed at the Vampire Knight, knocking him up into the air. A Falling Flower Palm followed and the Vampire Knight was blown away.

It was Soft Mist. She was closer to Sleeping Moon than Lord Grim, so she arrived quicker. Because she had been the fodder previously, she didn’t dare face the Vampire Knight. She had been suppressed! Now that Sleeping Moon was the fodder, if the Vampire Knight wasn’t going to chase her, then she was going to chase him.

“Hurry up and run a bit farther away.” Tang Rou said to Sleeping Moon. This made Sleeping Moon feel very shameful. But what could he do? Generally speaking, male players were a bit better than female players. As a result, male players tended to show their strength in front of female players. But in this party, the two female players were both monsters. He didn’t know how much more skilled they were than he was. And in the end, he was the one to be looked after by them. Sleeping Moon was sad, very sad.

At this moment, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim finally arrived. Cleansing Mist followed after. After the moment of confusion, the three experts could finally fight together. Ye Xiu quickly arranged a formation. Their ability to carry it out didn’t need to be said. It didn’t matter if the trapped Vampire Knight raised his shield, brandished his sword, or whirled his cloak, nothing worked. Sleeping Moon and Seven Fields were reduced to spectators. But they knew that it wasn’t because brother expert wasn’t giving them any opportunities, it was because they had no way of matching their coordination. Fast, it was way too fast.

In the middle of their besiegement, Lord Grim suddenly inappropriately used a Falling Flower Palm, blowing away the Vampire Knight out of their encirclement.

“Oh no!!” Seven Fields yelled out sorrowfully. This was the first time he had seen brother expert make a mistake. But when the Falling Flower Palm flew out, Cleansing Mist followed up with an Anti-Tank Missile at the same time. The three Anti-Tank Missiles exploded onto the Vampire Knight one after another. The shock wave from the explosions added onto the Falling Flower Palm’s power sent the Vampire Knight flying away like an arrow. The Vampire Knight hadn’t yet fallen to the ground, when the Vampire Knight suddenly screeched and turned into a swarm of bats.

Except this time, the bats had no one to attack. They randomly flew around and then transformed back into a single body.

Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon were once again dumbstruck. It looked like the previous Falling Flower Palm wasn’t a mistake at all. With Cleansing Mist’s Anti-Tank Missiles added on, the Palm was a move that was quickly done after seeing that the Vampire Knight was about to whirl his cloak. In the instant that the Vampire Knight began whirling his cloak, the two players were actually able to knock the bats far away enough to be outside of their attack range.

Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon weren’t Tang Rou. They had known about the Vampire Knight’s great name as well as the troublesome bat attack. To defend against this attack, only a Qi Master’s Nen Guard would work. Besides this, the only other method was to jump out of the bat swarm’s attack range when the bats appeared.

But because this had to be done quickly and the attack range wasn’t small, whether or not one could run away was a big problem. But today, Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon witnessed the legendary solution, knock the Vampire Knight far away enough so that they wouldn’t be in the bat swarm’s attack range.

To do this, besides accurate judgement and quick movements, the most important part was perfect coordination.

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