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Chapter 114 – Control Over Records

That was the last straw for Liu Hao. This time, he didn’t hold back and flattened Steamed Bun Invasion back into dough.

“You fought really well.” Steamed Bun Invasion said, “It looks like what I said aroused your spirit. Okay, then I won’t say anything more.”

“I’m out!” Liu Hao directly let Hateful Sword leave the Arena. If he continued playing, then he felt that he’d smash his newly replaced keyboard into pieces again.

“God, you set another record! Congratulations.” Liu Hao sent Lord Grim his felicitations.

“I was just casually dungeoning.” Ye Xiu’’s reply was the same as his reply to the guild leaders.

“To be able to break a record while casually dungeoning, that’s too amazing.” Liu Hao falsely flattered, while his mouth was actually cursing non-stop.

“It was just a fluke. It took a few times before we set it.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, then do you have a space now?” Liu Hao asked.

“So sorry…….” Ye Xiu said.

“Then I’ll be going off first.” Liu Hao grinded his teeth and left.

“See you later.”

For Ye Xiu and the others, after breaking the record, there was a 100% chance of receiving a Purple equipment as a reward. In the end, they were rewarded with a Level 25 Leather Armor. Of the five players, only Soft Mist’s Battle Mage was proficient with Leather Armor. Seven Fields, Sleeping Moon, and Cleansing Mist naturally chose to renounce it. Lord Grim’s unspecialized character class wasn’t proficient in anything, but after expressing that the Leather Armor’s defense was beneath him, this Leather Armor was given to Soft Mist to wear.

With regards to armor, it was quite miserable for unspecialized characters. They weren’t proficient in any, so they didn’t get any additional effects.

After splitting the equipment, the five players went to run Frost Forest for experience. On the way there, a message popped up in the world channel claiming that Full Moon Guild was responsible for Boneyard’s record.

“Full Moon Guild? That sounds a little familiar!” Ye Xiu mumbled to the five players.

“Never heard of them.” Su Mucheng said.

“I don’t understand.” Tang Rou said.

“Our guild……” Seven Field’s and Sleeping Moon’s faces were burning hot and were promptly roared at in their guild channel. The guild members hadn’t given them any prior warning. After seeing their two names in the record-setting party, they inexplicably tried to get publicity. Full Moon Guild was just a normal guild. They weren’t like Blue Brook Guild and the others with a Club behind them. Their strength was far off from the big guilds’ strength by a large margin. To rely on their own strength to set a record was something that they had never even thought of.

“Woah, in any case, it’s your two names up there. All this yelling is just a joke to you two.” Full Moon Guild’s players all smiled mischievously at the two of them.

“Exactly, exactly. Speaking of this, it seems like you guys are close to Lord Grim? When are you going to let him help our guild set a record? Let us be in the spotlight too.” Everyone in the guild channel was jeering.

Jealousy! This was plain jealousy! Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon angrily thought. These guys saw that they had mixed in with brother expert quite a few times and appeared on TV. They had appeared on so many leaderboards and now that they had mingled onto one again, their jealousy exploded out, so they deliberately mocked them. This sort of behavior was quite petty. The two didn’t know how to explain it to brother expert. The guild wouldn’t listen to anything they said. These guys were still incessantly typing in the world channel that the record was set by them.

Ye Xiu also quickly received messages secretly from the guild leaders. Full Moon Guild was so insignificant that Blue River and Cold Night had never even heard of them. They just asked what the situation was.

Ye Xiu was helpless. He could only say it was just friends joking around.

The two guild leaders heaved a sigh of relief. Because the subject happened to be on this, Cold Night took advantage to conveniently ask Ye Xiu whether he would be hired by two guilds simultaneously and then break his own record.

“That isn’t good!” Ye Xiu replied, “For the records I set, I can’t guarantee that others won’t be able to beat it. But I definitely won’t break my own again.”

“Then this current record doesn’t count, right?” Cold Night said.

“Of course this doesn’t count…….” Ye Xiu replied.

“How much better can the record be?” Cold Night asked.

“This…… With a better party setup, three minutes!” Ye Xiu said.

Three minutes! Cold Night sucked in a cold breath. If the current record was improved by three minutes, then it would break the fastest record in all ten servers. This was clearly another height that normal players had no way of reaching. If it was this type of achievement, then as no one invited similar-level experts to substitute in, then it was practically unbeatable!

“Then, what if we waited until you were Level 27?” Cold Night asked.

“The difference between setting it at Level 27 and Level 25 isn’t actually too big. Of course, there is still a small difference. I should be able to set it within the 20 minute mark!” Ye Xiu replied.

“Oh, then currently, how many guilds are you in contact with?” Cold Night asked a relatively sensitive subject.

“Not many…….” Ye Xiu looked at his chat box. Besides Cold Night, there was only Blue Brook Guild’s Blue River. The other big guilds hadn’t contacted him, which was clearly because the current competition for the records was both chaotic and high-end. Each of the big guilds were all already in a wait-and-see state.

This type of situation wasn’t one that Ye Xiu wanted to see. He clearly knew where the problem was: he had lost control over the fastest record.

In the competition for Frost Forest’s record, from a short-term perspective, he took control two times, one after another. But the final record still fell into Excellent Dynasty’s hands. On the surface, Ye Xiu looked as if he was indifferent. But in his heart, he clearly understood what a heavy blow this was to him.

It was all because of the existence of this that all of those guilds sunk into a wait-and-see state. Because of this, Lord Grim was no longer a guarantee for the fastest dungeon record. Even if his record was far higher than the normal record, there were outside players that could still break his record in the tenth server. If the situation stayed the same, then obviously no one would look for him to break the record.

Currently, Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition’s players still looked for him all because these two guilds had cooperated with him before and had personally seen his skill. This was why they still held confidence in him. But Ye Xiu was afraid that Frost Forest’s record had already sown a seed of doubt into these two’s hearts. The following competition for Boneyard became another test for him. If this time, he broke the record, but was still unable to hold the spot for fastest record. Then even though he could still obtain the rewards, in the next dungeon, he was afraid that even these two guilds wouldn’t look for him.

If he could improve the Frost Forest’s record again, then it would be a powerful counter attack. However, the current record made Ye Xiu feel a bit helpless. Just like what he once said, this was only a low-leveled dungeon. No matter if it was him or Liu Hao’s party, their skill was way above the dungeon. Thus, against this dungeon, tactics, skill and so on couldn’t make too much of a difference. As a result, once Liu Hao went all out, the record set by his more optimal party made Ye Xiu feel somewhat helpless.

Moreover, he didn’t have too many players he could choose from to create the most optimal party. On the other hand, Excellent Dynasty could provide the necessary accounts for the required party set-up. As a pro-player, besides their most proficient class, they also had some understanding of all the other classes. If they switched classes, even if they couldn’t display the greatest strength, it was still a low-leveled dungeon and nothing more. Pro-players simply didn’t need their complete strength…..

Ye Xiu was thinking while running the Frost Forest dungeon with the other four players. In the process, he was not only fighting monsters, but he was also carefully observing the dungeon. He wanted to see if there was any sort of way to break through the record. In the end, after clearing the dungeon four times, he hadn’t come up with anything. After finishing the dungeon runs, Su Mucheng was the first to log-out. Tang Rou and the others were prepared to continue power leveling. Ye Xiu didn’t follow them and logged out of the game.

“Why’d you stop playing?” Tang Rou got up and moved around. She went for a walk and went to greet Ye Xiu.

“Oh. I’m going to do some research for the next dungeon.” Ye Xiu said.

“The next dungeon?”

“Boneyard!” Ye Xiu was currently gathering a large amount of information.

“What about Frost Forest?” Tang Rou cared quite a bit about the fact that their Frost Forest record had been broken.

“That…… unless we had better equipment, it’ll be very hard to break it.” Ye Xiu said. Just before, when he ran the four dungeons, he was completely stumped. However, Ye Xiu still had some hope for Boneyard.

Tang Rou was silent. Although she wasn’t willing to accept it, she knew that she didn’t really have the right to speak. Her ability to judge was still far off from Ye Xiu’s by a large margin.

“What’s wrong with fighting Boneyard in the same way we do now?” Tang Rou tried hard to learn.

“There isn’t a problem……. However, our goal is to set a record that no one else will be able to break!” Ye Xiu said.

“Yeah, yeah! That’s good!” Tang Rou liked this type of goal.

Tang Rou went back to continue playing, while Ye Xiu continued to look for info.

“There’s got to be a newer strategy…….” Ye Xiu looked at the info and felt his heart shake. He hadn’t discovered anything surprising from all the info. Rather, he discovered that all of the info was quite old-fashioned. Clearly, this was because this was a low-leveled dungeon. As a result, besides the players who researched it in the beginning stages of the game, all of the later players followed the guides that were previously written. There would occasionally be a few changes in the particulars, but the general strategy never changed. After all, for this type of low-end dungeon, in the stage of the game where players would flash by it, there simply wasn’t much value in conducting further research.

Looking at the info, checking the data, racking his brains, and recalling these past few days of running the dungeon, a new strategy gradually formed in Ye Xiu’s mind.

“Good, tomorrow we’ll try it.” Ye Xiu straightened out his line of thinking again. He even wrote down a few of the important points and then nodded his head. Soon after, he logged into the game. Tang Rou immediately sent a message: “How is it?”

“I’ve got a general idea. We’ll try it tomorrow.”


The two players each minded their own business and leveled, without a word the whole night.

In Club Excellent Era, the next day, Liu Hao got a call from Chen Yehui early in the morning.

“Liu, Ye Qiu set the record for Boneyard.” Chen Yehui said.

“I know. I was there yesterday night!” Liu Hao replied.

“Oh……. I had something to do last night, so I wasn’t there. I just found out. But it looks like the record this time isn’t anything amazing.” Chen Yehui said.

“Yeah, he definitely wasn’t using everything he had, so there’s no need to come out yet.” Liu Hao said.

“RIght, I have info from Tyrannical Ambition and Blue Brook Guild. Ye Qiu received pay from them when he helped them set a record.

“Received pay? Ha ha ha, so he was originally selling himself! God Ye must be hard pressed for money. How much money for one dungeon? Perhaps I’ll buy him to do our labor!” Liu Hao was extremely happy.

“Oh, he’s not taking money. He wanted several specific uncommon material.” Chen Yehui said.

“He wants uncommon material!!” Liu Hao suddenly thought of something.

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