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Chapter 103 – There Really is a Gap

In the blink of an eye, Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, and Steamed Bun Invasion had already dragged together 20 or so Goblins. Ye Xiu’s camera angle quickly turned at a speed fast enough to make ordinary people dizzy. He not only had to take care of the Goblins he dragged together, but he had to pay attention to the entire situation on the field.

He didn’t have to worry about Su Mucheng at all. And Tang Rou had a good character, so Ye Xiu wasn’t afraid that she wouldn’t be able to do it, he only afraid that she’d go too far. However, the most worrisome member was Steamed Bun Invasion. This noob’s thinking was as vast as the ocean. Ordinary people had no way of figuring out what he was doing. Compared to Su Mucheng, Ye Xiu could completely figure out what her mistakes might be. Tang Rou too. But this Steamed Bun Invasion, he had no way of predicting what type of unexpected mistake this guy would make, making Ye Xiu feel very cold in his heart.

As for Crowd Lover, after a few days of drilling, Ye Xiu could tell that this player definitely wasn’t new. This player’s hand speed might be lower than Steamed Bun Invasion’s by a level, but he was much more familiar with the game. He definitely had several years of experience playing Glory. Moreover, this player’s role on the team was just to brainlessly output damage. If he didn’t do it well, then he would reduce the speed, but he wouldn’t bring about any confusion.

Currently, the situation could still be considered stable, but this “One Wave Push” method wouldn’t have them stop to concentrate on killing when a certain amount of monsters were gathered. Instead, they would continue this sort of killing while continuing to drag new monsters in. Their current 20 monsters wasn’t the limit. As they continued to rush forward, the pressure would continue to mount.

Su Mucheng once again pulled monsters three times. The alarmed Goblins had reached a total of 26. This was already a few more Goblins gathered than when Ye Xiu had done it with Blue Brook Guild.

Right now, the 26 Goblins were under the responsibility of three players. With regard to the number of monsters, the pressure obviously wasn’t as great as Ye Xiu pulling 26 monsters by himself. But amassing the monsters required coordination of all three members to complete. This was a different type of difficulty. Team coordination was always going to be more difficult than an individual display. But once it was formed, the power would be much greater.

In the past few days, they were practicing this type of coordination. Although Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t really know how to play Glory, Ye Xiu had practically drilled how to dungeon Frost Forest into them until it became second nature. At this moment, perhaps they sometimes didn’t know why they should do something, but knew that it should be done.

They took turns switching positions.

Using Blow Away, Knock Back, Knock Down, etc. all sorts of attack styles were used to gather up the monsters.

Apart from this, it was more important that they had clear thoughts on which ones should be killed first, which ones could let go, which ones should be on the outside, which ones should be knocked back into the Launcher and Elementalist’s attacks……

This type of diverse playing simply wasn’t possible for normal players. As a result, he needed experts with high mechanical skill like Tang Rou. Steamed Bun Invasion was just slightly lower than Tang Rou’s, but it was enough for this sort of situation as long as his noob disease didn’t suddenly appear.

Su Mucheng once again shot out and pulled two monsters. The total monster count reached 28. After repeatedly drilling ,Tang Rou and the others had already familiarized with this tactic. Now that they had reached this step, their hearts tightened. This was because when they had practiced, the limit they had reached was 28. At this point, they would stop to kill for a bit before continuing on.

But who knew that after there were 28 Goblins, Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist continued to run forward. After a few steps, another two monsters entered her firing range and without the slightest hesitation, shot at them.

“Ah!” Tang Rou cried out in surprise. Hadn’t they pulled 30 Goblins? She had played together in this dungeon with this sister for two days. But this sister had never made a mistake. Who would have thought that she would have unexpectedly made a mistake when they were on their official record-setting run.

“Why are there two more? That’s a mistake, right?” Even Steamed Bun Invasion felt something wasn’t right. He was already at his limit. If another Goblin came, then he had no way of taking care of it. His task wasn’t to only pull monsters. He had to make sure he didn’t die and also had to make sure the aggro of all the monsters stayed on them. Right now, Steamed Bun Invasion had 8 Goblins under his control. He wasn’t able to take care of another one.

“It’s not a mistake, continue!!” Ye Xiu followed.

“Two more, who’s going to take them?” Tang Rou asked.

“You’re still okay right?” Ye Xiu said. Tang Rou was currently managing 8 Goblins too. But her hand speed was a bit higher than Steamed Bun Invasion’s, so it should be possible for her to manage two more.

“Okay, give them to me!” Tang Rou didn’t say anything more. Soft Mist advanced forward and stole the aggro from the two Goblins. She moved into position and let out a Falling Flower Palm directly blowing them into the wave. She quickly ran back and ten Goblins were now under her control.

Soon after, another gun shot rang out and Cleansing Mist once again pulled two more monsters.

Tang Rou was surprised. Ten Goblins were already extremely difficult for her. She didn’t have the ability to take care of another one. Being unable to take care of it didn’t mean that a single stray monster would cause them to wipe out. It meant that this unmanageable monster would get away from their attack range and would require a bit more time for them to kill it.

Time! This was the most important component in this dungeon run.

Killing these monsters weren’t their main goal. The most important part was how to use the least amount of time to do so.

I probably can’t take care of them? Although Tang Rou had these doubts in her heart, with her character, if she had never tried, then she definitely wouldn’t say it out loud.

When there were 28 Goblins. Steamed Bun Invasion pulled 8. Tang Rou also 8. Ye Xiu pulled 12. He had originally pulled 4 more than them.

Steamed Bun Invasion was already at his limit. He couldn’t go any further. Tang Rou had just taken 2 more and reached 10. Although she still had 2 fewer than Ye Xiu, she understood the difference between her and Ye Xiu. However, Tang Rou didn’t think that the gap was due to their differences in hand speed, but rather due to their difference in game knowledge.

As a result, seeing that Ye Xiu could manage 12 Goblins, Tang Rou felt that she might be able to do it too. Perhaps it was because she wasn’t familiar with the game, her judgement was inaccurate?

These thoughts flashed by in an instant. Tang Rou had already brought Soft Mist forward, but to her surprise, Ye Xiu had already rushed up first with Lord Grim. The two Goblins were taken by him first using what Tang Rou had done before and the two Goblins joined the crowd.

14! This was the total number of Goblins currently under Ye Xiu’s control.

He had 6 more than Steamed Bun Invasion and 4 more than Tang Rou.

Tang Rou was astonished. This person wasn’t at his limit before?

She still hadn’t recovered yet! Another gun shot rang out and Cleansing Mist actually pulled two more.

“Don’t tell me……” Tang Rou had thought arise in her heart when she saw Lord Grim rush up again and pull another two monsters. His total reached 16.

The gap was only because of their difference in game knowledge?

Tang Rou’s previous thought began to waver. But unfortunately, she wasn’t next to Ye Xiu right now. She really wanted to see this person’s two hands and whether they were faster than hers or not.

“Bang!” Another gun shot rang out.

Tang Rou foolishly looked towards Cleansing Mist. She didn’t want to believe that this shot was to pull monsters. This was to do damage, to do damage right?

In the end, she saw…… Cleansing Mist’s gun turn back before she output damage.

Another two lively Goblins rushed up.

18!! This guy could still manage this many?

10, Tang Rou had difficulty dealing with them.

12, she had thoughts of trying it.

14, was when she felt astonished.

16, she began to realize that the gap between her and Ye Xiu wasn’t only because of their difference in game knowledge.

18…….Tang Rou already had no more words to describe how she was feeling. She only saw Lord Grim rush up once again taking in two more new Goblins into the crowd.

In an instant, Tang Rou felt like she was on an endless road. Things she didn’t understand, she could learn. Experience could be accumulated. Awareness could also be raised. But hand speed…… Tang Rou already felt that her hand speed was at the limit and she finally understood that there would always be people better than her.

In the end, she heard another shot ring out.

Tang Rou had already become numb. Perhaps later there might even be 22, 24, 26….. what was the point of fussing over it now?

Sure enough, Cleansing Mist didn’t make a mistake. Her monster pulling tempo didn’t slow down in the slightest.

“Don’t tell me this person has no limit…..” Tang Rou silently said to herself.

Bun unexpectedly, the person to rush forward this time wasn’t Lord Grim, but was actually Steamed Bun Invasion.

Tang Rou was alarmed. Was this guy also bottomless? Noobs really were scary.

Steamed Bun Invasion quickly brought back two Goblins and swiftly worked.

Tang Rou felt as though she were only a silent spectator. Watching and watching, she suddenly blurted out blankly: “Steamed Bun, why are you missing two?”

“What do you mean missing two?” Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t understand.

“Didn’t you just pull two Goblins?” Tang Rou asked.


“Adding onto your previous eight, shouldn’t you have ten? Why are there still eight?” Tang Rou asked.

“Two of them died just now!” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

The two player’s conversation had been heard by Ye Xiu. He just felt extremely puzzled. Exactly which one of them was the noob? Just then, Steamed Bun Invasion had killed off two of his Goblins. Ye Xiu was about to remind him to pull more monsters when Steamed Bun Invasion had already rushed forward. Ye Xiu was deeply moved by Steamed Bun’s quickness, then Tang Rou asked such basic question.

“Dead?” Tang Rou hadn’t recovered yet.

“Today, we’ve all switched weapons. Our damage output is greater, so the current situation is different from when we usually practiced. Right now, we don’t need to stop killing monsters, we just need to keep moving forward, so fighting while killing won’t be a problem.” Su Mucheng appeared to have seen through Tang Rou’s doubts and explained it to her.

“Oh!!” Tang Rou suddenly realized.

“Our usual practice was just to give an idea. Now that we all have Level 25 weapons. We can finally bring out our full potential. Let’s go!” Su Mucheng said.

“Understood.” Tang Rou followed. She let out a sigh. The gap between her and the noob was only because she had been muddle-headed and thinking too much.

“How many monsters are you pulling?” Tang Rou asked Ye Xiu.

“16.” Ye Xiu said.

“#¥%……&” Tang Rou’s cheeks streamed with tears. She wasn’t dreaming before. The gap really was there!

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