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Chapter 104 – Godly Skill Delivery Gun

Tang Rou’s Soft Mist controlled 10 Goblins. Steamed Bun Invasion controlled 8. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim controlled 16. A total of 34. The number stopped at this point and wouldn’t increase any further. The cycle made from their team coordination could now be considered as officially formed. Su Mucheng never stopped pulling monsters. But from here on out, the total count of 34 Goblins never increased again. This was because every time 2 Goblins were pulled, 2 Goblins in the crowd would die.

In this monster-amassing coordination, there was also a certain way to output damage. Everyone had their own roles. When they put out damage, there was a certain tempo they had to look for.

Peak playing, peak coordination.

With regards to the Frost Forest dungeon, with their class combination, this could be considered the limit. As long as there was no mistake…….

Steamed Bun Invasion, who had originally been the one he had been most worried about, had stayed steady making Ye Xiu feel gratified.

After Tang Rou’s mysterious nooby display, that sort of situation never occurred again.

Su Mucheng didn’t need to be worried about.

Yet what made Ye Xiu feel pleasantly surprised was that Elementalist Crowd Lover.

The Elementalist’s task was to blast and kill those gathered up Goblins. Under the guarantee that it wouldn’t OT, it would be best to balance the damage output.

It could be said that as long as he wasn’t going at it too brainlessly, then it would unlikely cause an extremely terrible disaster. But a perfectly balanced damage output only existed in theory. His role could completely deviate a bit. Making up for these deviations was a part of the cycle tactic.

But Ye Xiu saw that when this player made a deviation, he would correct himself and make up for the deviation. Although in the end, there was no way he could reach a perfect balance, he really did minimize the deviations. From a details perspective, this player could already be considered as at the limit.

Before, in their practice sessions, this player had never done this because there was no need to. Now that he displayed it, Ye Xiu discovered that this player’s skill was better than he had originally thought.

It looked like he was also one of the guild’s peak experts.

After seeing this, Ye Xiu silently came to a conclusion while the scene on his screen had already turned to a different direction.

The scene in front of Ye Xiu changed so quickly that it was already enough to make others dizzy. This was all because he really was taking care of too many things. Besides controlling 16 Goblins, he still had to observe the other four players and order out instructions.

When Tang Rou compared herself to Ye Xiu, she had completely overlooked this point. The gap between Ye Xiu and her was actually a lot greater than what she had thought……

“We’ve arrived at the first BOSS.” Cleansing Mist finally stopped pulling monsters. The monsters along the sides had all been pulled. The only other monster left in front of them was the first BOSS. Su Mucheng clearly understood how busy Ye Xiu was. She would always send back some important information to Ye Xiu to make sure he noticed it.

“Pull.” Ye Xiu’s voice fell. Lord Grim suddenly leaped up. In his right hand, he held a sharp sword. Falling Light Blade sliced through the air and a shockwave rippled out. All of the monsters that were gathered fell down.

Tang Rou, Steamed Bun Invasion, and Crowd Lover no longer payed attention to what monsters they were supposed to control and unleashed every skill they had at their disposal.

These 34 Goblins had been brought all the way here and were attacked as they moved. As a result, their health had already been grinded down a large chunk. Under this storm of wild attacks, they fell down chunk after chunk as if they were being cut apart like wheat. Many Goblins never stood back up. Needless to say, after a few rounds, the majority of them had been killed. The remaining Goblins were attacked even more relentlessly. Facing Ye Xiu and the others’ skill, they could only die even quicker.

The 34 Goblins were instantly turned into corpses. On the other side, gun sounds rang out in waves. Cleansing Mist had already pulled the first BOSS over. The four player’s viewpoints turned and saw that Cleansing Mist was currently lifting a giant heavy machine gun and ferociously firing towards the sky. The bullets and smoke that flew out lined up into a diagonal line, hitting the first BOSS Goblin Patrol Guard in the air. This Goblin Patrol Guard really did look like it was being barbecued, rolling around in the air. It then fell rumbling down towards the four players.

“D*mn!!” Seeing this scene, Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t think anything of it. This guy, who was unworthy of his name because he didn’t like to join the crowd looking for fun, suddenly yelled it out in astonishment.

“Is it Delivery Gun?” Crowd Lover didn’t yell this out. It only rolled about in his heart for a second before the the Goblin Patrol Guard fell in front of them. The three immediately rushed forward to attack. Crowd Lover also immediately began throwing out spells, but his astonishment still lingered in his mind. His character glanced at Cleansing Mist quite a few times.

Delivery Gun. This was a term for a type of Gunner move. The term meant that the target would be delivered to a desired location via continuous firing. The effects between Deliver Gun and Aerial Fire could be considered opposite of one another. However, this move had no prominent effects for the Launcher.

When comparing these two moves, Delivery Gun could be considered far more difficult to execute than Aerial Fire.

Everyone could talk about the theory of Delivery Gun, but only a few could actually execute it. This was a skill that not even all pro-players could grasp perfectly. Put into the normal player community, this was even more of a godly skill. To be able to execute it occasionally could already be considered enough to brag about.

It has to be known that in order to have the target move to a desired location, the gunshot must hit a certain spot. And where is that certain spot? Just this point required an incredible amount of practice to accumulate enough experience to make an accurate judgement. Secondly, the target had to be accurately hit on this exact spot while it was moving through the air. This was another extremely difficult point. Next, these two steps weren’t just a one-time thing. They had to be done repeatedly…….

In this way, normal players could only move the target through the air like a blind cat running into a dead mouse. Moving the target to a desired location and so on, how many pro players could do that!?

The current number one Glory player Zhou Zekai reached great heights with the move Delivery Gun. In one performance; he directly delivered the target all the way up to heaven. The host cried out a “shot my eyes blind” in surprise and hilarity ensued.

Crowd Lover only saw the end of Cleansing Mist’s BBQ. But the Goblin Patrol Guard had actually been delivered in front of them. Could it be a coincidence? Although using BBQ to execute Delivery Gun was a somewhat cheap trick, it was still enough to make others astonished.

Crowd Lover couldn’t calm down for a very long time and would turn his viewpoint to look towards Cleansing Mist whenever there was a chance to. He had already put Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and Steamed Bun Invasion into his eyes. Their mechanical skill really was extremely exceptional. But Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion were still novices at Glory. Crowd Lover could still see this. As for Cleansing Mist, he had never found anything special about her. The hardest task she had to do was only grasping a good tempo for pulling monsters. It was about the same as him paying attention to balancing his damage output. It wasn’t that complicated.

This ostensible Delivery Gun made Crowd Lover extremely taken aback.

Ye Xiu’s judgement of Crowd Lover wasn’t wrong. The current Crowd Lover wasn’t any ordinary player. He wasn’t the actual Crowd Lover. At this moment, he was only using this account; he was Tyrannical Ambition’s true head, guild leader Jiang You.

Jiang You had heard of Lord Grim from Cold Night’s report. Cold Night had described this player as if he were a god. After seeing him and mixing in with him for a few days, he discovered that this player certainly wasn’t simple. However, at this moment, Jiang You’s attention had been sucked into that ostensible Delivery Gun. This was all because this godly skill was a water divide. The only ones that could use this move were almost all pro-players.

While he was currently thinking of this, he suddenly heard Lord Grim: “Cleansing Mist, what did you do to pull the boss just a moment ago?”

“He he, Delivery Gun, did you see it?”

“I saw a ghost! We’re trying to set a dungeon record. Don’t make trouble!” Lord Grim said.

“I’ve snatched a quite a few seconds this time!” Cleansing Mist said.

“If you had hit the BOSS into the woods, how many seconds would we have lost?” Lord Grim said.

Cleansing Mist was silent.

“Don’t mess around. Steadily set the new record.”

“Oh……” Cleansing Mist answered.

So this girl acted out on her own and did it accidentally? Jiang You thought this. It was true that a Launcher could sometimes execute Delivery Gun by luck using BBQ.

Of course, what he didn’t know was that when he saw the Delivery Gun for the first time and yelled out “D*mn”, Ye Xiu busily typed out a message to Su Mucheng.

“Don’t use Delivery Gun!”


“You’ll expose yourself! You idiot!”

Delivery Gun, this move, truly wasn’t convenient to use. This was all because this skill was too much of an indication. The number of players that could use this skill was very few. If someone tried looking for a female Launcher among the pro-players that could do this, the answer would simply pop out. And then what?

A pro-player came to set a dungeon record.

A pro-player from Excellent Era came to help Tyrannical Ambition set a new dungeon record.

The record broken was Excellent Dynasty’s.

If any of these message came out, it would attract lots of criticism and trouble. Ye Xiu regretted forgetting to remind Su Mucheng this.

“Oh, then I won’t use it.” It wasn’t as if Su Mucheng didn’t understood all this. It’s just that she didn’t care. She only wanted to help Ye Xiu smoothly set a new record, that was all. For her, this record was most important.

But Ye Xiu had taken note that Crowd Lover had began keeping an eye on Cleansing Mist frequently.

“You have to justify yourself!” Ye Xiu hurriedly sent Su Mucheng a message. Only then did they have the small discussion just before. They didn’t need to prepare any sort of script. With their understanding of each other, just winging it was fine.

Once the dialogue ended, everyone continued to intensify their attacks onto the Goblin Patrol Guard. Ye Xiu continued to pay attention to Crowd Lover’s actions. At long last, he no longer saw him keeping an eye on Cleansing Mist anymore.

That should be enough…… Ye Xiu let out a sigh.

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