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Chapter 102 – All-Around Upgrade

In these three days, Ye Xiu was busy all over the place. Steamed Bun Invasion, Tang Rou, Su Mucheng were all arrogant idlers. They were all waiting upon him. The first two were mainly for teaching while the last was for leveling.

Cold Night was setting a record for his guild, so he obviously was even more careful with his work. On the first day, he sent a player over to Ye Xiu. He was a Level 23 Elementalist called Crowd Lover. This name made Ye Xiu a bit speechless. He was seriously suspecting that Cold Night was trying to ridicule him. As a result, Ye Xiu naturally had another person to instruct. After all, this record couldn’t be looked down on. If every aspect of the dungeon wasn’t examined properly, then a random mistake could delay their clear by a few seconds, destroying everyone’s efforts.

But now the entire party had been gathered. On the second day, Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist leveled up to Level 20, Ye Xiu took the party and began to practice the dungeon. Cold Night and Endless Night, the two leading comrades in the guild, had the honor of watching over them and giving them guidance. When they saw that Ye Xiu’s party had two girls, the two were extremely flabbergasted. Female players in the game were few and experts even fewer. Lord Grim reportedly said that the players he brought weren’t ordinary experts. Yet he had actually brought along two girls. How rare of a resource were they?

Cold Night and Endless Night muttered to themselves but couldn’t come to any conclusion. With regards to the experts that Lord Grim brought, they already had thoughts of winning them over to their guild long ago. But now that they looked, there were unexpectedly girls. If they impatiently went up to get close to them, wouldn’t they be mistaken as lecherous spirits?

Fortunately, there was still that guy called Steamed Bun Invasion. But this name didn’t seem like expert’s name at all. Endless Night was sent out by Cold Night and he had no choice but to begin preparing to rope in Steamed Bun Invasion. Tyrannical Ambition’s recruitment work in the tenth server was mainly Endless Night’s responsibility.

“Thanks for your hard work everyone!” Endless Night greeted, while Cold Night pretended to explain things to Crowd Lover, while listening in on the situation.

“This person is?” Tang Rou and Su Mucheng obviously didn’t recognize him.

“The boss.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh!” Su Mucheng immediately understood.

“What boss?” Tang Rou, on the other hand, didn’t understand.

“He’s the boss that invited us to set a new dungeon record.” Ye Xiu said.

Tang Rou was still somewhat puzzled. How could she know about these sort of things in the game! Although Steamed Bun Invasion was a noob, he wasn’t unfamiliar with games, so he roughly understood what he meant.

“I’ll explain it to you later.” Ye Xiu said to Tang Rou. In the end, Endless Night had already chatted with Steamed Bun Invasion: “Hey brother, you have an extraordinary aura. Your name is amazing either. From just one look, I can tell that you’re a one in ten-thousand exceptional expert!” Endless Night was still as shameless as ever.

“Ha ha, you have good eyes. What astrological sign are you?”

“Astrological…… astrological sign?” Endless Night didn’t know of Steamed Bun Invasion’s power. In their first bout, Endless Night had already been blown off into space.

“Alright Steamed Bun…..” Ye Xiu immediately went up and shouted at him to stop. He then said to Endless Night: “Little Cleric, I’ll leave you to your work. We’re going to enter the dungeon to practice.”

After this, he called for everyone to enter the dungeon. The remaining Endless Night was still as puzzled as before: “Astrological sign? What astrological sign?”

In the dungeon, Ye Xiu had already explained to Tang Rou, Steamed Bun Invasion, and even the newly added member Crowd Lover how they were going to fight. Moreover, they had already drilled in real combat and all understood it well. As for Su Mucheng, she had been with Ye Xiu for so many years. Her tactics and knowledge were all pro-level. With just a few words of explanation, she had already grasped it. They began to officially clear the dungeon as five.

In two days, their official party was able to practice for a total of eight times. But after these eight times, every person knew exactly what they were supposed to do. Ye Xiu wasn’t able to teach them anything more. In the end, what mattered was how they performed on the scene.

From these eight practice sessions, Ye Xiu determined that after switching for Level 25 Purple weapons, breaking the record shouldn’t be a problem.

On the last day, the five players all frantically leveled. They estimated that they would all be able to reach Level 25 at midnight. Their official battle for the record would also start at this moment.

The Level 25 Purple weapons that each player needed had already been provided by Cold Night. When he asked Ye Xiu if he had any other requirements, Ye Xiu expressed that he hoped that he’d be able to receive two Mithril Pendants in advance.

These toys had no value to them. They were just things that female players liked to wear because they looked pretty. Right now, Lord Grim’s party had two girls in it, so Cold Night understood him very well. He took two Mithril Pendants and sent them over.

Ye Xiu finally had a total of four Mithril Pendants and immediately opened the equipment editor.

This time, he disassembled the Thousand Chance Umbrella. He took the umbrella’s pointed end as well as all of the umbrella ribs and tore them all off.

The four Mithril Pendants were smashed into pieces, combined, and then duplicated into a new shiny new umbrella tip.

The 24 Umbrella Ribs were duplicated using the Spider Teeth that he earned from killing the Goblin Merchant.

After all of the materials were copied, they were once again assembled and installed back into place. He saved the editor and then immediately returned to the game to check the stats. The new tip made from the Mithril Pendants weren’t as unremarkable as before. Now, the tip was red and white, inadvertently flashing rays of light. This time, the Thousand Chance Umbrella was upgraded all around. The usual Thousand Chance Umbrella form had been upgraded to Level 15. The physical attack and the magic attack had been upgraded too. They were now both at 280. The attack speed and weight didn’t change.

The whole entity had reached Level 15, which meant that no matter what form the Thousand Chance Umbrella was in, none of them would have attributes below Level 15.

But Ye Xiu wasn’t done yet. After seeing that it had been upgraded all-around. He once again opened up the equipment editor.

Opening the blueprint for the umbrella’s canopy, Ye Xiu took off the eight Midnight Cat Fingernails he had put on last time. Afterwards, he switched them with the profits from his first deal, 8 White Wolf Fangs.

He returned to the game again and then took the Thousand Chance Umbrella and changed it into the Battle Lance form. The eight White Wolf Fangs converged onto the tip, forming an extremely dazzling snow-white lance tip. And now at this moment, the Lance’s attributes of course changed again.

Thousand Chance Umbrella (Lance Form) – Level 25

Weight: 2.3 kg; Durability: 23; Attack Speed: 5

Physical Attack: 380; Magic Attack: 280

Durability! This was a new attribute. However, this wasn’t any special change for the Thousand Chance Umbrella. In Glory: Level 20 and up equipment had a Durability attribute. And those below Level 20 didn’t have Durability. It could be considered a benefit of the beginner village. Even self-made equipment followed this set-up.

Durability would be depleted in battle and the player had to be careful to not let the Durability drop to 0. In Glory, if an equipment’s Durability fell to 0, then it would immediately break and disappear. Level 50 and up equipment needed special materials to fix. If not, then directly fixing it would reduce the Durability limit. If the limit became 1, then the equipment basically became for decoration only.

After seeing that the upgrade was successful, Ye Xiu switched back the form. Lord Grim was still missing some experience before he hit Level 25. The battle lance in his hands didn’t have any strength right now.

When the equipment was finished upgrading and ready to use, the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s Lance form was equivalent to a Level 35 Purple Lance. This was a considerable advantage in damage. Excellent Dynasty’s half-pro party obviously didn’t have such a strong weapon.

Level! The next thing he had to do was level.

Before 12 o’clock, the five players finally leveled to 25. Then, they did the first task: join Tyrannical Ambition. Lord Grim had already left Blue Brook Guild five days ago. Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist and Tang Rou’s Soft Mist obviously weren’t in a guild. And Steamed Bun Invasion had been specially informed by Ye Xiu, so he wasn’t in one either.

“I welcome you four experts to the guild.” Endless Night sent a message in the party channel. It looked as if the four players really did join the guild.

“Welcome, welcome.” A bunch of guild members sent the message one after the other, showing their guild’s friendliness.

Outside of Frost Forest, Ye Xiu gave an order: “Turn off all message channels in order to get rid of any distractions from these.”

Everyone complied. As Tyrannical Ambition’s official member, Crowd Lover couldn’t bear seeing his brothers’ wasted efforts. Before turning all the channels off, he reminded everyone: “Don’t welcome, no one’s looking.” This message was mixed together with the welcomes. Who knew how many actually saw it. In any case, Crowd Lover also turned off his message channels after sending it.

“There’s still a few minutes. If you have to use the restroom, do it now!” Ye Xiu said.

“It’ll just be ten or so minutes!” Su Mucheng felt Ye Xiu was overstating it too much.

But with astonishment, Tang Rou saw Ye Xiu stand up from the reception desk and shout to everyone: “Everyone’s fine? If you have something to say, say it now! I’m going to be busy for a bit.”

Tang Rou laughed and sent Ye Xiu a message: “If the customers really did need something, they wouldn’t ask you. Just say your prayers!”

“Really? Then hopefully I’ll be lucky.” Ye Xiu replied.

After a few minutes, midnight arrived and the dungeon entries refreshed. The five players weren’t careless and entered the dungeon at the same time. Without saying anything, they rushed forward.

“Pull monsters!” Ye Xiu instructed while rushing up.The players following him were Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion. One on the left, one on the right. Behind them, Cleansing Mist also followed along. She had raised her hand and already started firing. Su Mucheng’s class was still a Launcher. She wasn’t Ye Xiu the Encyclopedia and was only proficient in this class.

Launchers were the class with the most range in Glory. In addition, their normal attacks did a small AoE damage. Su Mucheng’s playing was obviously extremely accurate. Two Goblins were blasted and then chased after her. Mid-route, Ye Xiu brought Lord Grim forward and slashed pulling these two Goblins. Su Mucheng had already controlled Cleansing Mist to fire at another two Goblins on a different side. The Goblins were alarmed and then rushed forward. But this time, Tang Rou pulled these two. And she fired again to pull monsters, which were then taken up by Steamed Bun Invasion.

These three players brought along two monsters. They killed them while gathering other monsters together, which were blown apart by the storm of spells casted by Crowd Lover. But these three weren’t just standing there killing monsters, they continued to move forward. Su Mucheng had already let Cleansing Mist continue pulling monsters. Two monsters in one group. One person received one group. In the blink of an eye, they had already pulled 12 Goblins. While the party advanced while killing monsters, Su Mucheng never stopped pulling monsters.

This method was even more ferocious than One Wave Rush.

Su Mucheng was the pulling specialist. The other three acted as both MTs and DPSers. Moreover, by gathering the monsters into a crowd, Crowd Lover who was behind them was able to sufficiently use large AoE spells to kill them.

This was a genuine pro-level tactic. Each player in the team had to rely on their own skill to do one aspect.

This method could no longer be called One Wave Rush. It should be called One Wave Push.

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