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Chapter 101 – Three Days

Su Mucheng’s talent was average. Her skills really weren’t considered outstanding. If it was based purely on hand speed, then she might not even be better than Tang Rou. But as a pro-player, everything that surrounded her was at a high level. Plus, she always accompanied the textbook-level God Ye Xiu. As a result, in the knowledge department, Su Mucheng was at a very professional level. Unfortunately, leveling in the game’s new server simply didn’t need such a high-level knowledge. She could only line up in the beginner village to receive the simplest of quests and steal monsters.

Fortunately, the new server had already been open for several days. It was also early in the morning, so there weren’t that many people. Su Mucheng set out rapidly and quickly reached Level 5. Compared to Ye Xiu’s two hours to get to Level 7, this was a more ordinary leveling speed in beginner village.

While leveling,she once again chatted idly with Ye Xiu when Ye Xiu suddenly replied: “Can you wait a sec? I’m going to switch accounts. I’ll add you in a bit.” After saying this, Lord Grim logged out of the game.

It turned out that after eating breakfast, Tang Rou was planning on going to sleep. She had started her shift at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so she wanted to rest for now. In the end, Ye Xiu took her card and said that he was going to help her level. The level on Tang Rou’s Soft Mist was on the low side. Moreover, if she was going to level in the Frost Forest, then soloing it one time would take an hour. And because she was also using Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim to practice, Soft Mist practically didn’t have any time to level.

“It’s not that I want to help you level. It’s that if you level too slowly, wouldn’t you be delaying our plan?” Ye Xiu explicitly said. If he had just said “I’m going to help you level”, then how would such a competitive person like Tang Rou agree.

“Fine then!” In the end, Tang Rou reluctantly agreed. Ye Xiu really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. What was his status in the Glory community! For her to reluctantly let him help her train, if this went out, the Glory community would definitely laugh their heads off.

After Ye Xiu got onto Soft Mist’s account, he added Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist as a friend.

“Oh? Is this the account of that talented sister you were talking about?” Su Mucheng asked.

“Yeah!” Ye Xiu replied.

“Oh a Battle Mage! Is she your fan?” Su Mucheng asked.

“Nope, she’s a complete noob and knows nothing at all about Glory. She doesn’t know anyone.” Ye Xiu told her about the previous day and how Liu Hao tried to attract the sister by acting cool and flaunting his status, but the sister didn’t get the message at all. Su Mucheng laughed and stamped her feet. She hated how she wasn’t able to see Liu Hao’s face when he failed to show off his status.

The two chatted like this while leveling up until Ye Xiu felt a strong killing intent from behind him.

“Hey! Good morning boss…….” Ye Xiu turned his head to say hi.

“Are you really planning on crazily playing like this every day?” Chen Guo was helpless. She kept mentioning this everyday and she herself was starting to feel annoyed. But isn’t this guy a little too obsessed over this game? Chen Guo managed the Internet Cafe, so people who liked to play games were a common occurrence. But Ye Xiu was almost 25 years old without a proper job and yet still only played games. That was a first. This guy couldn’t be planning on staying in the Internet Cafe all his life and playing games forever right?

Chen Guo felt extremely miserable. If there really was someone who would work in the Internet Cafe for all his life, then how much could she save? But now that she was looking helplessly at such a person, she could only feel that there was no future. He was too good at making her angry. Especially when she saw Tang Rou return all red-eyed. Without even washing her face, she climbed into bed, making Chen Guo feel even more regret. If this guy wanted to ruin himself then whatever, but it looked like he was going to ruin such a beautiful and good girl along with him. She herself had wanted Tang Rou to play Glory, but she didn’t want her to play it in such a way!

“Is there anything you need boss?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I said, is there any way for you to control how much you play?” Chen Guo really didn’t know how else to say it. The person in front of her wasn’t a little kid. With such a face, he even looked older than her! What type of tone was she supposed to put on towards him? Chen Guo was confused!

“Ha ha, don’t worry about me boss! I’m well aware of my situation.” Ye Xiu looked at Chen Guo and felt a bit moved in his heart. Chen Guo trying to stop him obviously wasn’t because she felt sorry for the computers or because she was afraid it’d interfere with work. It purely stemmed from her concern for him. For someone to use ten or more hours every day on a game, no matter who looked at it, they would all feel that it definitely wasn’t a healthy living style. Although Chen Guo often glared and scowled, it was actually because her character was very good.

“Really?” Chen Guo said surprised. She actually saw such a serious expression on this guy’s face.

“Really.” Ye Xiu nodded his head repeatedly.

“Okay, then take care of yourself!” Chen Guo didn’t say anything more. They were both adults. Ye Xiu’s words already made it clear that he was taking responsibility for himself, so she could only stop when she should stop. Chen Guo wasn’t the type of person to hold up a “for your own good” banner and wantonly criticize people.

Ye Xiu once again leveled until noon and brought Soft Mist up to Level 21. Su Mucheng made even faster progress. She had only just started on her new account in the morning, but had already reached Level 13.

“It’s about time for you to sleep, right?” Ye Xiu hadn’t yet told Su Mucheng yet, when she asked him the question first.

“Yup. I’m going to sleep for a bit. I have to get up again at night for my night-shift. You should continue leveling. You don’t need to match with my work and rest.” Ye Xiu said.

“You don’t have to worry about me. You should go to sleep. I’m going to go eat lunch.” Su Mucheng sent a smiley face and then went offline.

When he woke up from his sleep, it was night again. And Tang Rou was on the afternoon shift. The afternoon shift wasn’t the time when there were the most customers, but there were still quite a few. As a result, she didn’t have much free time. Soft Mist just stood there. In one hour, she stood around foolishly for 45 minutes while Tang Rou called for customers to log in log out and did this and that. She didn’t have any spare time to level.

“You must be tired!” Ye Xiu went over to express his sympathies.

“I didn’t level at all.” Tang Rou sighed.

“With such a short amount of time, it’d be better to just study some guides and watch videos to better understand the basic information.” Ye Xiu said.

“I guess that’s the only way.” Tang Rou said.

“You guys aren’t going to sleep again tonight?” Chen Guo walked over and asked.

“Boss…….” Ye Xiu was helpless. He himself was on the night shift. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t .

“Oh, if I feel sleepy, I’ll sleep!” Tang Rou said.

“You should take it easy!” Chen Guo said.

“Don’t worry! I’m well aware of my situation. “Tang Rou said.

Chen Guo coughed blood: “You guys are reading from a script, right?”

“What script?” Tang Rou stared blankly. Seeing that Chen Guo was glaring at Ye Xiu, she turned her head over and saw Ye Xiu with a cigarette in his mouth pointed towards the ceiling.

They had caught up to the weekends, so the Internet Cafe was extremely crowded. In the peak hour of the night, Ye Xiu went around in a circle but wasn’t able to find an open computer in the smoking area. In the end, he fiercely finished smoking a cigarette and then ran to the non-smoking area.

When he went online, Cold Night was the first to find him: “Brother, I’ve found information on all of their equipment.”

“Oh? Let me see.” Ye Xiu said.

Cold Night sent him info on all five members. Sure enough, there wasn’t any outstanding equipment among them. Each one of them only had a Level 25 Purple weapon. It was the new server and they were all low-leveled, who would put in the effort to gather a whole set of Purple equipment? No one was willing to go that far even if it was for a new dungeon record.

“Okay, I got it.” Ye Xiu replied.

Cold Night saw Lord Grim’s level and felt very depressed: “Brother, you level really slowly!”

“It doesn’t matter how fast I level! The helpers I found are lower-leveled than me!” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh? What level?” Cold Night asked.

“The lowest level is……” Su Mucheng wasn’t online. Ye Xiu opened up her Cleansing Mist’s profile and looked at it: “Level 16.”

Cold Night almost coughed a mouthful of blood onto his screen and repled back: “Then how long is it going to take you? Is there still any meaning to setting this new record?

Cold Night didn’t say any empty words. In reality, setting new dungeon records had to keep pace with the general player population’s levels. For example, if you were put into an old server, where the general player population was at Level 70, then if you formed a party to break the Frost Forest record, then it wouldn’t attract a lot of eyes.

The big guilds were all so competitive for these small dungeons was precisely because the new server’s players were all around that level. Everyone was repeatedly running these dungeons, so if you set a new dungeon record at this moment, then it would look very outstanding. Right now, Ye Xiu’s lowest level talent was at Level 16. If the talent leveled to Level 25 slowly and the general player population were Level 30, then even if they broke record, it wouldn’t be as amazing!

“Don’t worry about it! It’ll be done in a few days.” Ye Xiu obviously understood this reasoning.

“Three days! Is three days enough? If you can’t set the record in three days, then it won’t be worth it anymore.” Cold Night said.

“Okay.” Ye Xiu unreservedly promised, “Within three days, your guild will need to send out a Level 25 player, preferably a skilled one, is that possible?”

“Okay, let me see.”

“You have to do it. If not, then when you see that your guild’s name is up on the records, but none of the players are from your guild, how embarrassing would that be?” Ye Xiu replied.

Cold Night heard this and his heart was once again overcast. That was true! The current members in the party were all put forth by Lord Grim. To the people that knew, if they saw that none of them were from Tyrannical Ambition, then that would be quite embarrassing. But it was still better than a different guild’s name on the standings at least. Cold Night thought of this and came out of his confusion. In order to break the Frost Forest record this time, he had already been confused for a very long time. The faster the record came out the better. It was quickly becoming a source of anxiety.

“No more, no more!!” Cold Night shook his head. He truly didn’t want to go analyze the pros and cons of this. I’ll just hand over everything to Lord Grim to hurry up and grab the record!

Ye Xiu naturally did his utmost to level up. And of course, after getting off her shift, Tang Rou didn’t go to sleep again. However, there were customers tonight, so she couldn’t use the server computer. She randomly found a place to sit and went to clear Frost Forest. Ye Xiu went to check up on her and felt that Tang Rou had familiarized with it well. He immediately let her use Lord Grim to clear it once and then caught ahold of Steamed Bun Invasion and the others to get ready to party up and practice the dungeon once together.

At this moment, Steamed Bun Invasion had already traded for a Level 25 Fighter Claw.

Ye Xiu chose this weapon in particular because this Purple Weapon added +1 to Strangle. In this battle for the dungeon record, any small detail could affect the results. Strangle was an important skill for the BOSS. An extra level in the skill could help a lot.

In the depths of the night, Su Mucheng was once again quietly online. Ye Xiu had already used up all his entries for Frost Forest. Without asking, he ran to beginner village to help Su Mucheng level. Besides Steamed Bun Invasion, Lord Grim was still considered high-leveled, so his own leveling wasn’t important. The most crucial point was to hurry up and drag the lowest-leveled player up.

Three days quickly passed…….

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