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Chapter 94: Dwarves’ Castle War (End)

TL: Yoni + emptycube

Editor: Lesurous



The magic that the dragons used was purer than anything else.

That was why there was quite a firm difference in terms of superiority among their attributes.

Muyoung went up the castle walls and made thousands of specters surround him.

As he was surrounded by a black fog, Muyoung’s whole body was completely black.

‘If my magic resistance didn’t pass 200 with the Wicked God’s Sword, I wouldn’t even try but…’

Right now, when it’s above 200, he could at least deal with it for a bit.

Muyoung declared the ‘Absolute’s Territory’.

The surrounding pressure of magic became disorganized and with Muyoung in the middle, all the attacks were weakened.

After Muyoung looked straight at Barca, he continued to build specters.

Thicker, stronger!



A skill was created!

Was it because he has been using the specters for quite a while?

Or was it because he acted in a certain way?

Either way, it was rare for a skill to be created like this.

On top of that, it was instantly decided as a C rank when it was created.

‘The effect of Five Qi.’

Muyoung nodded his head.

Purity. Through Five Qi, Muyoung’s basic skills had all been raised to C rank in the past.

Above all, it would take an average of 3 years for a normal person to learn a skill.

A person needed to indefinitely repeat and research in order to earn a skill regarding it.

Compared to this, Muyoung was much better off. Although he didn’t intend for this to happen, he accepted it as if it was an obvious thing.

Soon, a fog made up of specters built a strong wall and blocked his front.

“Wa, what’s that?”

“I’m getting goosebumps.”

From the sooty wall, different kinds of faces seemed like they were going to pop out with their mouths open. Its appearance was completely eerie.

Dwarven bodies shivered instantly when they looked at it.

Certainly, it was a skill that was eye catching.


[Give me Bartas. Then, I will let you live.]


Suddenly, Muyoung could hear a voice in his head.


Muyoung immediately knew that the voice inside his head was Barca.

Since there weren’t many magical barriers left, it probably became possible for it to deliver his message.


[You have no chance of winning. Just open the gates and accept me. With Bartas’s life, you could all live.]


“Don’t be fooled by its skillful words!”

Muyoung yelled right away.

Barca’s message echoed in the hearts of the people.

It was because the presence of a dragon was passed on directly.

Dragon’s Words.

The words a dragon spoke had weight.

A forceful order was planted in people’s mind.

But, that didn’t mean that everything it said was true.

Even if they handed Bartas to Barca, it wouldn’t save the rest of the dwarves.

If it did let them live, he would use them as slaves right up to their deaths.

“Don’t listen to the words of the dragon.”

Muyoung spoke again to the dwarves who were making a noise.

“Why would Barca negotiate now?! It’s because it’s beyond his power. It’s because the dwarves’ resistance was greater than it imagined! So, it has no choice but to toss a bait. Have you ever seen a dragon who truly negotiated? We are almost there!”

Barca was taken back. Muyoung could see it.

As he said, if it did have enough strength, it wouldn’t even try to negotiate like this.

It would have destroyed them with no questions like it did in the beginning.

However, it changed its route. To make the dwarves open their gates, it even mixed Dragon’s Words in order to send its message.

It was bluffing.

For Barca, it was something that really hurt its pride.

However, since that didn’t even work, it was too clear in Muyoung’s eyes what it was going to do next.


[You are so foolish. You are bringing death upon yourselves.]



Barca opened its mouth wide. It gathered it’s strength to use and the earth and the sky started to shake.

Muyoung raised his wall of specters higher.

A single round match.

He just needed to block it just this once.

Even if it was possible to ‘absorb’, there was a limit.

It wasn’t infinite.

It was the same for the Demon Dragon Arukisha. It’s dark demon power was used up to a certain point and it could only run away.



Then, a long sword suddenly flew in from somewhere. And, it pierced through the flesh near Barca’s neck and became stuck.

One who could damage the skin of a dragon. There weren’t many who could succeed by throwing their weapon.

Muyoung looked at Tacan who triumphantly flapped its black wings like a devil from afar.

As if he had helped him.

‘It did help.’

Muyoung silently replied and focused all his strength.

Soon, the Dragon’s Breath reached the magical barrier and the wall of specters.


Crack! Crackle!

All the magical barriers were broken.

The wall of specters shook wildly.

Muyoung clenched his teeth.

His teeth broke and his nails cracked away.

Both his hands and shoulders he used to raise the wall of specters were flushed red.

However, it was more endurable than he had thought.

Tacan reduced Barca’s focus and due to it, Barca’s explosive power was weakened.

Barca thought that it was hard to break through the wall of specters and stopped his Dragon’s Breath.


At the same time, it cried.

It exploded as nothing was happening as it planned.


[I will kill you all!]


Muyoung smiled.

He directly stopped Barca’s attack. No matter the process, this truth was enough.

“I can’t believe it.”

“I…I’m not seeing things, right?”

“He stopped a Dragon’s Breath alone?”

There were some exaggerations but Muyoung didn’t try to clarify.

Instead, he screamed loud like an explosion.

“Raise your weapons! It’s strength is gone!”

The magical barriers were all broken.

If they were to just stand there it would the same as being defeated.

Even if it did use up its strength, a dragon was a dragon.

However, Muyoung personally showed that they could win and from there, the dwarves felt hope.

Clank! Claank!

They all held a weapon and a shield.

“Yes. We have Muyoung.”

“We can do it. We can really do it!”

It was a moment where Muyoung’s presence suddenly rose.

They were prepared to run out with their hardened faces.

Then, Muyoung continued to speak.

“It’s the start of the counterattack!”


The horn was blown.

A true castle war had started.



<15,648 dwarves.>


Almost 10,000 casualties.

The number of enemies had also decreased to about a half.

And Muyoung was ruling the war.

He took out all his cards to stop Barca.

Flame mutants, Black Sun Warrior, Heidegger, Tacan, and Cerberus… And even the Hellhorse!

‘Your worse natural enemies are undead.’

The Dark Dragon Barca’s best ability was absorption. It absorbed the life of others and recovered its stamina and used their abilities as its own.

However, undead were already dead beings.

How could Barca absorb life from opponents that didn’t have one ounce of life?

Barca’s biggest natural enemies were undead, and Muyoung.


Using its huge wings, Barca smacked its surrounding.

Whenever it did, all kinds of specters, evil spirits, and undead clung to it to restrict its movement.

As Barca felt desperate, it tried swallowing undead but it was no use.

It slowly broke away from the battleground and was now fighting Muyoung alone.

In other words, it meant that there were no living creatures around it to swallow.

A dark dragon’s basic stamina wasn’t high.

Dragons were a top rank species and when they have a cheat skill like ‘absorb’, they don’t really need to improve their basic stats.

Since dark dragons’ were able to exhibit stronger power than their opponent had by absorbing.

And that arrogance currently held Barca back.


Barca flapped its wing greatly.

It realized that it didn’t have a chance like this.

However, Muyoung wasn’t well off either.

Already, few hundreds of undead were destroyed.


When Muyoung ordered, the Black Sun Warrior started to move.

Now, all the undead climbed up Barca’s back.

It was the same for Muyoung.

‘I need to stall for time.’

Up to now, it went as he planned.

The problem was that he needed to withstand 30 more seconds.

It was planned for the Demon Dragon Lethal Cannon to be shot here.

That was why he needed to make sure Barca didn’t leave this area and avoid the Demon Dragon Lethal Cannon when it was launched.


Barca shot his last breath everywhere.

Whenever it flocked its wings, dozens of undead made it fall closer to the ground and everything that was touched by the breath got destroyed.

Muyoung clenched his teeth and used his sword.

‘I need to endure it.’

He wagered everything in this one shot.

If he failed, there was nothing left.

The rest will lose their fighting power and will wait for Barca’s attack while they suck on their thumbs.

Dragons were a species with a strong thirst for revenge.

It would never let Muyoung go.


Every time the Hellhorse kicked from the side, black lightning would strike down.

Although Barca opened its maw to eat the Hellhorse, it was impossible since its movements were constricted.

The Hellhorse was doing its job well.

It was definitely worth using his second request.

25 seconds, 26 seconds, 27 seconds…


Muyoung, who had finished counting exactly 30 seconds, kicked off Barca’s back as he saw a light approaching from afar.

Even the undead jumped down as soon as they received Muyoung’s message.

However, not all were able to jump down.

Around half of the undead accompanied Barca as they were hit by the exploding light beam.


The strong light instantly engulfed the territory whole.

Once the light had swept through, a hole was pierced in the sky and destroyed everything in its path.

Even the great Dark Dragon Barca was unable to endure that light.

Nothing remained in the places the light had swept past.

The dragon’s leather, its bones, and even the countless undead, all disappeared as if they had evaporated.

All that remained was a peaceful silence.



Muyoung, who had dropped on the ground, gazed at his left hand.

‘It burned off.’

His arm had vanished precisely up to his left elbow.

Only a thick, burnt smell remained.

It seemed he wasn’t able to completely get out of the Demon Dragon Lethal Cannon’s area of attack.

Seeing as he didn’t feel any pain, it seemed as though even his nerves had been damaged.

Muyoung frowned.


The next moment, something fell in front of his eyes.

Thump! Thump!

The falling object beat violently as it revealed its life force.

Muyoung, who saw this, couldn’t help but shiver.

As someone who had awakened their purity, Muyoung could instantly tell that the object in front of him possessed a very noble, pure power.

Only this remained after everything of the dragon had been destroyed.

‘The dragon’s heart!’

It was precisely the heart of the dragon.

Muyoung’s heart beat furiously as well.

It was an object that was said to be impossible to obtain.

This was said to be second to that of the phoenix’s heart, perhaps possessing an even greater power.

A dragon would personally destroy its heart before it died.

It was because they possessed a personality that extremely despised getting used by others and because they knew the value of their hearts better than anyone else.

However, Barca didn’t have any time to prepare.

The moment it noticed the light, it had been too late.

If Muyoung had been a little late, his entire body would have been destroyed.

He was lucky to have only lost his left hand.

However, it seemed even the Demon Dragon Lethal Cannon was unable to extinguish this noble and pure power.


Muyoung smirked.

They say if you lose something, you will gain something else.

There were many stories of heroes who became strong by obtaining a dragons’ heart.

What could make a normal person possess the power of a hundred men was precisely a dragon’s heart.

Because of this, it was an object everyone hungered after, and wars frequently broke out for a single heart.

This was what was in front of Muyoung.

Muyoung’s eyes that gazed at the dragon’s heart glittered brilliantly.


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