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Chapter 94: Dwarves' Castle War (2)

TL: Yoni

Editor: Lesurous

The Dark Dragon Barca led out a heavy breath.

It was a dragon's strongest attack called the Dragon's Breath!


The huge castle wall started to shake.

Amazingly, the castle walls which God Hand Bartas devoted himself in making didn't collapse right away.

Dozens of magic barriers overlapped and rose. It was protecting them from the Dragon's Breath.


The scene of dozens of blue magical barriers rose all together was quite beautiful in Muyoung's eyes.

The number was exactly 50.

It was no different than having 50 walls placed very closely together with only a thin gap in between them.

Bartas was truly worthy to be called God Hand.

It was possible only because he had the knowledge of both construction and magic.

Clank! Clank! Crack!

However, the 50 walls couldn't withstand the cruel Dragon's Breath.

The first one broke, then another, and instantly the 3rd wall had collapsed

Not only were the walls huge but so was Barca.

Barca was slightly smaller than that but was big enough to terrify others.

'It isn't as great as Arukisha… the demon dragon the Dragon Lord tamed.'

If there was hope, it was the fact that Muyoung hasn't faced a stronger dragon than it.

The Demon Dragon Arukisha.

It was the owner of the 'Active Volcano that poured Darkness', which was a restricted area within the Demon God's Territory.

It turned down any living being from approaching and used liches to manage the death's territory.

So many guilds sent out large personnel to conquer the Active Volcano that poured Darkness but they all failed.

Afterwards, for revenge, Arukisha lead an army of the dead and invaded the human's territory.

That was how Arukisha destroyed more than twenty huge guilds and clans.

It was the event that led to the restructure of all the organization's rank.

It was a monster easily in between the 5th level top rank and the transcendental.

It could only be controlled when 7 out of 10 top humans came forth.

However, it couldn't be killed.

Arukisha ran far away and subsequently, no one knew how the Dragon Lord found and tamed it.

Only Muyoung who took a peek at the Dragon Lord's status viewer knew roughly of what happened.

Either way, compared to Arukisha, the Dark Dragon Barca, the difference was like an adult compared to a child.

Even then, it was true that it was terribly strong but if it was weaker than Arukisha, it was definitely doable.

Muyoung could be certain since he personally faced Arukisha.

'3 years. The time I observed the Dragon Lord and Demon Dragon Arukisha.'

From all the assassinations Muyoung had completed, killing the two was the most difficult task.

He knew of the Dragon Lord and Demon Dragon Arukisha's every behavior and even the smallest habits.

He couldn't be certain if it could be applied to other dragons, but he thought it was worth a try.

"The Dragon's Breath can't last for a long time! Continue to shoot cannons in its mouth!"

Clank! Craaack!

In a blink of an eye, about fifteen magical barriers cracked and broke off.

There were 35 left.

Before they all disappeared, he needed to place a few hits.

"We, we will die! We will all die!"

A dwarf who climbed up the castle wall shivered his body.

The dwarves' number was approximately 24,000.

Even if Muyoung trained them, it wouldn't have the same effect on everyone.

There were going to be dwarves like him who didn't overcome their fear for the dragon.

As if he made a frantic last-ditch effort, he swayed the waters.

"Let's run away? Please? Logically, how can dwarves win against a dragon? No matter how much we try, our opponent is a dragon! Why do you think Bartas didn't fight it all this time? It all became strange after that dokkaebi appeared. Dragons and dwarves are different from birth…!"


Muyoung stabbed a sword into his mouth.


The moment the fallen dwarf was about to scream,

Muyoung quietly jumped up the castle wall.


And with the sword that was still stuck in the dwarf's mouth, he sliced off his head.

Soon, numerous specters went into his body through the open neck.


It popped.

The flesh pieces from the dead body scattered and spread all around them.

Beside it, Muyoung's image was as grotesque as ever.

'I can't have him reduce the fighting spirit.'

During a battle, he needed to kill his allies who lowered their fighting spirit.

No matter what the reason was.

All the dwarves who looked at Muyoung were shivering.

"Getting killed by the dragon is going to be less painful than to be killed by me. And it would be more honorable to die by fighting than to die while running away. It's your only chance to end this ill-fated relationship with the dragon. Are you going to run away this time as well?"

Muyoung spoke quietly but with strength.

"Are you planning to live the rest of your lives as slaves? Always remain as cowards, fugitives?! Fight. Battle. They are disregarding dwarves. They are mocking Heimdall's name. Even I, a dokkaebi, knows of this truth! But are you trying to turn your back on a chance that only came after a few hundred years?!"

"Damn it!"

"Bring more arrows!"

"How long before you bring me the large crossbow? Hurry and drag it here!"

"There, as if you shove it, move the cannon! Shove a cannon in its mouth!"

Dwarves were fired up.

Castle War.

Like the name itself.

If they were to lose now, there was no other chance.

All the dwarves knew of this truth.

It wasn't going to be solved even if they run away.

They needed to win.

That was the only way they could live.

Although they were vexed, Muyoung's words were all true.

Here, in the Underworld, the dwarves' standing was weak.

All the other species thought of dwarves as slaves or fugitives.

If they didn't get rid of their bad habit, their future was dark.

'The oil is poured.'

Dwarves were burning up fiercely.

If these flames would eliminate them or burn up even their opponent, he needed to wait and see how it goes.

Tacan led the mutants and moved.

Tacan, who was a death knight and an evil spirit predator, could place specters in mutants to strengthen them.

Since flame mutants were made by combining fire tars and avengers, they were enough to attack the enemies from behind.

'Calla, before he pops out, I need to secure my place here.'

The dragon hunt was also meaningful to Tacan.

The three sovereigns of Asura's Path.

Tacan was one of the three, but soon enough, the one called 'Calla' will show himself.

Calla was a sovereign that who was competing with Tacan.

Their relationship was extremely ill and they had the tendency to hate and have a grudge on each other even over little things.

If Calla was to hear that Tacan had killed a dragon before him, his expression would be nice to look at.

Even for the sake of watching that face, he needed to succeed in this dragon hunt.

The other sovereign…

'Muyoung, would he be able to awaken even him?'

Tacan thought of Muyoung.

And then shook his head.

Although Muyoung's soul was deeper and was more full of mysteries than anyone else, still he was skeptical.

He was the best out of all three sovereigns and was sealed in Asura's Path for eternity.

Due to the wrath of a god.

It was on a much different level than himself or Calla.

Even if it was Muyoung, he wouldn't be able to break his seal.

Tacan clicked his tongue.

After all, they were all useless thoughts.

Right now, it was time to attack the Dark Dragon Barca's back.


He swung his huge longsword once.

Then, a powerful wind-force sprang forth and sliced a wing of a wyvern in the air.

Afterwards, specters appeared on the both sides of Tacan and created a form of wings.

"Let's go."

The same form of wings was created for dozens of mutants and Cerberus.

They wouldn't last long but from the beginning, he wasn't planning to fight them for a long time.



With Cerberus releasing flames and lightning, the fight had started.

The walls the dwarves' made was stronger than it seemed.

It was also something that hurt Barca's pride.

However, it couldn't endlessly maintain its Dragon's Breath.


Eventually, Barca roared after it stopped its Dragon's Breath.

However, it didn't seem like it gave up.

With its claws, Barca grabbed a wyvern flying near it.

Crackle! Crack!

Then, it dumped it in its mouth and swallowed it whole.

Depending on the type, dragons had their special characteristic. If the Demon Dragon could handle the strength of darkness, the Dark Dragon Barca could 'absorb' health.

And Barca's absorb was superior than other dark dragons.

Crackle! Crack!

After swallowing numerous thunder bats, dark lightning raged around Barca.

It was so.

Barca was able to copy the ability of what it swallowed for a short period.

Even more, its destructive power was proportional to Barca's strength.

It was a variable even Muyoung couldn't think of.

It was Barca's authority that not even dwarves were well aware of.


Once again, Barca accumulated for its breath.

And with the strength of thunder and lightning, it poured its breath straight towards the wall.


Muyoung scrunched his eyebrows.

Out of 50 magical barriers, 30 of them were instantly destroyed.

Just after one shot, it happened as Barca used the strength of thunder and lightning with his Dragon's Breath.

'It was lunch.'

Muyoung noticed Barca's change at once.

And why he came with numerous of monsters.

Those monsters were all a lunch for Barca.

It was obvious that it purposely brought them in order to exhibit the characteristic of a dark dragon.

He never thought it could even copy the ability of the opponent it absorbed but it wasn't an all-around skill.

'It can't absorb two abilities at once and reproduce them.'

Wyverns' were oddly a monster with earth attributes rather than the wind.

However, Barca only exhibited lightning attributes.

It meant that it could only copy one type of ability at a time.

Without copying, it couldn't easily destroy the magical barriers with his breath.

What should he do…

Muyoung rubbed his chin.

Zap! Zeezap!

"Yeow, it hurts! Hing. Why is it suddenly acting like this?"

At that moment, Woohee shivered her whole body and let out her dissatisfaction.

It was just that the metals that Woohee were wearing were creating an odd reaction.

He wasn't sure where she got them from but static was continuously arising from the metals.

After looking at the scene, Muyoung quickly turned his head.

"Bring me iron pillars now!"

And ordered the dwarves nearby.

Dwarves moved orderly and brought out numerous steel pillars that were approximately 2m tall.

Muyoung, who saw them, gave out his next order.

"Distribute and place the pillars on top of the castle walls. You must place them widely apart from one another."

"Is there a reason why you place these there?"

"I have no time to explain. Hurry!"

Muyoung was after lightning rods.

Lightning and thunder could only react to metal conductors and the lightning rods that were placed in different areas would divide the strength of the lightning and thunder.

Dwarves also knew of its principle but because they were so lost in this battle they just weren't able to realize it.

After a while, the lightning rods were placed in different areas of the castle walls and the strength of the lightning and thunder subsided.

"The attack has weakened!"

"The pillars are working!"

The spirit of the dwarves' rose once more.

Then, as if the dark dragon also realized something odd, it stopped its breath for a moment.

'It is probably planning to eat up other monsters.'

For now, they were done defending against thunder and lightning attributes.

However, there was still earth attributes which the wyverns had and the wind attributes from wind rides."

However, both attributes were weak against one attribute.

'Earth and wind attributes are all weak against dark attributes.'

That was the interrelations between attributes.

And darkness was a field Muyoung was most confident with.

'It will be a muddy fight.'

Before all the magical barriers got destroyed, he was planning to reduce Barca's power to the best he could.

And to do this, he was prepared to even enter the mud.


He took out his sword.

Now, it was time for Muyoung to take an active part.

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