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Chapter 96: On a Different Level (1)

TL: Yoni

Editor: Lesurous



Although Muyoung said it was a heart, it was more close to a gem.

Fitting its name as Dark Dragon, it was a black hexagonal shaped treasure.

The size was at most one span wide.

However, it couldn’t be ignored.

It shined like the Star of David and although its main body had died, it was a source of life that continued to pump!

An infinite amount of magical power was stored inside.

Dragon’s heart wasn’t also called the ‘Gem of the Sage’ for no reason.

‘The ones who have the dragon’s heart. Nine out of ten died.’

It was accepted as a fact of life.

Dragon’s heart was really rare but when it rarely did appear, the owner always changed.

Even if they did swallow it themselves, they wouldn’t win out against the strength of the heart and their body would burst.

It was truly something that they weren’t willing to keep or give up.

Muyoung slowly reached his hand out and held the heart.

Ba-dum! Ba-dum!

He couldn’t tell if it was the sound of his heart or the sound of the dragon’s heart.

Muyoung was captivated by its strange light.

However, his mind wasn’t overwhelmed. As his mind enhanced, Muyoung’s eyes became colder.

“Is that the dragon’s heart?”

Tacan approached him. Thankfully, he and Cerberus seemed to have escaped the danger of the Demon Dragon Lethal Cannon.

However, Tacan was different from Muyoung.

He was drawn to the appeal of the dragon’s heart.

Tacan looked at the treasure Muyoung was holding with eyes that were overflowing with greed.

“Really… it really is beautiful. It seems like it’s worth more than any treasure on Asura’s Path. It’s like an artwork make by a god.”

Tacan started to move as he was drawn to the heart.

For this reason, nine out of ten people die after they receive the dragon’s heart.

The magical power that came out of the heart had charmed everyone around it.

It was truly a poisonous flower itself.


Muyoung put the heart away and took out Anguish.

Even though his left arm was gone, he was still able to perform 80% of his abilities.

Assassins had to know how to deal with all types of situations and had to be prepared even with so many restrictions.

His fighting abilities didn’t drastically decrease just because he lost an arm.


“Let me just look at it. I just want to see it closer.”

“I told you to stop.”


In time, Muyoung’s sword had touched Tacan’s soul.

Through Soul Exploitation effect, Muyoung was able to see the soul of the undead he created.

Tacan moved his gaze to Muyoung.

As if he was asking the question if Muyoung was going to really slice his soul.

If Muyoung could really do well without his help!

Within a short amount of time, Tacan really did give Muyoung a lot of help.

Even looking further, there will be countless times where his strength would be needed.

However, Tacan soon realized that his thoughts were a mistake.

Muyoung’s hand moved a little closer.

Muyoung’s eyes didn’t flicker.

He wasn’t one to hesitate about slicing someone.

He was totally heartless and cold. Tacan’s body shivered as he looked at Muyoung’s eyes.



How is it that I see his image overlap with him?

The king of every kind of dokkaebi!

How was it that the appearance of the god who locked him up in Asura’s Path was projected?

Cruel, violent, and completely arrogant, but a ruler with undeniable strength, how could he!

Tacaan stopped his footsteps.

His affection towards the dragon’s heart disappeared.

“For a moment, I was blinded.”

Finally, Tacan regained control of himself.

His voice had a strong hint of regret.

Although there was no expression, Muyoung thought Tacan’s face was quite wrinkled up.

For someone who is called a sovereign to lose his control over just a treasure, it seemed to have hurt his pride.

Tacan asked as he took a step back.

“That treasure makes everything go crazy. How are you going to manage it?”


Muyoung sheathed back Anguish.

“I’m going to swallow it.”

“Your body will not be able to cope with the magical power of the treasure. You should know better yourself.”

He knew. But, he was willing to still try.

If he was to achieve 2nd metamorphosis, it was possible that his body will regenerate.

It might be safer to create an equipment with the dragon’s heart to substitute for his left arm, but that wasn’t enough.

Muyoung had a lot of greed.

‘If I am to eat the dragon’s heart, I will lose or gain it all. One of the two.’

Through the dragon’s heart, he was going to attempt to regenerate his body.

Also, it was told that if someone was successful in accepting a dragon’s heart, there was a low chance of achieving a skill related to a dragon’s ability.

Muyoung moved without speaking.

The war has not ended yet.



– What do you think?

– Are you talking about the Gem of the Sage he earned?

– If he was to swallow it, he wouldn’t survive. It is a future that is already decided.

– It’s not like he is our only candidate. It’s poison to collect all strengths in one direction. The student Merlin just took in, I like him.

– Merlin? Ahh, the magician in the Blue Temple. However, that guy is half evil. We can’t trust him.

– How about the girl who is the successor of light?

– She also did have quite the potential. If we help her to learn the instructions on light, she is easily able to become a saint. As I recall, didn’t she have connections with the Death Lord’s messenger?

– Stop! People, my messenger did not die yet. And as a reward, we could give him something that could neutralize the dragon’s heart!

– Death Lord, are you saying we should give him the Potion of God? It is prohibited to give such a favour.

– Even with my name on the line? I am the Incarnate of Death, Arta-

– Stop! It is against the law to mention your true name. If your mind is that determined, then release the restriction Death Lord. If I remember correctly, we each had authority to change matters of the other world.  Death Lord, I believe you still have one chance left?

– …Spirit Sovereign, you bastard.

– It doesn’t seem like you are willing to release the restriction. Now, let’s discuss what reward we are going to give him. Since he did have a crucial role in killing the dragon and winning the castle war, I’m thinking of giving him the Spirit Baron, what do you guys think?

– Spirit Baron! Are you talking about that taboo spirit?

– It’s more than enough as a reward.

– Then, I will understand that everyone besides Death Lord accepts.

– Wait.

– King Slayer, what is it?

– That restriction, I will release it.

– …you will?

– Is it that surprising?

– You have never released the restriction before. Although others used it at least once.

– I just never had a reason to use it. And Muyoung didn’t know how to use my strength properly. I will use this opportunity to show him.

– What does he have that makes you, King Slayer, obsess about? Although the human called Muyoung is great, he is still just a human. Isn’t he not that big of a deal for you, the noblest knight, to obsess about?

– He told me. He will not break. I just thought it was a waste for him to die now. Also…

– Also?

– There is something I need to check in person.



All the dwarves cried out loud.

That they had won!

They had ended the few hundreds of years of vice.

The death of Dark Dragon Barca would not end as just a death of one dragon.

Other dragons will know of this truth and dwarves would no longer need to be fugitives.

“Dragon Slayer!”

“Dragon Slayer-!”

However, someone else was a critical role in their victory.

Dwarves all gathered around Muyoung.

Muyoung raised Anguish up high.

At the same time.



First to be activated was the King Slaughterer effect.

Before, when he killed the lizard king, his strength went up by 5 but this was an increase incomparable.

It seemed like all dragons were acknowledged as kings.

It meant that it would still work if he was to kill another dragon.

Then, another message appeared.


This was also expected

Since it wasn’t the first time Muyoung had hunted the dragon.

Out of the top 10 humans, about half of them had experience in hunting dragons.

The achievement effect Muyoung earned right now was the same for them.

Just, it was different how they hunted dragons after they became strong but Muyoung was successful when all his abilities were quite lacking.

Although it was due to the Demon Dragon Lethal Cannon, Muyoung still took part in all of the process.

Killing many birds with one stone.

He had hunted a dragon and had gained both the King Slayer’s effect and the achievement effect at once.

If there was something different, King Slayer raised his pure stats while the achievement effect raised his supporting stats. But, right now, it wasn’t important.

What Muyoung was waiting for was ‘their’ evaluation.

The Masters of Darkness made up of 11 individuals.

The reward he received depending on their evaluation could not be ignored.




On one hand, greaves were created.

It seemed like the greaves matched his breastplate as if they were naturally a pair.

As Muyoung concentrated on the equipment, information regarding it appeared.


Name: Greaves of Destruction (Baron)

Rank: A+++

Classification: Equippable type

Endurance: 100,000

Effect: Greaves possessed by a Spirit Baron.

* Agility +20

* Stamina +20

* Intelligence +30

* The Spirit Baron can be summoned. The taboo Spirit Baron attacks without separating enemies from allies. It is highly likely that it will attack the user first.

** All of the Spirit Baron’s stats are determined by doubling of the user’s intelligence (at most 500).


Stats were prominent but the last effect was a double-edged sword.

Spirit Baron.

It was a name he hadn’t heard of but if it was affected by his intelligence, it seems like it was considered as a type of skill.

‘I understand why destruction is part of its name.’

Still, it said that there was a high chance it would attack the user.

If he had the confidence of fleeing after summoning it, it seemed like it could surely be used as a bomb.

Muyoung removed the Kneeguard of Fresh Blood and wore his greaves.

Dwarves were instantly confused but Muyoung didn’t care.

Then, he turned on his Status Viewer.

He wanted to check his final completed stats.


Achievement Effect –>

Star of Purity (S, All stats +20, Waking phase of the Absolute)

Dragon Hunter (A++, All stats +20. Out of the dragon’s influence)

Oom (A+, strength +10. Ruler of dokkaebis)

Gremory’s Anguish (A, +3 to all abilities)

Asura’s Vassal (A, The strength to deal with spirit’s and devil’s power, Spirit Ability increased by ’10’.)

Soulmate (B+, From now on, if you commune with an undead, the undead’s stats will slightly increase permanently.)

Descendant of Murlocs (B+, Increased growth of murlocs.)

Fairy’s Blessing (B, Allows fairies to feel familiar with the user.)


Class Effect ->

Death Lord (Lord Class, Ruler of Death)

King Slayer (Lord Class, Slayer of Kings)

Strength 221 (115 + 106)   Agility 196 (109 + 87)

Stamina 181 (94 + 87)   Intelligence 157 (90 + 67)

Wisdom 157 (90 + 67)   Fighting Aura 164 (66 + 98)

Magic Resistance 212 (54 + 158)   Spirit Ability 111 (53 + 58)

Special Note: Fighting Aura has been awakened. Completed the 1st metamorphosis.  You have accomplished Three Flowers Condensing onto the Head and Five Qi and have realized purity.

Equipped and Invoked Equipment:

Anguish (Strength +14, Ogre’s Cruelty)

Lunatic Sovereign’s Set (All Stats +15, Stamina +10)

Immortal King’s Breastplate (Strength +15, Fighting Aura +30, Stamina +50, Magic resistance +80, set equipment)

Wicked Belt (Intelligence & Wisdom +4, all undead are strengthened by 5%)

Hermes’s Boots (Agility +15, 3 seconds of acceleration)

Skull Accessory (Strength +19, Agility +4)

Greaves of Destruction – Baron (Agility and Stamina +20, Intelligence +30, Summon Baron)

Wicked God’s Sword (Fighting Aura +20, Cry of Battle)

Contempt for the Weak (Magic Resistance +30, Extortion of Energy, Set Equipment)

Starlight (Star of the Absolute – All abilities +10, Star looter, Absolute’s Territory)


As the King Slayer and Dragon Hunter effects overlapped, he was able to supplement for the most chronic problem of his intelligence and wisdom.

For an explorer who hasn’t been here for even a year, it was a condition no one would believe.

No matter how fast, it would take about 5 years. No, something that needs at least 10 years. Muyoung completed this in less than a year.

‘Still lacking.’

However, Muyoung was thirsty.

It was still far for him to handle everything alone.

Muyoung’s goal wasn’t to be in the top 10 humans.

He wanted to be the absolute who could win against Demon Kings and Demon Gods alone!

For him to accomplish this, he needed to go faster.

‘I will use the little wish to swallow the dragon’s heart.’

And Muyoung held the way to take a leap forward.

The dragon’s heart. Through it, he was going to get stronger.



The world would change.

And in it, there was a woman.

No, there had to be one. If, it was as usual.

Little wish. The tool that would let out a fake image of an angel to grant a small wish.

However, the one that appeared wasn’t a fake angel or a blue background.

“…who are you?”


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