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Muyoung laughed quietly.

He made Baltan and Seohan go to Ogar and ask for his help but there was honestly only a fifty-fifty chance.

Compared to other fire tars, he was definitely someone who knew honor and friendship. However, since Ogar had already helped him once, Muyoung wasn’t sure if he would help him a second time.

However, Ogar dropped whatever he was doing and ran to help Muyoung.

It seemed the help Muyoung gave in solving the problem with the Poom Tree was still effective.

Due to Ogar who suddenly appeared, the expression of the fire tar chieftain could only harden.

“Stop the fight, Gram.”

After arriving at the battlefield, Ogar took out his spear and spoke.

Then, the fire tar chieftain called Gram looked at Ogar and shook his head.

“Isn’t it Ogar, the vice chieftain of the Thornbush tribe. But, for what reason are you here? Your tribe has already moved from here quite a while ago.”

Gram squinted.

As if he couldn’t understand why on earth Ogar would show up.

However, it couldn’t be helped.

It wouldn’t be easy to think that a fire tar, known to be a fire warrior, would come all the way here to help a mere dokkaebi.

Even more, Ogar was the vice chieftain of a tribe.

And he was the vice chieftain of the strongest tribe near this area.

Ogar spoke briskly.

“The small dokkaebi in front of you is our savior.”

“Our savior?”

Gram’s expression hardened even further.

He said ‘we’ not ‘I’.

It meant that the entire Thornbush tribe regarded the one dokkaebi as their savior.

This was much harder for Gram to understand.

Gram didn’t know that Muyoung solved the chronic problem regarding the Poom Tree.

However, Ogar wasn’t planning on explaining step-by-step to help him understand.

“If you decide to persecute our savior, I will face you with my spear.”

Ogar twirled his huge spear. The fire on his body moved to the spear and showed his gallant spirit to those all around him.

It was much stronger than the flames of any other fire tars currently here.

Still, he couldn’t hastily move first.

The Thornbush tribe was a huge group that monopolized the Poom Tree. From the fire tar groups nearby, it could only be one that stood out the most.

And among them, the vice chieftain and the chieftain could easily fight against a top ranked monster.

The fire tars who surpassed the limits of fire tars.

The high rank’s and the top rank’s difference was substantial.

And even among the top rank, their difference was even greater.

The top ranked species were greatly divided into 5 stages and Ogar was definitely strong to be able to be in the 2ndstage.

‘It’s the reason why others didn’t trespass fire tar’s territory.’

Fire tars were overall considered as ‘high rank monsters’, but strong, top ranked fire tars appeared from time-to-time that others didn’t disturb them.

Also, among the top class, if they surpass the 5th stage, they were called the ‘transcendental beings’ but it was rare for a normal monster that wasn’t a Demon King or a Demon God to be part of that group.

Magical dragons with a name or legendary monsters might be part of the transcendental beings.

It would be the same if they were to consider humans.

Normally, they said top 10 humans were transcendental beings but strictly saying, they were in the middle of transcendental beings and the 5th stage of the top rank.

This was just a ranking system which humans made and for this reason, it was understandable that they treated humans to be a higher rank than monsters.

Either way, Ogar was a strong individual included in the top rank and if anyone was to fight with him, they would be harmed considerably.

“Ogar, even though you are strong, do you think you could deal with all of us?”

However, Gram didn’t fall back.

It was also impossible for Ogar to handle all 50 fire tars alone.

It would be the same if he was to combine strength with dokkaebis.

On the contrary, he was about to explode.

The veins in Gram’s forehead and neck bulged.

How much did they disregard him to send just Ogar!?

It was at that moment.

Muyoung coldly spoke as he smiled coldly.

“How long are you going to just watch?”

“…The situation is getting interesting.”


The Evil Spirit Predator showed up riding the cerberus up above the sky.

Originally, the cerberus didn’t have the ability to fly but after the Evil Spirit Predator added his authority to his ride, an ability it didn’t have has been added.

On both sides of cerberus, the wings made out of evil spirit soared out.

The dokkaebis started to become noisy.

“That, that is, cerberus?”

“Why would that kind of monster, show up all of a sudden? Why?”

The situation occurred as no dokkaebi beside the slaves from the arena saw the Evil Spirit Predator.

As cerberus approached, the sounds of murmur increased.

However, the cerberus didn’t pose any action besides standing right beside Muyoung.

Instead, the Evil Spirit Predator who rode on top spoke.

“Muyoung, it is now okay to show my appearance, right?”

“I called you because it was okay, you stupid.”

“Shut up before I knit your lips, fairy.”

“Gosh! Husband, did you hear him? This skeleton said he is going to knit Woohee’s lips. Oh, my! How scary~”

Woohee who quarreling with the Evil Spirit Predator quickly went up to Muyoung and flew around him.

Afterwards, she hid behind Muyoung and stuck her tongue out to provoke the Evil Spirit Predator.

The Evil Spirit Predator clicked his tongue and turned his head.


“The cerberus and the fairy follows our Oom!”

“Dear Oom!”

During the time, the noise became greater and their spirit instantly rose.

The fairy was known to only follow heroes.

Even more, since another  top ranked monster was also with Muyoung, they couldn’t be more reassured.

‘For the slaves to adjust, I needed to hide the Evil Spirit Predator.’

There was a simply reason why he hid cerberus and the Evil Spirit Predator.

It was to make over 2,000 slaves adapt to the territory.

It would take time for them to accept the dokkaebis and the humans but to add on top a monster like this, their confusion would only accelerate.

That was why an appropriate amount of time was needed for them to naturally accept what was going on but due to the fire tars’ invasion, that period of time had been moved up.

However, it wasn’t bad.

Muyoung spoke towards Gram.

“I wonder if you are assured of your victory even now.”


Gram who was lost in words moved his eyes and looked at the Evil Spirit Predator.

He knew right away that the Evil Spirit Predator was a bigger problem than the cerberus.

The Evil Spirit Predator was a strong enough to face Ogar.

Gram’s rate of victory of an all-out war dropped below half.

Muyoung also knew well of this.

“You… kicked a warrior from our tribe.”

Gram spoke with difficulty.

Then, Muyoung scoffed at him.

“He and I had a proper duel. However, you guys didn’t fulfill your promise. I definitely told you guys to get lost and leave my territory. Gram, what you did was no more and no less than an invasion.”

They didn’t even have a cause.

He was just being obstinate.

But, Gram continued to play innocent.

“It is different from the story I heard. Didn’t you first attack our warriors?”

At the same time, the dokkaebis all backlashed.

“You, who is lost to all sense of shame!”

“What nonsense are you speaking?! Don’t insult our Oom!”

“A few thousand dokkaebis saw it, as well as the heavens!”

He spoke a lie without even changing his expression.

Gram spoke more calmly.

“Ruler of dokkaebis. When there is no way to reduce the gaps of their difference of opinions, there is a very easy way to solve it. Would you listen to my suggestion?”

“Are you talking about 1 vs. 1 fight?”

“You’re correct. As we are both in the position of a ruler, we each place our worth equally and fight. There is no easier way than this.”


“Why must I do this?”

Muyoung instantly replied.

It seemed like Gram thought Muyoung would accept the duel he suggested.

However, Muyoung seemed elated.

Why would he go around when there was a clear way?


Anguish and Wicked God’s Sword started to ring violently.

Specters came out and a strange cry was created.

“This is my land. The way we fight is decided upon me.”

Muyoung was firm on his will.

And right now, when Ogar was willing to help, this was his golden opportunity.

A chance to wipe out the fire tars who dominated the surrounding territory and to take control of it!

There is going to be a loss, but he couldn’t just let go of this chance.

As Gram seemed urgent in his expression, Muyoung raised his sword and quietly spoke.

“Wipe out all intruders who entered without my permission.”



The words of an intruder who had no cause were obvious.

At least for this fight, Muyoung had a cause.

Since it was a king’s duty to fight intruders and protect the land.

After the appearance of Ogar, the victory was already swaying towards Muyoung.

Including Gram, the 50 fire tars were all annihilated and Muyoung devised a way to use these corpses.

Of course, it should be refrained from the place Ogar was at.

However, Muyoung had full authority over these corpses.

After moving the corpses to a different place, he used the Art of Death skill.


<50 fire tars have transformed into an undead!>

<‘Fire Ghoul’ is created!>


A combination of undead?

Muyoung recollected the dream he had about the Death Lord.

At that time, the Death Lord mixed different corpses to produce an undead of a strange appearance.

A different skill wasn’t added but seemed like a subordinate Art of Death skill came up.

‘I must combine it with the Prince and the Avengers.’

Muyoung instantly remembered the other ghouls.

If it was possible to strengthen it, he needed to take care of the Avengers first.

They were all his comrades from the Forest of Death but it was true that they were the ones that fell behind the most among the undead Muyoung created.

‘Reconstruction of Death.’

It was Muyoung’s biggest strength to not hesitate.

He instantly acted on what was on his mind.

Soon, the soul floated above the Avenger’s and the Fire Ghoul’s head.



By the look of it, it seemed like it would be combined with a focus on the ‘main’ undead.

Without hesitation, Muyoung chose the Avenger.

This was because by simply looking at the fighting power, the fire ghoul’s was higher but when thinking of its usefulness, the Avenger was the best.


Afterwards, the Avenger’s and the Fire Ghoul’s body were combined into one.

Bones and skins were all starting to be recreated.

And Muyoung was amazed by its final form.


<‘Blazing Avenger’ is created.>


Level: 131

Type: Flame Mutant

Strength 145

Agility 137

Stamina 95

Intelligence 79

Wisdom 80

Dark Air Current 148

Fire Power 150

Magic Resistance 130

Infection ability 90>

+Really high Dark Resistance

+Can move quickly in darkness

+Dark Binding, Shadow Hide, Critical Damage, Flood of Fire, and Mountain of Fire skills are usable

+As the Dark Air Current gets higher, it gets closer to ‘Darkness’

+High resistance to fire

+It can get stronger by absorbing darkness and fire

Blazing Avenger!

A doll that was completely black like shadows with soft flames above its head.

The size was reduced but when thinking of its usefulness this was much better.

From the start, it was made into an undead out of a high rank species, and since it wasn’t in a good condition, this was the limit but it wasn’t bad at all.

It gained the potential to develop and had both opposing aspects of darkness and fire.


Muyoung nodded his head.

He could say that he earned an undead that was greater than his expectations.

The undead’s overall fighting power has increased about 30%.

Muyoung instantly made the undead into a talisman.

Fortunately, since mutants were developing types of zombies, it was still able to get the effect of the Prince and the Avengers.

On top, even if their appearance has changed, it wasn’t good for it to be seen by Ogar.

‘After managing the territory, I will go search for the Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance.’

Muyoung squeezed his fist tightly.

He planned to move after recovering from the aftermath of the battle.

He couldn’t just continue to leave the materials to rust.

The Heart of the Phoenix, dragon bones, Piece of the Earth Dragon’s Skin, Fairy’s Wing Powder, and even the Night Crystal!

He couldn’t wait to use these materials to make equipment.

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