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Chapter 85: Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance (2)

TL: Yoni

Editor: adkji



It was impossible for different types of species to live harmoniously from the beginning. That was why it was necessary to divide areas and completely acknowledge each of their territories.

Fortunately, the one who placed great influence on the others was Kalmooh. He already knew different forms of buildings depending on the species and reconstructed them outstandingly.

It took around 2 months for the open land to develop into territory-like form.

It was truly a busy time where everyone had to rest in places with low walls.

A castle of Muyoung was also built rather well.

It was still incomparable to other castles in other large cities, but it was a place where the dwarf’s skills were beautifully displayed. The structure of the castle and its magnificence were incomparable to any other.

‘Lords are people who rule over others.’

Muyoung went up the top of the castle and looked down.


Never in the world did he think that he would seriously ponder about this position.

Even in the beginning, didn’t he think of it as a position that he would just pass by?

However, it was different now.

Presently, there was a reason for him to widen his territory and become a great lord.

‘Demon God of Gremory… I need to prove myself of that position.’

To go to the next step, he needed to develop his territory above a duchy.

That meant, when his territory became so large that it would bother other demons with territories, a new problem would appear.

And besides the qualifications of a Demon King, Muyoung’s doubts increased.

Demon God’s ecology and what happened before the great calamity.

If he could just find out about them, he might be able to change the future.

“Dear Oon. I think you need to come out for a second.”

Just then, Seohan ran with cold sweat running down his back.

“What’s wrong?”

As Muyoung asked, Seohan kneeled before he replied.

“Fire tars came down.”

“Fire tars?”

“Yes, it seems like when we were expanding our territory, we slightly trespassed their territory. If we continued like this, it seemed like there was going to be an all-out war so…”

Fire tars were giants.

They were top ranked predators and were monsters that destroyed everything.

If they crossed the territory of the fire tars, who were the main culprit of ecological destruction, things would not end easily.

‘Fire tars are divided into tribes.’

Muyoung thought of Ogar.

He was successful in solving the problem about the Poom tree and winning his favor, but the tribe Ogar was the vice chieftain of was located quite far from this place.

That meant it was highly likely that another fire tar tribe was nearby.

Muyoung knitted his brows.

Normal dokkaebis were unable to win against the fire tars.

It was the same even if duaxinis were to face them. From the start, their chemistry was very bad.

The fire tars were able to handle fire and, naturally, fires were a type of fear to living things.

“I understand.”

Muyoung nodded his head and then turned his body.

To somewhat settle the dispute, it seemed like he needed to move.



A few thousand dokkaebis felt their body trembling.

Though he had actively hunted monsters and increased his territory up until now, no matter how great his numbers are, in front of the fire tars, they were like mice in front of cats.

Only about 10 fire tars looked at the dokkaebis with a frown on their face.

There were already dead corpses of dokkaebi rolling around.

It seemed as if the fire tars had killed them to be set as examples of sinners.

Muyoung looked at the scene and inwardly clicked his tongue.

‘It doesn’t seem like their goal is to wipe everyone here.’

If that was their plan, they would have annihilated a few thousand dokkaebis without mercy.

Muyoung knew very well that fire tars were cruel massacres.

And as expected, they were fire tars he never saw.

They were completely different tribe than the Ogar he was familiar with.

“Are you the king of these dokkaebis?”


Among the fire tars, the one that seemed to be the leader stood in front of Muyoung.

He tried to scare Muyoung with his threatening footsteps but Muyoung didn’t even budge.


He realistically calculated.

He came to a conclusion that he could take one as a result.

If a few thousand dokkaebis assembled with Muyoung and reinforcements arrived, there would be casualties, but it wasn’t impossible to catch 10 fire tars.

It meant he had nothing to lose.

If the fire tars had a brain, they wouldn’t try to have an all out war.

Most of all, since they killed dokkaebis just as examples, they probably wanted something else.

“That’s right.”

As Muyoung nodded, the fire tar spoke.

“Your dokkaebis trespassed our territory. Normally, it was our rule to kill them all but we didn’t. Do you know why?”

“Are you wanting a deal?”

“We seem to speak the same language. You’re right. We know that you have developed this land and made a castle. Likewise, I want you to build a castle for us, fire tars. Then, I will let go of what has happened.”

Muyoung inwardly snorted.

The reason why they didn’t invade and wanted another one built was because the walls and and structure was too small for the fire tars.

However, it was utter nonsense.

Even with tens of thousands of dokkaebis and everyone joined together, he didn’t know how long it would take to build a castle the fire tars would be satisfied with.

For them to ask him to complete it was no different from asking them to become their slaves.

‘This is why dwarves hid underground.’

Dwarves were born to be experts in architecture.

However, since their fighting power were terrible, they were used by all kinds of monsters and then died off.

They could only live by hiding if they didn’t want to be used by others.

Likewise, it was like having flies come nearby wanting the castle Muyoung had made.

Fire tars liked to hunt but hated to build anything.


Muyoung took out Anguish and his Wicked God’s Sword.

“I request for a duel. If you win, I will make you a castle but, if I win, get lost.”

It was the most reasonable and rational way.

The fire tars spoke noisily.

They had never thought that he wouldn’t back down and fight back like this.

Since all dokkaebis would feel fear against the fire tars.

However, Muyoung was an exception.

“…Alright. Daring fellow, I will make you regret it.”

One of the 10 fire tars, the one that seemed to be their leader, took out a huge spear from his back.

Muyoung shrugged his shoulders and faced the fire tar.

‘This is fine.’

He knew a problem like this would happen eventually.

It was impossible to ravage the Demon God’s Territory with only 20,000 dokkaebis.

If it wasn’t now, he would have faced a true predator in time.

It would be easier to think that it has been moved forward.

‘Although, it would have been impossible if it was the past.’

Muyoung calmed himself.

Compared to when he first arrived in the Demon God’s Territory, his current strength was incomparable.

Now, if he displayed his full strength, he could do something about one fire tar.


The fire tar burned his flames more intensely.


Muyoung also activated his Cry of Fire as he grinned.

Flames were bigger than fire tar’s!

The fire tar’s expression was solid.

Muyoung showed them that they weren’t the only ones that could handle fire and really got on their nerves.

On top of that…

‘Territory proclamation.’

The sky became slightly darker and from a far, a red star started to shine.

There was no need differentiate between night and day.

Since the red star burned fiercely in the sky no matter if it was night or day.

“You use strange tricks. But, you still can’t beat me!”


The spear dug up the ground.

Muyoung started to move by riding the spear shaft.

It wasn’t possible to win?

That wasn’t something he hadn’t heard before, but the ones that said those words had all died by Muyoung’s hand.


The fire tar’s upper body fell to the floor.

The fight settled after about 30 minutes later.

Everyone’s eyes widened.

Without a distinction between fire tars and dokkaebis.

There was no dokkaebi that could win against a fire tar, one on one. This was the same for duaxinis.

“Ahh, dear Oom!”

“Dear Oom!”

To the one that claimed the territory of the fire tars, the dokkaebis felt a surge, kneeled, and idolized him further.

Muyoung, who didn’t care what they were doing, went up to the fire tar who fell to the floor and placed Anguish by his neck before he spoke carefreely.

“The win has been decided. If you are going to continue, I will slice your neck like this.”

“Kill me! I can’t bare this humiliation…”



There was no mercy.

Muyoung coldly stabbed the fire tar’s neck and twisted it.

He completely detached his head and then looked at the rest of the nine fire tars.

“What are you going to do now? Are you going to take back on your promise?”

The fire tars looked at each other and discussed.

In time, one of them nodded his head and took the head and the body of the dead fire tar.

“Like we promised, we will let you pass for today.”

“Like you promised? I specifically told you to get lost.”

The fire tars didn’t reply.

Instead, they slowly backed away and made distance with Muyoung.

Then, Seohan approached.

“Now, all the dokkaebis saw that fire tars are no longer an opponent to be feared upon. Please, allow me to track them down.”

“Leave them.”

However, Muyoung shook his head.

Even if there were only nine, they were still equal to thousands of dokkaebis.




From afar, he heard a horse cry.

It was the Hellhorse.

If it was the Hellhorse, it could easily cook up nine fire tars.

However, he only had 2 chances left.

He needed to use them more carefully, and even if he killed those nine fire tars, it would not end there.

Instead, it was best to prepare with the time on hand.

‘They will invade some time later on.’

The fire tars showed no signs that they were just going to back off.

It was a big mistake to think of them as Ogar in the past.

It was a mistake to think of them as warriors that knew of their honor.

Only Ogar and his tribe were friendly.

Of course, he wasn’t planning to back away like this.

Muyoung’s eyes sunk deeply.



It was as expected.

Exactly 4 days later, the fire tars invaded their territory and entered.

Their numbers were exactly 50.

“Dokkaebis! I will give you one last chance. If you want to live, hand over your king!”

All 50 fire tars were holding a weapon.

They had the strength to raze the territory.

“Narrow-minded bastards…”

“Without a change in your facial color, you calmly speak a lie, huh?”

The dokkaebis who faced them started to mumble with each other.

Oom was a dokkaebi of prophecy.

Even if they were to be annihilated, there was no way they would pass over Muyoung to the fire tars.

However, it was also true that the results were clear.

Even if 20,000 dokkaebis gathered, they couldn’t win against 50 fire tars.

The fire tars were that much of a top predator.

Muyoung took out Anguish and Wicked God’s Sword and passed by these dokkaebis.

“Dear Oom. You don’t have to come forward.”

“He is right. Leave this place to us…”

Muyoung coldly spoke.


All the dokkaebis closed their mouth after Muyoung’s word.

However, it was necessary. Muyoung could only stand up in this current situation.

“You voluntarily showed up. Do you change your mind now?”

It was probably the chieftain.

A fire tar larger than other fire tars spoke to Muyoung.

“I will give you one last chance. Get lost.”

Muyoung replied calmly.

The fire tar chieftain became furious.

“There is no victory for you guys. If you continue, you would only be massacred indiscriminately. I only let you guys live because I looked highly at your hand craftship.”

“There is no victory? That’s what I have to say.”

Muyoung’s expression didn’t change.

Afterwards, Muyoung looked at a far and lifted up a side of his lips.

“You guys are greatly mistaken us. Do you think we just made up of dokkaebis?”

“What are you talking about?”

The chieftain was doubtful and spoke, but Muyoung didn’t reply.

However, his gaze was still looking at a far.

He could sense a trace of undead Baltan not too far from this place.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Soon, chieftain could understand the meaning behind Muyoung’s word.

From a far, Baltan, Seohan, and a huge fire tar was running towards them.

Muyoung knew very well of the fire tar who was approaching them.


Perhaps the only great warrior who knows of Muyoung’s true identity had appeared.

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