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It was a great battle they fought after creating the territory.

It would be a lie if they said there was no damage.

About 4,000 dokkaebis died and about double the number suffered critical wounds.

They acquired larger land but they didn’t have enough numbers to occupy the space.

They couldn’t be sure that a situation like this wouldn’t happen again.

He needed to make sure that defending troops were always on call.

Even if they were to block trespassers as efficiently as they could, there was a limit with their current number.

When Muyoung was planning to continue his thoughts, Ogar came to him.

“Haha! Were you well until now?”

“Thank you for helping.”

“This is nothing. Since you are truly our savior. By the way…”

With half-closed eyes, he studied Muyoung and then tilted his head.

“As if you have decided, but haven’t, it’s uncertain.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Your true appearance.”


Muyoung nodded his head.

When he last parted with Ogar, Ogar said, “if we ever do meet again, that time make sure you know what you are”.

It was probably because he knew that Muyoung was a human.

He was probably questioned since Muyoung had the appearance of a dokkaebi.

He meant for Muyoung to choose between a human or a dokkaebi but Muyoung didn’t care.

The Star of Absolute that floats in the sky is where Muyoung’s purity lied.

“Is my appearance important?”

Muyoung firmly spoke.

By looking at Muyoung’s entrenched attitude, Ogar’s eyes shined.

Ogar thought that Muyoung would choose one or the other but Muyoung gave an alternate answer.

It was something even Ogar didn’t expect.

“You’re right, appearance isn’t important. Haha! Are you already enlightened to that point? It’s truly a scary speed of development.”

Ogar laughed outright.

He was already treating Muyoung as his ‘close friend’.

Besides thinking of him as his savior, he felt a sense of closeness to Muyoung who was walking a lonely path of a warrior.

Although it has only been a few months, Muyoung pioneered his own path.

Although Ogar, himself, had induced his awakening but that just slightly opened up his possibilities.

‘It was a good thing that I finished the work quietly.’

Muyoung secretly bagged the corpses of fire tars and made them into undead.

Afterwards, he quickly made them into a talisman to hide their appearance.

If Ogar saw this, it would be hard to expect his current friendly attitude.

“Ogar, could you protect my territory?”

What’s more, Muyoung added another favor.

The current situation of his territory was at its worst.

Half of the dokkaebis who were supposed to be working hard were unable to move due to this battle so the gap was clearly visible.

The territory just began to build structure and was still at the early stages.

However, Muyoung couldn’t continue to be tied up at the territory.

He needed to at least make defenses before he left but with just Baltan and a few undead, he was lacking.

So, he concluded that he needed Ogar’s help.

“The territory? Where are you planning to go?”

“That’s right. However, the period of absence won’t be long.”

This was no more than a measure of insurance just in case.

However, since the fire tars disappeared, numerous monsters might come after and attack this place.

Ogar brushed his chin while he spoke.

“This is quite an interesting place. Although it is only a start, I have never seen different types of species living together in one place.”

“Ogar, if it wasn’t for you, I would have denied all of this.”

Muyoung was certain.

Since, the majority were negative about that many species being associated with each other.

At least to Muyoung who doesn’t have a prejudice against them, something like this was possible.

It would have also been impossible if they didn’t join up under Muyoung’s name.


Ogar showed his teeth.

“Muyoung, I like the way you do things. Although it is a way I have never seen until now and never thought of, but you have done it.  I’m interested in what you will do and what you will achieve.”

Even when Muyoung thought of Ogar once more, he really seemed like a strange fire tar.

A species which no other monster could easily approach. Weren’t fire tars the species that chose safety more than any other for that reason?

However, Ogar’s mind was completely occupied by exploring new things.

And Muyoung was chosen as the subject.


Ogar nailed his spear to the group and continued to talk.

“So I will protect his place until the 180th night. However, I cannot assure anything afterwards. I must return to my tribe when the ‘Devil’s Long Night’ starts.”

Devil’s Long Night.

It meant a period of time where devils were active in the Demon God’s Territory.

For a few months, endless nights continued and devils freely roamed.

Normally they were weak devils that couldn’t resist their instincts but for the ones living in the Demon God’s Territory, it was troublesome and to prepare for the upcoming nights, it meant that Ogar needed to return to his tribe.

Muyoung nodded his head.

“That is enough.”

If anything, it was more than he expected.

Since he was going to protect the territory during this risky period.

It was obvious he needed to return during that time and he also needed to find a way to strengthen his territory.

‘The Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance will be my answer.’

He felt it was possible as long as he had someone who was originally part of the dwarves.

Everyone acknowledged a dwarf’s technical skills.

Even more, the dwarf alliance, the Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance, was in the top ranks.

The lord at that place, ‘Bartas the God’s Hammer’, was a dwarf who had the insight and the philosopher’s knowledge.

If Muyoung could earn his help, it was like earning the safety of his territory.

“Muyoung, but it doesn’t seem like there is a house for me to stay in. Haha!”

Ogar, who was blazing with flames and had the trunk of the Poom’s Tree tied to his waste, tapped his waste as he joked.

Well, it was certain there wasn’t a house for his size.

“I will try to have your house built first.”

As Muyoung spoke with a serious look, Ogar cleared his throat.

“Ahem, it was a joke. Don’t take it so seriously. I can just sleep using the sky as my blanket.”

Joke he says.

A tip of Muyoung’s lips curled up.

Ogar considered Muyoung to be close enough that he could even toss a joke.

Muyoung also felt this but to be honest, it didn’t really appeal to him.

A close friend.

It was because his concept of a friend was quite faint.

For 40 years, Muyoung didn’t have a friend.

All the people who approached him had died. Were killed.

Although he did take care of Kim Taehwan and Bae Suzy momentarily, when he met them at the Blue Temple, it wasn’t enough to say they were close friends.

However, Ogar was the only one who he could look at as a ‘friend’.

“Please, protect it well.”

Just as Muyoung spoke, Ogar frowned.

“I like everything about you but you are more boring than other fire tars.”



Since Muyouing was able to get Ogar’s promise, he was more free in his movements.

He geared up right away.

He was tight on time.

“Kalmooh, do you know the location of the Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance?”

Just to be sure and to double check, he asked Kalmooh.

The old dwarf, Kalmooh looked sad as he shook his head.

“Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance always changes their location to avoid the eyes of dragons.”

Dwarves were good at finding and making treasures.

It was obvious that they could only be the target of dragons that liked glittering things.

No matter the type, ‘dragons’ were the super powerful monsters that were at least on the second level of the top rank.

And besides the Demon Kings and the Demon Gods, the one with the most numbers in the transcendent species were dragons.

In the Underworld, there weren’t many fearless people who mingled with dragons and if they did show interest in dragons, it was normally for an unpleasant reason.

Also, for the Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance’s survival, they needed to routinely change their base.

“There must be big and small bases they continuously use.”

As Muyoung was certain, Kalmooh drooled.

“There are five, but that was a long time ago. I cannot be certain that my memory is correct.”

“It doesn’t matter. Where is the closest location from here?”

Kalmooh was locked up in the underground arena for a long time.

It wouldn’t be weird if they changed those locations or increased them during that time.

However, they would have habitually left a mark at those places.

So that only particular people could recognize and understand the location where they moved.

And Muyoung also had the skills to read those signs. It was also the basic knowledge of an assassin.

“It’s a cliff called the ‘Annan’s Brain’.”

Muyoung lightly clicked his tongue.

It was a place he never heard of before.

However, he didn’t have any time to waste.

To find the location, he needed to move even a second faster.

It was, however, fortunate for the existence of the cerberus.

Since flight was possible, he could move at a much faster speed.

“Do, do I need to also ride it?”

Kalmooh gulped his saliva as he became nervous.

It was because getting on cerberus’s back was as fearful as getting inside a dragon’s mouth.

“Let’s get going.”

However, Muyoung was cold towards him.

If you don’t get on, you will be left behind. After realizing his meaning, Kalmooh hurriedly yelled.

“Wai, wait for me!”

In an awkward position, he grabbed hold if it’s hair and got on the cerberus’s back.


After checking the last rider, the Evil Spirit Predator slapped the sides of cerberus with his legs.

Then, wings made of evil spirits appeared on both sides of the cerberus and it began to soar.

Annan’s Brain.

Although Kalmooh said it was a cliff, there were no cliffs to be found.

Everything was horribly destroyed and only its remainings were rolling around.

An empty hole was pierced into a mountain.

As if something with enormous strength pierced through.

There were no signs of lodgment.

“It, it seems like it was an act of a dragon.”

“It seems like that even to me.”

Muyoung motionlessly looked at the mountain that lost half its figure while he had his arms crossed.

The traces left after a dragon swept a place was a tragic disaster like this.

“Did it sweep the place since it couldn’t find the location of the dwarves?”

“Probably. Bartas knew how to make walls that dragons couldn’t easily detect. Since it couldn’t locate the place, it probably just blew up the entire place.”

“However, it seems like it hasn’t been long since it happened.”

Muyoung could only feel a bit strange by that part.

By looking at the surrounding plants, it didn’t seem long since the mountain was destroyed.

At most, a month ago.

‘Did they run away after being discovered or was the mountain destroyed to vent its anger…’

It seemed like he needed to look around a bit more.


It was at that moment.

The Evil Spirit Predator spoke in a low voice.


At the same time, a huge cry violently shook the entire mountain range.

Kalmooh shivered his body.

Muyoung also knitted his brows.

A cry that instinctively stimulated people’s fear.

It was a dragon’s cry.

Soon, a huge existence appeared beyond the skies.

A completely black figure with wings bigger than anyone else.

Dark dragon!

It was a bit different than a magic dragon.

Although the dark dragon was similar to a magic dragon, it was a dragon particularly known for its lack of patience.

If you were caught, every bone in your body would be broken.

It would be the same if he had Cerberus and the Evil Spirit Predator with him.

The further up you got in the top ranks, the difference became noticeably greater.

For now, there was no way for Muyoung to win against a dark dragon.

Luckily, the dark dragon didn’t stop and continued to roam above the sky. It was hurriedly headed towards some place.

“…Pant! Pant!”

After it completely disappeared from their sight, Kalmooh let out his breath.

And he hurriedly spoke towards Muyoung.

“Ah, it’s the Dark Dragon Barca! Oh, no!”

“Dark Dragon Barca?”

“The fiercest dragon that’s after Bartas. Why is it in a place like this…”

Kalmooh clenched his teeth.

The Dark Dragon Barca that’s after the Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance.

It seemed like it was the culprit that destroyed the mountain.

It seemed like it was certain that this mountain was one of the places they resided but for some reason it left this place.

Dragons were known to have strong obsessions.

And the dark dragons were more famous for not losing a prey they targeted.

If Barca stayed for more than a month and decided to leave, the reason was obvious.

“I need to hurry.”

It located the next location the alliance might be at.

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