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The Hellhorse that hadn’t appeared for a while had suddenly appeared like the wind.

That was why Muyoung had no choice but to plan to catch Hedley’s Kow himself.

The Hellhorse was slightly dejected as well but regardless, this was the golden opportunity to make Muyoung use one of his three favors.

Muyoung didn’t have the time to think about it any longer.

“Kill it.”

He specifically told him.

As there was a huge difference between ‘capturing it’ and ‘killing it’!

The Hellhorse snorted out loud.


And breathed out violently.

As if trying to convince Muyoung to trust it, it showcased its confidence by shaking its horn left and right.

Muyoung pulled out Anguish that was pierced in Hedley’s Kow. And slowly jumped off.

Then, a few thousand specters appeared and formed a cloud below him to reduce his falling speed.

Muyoung looked up to the sky after landing on the ground.

‘You must succeed.’

Muyoung clenched his teeth.

If he failed here, he needed to make significant changes to his plans.

However, the Hellhorse was still very composed, as if it was out for a picnic.

It slowly came to Hedley’s Kow’s side, and as if teasing it, ran around Hedley’s Kow’s in a circle slowly changing the direction Hedley’s Kow was flying towards.


Black lightning struck down onto the Hellhorse’s horn.

The horn started to shine and a black barrier formed around it.

Hedley’s Kow was confined inside the barrier… the phoenix couldn’t even flap its wing with ease.

As if gravity had become stronger, its speed sharply fell and dropped towards the ground.


At the same time, a massive amount of magic was beginning to form on top of the Hellhorse’s horn.

A black sphere was created and lightning continued to strike it.

Zap. Zaaaap!

The enormous integration of strength was enough to make those who watched shudder.

As the Hellhorse shook its horn again, the sphere became bigger to about 1m in diameter and quickly flew towards Hedley’s Kow.


An incredible explosion sounded in the air and at the same time the ‘darkness’ swallowed Hedley’s Kow.

The moment the sphere touched Hedley’s Kow, the sphere darkened the area a few hundred meters all around it.

Muyoung lifted his hand to protect his face. The wind created from the explosion passed by, wiping out the surrounding trees.

However, he didn’t stop observing the direction the phoenix was at.

Afterwards, Hedley’s Kow slowly dropped to the ground.

The durability of phoenix was so unbelievably high, it was able to protect its body even from an explosion this big.

However, the flame around its entire body was greatly weakened. It used too much strength to protect itself.


It seemed like the Hellhorse was also quite surprised.

As if it didn’t expect the phoenix to survive the attack.

However, it didn’t attack any further.

Instead, the Hellhorse looked at Muyoung.



‘You’re saying it’s a service?’

Muyoung couldn’t help but chuckle out loud.

I will let you end its life. In return, you can’t change your mind.

The Hellhorse’s eyes seemed to express these words.

And for Muyoung, it was an advantage for him to end the phoenix’s life himself.

Originally, he told the Hellhorse to kill it but if he thought of the achievement and the reward, this was more advantageous.

Muyoung moved as he tightly held Anguish.

He walked towards where the phoenix had landed and he looked at the scene for a moment.

An enormous bird was breathing heavily as it was lying on the ground.


It cried pitifully and looked at him hoping for sympathy but Muyoung’s expression was the same.


He lifted Anguish and aimed directly at the neck of the phoenix.

“It’s the end.”


The head a size of an arm was cut off.

Then, the flames that covered its entire body was died down.

He couldn’t feel any signs of life from it.

Muyoung sliced its body and took out the heart covered in flames.

‘The heart of a phoenix.’

Shortly, the ‘Eye of the Sky’ skill activated and it told Muyoung detailed information about it.


Heart of the Phoenix: The heart that gives the phoenix, a monster recognized as a mirage, infinite power. It is said that its heart is covered in holy flames and will not allow any foreign substances to enter it. You could even say that the rarity and the quality of the material are top class and equipment made from it wouldn’t be any lower than ‘master’ rank.

*If you consume it, your intelligence and wisdom will drastically increase. Resistance to fire will also drastically increase.


If the word ‘drastically’ was added, normally it meant it would increase by 10~20.

There was a way to consume it but Muyoung inwardly shook his head.

From the beginning, he was planning on making an equipment using the Heart of the Phoenix.

Muyoung placed the heart inside his Infinite Pouch.

The body of the phoenix that had lost its heart wasn’t really useful.

It was because all its power came from this heart.

In reality, after the phoenix lost its heart, its body shrunk and withered.


The Hellhorse came down beside him.

In an imposing posture, it solemnly went around the phoenix.

Muyoung clicked his tongue as he saw this.

‘It wants me to compliment it.’

He could clearly see its intentions.

It was a gesture for Muyoung to compliment it after watching its performance.

Certainly, the Hellhorse’s performance was beyond what Muyoung had imagined.

The power that instantly overwhelmed the phoenix.

It seemed worthy of a Master of Darkness to boast about his favorite horse.

“Thank you. You were amazing.”

The Hellhorse held its head even higher.

You could say it was a very predictable horse.

The plan itself had ended but not everything was complete.

‘The trial of Hoom. Token of Oom.’

From the inside of the phoenix’s mouth, he took out a marble.

Half of a marble…

There were two Trials of Hoom.

The dokkaebi who completed the other trial would receive the other half.

And he was able to momentarily confirm that their trial had already ended when he was in the air.

Muyoung took a deep breath and walked back.

And, the Hellhorse stood beside him.

As if it still wanted him to continuously marvel at its dignity.


The dokkaebis were stirred up.

Two Trials of Hoom were arranged.

Among the 30,000 dokkaebis that went through the Endless Battlefield, only a number a bit over 300 were able to come out alive.

On the other hand, the other trial had over 20,000 dokkaebis still alive from the trial.

Instead, they had bunched up together.

They were completely different from the ice dokkaebis and fire dokkaebis who were divided and had fought against each other.

“Where is the other half of the token.”

Seohan knitted his brows.

He was successful in killing the fire dokkaebi Arlo but now the gold dokkaebis were the problem.

The gold dokkaebis used the energy of the ground to exhibit their power and it seemed like they were the final winners of the trial.

Also, only 300 were alive on their side.

On the other hand, the leader of gold dokkaebis led 20,000 dokkaebis.

‘There is no point in fighting so just quietly hand it to me.’

This type of meaning seemed to be implied.

It was clear who the winner was. But, Seohan didn’t have the token.

“There it is.”

Seohan lifted his hand and pointed to the sky.


The phoenix screamed out loud.

Zap! Zaaaaap!

Lightning struck down and the Hellhorse was running beside it.

The scene unfolded that resembled the creation of the world. Although it was one sided, it was overwhelming. Even the fire tars wouldn’t be able to produce that much firepower.

Maybe it would be possible for the dragon race. Yes, just the dragon race.

However, even in the great Underworld, the number of dragons were extremely small.

“Why was the phoenix in our trial?”

“I’m not sure. It wasn’t a phoenix in the beginning. It all of a sudden changed to one.”

“What kind of ludicrous statement is this?”

“Everything is true.”

Seohan was frustrated.

Seohan didn’t know what was happening right now.

One thing was certain, that the phoenix snatched the token and Muyoung chased after it.


That was right. Muyoung was also a dokkaebi masked under a veil.

Was he really an ice dokkaebi?


Then a huge explosion occurred in the air.

The ground strongly shook.

“This kind of power.”

“Shouldn’t we go after the phoenix even now?”

“A phoenix and a monster almost as strong as a dragon. Is it even possible to block those two and take back the token?”

The dokkaebis were extremely confused.

It was completely unexpected for someone else to barge in the dokkaebis’ trial.

After some time had passed, someone approached from afar.

He instantly passed by Seohan and spoke towards the rest of the group.

“Where is the other half of the token?”

Seohan felt awfully refreshed at this.

It was like returning the words the ruler of the gold dokkaebis had just asked him.

He had the other half of the marble.

“Token of Oom!”

“You had it.”

The man, Muyoung carelessly spoke as he looked at the ruler of the gold dokkaebis.

It was an arrogant thing to do.

However, no one could react to him.

Stomp. Stomp.

Footsteps that were unusually loud.

Then, the thing that stood by Muyoung was a monster everyone knew of.

The Hellhorse!

He still had his head straight up as it approached Muyoung and stood by him.

‘No way, the one who tamed the monster?’

An alarm rang inside Seohan’s head.

The Hellhorse as strong as a dragon.

And most dragons were holy and were so prideful that they would normally live alone.

Not even Demon Kings or Demon Gods were able to tame them easily.

But he was able to tame a monster comparable to dragons?

Seohan wasn’t the only one who was surprised.

Seohan was only a bit less surprised than others as he knew a bit about Muyoung beforehand, or else he would have been completely surprised like the other dokkaebis.

His assumptions were correct.

“Give it to me.”


Muyoung quietly stretched his hand.

He was planning to grab hold of that token even if he had to ask a favor from the Hellhorse again.

The expression of the ruler of the gold dokkaebis stiffened and slowly handed the marble over as he understood the situation he was in.

If he didn’t see the Hellhorse frantically run around, they might have fought bravely but everyone was already overwhelmed by its presence.

They didn’t call it a top rank monster for nothing.

In the Underworld, the absolute strong won against the numerous. Although there were only a very few top rank monsters, they possessed earth shattering powers.

The gap between a high rank and a top rank were beyond one’s imagination.

If he wanted to protect the 20,000 dokkaebis left, he had no other choice.

Muyoung instantly placed the two half marbles together.


The marble started to emit light.

The light only emitted towards Muyoung and was slowly being absorbed into him.



– Amazing. He exceeded our expectations.

– He used the Hellhorse but. That’s also his power.

– We need to choose a reward for achieving the impossible.

– Hmph. I have my eyes on him. He’s suitable to create our Secret Garden. I won’t allow you to give him an ambiguous reward.

– The Secret Garden. I still can’t trust him. There are many with abilities like him.

– What should we give him?

– Who will step forth?

– I will. I think he has the qualification to take over my will.

– King Slayer? Didn’t you already step forth before?

– Above all, doesn’t he already have a class?

– There are still a lot of spots left in his soul. It seems like he can have two or three more.

– If you are planning on raising him, you have to think carefully of the combination. Death Lord wasn’t enough and now King Slayer… their levels of difficulty are both too high. There is still a long way ahead if we want to achieve the final victory.

– I think differently. It’s obvious what people might do if they receive a power that is easily achieved. We need someone who will keep going without rest for a long time.
It seemed like everyone agreed about that part.

If he walked the difficult and troublesome road, he would gain that much strength and experience.

And the fruits he would reap when he reached close to the end of the road would be great.

Afterwards, the Masters of Darkness finished their evaluation.

8 approved and 3 declined.

As they completed their decision, the surrounding was stained with darkness. It meant that the meeting had concluded.

Now, all that was left was his decision.

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