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Muyoung knitted his eyebrows.

The Masters of Darkness. The guardians of the law made up of a total of 11 people.

Previously, he was able to hear about their existence through Merlin when he was at the Blue Temple.

And when Death Lord chose Muyoung, he was able to feel his great presence

Through him, Muyoung was able to gain a more advanced Necromancer type class.

‘This time, it’s King Slayer…’

However, all he knew was the name, he would only check what kind of class it was after he accepts it.

Of course, it was the same for King Slayer.

Lord class.

From the name, he presumed it had something to do with kings.

‘There is a difference this time.’

Muyoung quietly laughed.

Death Lord was a class he was basically forced to get.

He received it without being able to dispute the decision.

On the other hand, this time, they were waiting for Muyoung’s reply.

In the past, he even gave Muyoung his Hellhorse as a present.

Was there a difference in personality between the two Masters of Darkness?

‘After experiencing the Death Lord class, there is a definite advantage to receiving lord classes.’

It could be worth even adjusting his original plans.

He was planning on obtaining secret classes to strike a balance but even if they were similar classes, he could dare say that lord classes were the best.

Even for the Death Lord class, it was on a different level compared Necromancers and Corpse Sorcerers.

That meant it would be the same for the King Slayer class.

‘I will accept.’

Muyoung made his decision.

Whatever it was, as long as it was beneficial, it would produce great effects.

He saw it as a truly worthwhile challenge if it was like this.

Afterwards, messages slowly appeared in front of his eyes.



At the same time.

His vision flipped and a man reflected in his eyes.

The Mado Era where magicians dominated and knights died.

The man was a genuine knight.

He was able to reach the pinnacle of his swordsmanship by honing it through his own experience.

While everyone got on tanks to participate in the battlefield, the man trusted in only his sword and slashed at necks of his enemies.

The last Imperial Knight of the empire.

Not even the magicians who could use supernatural powers were his match.

He surpassed human limits and had finally grasped the pinnacle of power a human could possess.

Then, the emperor drove him towards a dangerous battlefield.

-Usborne Battle? The extermination of the gold dragon, Alexia? He completed them all by himself.

-He’s not human. How can a human perform all these things by himself?

People joked about him.

That he wasn’t a human.

However, those words weren’t a joke to a few people.

They felt their lives could be at risk and excluded the man they were also jealous of.

Nonetheless, the man stood firm and completed his role but… countless misunderstandings and feelings of jealousy resulted in a catastrophe.

The man wasn’t a nuisance only to the emperor.

All the kings in the world wanted him dead.

High-rank magicians were gathered and huge tanks surrounded him.

– Majesty! Why would you start something like this?

– You are too strong. Too dangerous. To accomplish great deeds with the strength of a human. In all honesty, I never thought you to could complete them.

– Are you saying you truly don’t believe in my loyalty?

– If you truly want to be loyal, kill yourself here.

The man wailed loudly.

He continuously partook in battles that were deemed impossible and brought back victory even while injuring himself.

All because they were orders of the emperor.

However, this wasn’t right. His malice, their dark emotions, contaminated the man.

– …All right. If you want me to become a devil, then I will gladly do it.

That moment, the man shed himself of his human nature.

Evil, he became evil itself and assassinated all the kings who took part in trying to kill him.

Afterwards, he wanted to make the world free from ostracism but everyone became filled with delusions and suspicions.

People could no longer trust each other and were walking towards destruction.

In the end, when the world was on the brink of ruin, the man walked the wastelands alone.

The man was tired.

– I have failed.

Then he slowly lifted his head and looked at Muyoung.

He clearly spoke towards Muyoung’s direction.

– Can you handle this strength? Everyone will exclude you. Everyone will want you dead. Will you be able to overcome that?

Lastly, he spoke with his fists tightly clenched.

– Will you, not fail?

What could be defined as a failure?

He was probably asking if he could accept all these trials.

Muyoung replied.

“I’m not you.”

However, as if that didn’t seem enough, he added a few words.

“I will not be beaten.”

He killed countless heroes.

He burned down people’s hopes and dreams and received the blames of everyone.

Even then, Muyoung wasn’t beaten.

He never regretted the decisions he made.

Instead, he smiled and faced them.

Alternatively, the King Slayer was too upright. He was a man who stood completely opposite of Muyoung.

– Then, take it. I will leave my Secret Garden to you.

King Slayer smiled.

Then, twilight fell and covered the world in darkness.


A bright light was endlessly swallowing Muyoung.

Muyoung’s body was slowly lifted up in the air and in time all the light was absorbed inside Muyoung’s body.

Only then did Muyoung open his eyes.

“Greetings, Oom.”

“Greetings, Oom!”

The dokkaebis bowed.

Oom. The true ruler of dokkaebis.

It was because he had the qualifications.

However, all the dokkaebis were in a state of confusion.

There were no records of a dokkaebi who hadn’t evolved into a duaxini becoming the Oom.

It was said that the Token of Oom would reject them.

But, without any rejection and as if it wanted Muyoung, it acknowledged him.

Since the token had acknowledged him, the dokkaebis simply followed.

Muyoung looked around.

Over 20,000 dokkaebis bowed their bodies to welcome him.

‘Status Viewer.’

To check his changes, Muyoung turned the Status Viewer to show his status.


Achievement Effect –>

Oom (A+, strength +10. Ruler of dokkaebis)

Gremory’s Anguish (A, +3 to all abilities)

Asura’s Vassal (A, The strength to deal with spirit’s and devil’s power, Spirit Ability increased by ’10’.)

Soulmate (B+, From now on, if you commune with an undead, the undead’s stats will slightly increase permanently.)

Descendant of Murlocs (B+, Increased growth of murlocs.)

Fairy’s Blessing (B, Allows fairies to feel familiar with the user.)

Class Effect ->

Death Lord (Lord Class, Ruler of Death)

King Slayer (Lord Class, Slaughterer of Kings)

Stats ->

Strength 140 (104 + 36)   Agility 137 (100 + 37)

Stamina 124 (96 + 28)   Intelligence 81 (59 + 22)

Wisdom 77 (55 + 22)   Fighting Aura 81 (59 + 22)

Magic Resistance 65 (47 + 18) Spirit Ability 61 (33 + 28)

Special Note: Fighting Aura has been awakened. Completed the 1st metamorphosis.

Equipped and Invoked Equipment: Anguish (Strength +14, Ogre’s Cruelty), Lunatic Sovereign’s Set (All Stats +15, Stamina +10), Shadow Armor (It allows you to teleport to a shadow within your vision 3 times a day), Wicked Belt (Intelligence & Wisdom +4, all undead are strengthened by 5%) and Hermes’s Boots (Agility +15, 3 seconds of acceleration)


He became the next Oom and a class was added.

Besides that, his stats had greatly increased.

‘The 1st metamorphosis isn’t too far from now.’

Muyoung wasn’t sure if he would experience the metamorphosis again since he had already completed it but he would know when the time came.

Anyways, if he received a class, then the skill regarding it would have been added as well.

Muyoung checked his new skills.


Skill Title: King Slaughterer (None)

Description – The authority to kill any king. You become stronger as you act upon your authority. Every time you kill someone recognized as a ‘king’, you will earn appropriate stats. You will not be swayed by servants.
Skill Title: Swordmaster (F)

Description – The one who walks the path of a sword. A unique power only given to the King Slayer who has surpassed everything, honing his sword skills.

*Understanding of sword drastically increased.

*You can find out about a sword’s hidden story.

*It pulls out the pure performance of a sword.
There were two.

And both skills were passive and didn’t need to be activated.

Satisfied, Muyoung nodded his head.

‘I won’t fail.’

And he resolved himself once more.

King Slayer.

That he will walk a path completely different from him!

“Congratulations for completing the 32nd wave of the battlefield. Wooheehee.”

Crackle! Crackle!

Out of the blue, fireworks fired off and beside him, a small fairy appeared.

It was a fairy he had seen before.

It was Woohee, whom he saw before in the Endless Battlefield.

“Why are you here?”

“Ey~ you’re saying this because you’re embarrassed, right? I know. But, you don’t need to.”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Ehh? I promised you will get Woohee if you clear more than 30 waves in the Endless Battlefield.”

“I never made that kind of promise.”

He did hear about it but he didn’t make a promise.

As Muyoung spoke coldly, Woohee was about to cry.

“Sniff, this is what others mean when they say tossed away after being used. Woohoo is being tossed away.”

“Stop speaking nonsense.”

“Then are you going to have Woohee?”

Muyoung frowned.

On the other hand, the dokkaebis who were watching them could only widen their eyes.

“Was the prophecy really true…?!”

A small commotion started.

The Trial of Hoom. A prophecy about the Token of Oom.

The high priest read the secrets of the universe and spoke that everything will be accomplished here, in the Soul Mountains.

And within the prophecy, there was a part that stated, ‘The one the fairy follows. He will lead us to paradise’.

However, it was hard to even come across a fairy. And they haven’t really heard of a fairy following someone.

“Be quiet.”

It was all too complicated.

In an instant, at Muyoung’s words, they were silent.

You couldn’t say he wasn’t an incredible influence and, soon, Seohan was the first to act.

“Dear Oom, please lead us to paradise.”


What kind of nonsense was this?

However, Seohan was serious.

The ruler of the ice dokkaebis, the one who spoke informally all this time, spoke politely to him. What was more, he was even sincere.

“They said if the real Oom showed up, he will lead the dokkaebis to paradise. Us, the dokkaebis, all have been divided and in this extreme land, we were barely able to prolong our lives. Please, lead us.”

The dokkaebis were never strong monsters.

To the point, it was almost impossible for them to live in this Demon God’s Territory.

Muyoung breathed out a long breath.

“If you want to follow me, then you can.”

Muyoung continued to speak to the 20,000 dokkaebis.

“However, I won’t guarantee the place I’m going to is paradise. There is nothing there and everything is starting from the ground up.”

A place where there was a little less than 100 people.

Muyoung was planning to take the dokkaebis to his territory.

He wasn’t sure if humans and dokkaebis could live peacefully together but while they had the influential person known as Muyoung, it didn’t seem like it would turn into a fight.

Muyoung looked at Woohee and spoke again.

“You make your decision.”

“I want to go! I want to go!”

Woohee raised her hand high in the air.

A decision she didn’t think twice about.

That was right, a decision had to be made. If he forcefully took them, they would only resist.

Muyoung moved… soon, 20,000 dokkaebis of various types started to follow behind him.

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