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KotB Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Second Class (4)

TL: Yoni

Edited: Yoni, Myoni



‘What is it after?’

However, it didn’t seem to be after something right now.

And it also didn’t seem like Hedley’s Kow was suspicious of Muyoung.

That was why Muyoung wanted to know what Hedley’s Kow was truly after.

An opportunity would come the moment it obtained its goal.

Anyone would let their guard down when they achieved their goal.

He was satisfied that he had determined which one was Hedley’s Kow.

“A duaxini…!”

“Oom and Hoom are protecting us, the fire dokkaebis!”

On the other hand, it was like a once in a lifetime event for all the dokkaebis.

Evolution, it was incredibly difficult to overcome one’s limits.

It was only possible when they overcame the impossible.

And because one of the fire dokkaebis evolved, he could understand why they were making a big commotion.

On the other hand, Arlo, who used to be the only fire duaxini, stiffened.

Perhaps it was because he thought that his domain would be invaded?

The fighting spirit of the ice dokkaebis died off while the fighting spirit of the fire dokkaebis instantly peaked.

They started to counterattack as they were finally free from being indiscriminately massacred by the dragon skeleton soldiers.

‘Dragon bones.’

However, Muyoung, who now knew which dokkaebi was Hedley’s Kow, turned his gaze towards the dragon skeleton soldiers.

Materials needed to create dragon skeleton soldiers.

Dragon bones.

Though dragon skeleton soldiers who were completely created from dragon bones were considered special, these dragon skeleton soldiers didn’t seem all that strong.

Still, about 50% of their makeup should be dragon bones.

Dragon bones were one of the few materials that were considerably hard to find.

‘They will become the foundation when creating my equipment.’

From winning the free-for-all battle, Muyoung had earned a Piece of the Earth Dragon’s Skin.

And if he added things like dragon bones and a heart of a phoenix, he would be able to produce an equipment stronger than he originally thought.

Muyoung’s eyes lit up.

If he built equipment with dragon bones as their foundation…

Since the dragon skeleton soldiers were in a similar state as undead, the Art of Death skill wouldn’t work.

On the other hand, that meant that he could just collect the dragon skeleton soldiers.

While the fire dokkaebi evolved and the dokkaebis focused on hunting the dragon skeleton soldiers, Muyoung acted as if he was helping them as he collected the corpse of dead dragon skeleton soldiers.


<32nd wave has started.>

<12 cursed yetis.>


People normally called giants who lived in snowy regions, yetis.

However, cursed yetis were much stronger than normal yetis.

They were almost completely immune to all kinds of curses and holy spells.

In fact, there were no monsters he could cast the Art of Death skill on after the 30th wave.

“Muyoung, we can’t just lose our spirit to the fire dokkaebis.”

Seohan approached Muyoung with a serious expression on his face.

Although Muyoung was collaborating with them as a ‘group’, Seohan knew that Muyoung wasn’t showing his true intentions.

That was why Seohan asked him for help for the first time.

“I think the table has already turned.”

“That’s why we need to try harder. And the newly appeared duaxini… I feel uneasy for some reason.”

Muyoung was secretly surprised.

He thought that all the dokkaebis were cheering for the new duaxini but it seemed like Seohan found something odd about him.

If this was truly an evolution, it would have been a miracle for it to occur in a battlefield but that wasn’t the case.

Hedley’s Kow just changed its appearance to simply hide its real intentions.

Muyoung spoke as he nodded his head.

“To try harder. I will try that.”

As they would earn a better reward the more waves they cleared.

There wasn’t anything to lose by advancing to higher levels.

He had already saved up enough strength by making a few thousand specters and a number close to a thousand undead.

Right then, someone approached him from behind.

When he turned around, he saw Gaon standing awkwardly.

“I’m sorry. For not knowing my place…”

It was Gaon.

The king of the Freezing Land tribe.

He tried his best to express how truly sorry he was.

He could only act this way.

Because it was Gaon who pestered Muyoung to fight or to at least pretend to fight even if he was a weak chief priest.

However… after the appearance of ogres, this perception was completely shattered.

For Muyoung to be able to stand alongside Seohan and fight!

The shock rushed in like a storm. It wasn’t simply Gaon who felt this way.

It was same for the dokkaebis who laughed at Muyoung for being a coward.

They weren’t able to recognize the strong and was busy looking down on him.

Their faces reddened from embarrassment.

From the fire dokkaebis’ side, a new duaxini appeared.

And from the ice dokkaebis’ side, Muyoung was the only one who was able to do anything.

Anyone could see that Seohan was at his limit.

The coward had suddenly become their best rising star.

“I don’t care.”

If anything, Muyoung was actually glad that he was ignored.

Thanks to that, he was able to easily collect the specters and the undead.

Muyoung took out a talisman.

As he shook the talisman, a red helmet and cape appeared.

The Lunatic Sovereign’s set!

He didn’t wear it until now to pretend to be a dokkaebi.

However, since it wasn’t like the dokkaebis didn’t have equipment as they weren’t especially suspicious of his use of specters, he thought that it wouldn’t matter if he wore his equipment or not.

From now on, it seemed okay to draw a moderate amount of attention.

On the other hand, Seohan frowned.

“You look like a fire dokkaebi.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t be siding with them.”

He wasn’t planning on even stepping a single foot on the fire dokkaebis’ side until Hedley’s Kow showed its true motive.

Muyoung spoke to Seohan as he stepped forward.

“Let’s go.”


He fought sincerely. He kept the balance and pressured Hedley’s Kow to overwork itself.

“He’s like a red demon.”

“Who is it?”

“You know that guy. The one who didn’t fight and prayed.”

“Hah! Did he deliberately save his strength?”

Few gazes were focused on Muyoung. Muyoung’s fight was that overwhelming.

He moved faster than anyone else and was more specialized in ‘fighting’ more than anyone else.

It was true. If they only considered the number of battlefields one stepped on, there would be no one who exceeded Muyoung in the entire Underworld.

He was solely making up for his lacking stats with his experience.

‘It’s the effect of increasing the conquest rate of Asura Path.’

Muyoung sensed a madness growing inside him. Even Muyoung who was had incredible self-discipline was affected by it.

If it was someone else, they would have already been consumed by the madness.


<33rd wave has started.>


As they finished off the last cured yeti, the above message appeared.

Jingle. Jingle.

A shadow monster with a huge iron ball tied to its feet appeared from the ground below.

The dokkaebis who saw this couldn’t help but make a gloomy expression.

“For even a subterranean monster to appear…”

“The trial of Hoom is too cruel.”

Although more than 30,000 dokkaebis entered, less than 5,000 were left.

And everyone realized that this was the final wave.

The fire dokkaebis still had the upper hand but if they were annihilated here, everyone would be defeated.


The iron ball tied to its feet became larger and swept its surroundings.

The iron ball destroyed everything it touched.

Neither the dokkaebis or the duaxinis could gather the courage to go near it.

It was best to move using the corpses as their shield.

Instantly, about a thousand dokkaebis ‘vanished’.

‘What are you gonna do.’

Meanwhile, Muyoung was watching Hedley’s Kow.

Shadow monsters were near the top of the high ranked monsters and they were even comparable to most top ranked monsters.

Even if they all attacked at once, they wouldn’t do much.

It would be the same if Muyoung used all of his undead.

That meant this was their limit.

As if Hedley’s Kow felt the same way, it showed a change in its attitude.

After discussing with Arlo, the duaxini, it looked at the ice dokkaebis including Seohan.

“Muyoung, prepare yourself. A battle is going to commence. The fire dokkaebis changed their mind.”

And Seohan who saw this ground his teeth.

In the end, it was a battle. They made a promise to have a fair fight but Arlo had broken it.

As they believed they were unable to win against the shadow criminal, they decided to use the ice dokkaebis as their sacrifice.

However, Seohan wasn’t the type to just stand there and suffer for them.

“Ice dokkaebis! Raise your weapons!”

A battle commenced.


Both sides were desperate.

They fought a fight for their survival in which they couldn’t withdraw.

And Muyoung slowly took out a talisman he hid.

‘Get up.’

About a thousand undead suddenly surged forth.

Swoosh. Swoooosh.

Dokkaebis, orc lords and even ogres.

It was a small army of undead.

Since he made them quickly, their total stats were greatly decreased but it was enough to pressure them.

“The, the corpses got up!”

“Now what!”

While the dokkaebis were confused, Muyoung only looked at Hedley’s Kow.

‘Go after him.’

Currently, the number of fire dokkaebis who were protecting Hedley’s Kow was greatly reduced.

Now, when they weren’t able to escape the Endless Battlefield, was the best chance to catch it.

And Hedley’s Kow clenched its teeth after realizing that every undead was after it.

Soon after, Hedley’s Kow changed its appearance.


Muyoung chuckled out loud.

Wyverns were known as the kings of the sky.

It was trying to stall as much time as it could in air.

It wasn’t a bad decision but Muyoung had few thousands of specters.

Few thousands of specters popped out of Muyoung’s body.

― Do I need to just kill that wyvern?

Of course, the murloc king, Murdudun was included.

Muyoung shook his head.

“Tie him up. So that it can’t fly.”

― I understand.

As Murdudun ordered the specters, they moved in an orderly fashion and held both wings of the wyvern.

The wyvern could only crawl on the ground as the poison shadows poisoned it and the rest of the specters held it down.

It then changed into an ogre to resist them but it still didn’t work against them.


And the moment Muyoung had waited for came.

The ogre’s body ripped apart and a huge fiery bird appeared from inside it.



“What in the world is going on right now!”

It instantly burned everything around it as it came out.

Even the specters couldn’t withstand the flames of a phoenix easily.

However, they didn’t drop immediately. They were stopping it from flying.

Using this time, Muyoung ordered all the undead to grab hold of the phoenix.

‘I’m almost there.’

The phoenix was a top ranked monster.

Among them, it was a unique monster that they called ‘mirage’.

You could never catch a phoenix by fighting with it normally.

However, the phoenix was the last resort for Hedley’s Kow.

After fighting all this time, it was exhausted and was only focused on running away.

A little more. It seemed like he could achieve his goal after a bit more.

At least, the Blazing Spear Soldier with his high fire resistance held his spear and approached the phoenix to pierce its throat.

It was at that moment.


A violent flame poured out for the mouth of the Phoenix.


The holy flame that burned everything.

He never thought the phoenix could even use Breath.

It was because he didn’t have any information on mirage rank monsters.

All the monsters around it including the specters burned and the Phoenix flapped its wings.

Muyoung dashed forward.

He climbed on top of its back and held Anguish in his hand.

It was a very dangerous action.


As he stabbed Anguish into the phoenix, the phoenix started to fly at an incredible speed.

All Muyoung could do was hold on.

He tried to hold on as long as he could.

Meanwhile, on the ground, the number of dokkaebis were quickly decreasing.


Token of Oom.

A shining marble slowly came down from the sky.

The phoenix quickly flew and snatched it away.

From the beginning, this was what Hedley’s Kow was after.


At the same time, the world shattered.

Instantly, the surrounding environment changed.

He had returned to the Soul Mountains.

‘Damn it.’

Muyoung clenched his teeth. He was successful in grabbing on to the Phoenix’s body but the next part was the problem.

The flames he felt on his back were hot.

His skin was slowly melting. His bones were visible and his consciousness was drifting away.

He completely believed he could capture Hedley’s Kow who turned into a phoenix.

Was it recklessness?

What this much preparation not enough?!

Rumble! Ruuumble!

When Muyoung was grieving, the sky suddenly became dark.

From the sky, black lightning fell.

Windy rain fell and suppressed the fire of the phoenix.

When he turned his head to look at the strange phenomenon, a black horse with a horn was comfortably running next to the phoenix.

The figure seemed completely relaxed as if it had come out for a walk.

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