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Chapter 67: Second Class (3)

TL: Yoni

Edited: Yoni, Myoni



As he stepped forward, the specters scattered and ate up an ogre. He was able to physically and spiritually restrain them with specters.


The ogre screamed loudly.


Muyoung took out Anguish and shot straight towards it.

However, the ogre was able to remove the restraints shortly after.


As if he knew it would happen, Muyoung kicked the floor.

Instantly, he climbed up the ogre’s arm and immediately slashed at its shoulder.

However, the wound wasn’t deep.

The specters moved again. Few thousand specters held the ogre’s ankles.

However, ogres were monsters with very high resistance.

In an instant, it broke free from the specters.

‘It’s not like there was no way to hold back an ogre but…’

It was amazing for the low-rank specters to hold back an ogre even for a moment.

Even more, the ogres were high-rank monsters.

Muyoung couldn’t do it alone but if he summoned all his undead, he might be able to handle one.

But, besides the original undead, there were about a thousand dokkaebis in waiting but he couldn’t just carelessly summon them.

‘The undead are my last resort.’

The undead were going to play an important role in catching Hedley’s Kow.

Muyoung was successful in reducing the candidates for Hedley’s Kow to two.

There were five recently joined dokkaebi kings who received the trust of Arlo the duaxini and initiated some changes.

While he was observing them, he awakened the Eye of Asura. Muyoung was now able to contact the world of the dead.

However, the dead weren’t easily able to approach two of the five suspects.

Muyoung already knew that strong fairies could restrict the movements of spiritual beings.

That meant that one of the two dokkaebis was most likely Hedley’s Kow.

‘Two is enough.’

If there were only two candidates, he could keep an eye on them and would even have the time to capture them in the case of an emergency.

And now Muyoung was working to reduce the candidates down to one.

What Hedley’s Kow wanted was to be victorious in the Endless Battlefield.

He didn’t know why but for some reason it was helping the fire dokkaebis and providing them with support.

However, if it was faced with danger, it would have no choice but to show its true form.

To do this, it was best to first make the fire dokkaebis experience danger and to balance the power, it was best for him to help Seohan.

Ogres were thorough hunters. They would attack the weakest first.

And he clearly saw through their intentions as they targeted the lesser-numbered ice dokkaebis first.

However, the situation would reverse once Muyoung added his strength.

Using Shadow Teleportation, Muyoung instantly moved to Seohan’s side again.

“Are you just going to stand there and watch?”


Muyoung spoke as he watched the enraged ogre roar.

They were truly high-rank monsters.

It was hard for him alone. However, if Seohan, the ruler of the ice dokkaebis, helped him, he would be able to reduce the number of ogres more easily.

“It’s not a power of an ice dokkaebi.”

“It’s not like there aren’t any dokkaebis without exceptional power. Aren’t those fire dokkaebis using a strange power as well?”

There was no law that stated ice dokkaebis could only use ice-type skills.

Although it could make him a bit suspicious, using one would be fine.

It would be a problem if he summoned the undead here as well but using the specters’ strength to momentarily restrain one’s movements would be all that strange.

What was more, the stamina of fire dokkaebis were interconnected to prevent Arlo from becoming exhausted.

However, Seohan who looked at Muyoung gulped.

‘It’s the power of the spirits of the dead. Although they are vulgar, the strength itself…’

There were lots of dokkaebis who could control spirits of the dead.

However, there were only a handful of dokkaebis who could freely control numerous spirits of the dead.

And Seohan knew that at the end of that path was ‘Asura’.

The ‘Oom’ and ‘Hoom’ the dokkaebis worshiped both meant Asura.

There were only a handful of dokkaebis who knew the past name, Asura. Seohan was one of them.

They said that you could obtain the position of Oom once you cleared the Trial of Hoom but it was all part of a ceremony.

You couldn’t become the real Oom.

And although it was only for a second, Muyoung’s appearance seemed to be that of the real Oom, it was like seeing Asura’s loyal vassal.

‘No, that’s not possible.’

It was an exaggeration. Seohan quickly shook his head.

He must have been delusional since his mind was completely exhausted.

Muyoung was simply controlling the specters.

“Okay. First, let’s work together to stop the ogres.”

Seohan made a decision.

Muyoung was much stronger than other dokkaebis.

Seohan felt he could win against one or two ogres if they worked together.

Of course, Muyoung was weaker than himself but the fact that he was an ice dokkaebi was important.

With a careless look, Muyoung started to talk.

“I will hold back the ogre. You slit its throat.”

Though, even if he was an ice dokkaebi, he didn’t seem to have an ounce of respect towards him…

Seohan inwardly clicked his tongue.

It wasn’t time to quibble over such things now.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Enraged ogres were approaching.




A gap appeared in the air and a small fairy popped out.

The fairy looked around before smiling brightly once she found someone high up in the sky and quickly moved towards her.


“Oh my, Woohee, you came?”

The fairy who suddenly appeared was Woohee.

“Wooheehee. I came to ask for a bit help in creating a trial.”

“You didn’t finish it yet?”

“Well. It’s hard to find the right balance… huh?”

Woohee, who was having a private conversation, looked down for a moment and was surprised.

“They are dokkaebis?”

“It was a trial requested by Asura in the first place. The time had come.”

“Uh uh, there he is! Wooheehee.”

Woohee flew around chaotically and smiled slightly as she found a dokkaebi.

“Is it because you found a dokkaebi you know?”

“Unni, I think I found my mate.”

“You’re not saying that a dokkaebi is your mate, right?”

The fairy, who Woohee called unni, wiggled her brow.

Out of all beings, for a dokkaebi to be a fairy’s mate.

It was something that just couldn’t happen but Woohee didn’t seem to care and replied.

“It’s true.”

“Woohee, there are a lot of fairies who are interested in you.”

“They are all just boring. They need to drink some more goat milk. And mom told me. To meet a strong guy who draws my attention.”

“Mom? Ah, the Fairy Queen…”

Woohee was probably the only one who could call the Fairy Queen her mom.

Originally, fairies didn’t have parents.

They were born from nature and were beings who lived for hundred thousands of years.

However, the Fairy Queen gave Woohee that kind of advice?

When she thought of the Fairy Queen’s personality, it was something that could happen but even still, it was amazing.

But, Woohee didn’t care and just smiled.

“Wooheehee. He must have come to take Woohee, I’m certain of it. Just watch him. Since that guy is really strong.”

Woohee concentrated and watched the dokkaebi.

However, the unni fairy couldn’t accept it.

Wasn’t it the dokkaebi who just wandered around corpses all this time.

She never saw him fight.

‘Woohee must be mistaken.’

She thought that even if that dokkaebi fought, he wouldn’t be all that strong.

However, after the ogres appeared and she saw the black specters, she couldn’t help but change her thoughts.

“Husband! Win! Win!”

It wasn’t odd to see Woohee leap up to cheer for him.

The fight was that intense.

There was something about him that made the palms of those who watched sweat.

The ogre’s body exploded.

‘Even something like this was possible.’

Muyoung nodded his head as he discovered something new about the specters.

There would be an explosion when he gathered the specters together and made them crash into each other.

He was able to physically damage them from afar.


Seohan kneeled onto one knee after hunting about half the ogres.

His body became worn out after fighting on the frontlines.

It was admirable for him to last this long.


Muyoung kicked Seohan in the back.

“Get up.”

“You bastard…”

“If you stop, the rest of the ice dokkaebis will die.”

The over 30,000 dokkaebis were reduced to half before they knew it.

The strength of the military would crumble when the general fell.

Muyoung hoped Seohan wouldn’t die easily.

It was because he concluded it was best for him to live and keep the balance between the fire dokkaebis and the ice dokkaebis than to die and be turned into an undead.


At Muyoung’s threat, Seohan was barely able to stand back up.

For the ice dokkaebis, Seohan wasn’t simply their leader but also their pillar of support.

If Seohan fell, the ice dokkaebis would instantly be annihilated.

That was why Muyoung urged and pushed Seohan further.

Thanks to this, they were able to safely finish hunting the ogres.
<30th wave has started.>

<10 dragon skeleton soldiers.>


Muyoung could only frown at the wave that appeared a while later.

Dragon skeleton soldiers.

They were literally soldiers made from dragon bones.

To be exact, they were a type of undead but even among the undead, they were especially tricky to create.

The dragon skeleton soldiers were so unbelievably strong that they were even stories about how they were created to guard the rare highly intelligent dragons’ dens.

It was more so because they were able to nullify most physical and magical attacks.

Screek. Screeeek.

There were only 10 of them but it was enough to overwhelm the more than ten thousand dokkaebis.

There was a good chance that the side whom the dragon skeleton soldiers decide to attack first would be destroyed.

Everyone instinctively knew this but the very first to move was none other than Muyoung.

‘We’re at the crossroad.’

Here, the winner will be decided.

The moment he thought that, his body instinctively moved.


Specters flew around Muyoung. Muyoung grabbed one of them.


10 minutes was enough.

Muyoung didn’t believe he could deal with 10 dragon skeleton soldiers by himself like an idiot.

It was beyond reckless, it was foolish.

But, he didn’t take the lead without a plan.

Muyoung was planning on blocking the dragon skeleton soldiers and slightly adjusting their direction.

“Eek! You a piece of bone!”

Towards the fire dokkaebis.

Muyoung’s movements were so natural that no one felt his actions were deliberate.

With everyone scared out of their wits due to the appearance of dragon skeleton soldiers, Arlo, the leader of the fire dokkaebis, who didn’t think that Muyoung’s actions were intentional started to move.

However, even Arlo couldn’t fight against the dragon skeleton soldiers one-on-one. He was just holding on with his infinite stamina.

‘How long can he last?’

Muyoung watched the dragon skeleton soldier massacre the fire dokkaebis as he focused on the two who were most likely Hedley’s Kow.

If one of the two was Hedley’s Kow, it wouldn’t just quietly watch the current situation.

If the situation continued, it was obvious that it would end with the destruction of the fire dokkaebis.

That didn’t mean that other dokkaebis were in good situations themselves but he meant that the ones who were most affected were the fire dokkaebis.

It would be hard for the Hedley’s Kow to just sit back and watch.

Hedley’s Kow’s goal was to defeat the Trial of Hoom. Muyoung was at least certain of that.

He was certain that it hid among the fire dokkaebis as they were most likely to win.

It would show some sort of reaction.

And… Muyoung’s prediction wasn’t off.


Of the two, one’s movements changed.

It stopped moving and the density of its muscles started to change.

Eventually, it changed its shape and changed into something like a duaxini.

Other dokkaebis might see this and think he could have evolved while fighting but Muyoung was certain.

It wasn’t like an evolution. It was very different from something as refined as that.

‘I found it.’

Muyoung’s puckered his lips.

It turned into a duaxini to overcome danger but that became the deciding factor.

That one.

The fairy who could freely change its shape.

Hedley’s Kow!

He finally found it.

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