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Seohan momentarily was lost for words but that was all.

The orc lord continued to move. If he wasted more time, it would only lead to more destruction.

That was why he had to make a decision.

If he was going to trust in the words of the dokkaebi in front of him and change his method of fighting.

His ego would take a hit but if they were to ask the ruler of the fire dokkaebis Arlo for cooperation, he might agree to it. However, to do this, he needed to be certain.

Was the orc lord really blind?

From his reaction, that certainly didn’t seem to be the case.

However… for some odd reason, he couldn’t just ignore this dokkaebi’s words.

There weren’t many dokkaebis who had such a large presence.

Duaxinis, who were evolved dokkaebis, were able to see the nature of a being.

They were able to differentiate between a truth and a lie to a certain degree.

‘I can’t see anything nor feel anything. Is he truly even a dokkaebi?’

However, he had never experienced someone like him before.

This guy’s nature was emptiness itself.

He was like a speck of dust that would come and disappear like the wind.

However, his presence couldn’t be compared to a speck of dust.

All the words he said seemed to be truths.

It was contradictory.

However, that was the truth.

“What’s your name?”


As expected, it was a name of a dokkaebi king he had never heard of.

Seohan started to move again.

He breathed heavily as his whole body moved up and down.

If that dokkaebi was telling the truth, he would be greatly recognized for his actions, while if he wasn’t, he would suffer hell for deceiving him.

“That name, I’ll remember it.”

“You don’t have to remember it.”


Seohan’s eyes stiffened.

For him to remember an ice dokkaebi’s name was like infinite honor.

He was the ruler of ice dokkaebis and was a warchief currently competing for the ‘Oom’ position.

However, Muyoung spoke indifferently as if didn’t care about such things.

“From now on, I will let you know through Gaon.”

Then, without any hesitation, he turned his back.

‘What kind of dokkaebi is he…’

He was simply being disrespectful.

From what he could remember, he was never treated this way even from the fire dokkaebis he wasn’t on good terms with.

What was more, he never thought he could experience this kind of feeling from the same type of dokkaebi.

He could feel that the dokkaebi didn’t want to be exposed.

Seohan was a bit taken back by his attitude but he clicked his tongue and shook his head.

There wasn’t enough time.


A long spear made of ice formed above Seohan’s right hand.

‘Side. The side you say.’


Seohan stomped on the ground and quickly attacked the side of orc lord.


From afar, Muyoung watched the head of the orc lord soar.

The ruler of ice dokkaebis, Seohan.

Fortunately, the one to finish it off was him. He had at least saved face.

“Seohan! Seohan! Seohan!”

“A-oom! A-hoom! A-oom! A-hoom!”

The ice dokkaebis were celebrating.

The process didn’t matter, only the outcome was everything in this world.

Orc lord’s neck was slain by Seohan and it was safe to say that most of the credit belonged to Seohan.

‘It’s not the time yet to step out onto the frontlines.’

From a step back, Muyoung observed them.

As they passed the 20th wave, there shouldn’t be any major obstacles for at least a few more waves.

And Muyoung still had more things to do.

When he decides to join the frontlines, he needed to give up this gold mine.

Even more, there was a chance for Hedley’s Kow to become suspicious of Muyoung.

Even the advice he gave Seohan was done with a bit of risk.

Currently, he didn’t give any room for doubts but if this happened continuously, it could become harmful.

‘5 candidates.’

Of course, Muyoung wasn’t just making undead and specters.

He searched for Hedley’s Kow with his keen eyes.

And from the fire dokkaebis, he found five who were the most suspicious.

One of the candidates was a dokkaebi king who recently joined and didn’t have a tribe like Muyoung and acted differently from normal dokkaebis.

To be exact, he figured this out by carefully observing the ruler of the fire dokkaebis, Arlo but if Hedley’s Kow was here, it had to be one of those dokkaebis. Muyoung thought so himself.

“Muyoung! Listen. Seohan said that he appreciates my service. It’s probably because I fought so well on the frontlines.”

Gaon approached Muyoung as the excitement slowly died off.

It was to boast.


Muyoung mindlessly congratulated him.

It wasn’t bad to converse with him as he would be the one who would pass on the messages to Seohan.

As Muyoung replied, Gaon nodded his head and held his nose in the air.

“Muyoung, if you fight on the frontlines, you can also earn this kind of honor.”

“I don’t have any greed in that sort of thing.”

“Tsk tsk. You can only say that because you came from the remote region and don’t know the greatness of Seohan. If you continue to watch Seohan, you will naturally gain respect for him.”

He was Seohan’s fan through and through.

It seemed like Seohan realized how Muyoung didn’t want to be noticed and took measures like this.

It was good that he was quick-witted.

Muyoung stopped paying attention to Gaon.

‘2,000 specters were made.’

It was a steep pace. He had already made over 500 undead.

Normally, he didn’t really enjoy increasing his numbers like this.

A truly strong person could do the work of a few thousand and even a few ten thousand. It meant that it was much more effective to concentrate on just one.

However, Muyoung had the ‘Wicked Belt’ that strengthened every undead and this Endless Battlefield was a place where he could only fight with the numbers he had.

If he was to use the dead once more, then his military strength would double.

Of course, it wouldn’t be simple as his calculations but either way, he believed it wasn’t bad to focus on quantity as these situations were very rare.

‘I could probably dominate over half of Asura Path.’

Murloc king Murdudun was leading 2,000 specters and was trying to conquer Asura Path.

Conquest rate 22%!

And every time the conquest rate increased, something changed inside Muyoung.

He couldn’t be certain what that was but he felt like he would know when it reached a certain point.

“Honestly, think about it. It would be too late to regret it when Seohan gets the Oom’s position, Muyoung.”

As Muyoung didn’t show much interest, Gaon gave him a small advice before he leaving.

It was because the next wave had started.

‘It’s not too late to move after I become certain who the Hedley’s Kow is.’

The moment he joined the frontlines, his opportunity to look around would disappear.

Muyoung quietly watched the 5 candidates as he moved.


The situation changed.

To be exact, you could say Seohan accepted Muyoung’s advice.

After cutting off the orc lord’s head, Seohan’s influence became stronger and due to this, he was able to leave a monster alive to delay the start of the next wave.

The fire dokkaebis ground their teeth.

However, the difference between them shortened as time passed.

Seohan was getting exhausted and on the other hand, Arlo wasn’t.

‘The rate of contribution.’

Both duaxinis only cared about the rate of contribution.

The one with the higher rate of contribution would be able to take the position of Oom.

With that in mind, Muyoung’s current rate of contribution was very close to 0%.

‘The rate of contribution is meaningless in the lower waves.’

However, Muyoung didn’t care.

There were cases where one large contribution in a higher level was better than contributions for 10 low levels.

Therefore, it was time to grow his strength and wait for an opportunity for now.

And when they were faced with the 25th wave, a small change occurred for Muyoung.


As he got closer to 50%, the shape of his pupils changed as they became redder.

At first, he didn’t know.

However, he happened to look at his reflection through a sword of one of the corpses and saw this change.

That he was changing.

And that Asura Path was in the center of that change.

Then, Murdudun’s soul popped out from inside Muyoung’s body.

Unlike before, he was wearing a long golden armor and a helmet.

-Even though I’m almighty, there is a limit in conquering with these lousy specters. To win against the one with two horns, there is no answer by just increasing the numbers!

“Who is the one with two horns?”

-He’s the one who reigns Asura Path. He has a similar appearance to you but slightly different. He is stronger than you and darker. For some reason, he is currently sealed but he’s been reacting as I’ve continued to conquer.

Muyoung knitted his brows.

The one that reigned over Asura Path had the same appearance as him.

The fact that he had two horns was different but he was sealed.

“Then you can’t conquer any further?”

However, he was about to hit 50%.

Muyoung’s instincts cried out. That if he was to fill the rest of the 2%, a real change will occur.

Murdudun pondered for a moment before he shook his head.

-I think a bit more is possible. However, you shouldn’t be greedy. There is a chance you will lose even the parts I’ve conquered when that guy awakens. Now, we need stronger specters than to increase in numbers.

Murdudun was clear on what he wanted to say.

That even if he was to increase the number of dokkaebi specters, they had reached their limit.

Muyoung was convinced.



The world flipped around.

The position of the dead and the living had changed.

The living didn’t care but the dead were all looking at Muyoung.

The ones who were here from the past.

Not just dokkaebis but he could even see the preexisting dead souls.

There were also duaxinis like Seohan and Arlo.

Ancestors. The ones who died here without being able to become the Oom.

‘So it was like this.’

The Eye of Asura looked at the world of the dead.

It allowed him to stand on the boundary.

However, the strong existences above duaxinis ignored Muyoung.

‘It seems like it’s because my specter creating ability is low.’

If he could collect the preexisting souls, he no longer had a reason to collect the dokkaebis.

However, to take control of all these existences, he needed a stronger specter creating ability.

If he could control strong spirits, he could add them to Asura Path and use them for many things as well.

For instance… Muyoung held a minotaur’s soul in one hand.

Like this.

‘Only one is possible right now.’

He couldn’t overlap multiple spirits. However, there was definite room for improvement.

Muyoung smiled in satisfaction.

As expected, this place was a gold mine for Muyoung.


<29th wave has started.>

<30 Ogre.>


Thump! Thump!

The dokkaebis could only be petrified by the appearance of the green giants.

Coming this far, about half of the dokkaebis had died. But, the mood wasn’t bad.

However, the tension doubled when the ogres appeared.

Ogres were high-rank monsters.

They were a bit below the fire tars but when simply looking at their destructiveness, they were above the fire tars.

They were the worst enemies for the dokkaebis.

It was the same for duaxinis.

Seohan was completely exhausted and Arlo was at his limit fighting just one or two ogres.

Even if they were to push with their numbers, they couldn’t hold back all 30 ogres.



Thump! Crash!

Few tens of dokkabis’ lives died every time the ogres moved.

They showed that much overwhelming power.

All the dokkaebis clenched their teeth.

It was the same for Seohan.

Seohan’s entire body was covered in blood. He was barely able to hold back an ogre but he didn’t know how long he would last.

‘If it’s like this…’

Seohan made a hopeless expression as he pushed his disjointed shoulder back into the socket.

If he died now, contributions and everything became meaningless.

Just like that, the ruler of the fire dokkaebis, Arlo would win.


It was when Seohan was getting ready to fight back.

Before he realized, Muyoung stood beside him.

However, Seohan couldn’t treat Muyoung as he did in the past.

‘What the?’

Seohan’s eyes widened.

Behind Muyoung, few thousands of black specters showed their faces.

It was like a dark storm.

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