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Chapter 65: Second Class (1)

TL: Yoni

Edited: Myoni, Yoni



The number of specters quickly increased.

Which meant that many dokkaebis were dying.

The dokkaebis were already facing the 8th wave.

However, Muyoung still didn’t partake in the battle.

‘The spirit will completely separate from the bodies of the dead dokkaebis after some time passes.’

He couldn’t make the spirits into specters after the spirits have completely left the body.

It took 2 days to reach the 8th wave and Muyoung already had 1,000 specters.

This place was simply a gold mine for Muyoung.


The spirits came out of the bodies of dead dokkaebis and instantly went into Muyoung’s body.



Asura Path.

The conquest rate of crazy specters was continuously increasing in the process.

The conquest rate steeply increased as the number of specters increased.

― Still not enough. I need more specters!

Murloc King Murdudun was excited to go into battle leading specters. In a state completely filled with excitement, he kept pestering Muyoung.

If he continued like this, the conquest of Asura Path didn’t seem far away.

‘Not even one of the six worlds is easy.’

Asura Path, Hell Path, Preta Path, Animal Path, Human Path and Deva Path!

Muyoung had seen a glimpse of each one.

They were filled with all sorts of horrors and he felt like whoever conquered those places would become a God.

At least, that was how Muyoung felt when he looked at Asura Path.

‘These burning glares.’

Just, there were a few who glared at Muyoung for not participating in the fight and wandering around dead dokkaebis.

Not a lot but it was important to note that he was getting their attention.

‘I need to change my method.’

If he was to openly make undead on top of this, it would be enough for him to become an enemy of all.

All the dokkaebis would instantly acknowledge Muyoung as their ‘enemy’ and attack him.

No matter how great Muyoung was, he wasn’t able to avoid the over 30,000 dokkaebis in this limited area.

There was too big of a risk and therefore he needed to ‘secretly’ made them into undead.


Left with no choice, Muyoung changed his method.

He placed his hands together as if he was in praying.

It sort of seemed like he was praying for the dead.

‘Stay still.’

He picked out the still-intact corpses out of the spiritless bunch and reanimated them into undead.

But, he didn’t allow them to move. Since, in a battlefield that continues endlessly, he had no time to waste in organizing them.

Fight and die, then you will become an undead.

When he turned 200 dokkaebis into undeads, a change occurred.


<‘A group of various dokkaebis’ has been completed.>

Level: 60

Type: Ghoul

Strength 66   Agility 55

Stamina 66   Intelligence 66

Wisdom 65>


Like the Prince and the Avengers, it seemed like they were recognized as one.

Muyoung quickly made a talisman.

As he summoned the dokkaebis into a talisman, the corpses turned undead magically disappeared. They were all transported into the talisman.

“Did I see it wrong? I think the corpses disappeared.”

“Didn’t you see how the corpses of monsters that spawned in this trial disappear? It’s probably a characteristic of this place.”

Muyoung nodded after he hearing their conversation.

The dokkaebis who weren’t familiar with talismans found the disappearing corpses strange but only thought of it as a characteristic of the ‘Endless Battlefield’.

It was better this way. Muyoung was only able to make 50 to 100 undead in a day but through their misunderstanding, he was able to speed things up.

“But, what is that dokkaebi doing?”

“Is he trying to cleanse their spirits?”

“He’s probably just scared. This is why ice dokkaebis…”

Of course, there were some dokkaebis who didn’t think well of Muyoung.

They clicked their tongues and looked at Muyoung with disdain.

Since he never participated in the battle, everyone branded him as a coward.

However, he didn’t care.

He didn’t fall for their shabby provocations.

It was enough to participate in combat near the end of the battle. For now, he needed to concentrate on making undead and specters.

‘I am moving too fast.’

Muyoung didn’t forget to observe the situation of the battlefield continuously.

Already the 10th wave.

A boss level monster appeared.

About 2,000 dokkaebis died by the time they faced the 10th wave.

It was because they didn’t know any tricks and were competing against each other.

If they continued like this, they would easily clear the 20th wave but anything beyond that seemed unlikely.

“Muyoung, you’re like a chief priest.”

At that moment, the king of ‘Freezing Land’ tribe approached Muyoung.

He had injured his arm.

“Chief priest?”

“Even the one who prophesied the Advent of Oom was the chief priest. He works with souls and has the right to enter the world of the universe. Like what you’re doing now, his role was also to pray for the dead. However.”

Gaon let out a deep breath and continued to speak.

“Right now, we don’t need a chief priest. It’s time to fight on the frontlines. Although you are a wandering king, if you, a king, just stand by, we, the ice dokkaebis, will completely lose face.”

It seemed like he couldn’t take Muyoung’s strange behavior anymore and had come to give him a word of advice.

As they were in a place with the fire dokkaebis, they took care in how they looked to others.

However, Muyoung silently continued to do what he was doing.

Time was too precious to care about what other dokkaebis’ thought.

“Not all kings are strong. Muyoung, I understand if you’re chief priest class of dokkaebi and isn’t used to fighting. At least just act like you’re fighting. I, the king of the ‘Freezing Land’, Gaon, will be responsible for your safety.”

“You don’t have to be responsible for my safety.”

Muyoung tapped his waist one time.

He shook Anguish that was attached to his waist and showed off.

Then, Gaon shook his head from side to side.

“Seohan is currently fighting alone and there are too many casualties. If even our prestige dies off, then everything will go to the fire dokkaebis.”

“Just leave one alone.”


“If you kill all the enemy, the next wave starts. On the other hand, if you leave even one alive than you could gain time to rest.”

If they gained time to rest than they could reduce the number of casualties.

There was a need to walk the safest path as the ice dokkaebis were lacking in number.

Gaon widened his eyes and asked again.

“Is that true?”

“What do I earn from lying to you?”

Muyoung gave off an uncaring attitude.

Just an advice.

To accept it or not was their choice.

“Hmm… that’s true. I will try telling Seohan.”

Once again, Gaon quickly joined the battle.

And Muyoung also started to pray again.

“He really is an odd one.”

“What’s the point in paying attention to that sort of coward dokkaebi? But, the enemies who appeared this time don’t seem easy.  I think we need to quickly go and join up with the others.”

The attention Muyoung received quickly died off as well.


The number of spirits rose and a stack of undead was made.


Muyoung’s advice wasn’t accepted in the end.

It couldn’t be helped.

If there were only ice dokkaebis, it might have been different, but they were with the long-time rivals, the fire dokkaebis.

If they tried to leave one monster alive, they wouldn’t allow it.

Instead, they would speed up the battle to push them to their limits.

It was the same as unknowingly walking on the path to self-destruction by only immersing yourself in the little things.


<19th wave has started.>

<200 minotaurus.>



The gigantic monsters cried.

To the dokkaebis, these monsters with two feet and a bull’s head were like their natural predators.

They had naturally high resistance to magic and their tough hide made most attacks ineffective.

The only ones that could face the minotaurs were the dokkaebi kings and duaxini.

Thump! Thump! Thuuuump!

The Duaxini, the ruler of the ice dokkaebis, Seohan showed destructive power.

Whatever his fists touched would freeze and shatter. His strength was also remarkable and even the minotaurs were taken back.

However, Seohan was slowly getting exhausted.

The other dokkaebis couldn’t notice but his insides were slowly breaking down.


Seohan moved his gaze.

Arlo, the ruler of fire dokkaebis!

Seohan couldn’t act weak while that guy was still alive.

Like Seohan, he evolved into a duaxini from a dokkaebi.

The two were on bad terms for a long time.

They fought countless times but not once was there a clear outcome.

Did it make sense to have 100 fights with 100 draws?

However, it couldn’t be helped.

They were equally powerful.

As it was obvious that if one died the other would be in a near death state, their fights always ended up as a draw.

‘I will beat you this time.’

However, this time, it would be different.

To win, Seohan was overexerting himself.

If he was overexerting himself, it meant that Arlo was also overexerting himself.

Although Arlo might appear to be fine, he thought that he was having a hard time.

However, after continuously fighting the minotaurs, he found that that wasn’t the case.

‘He isn’t getting tired.’

On the other hand, Seohan was exhausted.

How was this possible?

‘Are the fire dokkaebis this strong?’

By then, Seohan realized something strange.

The fire dokkaebis were strengthening each other.

To be exact, they were ‘sharing’ each other’s stamina.

Of course, Arlo wasn’t exhausted. Since if he was, he could just take the stamina of another dokkaebi.

It was a skill they didn’t normally have.

He didn’t know where they learned that kind of skill but… it couldn’t be said that Arlo wasn’t a wicked ruler.
<20th wave has started.>


Seohan frowned after seeing the enemies who have just appeared.

Orc lord and orc warchiefs!

They weren’t easy opponents. Especially the orc lord who was similar to duaxinis in that they exceeded the strength of regular orcs.

The fire dokkaebis were the first to act triumphantly.

Seohan ground his teeth. If he lost the lead, it was like he was giving up the position as ‘Oom’.

Oom was someone only those who stacked meritorious deeds acknowledged by everyone could become.

‘I can’t just stay here like this.’

Seohan moved.



The orc lord sliced the flames the ruler of the fire dokkaebi, Arlo, shot.

It swung its huge greatsword indiscriminately as it pushed forward.

Even if it was Arlo, against an orc lord, 1 vs 1 was difficult.

A few hundred fire dokkaebis quickly gathered around and shot flames but with a single swing of its sword, a gust of wind blew out the flames.

All the fire dokkaebis were thrown into disarray. Arlo wasn’t any different.



Then, a huge ice mass created in the sky smashed onto the orc lord.

It was a great shot made by Seohan.


However, orc lord was even able to split that ice block in half.

He thought it would definitely hit.

However, the opponent who appeared before them wasn’t any ordinary orc lord.

Sword Ghost!

It had a title of the ghost of the sword.

It meant that it was well versed in swordsmanship.

Without any time for the dokkaebis to reorganize, the orc lord and the orc warchiefs pushed towards them. Their force overwhelmed the few tens of thousands of dokkaebis.

“He can’t see.”

Then some ice dokkaebi king approached and stood beside Seohan.

Seohan tilted his head and looked at the dokkaebi who approached him.

“If you’re going to aim, aim both sides at the same time. If we work together with the duaxini who leads the fire dokkaebis, we could win.”

All ice dokkaebis showed deep respect towards Seohan.

However, the dokkaebi in front of him didn’t appear to show any signs of it.

He was like emotionlessness itself.

Then, Seohan could only be surprised for a moment.

‘When did he come next me?’

He wasn’t able to notice his existence until he came right next to him.

Even if he was preoccupied, it wasn’t something that was possible.

‘Who is this guy?’

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