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Muyoung’s eyes widened as he read the continuously appearing messages.

He expected to find the dungeon where the relics of King Murdudun were buried and for him to become a descendant of murlocs but he never expected that he would find the continuation of the Demon King of the 27th legion quest here.

Muyoung had found the location of the shrine of Gremory, the Demon God of the 56th seat, when he had returned to the past and was at the Blue Temple.

He earned the qualification to become the Demon King of the 27th Legion by passing the most difficult trial at a place with a hexagram, the Star of David.

Afterwards, he didn’t gain any more clues and had forgotten about it for a bit.

‘Gremory has 26 legions.’

Gremory the Demon God who held the 56th seat!

It was told that she was the only female Demon God and under her, were 26 loyal Demon Kings.

Normally, there wasn’t a 27th Demon King.

And in the past, when Demon Gods were destroying humanity, Gremory never appeared.

She was one of the few Demon Gods who weren’t against humanity.

Becoming a Demon King of Gremory and gaining strength was definitely one of the choices Muyoung could choose.

‘A thorn in their mouths.’

That was it.

A thorn in their mouths.

He was planning on being a pain that would pierce through their tongues and their heads.

So that he couldn’t be swallowed.

He would possess a strong poison that if the Demon Gods attempted to swallow him, they would die one after another.

He never thought that he would get a clue in this place and for this territory to be the starting point.

It might have been different if he never found it in the first place but it was currently in his reach.

Now, it was his decision to grab hold of this opportunity or to leave it alone as if he never saw it in the first place.

‘Grab it.’

He made a quick decision.

To go with the flow.

There was definitely a risk to it but there was a lot more to be gained in return.

It was worth the gamble.

However, to do this he needed to develop this territory.

Even though his first initial plans of not caring about being a Lord didn’t work out, he didn’t care.

Plans were always meant to be flexible.

He needed to at least account for that much flexibility.

‘It said that the skill had changed.’

Right away, Muyoung opened his skills window to check what had been changed and what had been added.


Skill Title: The Demon King of the 27th Legion (A+)

Description – The qualifications to become the Demon King of the 27th Legion. Gremory originally had 26 Legions. Only Demon Kings were able to command the 26 Legions and every one of them possessed tremendous power.

*First step. All basic stats are increased by 5.
Skill Title: Lord (F)

Description – A skill only given to those who control a territory. The rank will increase the larger your territory becomes and the more your influence rises. Special structures are included as well. Methods for increasing your territory are using the Marble of Territory or gambling your territory in a fight with other territory owners among others.

*Able to assign Territory Guardian (Only one per territory and depending on the territory, additional stats and skill are earned. Only effective inside the territory.)


‘Not bad.’

The newly added part in the ‘The Demon King of the 27th Legion’ skill was an increase in stats.

It was very good if all his stats were increased by 5.

And looking at how it said it was the first one, it looked like there was room for more.

The ‘Lord’ skill was obvious.

But, he was a bit interested in the Territory Guardian.

These guardians that existed in each city were very strong.

Not just humans, there were cases where tamed monsters or summoned creatures would become the Territory Guardian.

This was because the humans chosen to be guardians would frequently betray it and the territory would collapse.

Anyways, it was best to choose someone who you could trust and in that part, Muyoung had no worries.

As there was no way an undead would betray him.


He decided to check the changes in his stats as well.

As soon as he turned the Status Viewer, his status appeared.
Achievement Effect –>

Gremory’s Anguish (A, +3 to all abilities)

Asura’s Vassal (A, The strength to deal with spirit’s and devil’s power, Spirit Ability increased by ’10’.)

Soulmate (B+, From now on, if you commune with an undead, the undead’s stats will slightly increase permanently.)

Descendant of Murlocs (B+, Increased growth of murlocs.)

Fairy’s Blessing (B, Allows fairies to feel familiar with the user.)

Class Effect ->

Death Lord (Lord Class, Ruler of Death)

Stats ->

Strength 112 (80 + 32)   Agility 124 (91 + 33)

Stamina 109 (84 + 25)   Intelligence 77 (55 + 22)

Wisdom 73 (51 + 22)   Fighting Aura 73 (55 + 18)

Magic Resistance 65 (47 + 18) Spirit Ability 43 (15 + 28)

Special Note: Fighting Aura has been awakened. Completed the 1st metamorphosis.

Equipped and Invoked Equipment: Anguish (Strength +14, Ogre’s Cruelty), Lunatic Sovereign’s Set (All Stats +15, Stamina +10), Shadow Armor (It allows you to teleport to a shadow within your vision 3 times a day), Wicked Belt (Intelligence & Wisdom +4, all undead are strengthened by 5%) and Hermes’s Boots (Agility +15, 3 seconds of acceleration)


Although his supporting effects were quite significant, his physical stats were all over 100.

And since his other core stats were almost all above 70, you could say his growth was outstanding.

Also, it was surprising that his basic stats had increased by 5 when he received the additional effect of the Demon King of the 27th Legion skill.

Because of that, he was approaching the limit known as the 1st awakening.

‘I’ve already experienced metamorphosis. I wonder if another change will occur when my important basic stats are above 100.’

Of course, since everyone was different, there was no need to have every stat above 100, if they were close, they would experience an awakening.

However, Muyoung had already forcefully experienced the 1st metamorphosis through Vice-chieftain Ogar.

But, he was curious if he would undergo another physical change once he breaks through the approaching ‘wall’.

At this rate, he would know in the near future.

It was something that he would know after only after his body had experienced it.

It was the same for the Descendant of Murlocs achievement effect. He was currently unsure what it entailed.

Crash! Thud!

‘I have to get out of here.’

He had wasted too much time checking the changes.

Muyoung quickly moved away.


A purple light submerged the territory.

The dead land changed and revitalized.

Grass grew and a small pond formed.

A phenomenon that occurred only because Muyoung became the owner of the territory.

Land humans could live on was completed.

And Muyoung who had exited the pyramid couldn’t help but frown.

“Please accept us.”

An old man and around 90 people behind him bowed.

They folded their legs and kneeled.

A typical posture of submission.

‘I did tell them to do whatever they wanted but only a few days have passed.’

“Accept you?”

When Muyoung asked, the old man raised his head.

“We sincerely ask you to become our new owner.”

It was all so sudden.

The old man who continued to look at him said.

“We are all weak. We could only hold our breaths under Heidegger’s tyranny. However, you said to do whatever we want. We put our heads together and thought. In the end, we realized the only way to live was this one.”

“So you’re telling me, you will live leaning on me.”

A last-ditch effort for survival.

Since he decided to grow his territory, it wasn’t bad but it didn’t mean he would accept them as they were now.

The old man nodded his head at Muyoung’s sarcastic remark.

“Yes, we want to live. We know you are different from us but we want to believe your words that you won’t make us live in constant fear like Heidegger. We will grow and develop. We all agreed to be citizens of your territory, so our lives will be in your hands.”

He said that he would give Muyoung the authority to decide their life and death to survive.

Though it was contradictory, because it was, Muyoung liked it.

Since it was more honest than speaking in circles with flowery language.

It could be the strength of the experienced.

He was able to understand Muyoung’s motives and speak without constraint.

It still wasn’t bad.

Not everyone could quickly realize reality. It was easy to say but his decisiveness was praiseworthy.

The experiences he possessed were definitely valuable.

It seemed like it would be useful in the development of the territory.


<94 people hope to become citizens. Do you accept?>


Muyoung gazed at each of the 94 people’s eyes. A light of hope shone in their dying eyes.

At the very least, they didn’t look like puppets.

He wanted everyone to be citizens with free will.

Muyoung nodded his head.

“Okay. I accept.”


Perhaps it was because the rank was so low but it increased just by accepting citizens.

And becoming a lord was similar to founding a guild.

But, what was different was that he would be able to force them.

Those who refuse Muyoung’s summons would be penalized.

They would be cursed and there were even cases where they lost the power of their talismans.

Solomon arranged this in hopes of uniting humanity. Although there were cases where this was abused…

Also, as long as Muyoung didn’t die or no one stole the territory, they would forever live affiliated to the name ‘Muyoung’.

The word citizen carried that much weight to it.

“I will not take those who stop and fall behind. If you want to follow me, you have to advance yourselves.”

Even then, Muyoung clearly drew a line.

He had no time to wait for those who fell behind.

“We greet our Lord!”

The old man shouted loudly with a serious face.

“We greet our Lord!”

And the rest opened their mouths in unison.

Muyoung slowly returned to the tent once again.

Everyone turned their bodies towards the tent and kneeled. This ceremony continued until the sun set and the moon rose.


24 hours had passed.

At the same time, a short message appeared.



Muyoung immediately headed for the dungeon.

But there were a few people who arrived before him.

One young man and woman as well as the old man.

The old man spoke when he spotted Muyoung.

“Lord, they are young and quick children. They will be helpful to you.”

The two definitely looked more fit than the others. They were also the only good-looking man and woman.

They wore pelts that barely covered their important parts and had a dagger made from the carcass of the desert crayfish.

They thought of themselves as porters as they were even holding bags.

The two deeply bowed towards Muyoung.

“I am called Baltan.”

“Lord, I am Irene.”

Muyoung momentarily looked at the old man.

He could read the obvious motives for bringing the two.

He was trying to develop promising children.

It wasn’t possible for everyone to become strong at once so he was trying to send out the ones with potential.

Muyoung pondered for a moment and said.

“Follow me.”

It wasn’t bad for his citizens to get stronger.

Since it would allow him to claim the surrounding territories more quickly.

He didn’t see any other motives besides that.

Baltan and Irene nodded with serious expressions.

Muyoung entered the dungeon with quiet footsteps.

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