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A remote desert area.

A structure was being built in a location right behind a cliff.


It was definitely a pyramid around 10m tall.

Tens of people were cutting, moving and stacking huge rocks.

‘So this is the symbolic icon he was going to use to declare his territory.’

To use the Marble of Territory, you needed a symbolic icon to define it.

The symbolic icon would become some kind of totem and change the surrounding area around it.

It was a type of arrangement made for humans to live in this world.

And that pyramid…

‘A king’s tomb.’

Muyoung rubbed his chin.

He understood why Heidegger used a pyramid as a symbolic icon.

Heidegger made it for the trial in finding the relics of King Murdudun.

The pyramid was in its finishing stages as the people of skin and bones worked hard in moving the rocks.

“You, you came.”

As Muyoung and Heidegger entered the small village, an old man came up to them and dropped to his knees.

He greeted them very devotedly as he placed his forehead onto the ground.

Muyoung could feel  he was extremely terrified.

Muyoung could understand how Heidegger ran this place by looking at all the injuries of the people working here.

As there wasn’t anything that resembled a house, it seemed like they were overworked with not enough rest or food.

There was only a large tent.

It was probably the place arranged for Heidegger.

Muyoung moved his gaze.

Slap! Slaaap!

And about 5 people were whipping people urgently.


Foam came out of a young man’s mouth as he collapsed.

He was whipped immediately but as the man showed no signs of getting up, he was tossed to the ground.

Like throwing away garbage.

However, no one seemed to care.

“I’ll wipe it for you.”

The old man went on his knees, took out a cloth and started to rub Heidegger’s shoes.

While he was doing it, he looked at Muyoung with doubtful eyes.

It seemed like he didn’t know how to act towards Muyoung.

If it was a guest Heidegger brought he needed to serve him well but if he wasn’t, he would be smacked with a club.

However, Muyoung wasn’t interested in that kind of treatment.

Muyoung entered the tent after looking around for a bit.


Heidegger was more than a king here.

Everything was accomplished by his words.

If he told them to die, they really needed to die.

And what ruled them was complete fear. The fear paralyzed their rationality and made them into puppets.

“How long til it’s finished?”

“It should be finished in, two, weeks.”

Heidegger replied as Muyoung asked him inside the tent.

There were only two of them inside the tent. It seemed like a place only Heidegger could enter.

As people were shaken the moment Muyoung entered that place.

Nevertheless, they seemed to recognized Muyoung as an ‘important guest’ as Heidegger never gave them any orders.

Anyways, two weeks.

‘That’s enough time.’

Muyoung sat on a chair and rested his chin on his hand and planned his schedule for a moment.

If he obtained the relics of King Murdudun, he would basically gain the most effective way to move in the Demon God’s territory.

Afterwards, he could use the Little Wish to find out where Hedley’s Kow is.

Even if it was the Little Wish, it would not be able to continuously tell him of its location.

Therefore, it was best to use it right before he started to search for it.

Muyoung got up and took Heidegger’s Status Viewer.

And looked through his ‘history’.

He was able to find out what trials Heidegger had completed and which ones he was in the progress of completing in the history of his Status Viewer.

It was possible to read the trials and steal from them in the progress.


<‘Relics of King Murdudun (3)’>

– In the past, murlocs controlled water and were rulers of the lakes and the oceans. They performed all kinds of miracles using spears and staves made out of pearls. There was even a countless number of ‘Sages of the Ocean’. But, after the death of King Murdudun, they quickly degraded and became smaller in size and decreased in intelligence. Can the murlocs revive when someone finds the relics of King Murdudun? ‘Extract from the time of murlocs’

-The place known as the ‘Heart of Murloc’. You have found the map where the location of relics of King Murdudun is revealed.

-You have reached the location on the map. You can become a ‘descendant of murloc’ if you proclaim a territory and build a tomb to celebrate King Murdudun.


Quests regarding the relics of King Murdudun were written in order. However, there wasn’t anything that was specifically written.

It was difficult to confirm specific details just by simply reading his history.

However, Muyoung now knew that he needed to proclaim a territory to become a ‘descendant of murloc’.

“How can I find the relics?”

“Pyramid, automatically becomes, a dungeon. They are inside.”



It meant that it wasn’t a simply a symbolic icon.

It meant that the pyramid itself became a dungeon for a trial.

It was quite an interesting story.

‘New dungeon. There must be a lot of rewards that can be earned.’

It was a dungeon. They normally didn’t call a dungeon if it was a place you could clear in a day or two.

It was standard procedure to slowly attack towards the final level.

Of course, there would be an overflowing amount of things to be gained during the process.

He would have to routinely come back out to organize everything and to do this, he needed to make some changes here.

‘It’s not bad to make a territory here inside the Demon God’s territory.’

He was declaring a territory for the first time.

It seemed a bit of a waste to just get the relics and leave this place alone as the Marble of Territory was very rare to get.

As people were already here and depending on Muyoung’s thoughts, it didn’t seem impossible to develop this place into a ‘territory’.

Even though he would only use it for a place to stay momentarily, if he became the lord of this territory and maintained the dungeon, he could earn additional profit.

Like specific talismans or rare medicinal herbs!

In reality, there were few cities that were built near a dungeon.

It might be difficult if monsters flooded out from the dungeon but there were still much more to gain from it.

‘The monsters around this place are all low rank. It’s not bad when I think about the future.’

Demon God’s Territory.

If you made a city near the Great City, everyone would keep others in check and try to steal it but if he was to proclaim the territory here, who would interfere?

It would be better to give up if there were strong monsters near this place but that wasn’t the case.

It seemed possible to organize the location by releasing a few undead.

Although there were less than 100 people, he didn’t think it was bad if he looked far ahead.

Either way, he wouldn’t lose anything from trying.

“Protect this place. I will come back after roaming around.”

“I understand.”

Heidegger stiffly nodded.

Muyoung went outside the tent.

He felt everyone’s gazes but no one stopped Muyoung from walking his path.


Muyoung left the village and came back when it was night.

However, countless undead were moving the corpses of giant scorpions and fire foxes behind him.

He stacked them up in the middle of where people were gathered.

As people looked at the small hill in wonder, Muyoung spoke.

“Eat the contents and with the rest make clothes and houses.”

That was all.

Muyoung entered the tent once again.

However, people were unable to move easily.

In this place, you needed permission to even talk.

However, Heidegger didn’t show any response.

It was only natural as they were a group who were basically rejected of their free will.

However, even the next day, and the day after, Muyoung continued to transport the corpses of monsters.
After the 4th day, a person moved for the first time.

A young man who could no longer bear the hunger greedily devoured the corpse of the fire fox.

And then, waited for his punishment as his eyes became a bit clearer.

No one survived after they acted like this. Everyone was horrendously killed by Heidegger or his comrades.

However… there was no punishment.

Then, all the people who studied each other’s faces started to move.

They ate the meat of the monsters and made clothes with its fur.

They built a place to stay using the huge carcass of scorpions.

That didn’t mean they weren’t building the pyramid.

Instead, they worked harder.

‘I don’t need puppets in my territory.’

He thought as he looked at the scene in front of him.

Undead were enough as puppets.

Even if Muyoung was going to declare this land as his territory, he wasn’t going to do much to develop this place.

He needed the rest of the people to develop it on their own.

To do this, he needed to revive the people’s free will.

The results weren’t bad.

As people started to loosen up, they now started to think.

Who was that man?

The man who ordered Heidegger around and pinned him down.

The man who hunted monsters, ordered undead and brought darkness wherever he went!

“Who are you?”

They could only ask after a week had passed.

Everyone nervously waited in front of the tent Muyoung stayed in.

That day, Muyoung took off his helmet for the first time.

Everyone noticed his white hair, deep dark eyes and a horn on his head.

Everyone was mesmerized.

Muyoung replied shortly.

“Think however you want.”

Everyone had doubtful looks on their eyes.

They thought a new owner had appeared to replace Heidegger had shown up but even he said to think however they wanted.

It could be considered as irresponsible, but Muyoung didn’t care at all.

“I know how Heidegger treated you guys. However, I will guarantee your freedom unlike before as long as you don’t raise your sword against me.”

Muyoung wasn’t the type to speak eloquently.

He just wanted to state the truth.

“If you want to live, get up. Build up this place and develop the surroundings. After all, you guys won’t be able to leave the Demon God’s Territory. If you just stay still, you will only become food for the monsters that might raid in.”

He mercilessly hammered a nail in their chests.

Every single word he said was true.

If Muyoung didn’t appear, they would have been abandoned by Heidegger and would have faced a tragic end.

However, things were now different. They could change.

This chance was given by Muyoung.

However, it was completely their decision on whether they were going to accept this chance or not.

“I don’t care what you guys think of me as. Choose whatever you want and move accordingly.”

Muyoung wasn’t self-conscious about other people’s thoughts of him.

Either way, these people could not leave this place and to live, they needed to struggle.

He didn’t need to hold onto the title as lord because all he wanted was to reap rewards from this process.

If he acted like a lord, he would have to continue to act as one and that would only waste his time.

That wasn’t the best decision when he was in a situation where it wouldn’t be enough if he ran everywhere.

Muyoung turned his back and once again went out the village.



The pyramid was completed in 11 days.

It was 3 days faster than the expected date.

Immediately, Muyoung climbed the very top of the pyramid.

And then placed the Marble of Territory on an altar that was already prepared.

“I, Muyoung, declare this territory as mine.”

There was no need for a grand ceremony just because he declared it.

These words were enough.


The marble emitted a purple light that spread out in all directions.

At the same time.


<‘Lord(F)’ skill has been created.>


The pyramid shook as it slowly changed.

He needed to leave before the changes really started to occur.

Or else, he might never be able to leave this place.

As Muyoung was planning to move.


<‘The Demon King of the 27th Legion (2)’ has been recorded in your history.>

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