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The inside was completely restructured. The hallway became much wider and the ceiling was higher.

The fishy stench emanating out from everywhere was enough to make anyone’s nose crinkle.

‘No need to waste time.’

First, he had to find the path.

He immediately summoned all his undead.

Prince and the Avengers, Blazing Spear Soldier, Sorceress of Lightning, Black Sun Warrior and even Heidegger!

“Walk around and find the path.”

Looking at the undead and Muyoung, Baltan and Irene’s eyes widened.

Heidegger was an undead?

Although Heidegger wasn’t known as being incredibly strong among humans, his special regenerative powers made fighting him very difficult.

But if he was an undead, it meant he had already died.

It was the first time they saw him get summoned like this.

These two couldn’t help but wake up at the skills only a top ranked monster, the lich, would have.

A single lich could decimate a moderately sized city.

Fifty to a hundred of the strongest paladins with the strongest light blessings were needed to suppress one.

However, the only city that had that many was the Holy City ‘Mulalan’.

An appearance of a lich was enough to make all large organizations tense.

‘He doesn’t look like a lich….?’

This man who suddenly appeared one day.

He was a goblin. He had white hair and a horn that was the symbol of a goblin king.

They had never heard of a goblin who turned into a lich.

It was even weirder for a lich to save humans and become their lord.

“Follow me properly.”

Muyoung turned his head and said to the two who were still stuck in their thoughts.

They never thought to follow along absentmindedly.

Although the two had followed him here to gain experience and to get stronger, a larger reason was to figure out what kind of person their lord was.

Since they didn’t know anything.

But, did he wait for them?

His eyes that flashed dangerously, warning them not to bother him, was the same as before.

They thought that he would coldheartedly work alone so it was unexpected for him to say something and wait for them.


“We will catch up right away.”

Baltan and Irene woke up from their thoughts and quickened their pace.

Only then did Muyoung start to move.


There wasn’t much on the first floor.

There were only frog-like murlocs and trap monsters like mimics.

They went up to the second floor in a day.

Although the dungeon was wide, they were able to find the path because the undead split up to find the way.

“We rest here today.”

The second floor.

This was the territory of murloc crawlers.

Murloc crawlers were large 3m frogs that spit out poisonous fog from their mouths.

Only, the poison was meant to paralyze its victims so it had no effect on the undead.

It wasn’t very difficult but Muyoung went out of his way to find a place to rest.

“Hoo, hoo… You have incredible stamina.”

Baltan quietly followed along.

Only Irene would try to start a conversation with Muyoung.

She was especially interested in Muyoung.

She would attach a meaning to each of his actions and didn’t try to hide her amazement.

Her actions were probably in hopes of getting a little bit closer but unfortunately, the man she was looking at wasn’t the type to accept everything.

Muyoung sat down and took out a talisman.

“Drink it.”


Irene caught the Water producing Magical Item he threw.

“Ke-uh! Refreshing! The drink of the gods was here all along.”

Then she took out a rag from her bag and wiped her sweat.

She tried her best to look enchanting while doing so but Muyoung didn’t pay much attention.

On the other hand, Baltan stared at Irene. Irene gave him a ‘what are you looking at’ warning with her clenched fist.

Baltan quickly coughed and turned away.

“Anyways, I’ve never heard of a symbol turning into a dungeon. It’s really an amazing place.”

“There should be some.”

“Ye, yes…?”

Muyoung who was quiet this whole time answered.

And Irene who heard that was surprised.

She had only asked. She never expected to hear an answer.

“The Floating City, the Territory at Cliff’s End, the Village of Dawn. Their symbols changed into dungeons and are self-sufficient off of it.”

“So there are places like that?”

Her reaction was like it was the first time she had heard of them.

The tips of Muyoung’s eyes slightly twitched.

“How long has it been since you’ve arrived in the Underworld?”

“8 months.”

“Heidegger probably didn’t kidnap you in a great city. Did you get kidnapped since you left to a different city in those 8 months?”

Heidegger would most likely kidnap people in remote cities.

They were probably kidnapped in a place without any strong people.

Irene looked weak.

He thought that they would have spent at least 2 years in the Underworld before moving to a different city but they didn’t.

“I have quite an adventurous spirit. Though, I ended up like this.”

Irene’s shoulders drooped.

If it was only 8 months, it was possible she didn’t know of the cities Muyoung mentioned.

As they weren’t commonly discussed places.

It was similar to villages where only the people who knew knew.

“Umm, lord. How do you know all those places?”

Irene was excited like a child.

It was like he was human.

So she asked him but Muyoung was silent.

He had returned to his previous state.

But Irene’s eyes became more lively.

He had replied once. It meant that he was interested in them.

It was the same today.

If they didn’t rest, they would have been able to go to the third floor.

She was positive he had specifically found a resting place for Baltan and herself.

Since they really were about to collapse from dehydration.

‘Is he just bad at showing it? Or are his real intentions something else?’

Although Irene thought that his cold eyes and attitude were unmatched, she believed that he wasn’t really a bad person.



Fourth floor.

The strong poison spurted out of the cloud-eyed murloc’s mouth landed on Baltan’s foot.

The strength of the poison was second to none as it would make one’s skin and organs rot with a single touch.

Black lines started to spread as the poison dissolved his flesh and entered his blood stream.

“Are, are you okay?”

Irene dropped down to extract the poison.

That moment.


Muyoung who had finished off the cloud-eyed murloc at some point raised Anguish.


And he relentlessly cut Baltan’s leg.


Baltan screamed in pain.

Irene who saw this frowned and stared at Muyoung.

“Wa, wait! We could have just extracted the poison! Why did you…!”

“Looks like you have a lot of time.”

Muyoung turned around.

And slowly walked away.


He was right. They didn’t have a lot of time.

Irene quickly took out some rags and tightly wrapped them around Baltan’s thigh.

Baltan and Irene only got this far by helping each other out.

Although they weren’t a couple, they were closer than anyone. She couldn’t lose her friend in a place like this.


“Wh, what do I do? You’re bleeding too much.”

“Go, follow the lord.”

“Shut up. Before I shut it myself!”

As there wasn’t enough fabric, Irene took off her clothes and wrapped them around his leg.

And she actually crammed the leftover fabric to shut Baltan’s mouth.


“We’ll be able to leave soon. Just endure for a bit.”

Irene put Baltan on her back.

But Muyoung’s walking pace didn’t slow.

‘What a coldhearted person!’

At first, she thought he was just bad at expressing himself.

But that wasn’t the case.

He was completely heartless.

Looking at how he didn’t give her the time to take out the poison and sliced his leg without any hesitation, he wasn’t different from anyone else living in the Underworld.

Irene knew that the one who called themselves strong were all unequally cruel.

They only looked at efficiency.

Those that were a hindrance? They would toss them aside.

She didn’t want to be that kind of person. So, she wasn’t going to leave Baltan behind.

However, it was impossible to leave by herself. Either way, Muyoung held the answer.

Irene clenched her teeth and followed behind Muyoung.


Baltan’s heartbeat was slowing down every moment.

His cold body drooped. Irene instinctively knew he wouldn’t last long like this.

If he was a normal person, he would already be dead.

He was only able to endure this far because he was transported to the Underworld and had strengthened his body.

“Huff, huff, huff.”

If she couldn’t follow him, that was the end. So Irene became more desperate.

Her body was burnt out and her muscle screamed but she didn’t stop moving.

Muyoung quickly cleared the mob of murlocs.

He cleared them without rest. It was like he had become a typhoon.

Without realizing it, they were already on the seventh floor.

They moved without rest since the fourth floor.

Normally they would have returned to the village and took some time to organize themselves.

However, he thought that there was no need if he could clear it in one go.

‘This is the final floor.’

The final form of the murloc, murloc eater, was here.

As there were no sightings of murlocs stronger than this, he thought the next floor was the last.

In the first place, murlocs weren’t very strong monsters.

They were to the point where it would be a waste to use the Art of Death skill on them.

They were only difficult because they used poison but even that wasn’t a problem for Muyoung.

Most poisons would be immediately absorbed by the spirits in Asura’s path.

And Muyoung himself had high resistance to poisons.

All the materials Ogar used to forcefully make him undergo metamorphosis were extremely poisonous.

To the murlocs, Muyoung was their natural enemy.

If one could avoid their poisons, they were only slightly large frogs.

And once he entered the next floor, a small message appeared.


A single sentence.

However, the monster that appeared had an incredible presence.


A 10m tall stone statue of a frog broke and the murloc chief stepped out.

It was definitely stronger than all the murlocs he had killed up until now.

However, its actions were awkward.

There were places that were still petrified.

‘It looks like I arrived before it was released from its petrification.’

Muyoung grinned.

It looked like it didn’t expect a challenger to arrive so quickly.

For Muyoung, this wasn’t bad.

It meant that he could finish this that much quicker.

Soon, a thick poisonous fog spread around him. The movements of the undead became sluggish.

‘Poison shadow.’

Muyoung released all 33 spirits.

The crazy spirits of Asura’s path!


As soon as the spirits started to go crazy, Muyoung’s eyes became red as well.

The spirits whispered.

To slice its flesh and devour its blood!

To rip apart the enemy!


Muyoung charged forward saying one word.

Stomp. Stomp.


Muyoung pierced through the poisonous fog and moved with the undead.


He dashed forward with only offense in mind.

Though it was an awe-inspiring scene, everyone including Muyoung was engulfed in their desire for destruction.




The murloc chief collapsed.

Its whole body was sliced apart and it met a pitiful end.

But, even Muyoung wasn’t completely fine.

Crack, craaack!

He forcefully pushed his dislocated joint back into position. He cut off his bruises and extracted his blood.


Irene was speechless as she motionlessly looked at Muyoung.

She would never forget the fight she had seen just now.

He charged forward with only attacking in mind.

It was something only those who didn’t care for their lives could do and it was beyond intense.

Although she had seen a few of the strong show their strength before, she had never seen anyone bring forth as much destructive power as Muyoung.


Soon, the poisonous fog dissipated and the Marble of Territory rose from the center of the floor.

Muyoung slowly approached the Marble of Territory.

And the moment he placed his hand on it.



Behind the Marble of Territory, a large door appeared.

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