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Chapter 43: Asura (End)

TL: Yoni

Edited: Yoni, Myoni




As if it was letting its presence known, it stood up right in the middle of his head.

Although the size wasn’t big, it seemed like it changed along with his hair color.

‘Goblin King.’

As Muyoung looked at himself from the Status Viewer, a sudden thought came to him.

Only the Goblin King could have this type of horn and white hair.

For a moment, Muyoung was lost in his thoughts.

Was it because he became Asura’s Vassal which could be said as the peak of all devils?

His current appearance was too eye catching.

If he went out like this, it would attract attention.

A few groups would try to figure out what skills he learned in the Sky Library and there was a highly likely chance that a problem would occur in the process.

But, no matter how hard he pressed on his horn, it wouldn’t go in.

‘I might figure something out if I use Asura Path.’

The Six Paths was the reason for this change.

As of now, Muyoung could only use ‘Asura Path’.

He could only move to the world of crazy spirits and devils.

However, it didn’t seem like it was possible to use it now.

‘I need a catalyst.’

He instinctively knew.

That a spirit. Or a devil was needed.

And Muyoung knew a place which had one of the two.

The low ranked room and the mid-ranked room!

The shadows in that place were considered as spirits.

“Mister… It is you, right?”

Before he knew it, Suzy cautiously asked after learning ‘Lineage of Light’.

Looking at Suzy’s cautiousness, Muyoung coldly answered.

“From now, go out alone.”

“Me, alone?”

Muyoung gazed into Suzy’s eyes.

First, he was planning to do whatever he could in the 3-day time frame he was given.

So, it wasn’t good for Suzy to be with him.

As the skill was out of the ordinary, Muyoung was unsure if he would be able to control its destructive nature like the Avengers and would destroy everything around him.

And most importantly…
Muyoung had already achieved all his goals in the Great City.

Instead of going out and making people suspicious, it might be better to have them think he was dead and use the Long-distance Teleportation Magical Item.

Since the investigation about Fire Dragon Woo was going to end soon, there was a high chance that it would waste his time.

There was a chance he would get chased by large groups one after another if he didn’t straighten things out including his appearance.

“Mister. You’re not going anywhere, right?”

Suzy couldn’t hide the anxiety in her voice as she spoke but Muyoung pointed his finger towards a place.

“If you go towards the middle of the clock tower, you will be summoned out of the Sky Library. Wait for me outside.”

A perfect clock tower stood surrounded by other clocks.

That was the exit. The door that was only set up in the top-ranked room.

“Must I really go?”


Suzy’s eyes were filled with tears as Muyoung heartlessly cast her away.

“I’m sorry I was surprised earlier. I won’t bother you and just have my mouth shut. I will walk stealthily like a cat too.”

Muyoung frowned.

It seemed like Suzy realized that Muyoung was planning on leaving her.

However, Suzy’s reaction was a bit unexpected.

The time they had spent together was only a bit more than a month.

And it wasn’t like Muyoung was good to her.

Muyoung only gave back what he received.

Like compensating for the amount of work.

He didn’t show any favoritism or affection. He didn’t even know how to give those.

He never expected that what he gave would give him trust and affection in return.

At least for Muyoung, those two words were very unfamiliar to him.

“From now on, I won’t cry and work harder. I will work harder so…”

Suzy bit her lips.

She thought that with Muyoung’s personality, he wouldn’t like to see her cry.

And this was a reasonable reaction in her position.

The only person who accepted her father and herself.

He was the first person to acknowledge her when everyone else avoided them thinking they would only be a bother.

Muyoung was the one who appeared like a hero in most perilous situations.

Muyoung was an existence greater than a savior, a rock, an idol and hero to Suzy.

There was a time when she thought he might have been a god.

He knew everything. He had the answers to everything. And all those things saved Suzy’s life. He was close a guardian.

She was unable to suppress her feelings of sadness when she felt like her guardian was leaving her.

Muyoung gave her a talisman.

“Take this.”


“It’s the talisman of Emperor of the Shrewmice.”

The Emperor of the Shrewmice, Kking Kking.

It did help in its own way but after learning the skills here, there wasn’t much use for it anymore.

He could do most things that Kking Kking could with an undead. It was a thing that he didn’t want even though it wasn’t as useful.

Suzy wiped her tears and looked at Muyoung

“You must return this to me. Since I treasure this a lot.”


“Wait for me outside.”
After receiving the talisman, Suzy looked back and forth at Muyoung and the talisman before she firmly nodded as if she had resolved herself.

Eventually, she started to move her legs and walk towards the clock tower.

While she walked, she didn’t forget to constantly turn around to look back at Muyoung.

“If you don’t come, I will throw it away.”

She firmly spoke before she passed through the door.

The surrounding instantly became completely quiet.


Muyoung chuckled as he thought of that word.

Although he believed that all his emotions had died off after living as a puppet for 40 years, it seemed like that wasn’t so.

As if parts of his nature that were sealed for 40 years were starting to pop out little by little…

Maybe he was a person with a bit of consideration for others before he was kidnapped by the Forest of Death.

What he did for a living and with what kind of mindset he had lived his day to day life.

He was curious but that was all.

No matter how hard he tried, nothing came to his mind.

It was like a wind he could never grasp.

Muyoung then shook his head.

‘Potential to become a hero.’

Like Taehwan, Suzy also had the potential to become a hero.

However, as she was still too young he didn’t have high hopes for her.

It was easy for someone so young to change.

Her consciousness wouldn’t have been fully developed yet.

Therefore, it was hard to figure her out with just one or two months.

There was a high chance that she could turn out to be a completely different person as she gotten older.

It was because unlike Taehwan who could think and walk his own path as an adult, Suzy was at an age where she was weak to surrounding temptations.

‘Anyone will be tempted.’

A top-ranked skill and a secret class!

Especially, the Valkyrie of Dawn melted the surrounding people’s hearts.

No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t stop it.

It was like an awl in his pocket.

If he wasn’t going to stay beside her and protect her forever, it was right to just leave her.

Since he was busy to move on his own, he didn’t have time to take care of her.

But, for that slight chance that it could happen, he decided to invest.

It really wasn’t much of an investment but…

‘We all need to walk our own path.’

Even if she would walk a different path than Muyoung, he could only hope that she wouldn’t walk the path the established people in the Underworld did.

If they steadily walk their own path, they would meet someday.

He shook his head and cleared his thoughts.

‘Let’s go.’

It was time to make his last inspection.


The shadow spirits in the mid-ranked room quickly approached Muyoung as they discovered him.

As he looked at the shadow spirits, his eyes turned white and they unexpectedly became ghastly.


Muyoung already knew how to handle spirits and devils.

He didn’t avoid the spirit that was approaching him and grabbed hold of it with his hand.

Surprisingly, the shadow spirit trembled when it was grabbed by Muyoung.


As he placed it inside his mouth, the spirit got sucked in.


The spirit inside his body started to go berserk.

Muyoung’s body was connected to one of the six worlds, ‘Asura Path’.

It was a world that would make a weak spirit instantly go crazy.

‘Asura Path didn’t completely become mine. I need to increase the number of spirits and devils little by little to rule over them.’

As the spirit went crazy, Muyoung could slowly confirm the specifics of Asura Path.

There were already a lot of spirits and devils in Asura Path but they did not listen to his command.

He felt their wills were not willing to listen to a weak Asura’s words.

The only way to rule over them was to increase Muyoung’s own formless monsters and prove his power.

And other paths would be available once he conquered the Asura Path.

Muyoung continued to absorb all the spirits until he met a steel doll.

‘I can see it.’

He could clearly see the spirit controlling the steel doll.

It was a spirit a class higher than the shadow spirits.

However, the steel dolls didn’t attack an enemy that was alone.

That condition was a chance for Muyoung.

It was similar to finding gold while walking down the street.

Muyoung didn’t hesitate and stretched out his hand to absorb even the spirit of the steel doll.

Crack! Craaack!

At the same time, the steel doll cracked and broke apart as it collapsed.

‘Find them.’

Following Muyoung’s order, the spirits that he had already eaten until now popped out.

They didn’t have any siblings.

Instantly, they spread out to search for the rest of the spirits.

The Death Lord allowed him to handle dead bodies. He wasn’t able to handle monsters that were spirit types.

And so, Muyoung was able to make all the spirits in the mid-ranked room his in less than 2 hours.


All he did was absorb all the spirits but it was acknowledged as his win.

Then, a black armor made from an unknown material appeared.

It felt more like a leather clothing than an armor but to know what it really was, Muyoung’s eyes focused onto his Status Viewer.
Name: Shadow Armor

Rank: B+

Classification: Equipable Type

Durability: 12,358

Effect: It allows you to teleport to a shadow within your vision 3 times a day.


The armor Muyoung was wearing right now was the ‘Herculean Strength Leather Armor’.

He was using it because it increased his strength by 3 and had decent durability but it was low rank.

When he wasn’t able to find something to replace it… a much better equipment appeared.

Shadow Teleportation!

He basically gained three chances a day to sneak up on an opponent and cut their necks off.

‘This is good.’

It was an equipment every assassin dreamed of.

Not only that but it seemed like he could use it well in dangerous situations.

The slightly low durability was a flaw but it wasn’t bad at all.

Without any delay, Muyoung took off his Herculean Strength Leather Armor and put on the Shadow Armor.

Afterwards, as he was about to move to the low ranked room, he was able to detect people moving from a far.

In the middle was Horus.

As his path was once blocked by the steel dolls, he seemed to have gathered more people from the low ranked room.

Horus stood in his spot for a while as he looked at Muyoung.


Then a smile appeared slowly on Horus’s lips.

“Ha! I wasn’t able to recognize you for a while as your appearance had changed. It seems like you have learned a high ranked skill.”

Horus was certain that the change in Muyoung’s appearance was due to a skill he learned in the high ranked room.

It was because he felt a certain ghastliness emitting from Muyoung.

Just thinking about how good a top-ranked skill would make him feel good.

However, Horus didn’t know.

That Muyoung had already gone to the top ranked room and was on his way down. And the fact that Suzy already took the ‘Lineage of Light’ skill.

Horus’s lips wiggled unpleasantly.

“Good that we ran into you. You dare to steer all the steel dolls and try to kill me?”

Horus’s eyes flared up.

He made a resolution that he will kill Muyoung when he saw him again and that chance came quickly.


Blazing wings appeared from Horus’s back.

He took out a sword made of light. He was truly a soldier of the Sun.

In reality, Horus had the most outstanding abilities among the numerous rising stars of the Sun guild.

He was young but it wasn’t weird to call him a soldier.

Confident he was surely going to win.

That smirk that looked down on Muyoung.

Horus continued to mock him.

“Never ever will you die in peace. You bastard.”

Horus started to move.

No, when Muyoung noticed Horus had moved, he was already right in front of him.

‘Got you!’

Even if the user had learned a high ranked skill, the user was unable to use it properly if he lacked the ability.

It would be boring to finish him with one swift strike but it couldn’t be helped by the overwhelming difference in skills.

And when Horus was certain of his win.


Horus’s blade slightly changed its course accompanied by an unrecognizable sound.

Muyoung just stood still but the sword only brushed past him.


He couldn’t hit a target right in front of him?

That wasn’t possible.

A sound escaped his mouth as he was taken back.

As he turned his doubtful eyes, a small smile appeared on Muyoung’s lips.

‘It looks like I can use it this way as well.’

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