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Chapter 44: Demon God’s Territory (1)

TL: Myoni

Edited: Myoni, Yoni

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A mental attack using spirits!

Shadow spirits could control their victims.

Like that, it was possible to use the spirits to limit the movements of his opponents.

However, mental attacks wouldn’t have much of an effect on those with high intelligence.

Since intelligence was related to one’s immunity to these attacks, it showed that Horus’s intelligence wasn’t very high.

But he wasn’t able to completely control him. Changing the course of his sword was the best he could do.

‘The helmets the members of the Sun guild wear have a mental defense attribute.’

Muyoung attempted to control Horus’s body.

If Horus wasn’t wearing the Sun helmet and Muyoung was better at controlling spirits, he would have been successful.

He didn’t need to control him for long either.

Muyoung could kill his opponent in a second.

“I don’t know what skill you’re using but it’s nothing more than a party trick!”

As Horus ground his teeth, his Sun helmet started to emit a light.



Two phrases appeared in front of Muyoung’s eyes.

The Eye of the Sky automatically activated to reveal the changes going on in Horus.

‘5 minutes of increased immunity.’

It meant that mental attacks using the spirits would no longer be effective.

Not every Sun helmet had the same effect. If he was completely immune for 5 minutes, that helmet would be top ranked among them.

Soon after, Horus manipulated space as he rushed towards Muyoung.

‘So he knows how to use the Blink skill.’


He raised Anguish and narrowly block Horus’s sword.

Blink was a skill that could be used to teleport short distances.

The maximum distance was 2m and it used a lot of magical power so not many people stubbornly increased its rank.

However, Horus was able to use Blink freely.

He had an immense amount of magical power and a high degree of skill.

Swish! Dash!

Horus’s attacks were abnormally quick.

A second’s hesitation would mean his death. Even Muyoung couldn’t help but be completely tense.

Horus could increase the length of his Sword of Light and could even throw it.

However, this also would consume an incredible amount of magical power.

For a kid that only looked to be 15 or 16 to have that much magical power and skill.

‘They aren’t called rising stars for nothing.’

Did the Sun guild have a rising star like that?

He seemed to be two levels above of Fire Dragon Woo and Code both whom he had faced before.

For someone to be this much above his peers, it meant that he had the talent, effort and support to back it up.

It was unexpected for his intelligence to be low compared to that but he couldn’t say that he didn’t have great skill.

However, even though he was clearly winning, Horus felt something was strange and knit his brows.

Horus’s continuous attacks stopped.

“You… aren’t you a beginner? How can a beginner be my match?”

Horus was a 2nd generation. He only knew that beginners would spend a month in the temple before coming to the Underworld.

But it was impossible for them to increase their strength to the point of being able to defeat him in that short period of time.

Muyoung didn’t reply.

Instead, he became more alert.

‘At most, 2m.’

The range Horus could blink to.

Muyoung was currently within it.

His neck could fly off at any moment.

Horus unconcernedly spoke in a composed voice.

“Looks like you were strong on that place called Earth. Good. The skilled deserve to be treated as such. I will now fight you as a warrior.”

He raised his sword and pierced the floor.

“My name is Horus! The son of the Great Warrior Almighty and the incarnation of the Sun God.”

He was named after the Sun God from Ancient Egypt.

For the Sun guild to allow that name meant he came from a noble descent.

The Great Warrior Almighty!

He was the second most important figure in the Sun Guild.

He placed among the top 10 humans in the past and was pushed out due to his age.

But he wasn’t an opponent you could disregard because of that. There was no one with more experience than him.

‘So he’s Almighty’s child.’

He had heard of Horus’s name.

He had even seen him before but Horus was too different from his current self that he couldn’t recognize him.

In the past, Horus was a degenerate.

A degenerate without an arm who was addicted to alcohol, drugs and women.

He did remember hearing that he used to be incredibly strong even among the rising stars when he was young.

‘I heard he became like that after failing to become the guild master.’

Alexandro Quintart’s prolonged rule. A monarchy was established because of that.

The Sun guild was Alexandro Quintart’s castle.

He heard that Horus was unable to wait any longer and had lost his arm after challenging Alexandro Quintart.

If he wasn’t Almighty’s son, he would have died that day.

Afterwards, he became a degenerate.

But he wasn’t a degenerate right now. Horus who was currently normal stared at Muyoung as if urging him.


“Muyoung? What an unusual name. Then… let’s start.”

Horus was a true warrior.

Even though he looked at Muyoung with a death stare, he felt excited after acknowledging Muyoung’s strength.

It meant that a fight between the strong brought him that much pleasure.

‘I guess this is much is enough for a teaser.’

However, Muyoung never thought of having a pure one-on-one fight.

Objectively, he was no match against him in a one-on-one fight.

Horus’s abilities weren’t something Muyoung could currently deal with.

Horus was strong enough to place first or second amongst the rising stars.

Stubbornly fighting one-on-one was suicide.


Horus’s sword sliced through the air once again.

However, Horus was able to find Muyoung’s presence as he turned his body.

‘Shadow teleportation.’

The effect of the Shadow Armor.

Although it could only be used 3 times a day, it was enough to distract Horus for a moment.

Muyoung was holding talismans in his hands before anyone realized.

‘The Blazing Spear Soldier, Sorceress of Lightning and the Prince and the Avengers.’

He brought them all out.

In an instant, more than 30 undead were spread around Muyoung.

“You… you were a corpse sorcerer?”

Looking at the scene, Horus deeply frowned.

His eye reflected feelings of hatred.

He believed that true warriors shouldn’t manipulate dead people.

However, Muyoung didn’t care.

The undead were a part of his strength.

“C, could that…!”

A total of 60 people were spectating Muyoung and Horus’s fight.

They were originally people Horus had dragged here to complete the mid-ranked room.

But one of them let out a shock after seeing Muyoung’s summoned undead.

“The slayer of the to, tower! H, how?”


A man collapsed.

His body was trembling nonstop and due to the extreme fear, he pissed himself.

It seemed he was one of the few who had killed 5 and escaped.

Although there wasn’t anyone who had seen Muyoung personally, there were a few that had seen the zombies and the Skeleton of Fire and Ice.

And the Prince and the Avengers were ghoul type undead. Their size was different but they looked similar.

The man’s eyes were locked onto the Prince and the Avengers as he trembled.

There were tens of people who feared death and had killed their comrades to escape the tower.

For a person from then to be here.

“The slayer of the tower? Him?”

“That rumor was true?”

A small commotion. People chattered.

If they exited the Sky Library, information about Muyoung would spread.

‘I never intended to spare you in the first place. Kill them.’

It was one of the reasons why he made Suzy leave first.


The Blazing Spear Soldier was the first to move.

The long spear was engulfed in flames as he blocked his surroundings.


As people hesitated, the Sorceress of Lightning shot lightning bolts down from above.

“S, save me!”

“Please! Please… Ah!”

The Avengers cleared out the rest.

It was a massacre.

Muyoung reanimated the corpses and embedded spirits in them.

Among them, exactly 5 went through a change.

‘The spirits who controlled the Steel Dolls.’

As soon as the 5 spirits attached themselves on the newly created zombies, their skin turned into steel. It became a living armor.

They truly became steel zombies. Their stats had greatly increased and they had destructive power similar to the Avengers.

‘I guess I can connect them together.’

He had gained another method for using spirits.

In a few minutes, roughly 60 people had all died.

They became undead and stood as Muyoung’s soldiers.

Horus who was silently observing the scene said in shock.

“I have never seen a corpse sorcerer like you. Just who are you?”

Necromancer was a secret class.

As it had never appeared yet, it was obvious that Horus didn’t know.

Corpse sorcerer was a title given to those that controlled corpses like Jiangshi[1].

But the amount they could control were small and the process was complicated.

They were unable to reanimate corpses with a skill like Muyoung.

“On top of that… those two seem familiar. I think it was called the Next Index? I think I saw them there. Don’t tell me you killed them as well?”

The Next Index were a group of young big shots.

He thought he saw them when he attended their group.

Muyoung stretched his hand out.

Soon, around a 100 undead charged at Horus.

“Are you not going to answer? Fine. I will ask again when you are half dead.”

Horus was confident.

A confidence that showed that he would not lose to an unknown man and some corpses.

Although he did have the power, Muyoung’s undead all possessed a strength that exceeded what they had when they were alive.

The Sorceress of Lightning implanted the ‘Lightning Rune’ on the surrounding zombies and steel zombies to strengthen them.



The bodies of the strengthened zombies inflated. They drooled and their eyes turned red.

It was a skill where the body would explode into powder along with the destruction of the enemy.

Horus who looked down on the dead instantly became stunned.


Even the Blazing Spear Soldier was unable to receive Horus’s sword.

Although Horus was very strong in one-on-one fights, he wasn’t used to fighting many at once.

The exploding zombies blocked every direction and the Blazing Spear Soldier wielded his spear in front of him.

If he was careless, an Avenger would ride the explosion of the zombie and aim for his neck from above.

The Sun helmet shined as if it was about to explode.

However, his sword was slowly losing its light.

No matter how much magical power you had, there was a limit.


Muyoung unsheathed Anguish.

And he slowly approached him.

“This, doesn’t make sense. For these dead corpses to! This isn’t a fight between warriors!”

“That’s right. It’s a fight of life or death.”


Muyoung wielded his sword as he appeared behind Horus using Shadow Teleportation.

Horus was barely able to block it but he continued to be stunned.

Muyoung slightly smiled.

A fight between warriors?

He had never done that before.

Muyoung always stood on the borders of life or death.

To Muyoung, living and killing your opponent first was the meaning of a fight.

“Coward! Fight me fair and square!”

Horus’s sword trembled.

He was even panting roughly.

Muyoung used his last Shadow Teleportation to once again appear behind Horus.

Fair and square.

You couldn’t live long if you thought of those things.

To fight a monster, you had to become more monstrous.

Clink- clang!

The Sword of Light shattered.

The wings on Horus’s back disappeared.

Muyoung expressionlessly gazed at Horus who fell to the floor.

Then he took off Horus’s Status Viewer from his wrist and read his history.

‘Horus was a typical warrior.’

The top among undead warriors was the Death Knight.

Horus was outstanding compared to the materials he had until now but it was too lacking to create a Death Knight.

However, he could probably become a ‘Death Warrior’ that was ranked just below it.

‘Art of Death.’

He imagined the shape it would take and cast the skill.

Soon, a black aura flowed out and covered Horus’s body.


Level: 100

Type: Death Warrior

Strength 130 (117+13)

Agility 105 (92+13)

Stamina 113 (100+13)

Intelligence 58 (45+13)

Wisdom 67 (54+13)

Magical Power (120 (107+13)

Magic Resistance 50 (37+13)>
+Excellent equipped status (All Stats +13)

+Can neutralize mental attacks

+Blink, Sword of the Black Sun, The Wail of the Warrior, Wings of Solar Prominence are usable

+Strong resistance against Dark and Light

+High defence


A calm smile appeared on Muyoung’s lips.

Horus was wearing a full black body armor and his eyes exuded the composure of the strong.

He was stronger than any undead he had made until now.

There was nothing he could ask for since he also had Magic Resistance.

What was more, the art score of 83 was the highest he had gotten until now.

There weren’t even glaring flaws.

He nodded his head in satisfaction and turned him into a talisman before putting him in.

Afterwards, he took out another talisman.

‘Long-distance Teleportation Magical Item.’

A magical item that would teleport him to a place he remembered!

‘I will capture Hedley’s Kow from the Demon God’s territory.’

He was going to capture Hedley’s Kow when it transforms into a phoenix.

It was time to carry out his plan.

He had obtained everything he needed here.

He even unintentionally obtained a treasure like the Black Sun Warrior.


Muyoung ripped up the magical item without reserve.


Then Muyoung’s figure disappeared along with a gust of wind.



[1] Jiangshi is a Chinese “hopping” vampire, ghost or zombie.

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